Fash Apologist Tied to WikiLeaks Community Lashes Out At Reputable Socialist Organization

Two days ago, fash apologist @ATafoyovsky a.k.a. “Lestat,” who is tied to the WikiLeaks/Assange support community through his associates Ray Johansen, Beth Bogaerts (@HumanOfMind), and Jesselyn Radack, tried to bury ClassConscious.org’s reputation and one of their groundbreaking stories from 2018 about Suzie Dawson and #Unity4J’s open-door policy for fascism within the Assange movement and working with people like Jack Posobiec and Cassandra Fairbanks. This, despite the fact that Lestat claims to be against the campaign and essentially Dawson herself.

None of this is terribly surprising since some of @ATafoyovsky’s associates like to social engineer activists by playing all sides or embracing “the enemy of my enemy” ideology which usually ends up harming everyone. For instance, here’s Ray Johansen, one of Lestat’s associates and sources, protecting Cassandra Fairbanks a mere six months ago after her testimony was read during the Assange extradition hearing. Naturally this so-called hacktivist and anti-fash activist doesn’t appear bothered in the least that the Brown Shirt boot licker has a history of hanging out with fed informants, Trump insiders, the far-right fash, and guys like Roger Stone while being welcomed into the WikiLeaks community and Suzie Dawson’s Unity4J.

Of course, no one from the WikiLeaks community wants you to know that she was also pushing for Trump’s re-election within 24 hours after he had Assange arrested, either.

And here’s Johansen also supporting Suzie Dawson six months ago by ganging up on an activist that Dawson and the #Action4Assange campaign falsely accused of sending death threats to the very woman who does the PR for Dawson’s personal grifting (in fact, it was allegedly Johansen sending death threats to the activist). This was after the activist and his girlfriend (also an activist) exposed abuse within the movement. Naturally this meant that they had to be punished to the fullest extent for their transparency (and activism!) using Assange’s name, no less, to do just that.

So now Johansen’s friends are trying to discredit an article that Class Conscious’ Davey Heller published that blew the entire Assange support community wide open by shining a light on a campaign that was clearly working with alt-right Trump insiders closely tied to Roger Stone and Pizzagate, and fashy politicians in both the U.S. and Australia. How very WikiLeaks transparency of you guys. Who’s hosting the #Fash4Assange vigil this weekend and is it my turn to bring the nationalist meal?

As for the tweet that Lestat posted about ClassConscious.org that solely benefits Suzie Dawson and fascists, it’s very easy for hackers to add malicious script and malware to someone’s website. I have no idea if that’s what happened in this situation because 99.9% of the url scanners come back with a clean bill of health for ClassConscious.org.

However, if the url scanner scumware.org is legit, it appears that this trojan was added fairly recently and, golly, since Lestat has never followed ClassConscious’ work a day in his life, I can’t imagine how he stumbled across this information in the first place.

And yes, that’s sarcasm for anyone incapable of distinguishing my different expressions of language. Scumware.org lets users add links to their website and it appears that someone did just that at approximately 2:00 a.m., five hours after Lestat posted his tweet. And if that’s based on U.S. timezones, converting that to say, London or northern Europe, would be 7:00-8:00 a.m. And vice versa, if scumware.org’s timestamps are based on a European timezone that means someone sent the link to the website before Lestat published.

It also seems super weird that out of the blue Johansen decided to send this public message to ClassConscious.org, nine days before Lestat posted about the alleged malware.

My own website has been attacked mercilessly since last year when Johansen became sad that he could no longer control and social engineer me and now he can’t shut me up so he’s kinda bitter about all of that. I’m told he was also fairly upset over this recent article I published which became the basis for Lestat’s original tweet above.

Link to article via jimmyslama.com and Medium.com

The good news is that my website appears to still be clean as of this morning. However, why do you think I recently started publishing on Medium? It’s because I was recently warned about rumors regarding my own website so I decided to make it possible for everyone to read my articles on an alternative platform. I didn’t know they’d go after other innocent peoples’ sites. So here is ClassConscious.org’s groundbreaking article via Medium that Lestat is trying to bury:

It’s a wonder that @ATafoyovsky, who has suddenly found himself concerned with all that is ClassConscious.org, a reputable socialist organization that has always courageously spoken out against Unity4J and never pandered to the fash, machinations, and melodrama of the Assange community unlike Lestat’s associates, wouldn’t simply contact ClassConscious.org to let them know there might be an issue with their website.

It’s highly questionable that his first response was to try and destroy an anti-fascist organization for the sole benefit of Ms. Suzie Dawson and her grifting. I mean, ya’ll are fairly delusional if you think you can shut down all of us when it comes to speaking out against fascism, grifting, and abuse.

I think @AnonScandinavia is also butt hurt after I recently warned everyone about their recent shenanigans asking activists to become their personal snitches by uploading documents from their computer to AnonScan’s sketch Embassy Cat website. Totally normal activity within an activist community (insert eye roll).

These people are like the George Constanzas of activism with their insecurities, compulsive lying, and self-absorption. They’re just not as likable as George. They spend more energy trying to destroy peoples’ reputations, crying online about their so-called victimhood, and telling everyone else they need to “be kind,” rather than just being a decent person themselves. And for what? Is there like a free lunch with Assange for anyone who’s able to generate the most hate and cause the most destruction in teh community that I don’t know about?

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