The Longest Twitter Response You’ll Ever Get

Dear Twitter user,

First, let me apologize for the length because this is probably the longest Twitter response you’ll ever receive. In answer to your question, I don’t particularly care. I just want this two-plus year shit sandwich of a circus to stop. She, along with her associates and many others have lied to quite a few people and helped divide the Julian Assange support community and transparency movement, deliberately hurting innocent people or stealing their money along the way while perfecting drama-filled victim personas online.

Nobody actually seems to care about Assange because it’s been about nothing but fascism, censorship, lies, harassment, games, grifting, and manipulation in the community since his communications were cut in March 2018, and virtually everyone has contributed to all of these things through their complicity or silence. I, myself, was privately pressured by a member of Assange’s legal team to support Suzie “Grifty” Dawson while others are merely in it for themselves to garner an audience that will cater to their endless victimhood, lies, and mental problems; coddle them when they talk ad nauseam about how targeted they are; and yes, donate to their latest “fund.”

Genuine supporters have been attacked through coordination, prevented from carrying out real activism because of gatekeepers like @GreekEmmy, and independent published journalists like myself (Yeah, I woke up today and realized I’m a JOURNALIST. Get over it, haters.) have been blatantly threatened by so-called “truth tellers” for reporting on stories they didn’t particularly like. Effective, anti-fascist socialist activists like David Heller and Class Conscious have been smeared as JTRIG agents so many times it makes my head spin and by the very campaigns and “activists” most of you (“you” being a general term in this article and not directed at the Twitter user I’m responding to) support because shameful doesn’t cover this community. I can assure you, some of these supporters don’t actually support journalism, free speech and by extension, Julian Assange. You need only look at their actions.

If you question anything or even mention abhorrent, unacceptable, or ineffective behavior and actions you’ll be subjected to harassment, de-platforming, endless whisper campaigns that some Assange “supporters” have become notorious for carrying out, and have your website mentioned in lawsuits like the woman mentioned in the above tweet did to me after I was told that a hacktivist allegedly steered an attorney her way. Or maybe you’ll just be threatened with lawfare because the wrong doer was exposed as they were spewing #FreeSpeech #FreeAssange #FuckCensorship messages all over social media like a rabid dog.

And the threats? My god, the threats. I’ve never seen so many people (both men and women although mostly men) threaten women online before coming across the WikiLeaks support community or those even remotely connected to it. Even the woman mentioned in the tweet above who consistently talks about being threatened over the years recently liked an article in which I was blatantly threatened and told to “watch my back,” and supports the latest edition of Unity4J despite the fact one female member had to leave after being allegedly sexually smeared and then harassed/bullied by supporters for going public about her ordeal. And yes, some of us have sat back and watched well-known activists white knight, coverup, or ignore certain individuals’ behavior time and time again. I guess within the Assange/transparency movement some women deserve to be abused, lied to (or supported) while others are not.

So there’s your character right there—or lack thereof—because I don’t sit around liking articles or tweets that actually threaten women nor would I ever encourage or want any woman to be threatened within the activist community (or anywhere else for that matter). Most women have already suffered at the hands of a violent and/or emotionally abusive man. After being sent what I concluded to be abusive messages, a few days ago I told someone that his associate should apologize to the woman mentioned in the tweet above for threatening her in the past despite everything she and her associates have done to others, especially other women, because wrong is wrong.


But here we are and anyone with any sort of detectable moral compass like myself and a few others have consistently been the subject of outright black PR or whisper campaigns to delegitimize our work, make people believe we’ve said things we never said, and paint us as federal snitches. We’re not the ones that run dis-info trolling campaigns. YOU are. The other day I found out about yet another behind-the-curtains campaign being carried out against me and now I’m quite certain I know why one journalist won’t respond to me anymore. God only knows what bullshite they were fed.

So welcome to the walking insane asylum I like to call the WikiLeaks community. In fact, Arkham called. They’re apparently missing quite a few people.

Assange’s extradition hearing is in a week and we’re still in the middle of a fascist shit show with a healthy dose of pity party on the side because supporters can’t get their heads out of their mentally and emotionally incapacitated arses. I don’t give a f*ck how desperate you are to rewrite your past and the things you’ve done to people (and/or continue to do) both publicly and privately especially since some of you know exactly what you’ve done. So if you can’t get help for your emotional instability, grifting habit, or fascist tendencies leave the support community. You’re a ghastly liability to other activists and Assange’s public support image.

I have to wonder how exhausting and awful it must be to wake up every day feeling so paranoid and worthless that you’re compelled to purposely damage or steal from innocent people, constantly tweet about how targeted you are, and seek attention all of the time. Do you have any idea just how aberrant that is in lieu of Assange’s situation and everything he’s been through? He’s been tortured for f*ck’s sake. And at least one supporter even used their own political party to further a personal agenda and ask for money because of these absurd claims.

No, you’re not targeted more than other people because you used the WikiLeaks search bar and posted a document or you’ve been de-boosted on Twitter like literally thousands of other users including myself. And you’re especially not being targeted when you lied about your background or are pushing Trump’s re-election. Get help.

This shite legitimately needs to stop. How hard is it to NOT be an awful, self-centered, cowardly, abusive person; to be truthful; to give instead of steal from others; and to own up to what you’ve done and stop blaming others for your own behavior? And how hard is it for people to speak out against this type of behavior that has damaged Assange’s support beyond belief? It’s called adulting and being a decent human being. Too hard for you? Then stop expecting politicians to be any better, they’re human arseholes just like you.

So get over yourselves. Assange’s case isn’t about you so stop sucking the life out of his support.

And put your game face on. He needs your support not your constant drama, abuse, and chaos.

And stop lying to people and hurting them. Stop pretending to be an innocent victim. You’re not. And stop retaliating against supporters because you did bad things. It’s psychotic.

People make mistakes so if you think you’re ready for adulting just own up to them, make amends, and do better. And yes, this entire Twitter response is me 100,000% STRICTLY EXPRESSING MY OPINION because idiots who like to censor.


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