The Gatekeeper Files: The Beginning of the End (Page 3)

When we last left off with An0nKn0wledge, a longtime associate of Suzie Dawson and a member of Anonymous, he was announcing on Twitter that back in the day members of a collective known as GhostSec were entrapped into working with the CIA to, oh you know, assist in killing some people in the Middle East. An0nKn0wledge claims that he was part of the group but according to one member, he might have also been kicked out of it.

Previously we reported that on February 25, 2018, the Anonymous account @YourAnonNews (YAN) called out An0nKn0wledge for a host of things including censorship, promoting right-wing authoritarianism, and bot reporting a Twitter account and then lying about it. On that same day, another Anonymous account brought up GhostSec and told An0nKn0wledge (his tweets are no longer available) that they were involved with the collective and had done some work for them “until the spook showed up.” They mentioned that An0nKn0wledge was upset over his friend being kicked out and then added:

“Brah. Let me ask you this; I can absolutely confirm this because I still talk to these people. Guess what? You were a liability. I won’t get into it – but they cut you lose [sic] because of your opsec and tinfoil. That’s the truth.”

“You forgot I was involved in that shit too and was talking to everyone but that spook. So, you know I know that complete truth about everything that happened.”

“Digi and others say differently.”

If indeed the Anonymous account was talking about GhostSec, it’s unclear how An0nKn0wledge’s OpSec became a problem but what seems clear is if they were all entrapped into working for the CIA as An0nKn0wledge claims, it would stand to reason that the U.S. government and/or DigitaShadow knew everyone’s identities otherwise how could they entrap them in the first place? And we have to wonder why after all of this time he’s pushing the narrative that everyone in the group was compromised.

For the record, we’re not saying that these things didn’t happen as he has presented on social media, we just don’t believe much, if any of it. And if his entrapment-extrajudicial killings story is true, we’re shocked that no one has ever reported on it. Obviously we could chalk up all of these tweets which span over the course of two years as part and parcel of Anonymous’ usual shenanigans and trolling but this past week An0nKn0wledge doubled down on the CIA story, this time however claiming that he never took part in it: 

“Btw I have told this story a million times exposing the CIA. But the CIA wanted us to d0x ISIS so they could assassinate them by sending their info to the PKK. (Totally not illegal at all.) I told them fuck off & left” (July 19, 2020

But a few reminders about what he said previously: 

“Digita entrapped all of us in GhostSec orchestrating various attacks then overthrew the group, made it an OpISIS group, and threatened everyone with Michael Smith that we would “face repercussions for the previous “cyber crimes” he orchestrated. So It wouldn’t surprise me.” (Jan. 13, 2019

“It’s really not all Black & White, Arab Spring had CIA involvement. How do I know? CIA handler confessed it when they were threatening me in #GhostSec” (Jan. 27, 2019)

“Sharing mother fucking news about PKK & YPG isn’t criminal. Telling hackers to D0x people to have them killed or face your past crimes that you initiated (entrapment) having #GhostSec DDoS police depts yrs ago is.” (February 7, 2020)  

“Let me remind everyone & feds especially CIA Mike Smith & friends were having #GhostSec d0x ISIS & hand info off PKK to have ISIS in ME assassinated. (February 7, 2020)

And here’s where he flat-out admitted “going after ISIS for the CIA” (Note that these are archived tweets, not screenshots that can be manipulated. We mistakenly identified the first one previously as a “screenshot”):

So did the CIA threaten everyone twice with “past crimes?” meaning once in the beginning so An0nKn0wledge stayed and worked with them and then a second time when they wanted him to dox ISIS members which was when he told them to fuck off? Did he work with the CIA under threat of facing “past crimes” and got some sort of weird “diplomatic immunity” or did he leave after they threatened him? And when did he get kicked out because he says he left on his own accord but either way it doesn’t explain how he was entrapped. His story is like a steaming bowl of contradiction and clownery and that’s about as good as it gets.

It also seems super weird to us that in the same tweet he posted last week trying to debunk our last article he also bragged that he could get his friends and associates arrested but maybe that’s just normal banter in the Anonymous community. The kicker in all of this is that his run-in with the U.S. government didn’t even start with GhostSec. 

This is Not a Fucking Drill!

On the evening of May 27, 2012, several Twitter accounts reported that An0nKn0wledge’s home had been raided and that he himself had been picked up and taken in by the feds. The information appears to have originated with a text message he sent to his then girlfriend who subsequently shared it with others. Below is a handful of alerts that Twitter users put out that night including @Lyrical_Anon’s alleged text message from An0nKn0wledge: 

“RT @Lyrical_Anon Shit, guys. Text from @An0nKn0wledge: gettitgng raided sos being aeestd [arrested] tweet out for me.”

“@An0nKn0wledge account gone and reports of arrests…”

His Twitter account was also shut down which was initially chalked up to the feds but at least one Twitter user pointed out that the account had been deleted not suspended while others reported it down before the feds showed up. When it came back online around May 29, 2012, things got even sketchier.

Based on responses to An0nKn0wledge’s tweets (which aren’t available), it seems pretty clear that he told everyone they picked him up for his music (no, we’re not even joking) and that the feds made him sign some documents but he was never given a copy. Later that day he posted an account of his ordeal on and although it’s no longer available a Reddit user at the time took notice and posted the link with the headline, ’An0nkn0wledge’ taken in for questioning; answers all questions for over 24 hrs because ‘the guy was nice for a fed’…” 

Nice for a fed. How would he know? Other comments included:

“So, he obviously didn’t look at the Don’t Talk to the Cops videos, did he? Then he talks for over 24 hours without counsel. Then he signs a document. I hate to make judgements about people, but…”

“Wow, from what he wrote, he seems pretty schizo.”

“Yeah, actually I was unfair in the title. He wrote that he was worried the feds would kill him. Obviously sometimes LE agents kill people, but usually in the heat of some kind of conflict, not a cold-blooded execution. So if he genuinely feared for his life, it’s more understandable that he would talk. But it also shows that he has some kind of mental problem. And it’s a shame he (or someone close to him) didn’t realize that and get help before he started doing stuff that the feds took an interest in.”

“Obviously going to be passing info to the feds like Gates passes money to charities.”

On Twitter, however, the “oh mah gawd I’m so happy you’re ok” and “fuck those feds bro” sentiments continued to pour in. But on May 30th, everything changed. An account using the handle @MissAnonFatale started asking questions because his version of events seemed “a little far-fetched” and “We’ve read the paste in and we still don’t believe.” She pointed out that nothing he described was similar to what had recently happened to her husband “even down to how they transported him in a car,” adding, “Did that really happen? The feds don’t do any of that just to question someone over tweets. That doesn’t happen.”

Apparently the feds should have also given him some sort of record of the event and she said that if she found out anyone was lying about these kinds of situations she would “tear them from limb to limb.” If you’re wondering why she might have been sensitive to someone being “v&” (“vanned” or raided by the authorities), it’s because two months prior the feds had raided her husband’s apartment and then held him at an FBI in office in Texas until he posted a $50,000 bail. At the time he was a member of an Anonymous hacker group called Cabin Cr3w: 

“My name is Higinio Ochoa…On march 20th 2012 @ 10:30 am around 8 agents from the FBI stormed my apartment and put me under arrest. Shortly after I was taken to the Texas City field office…”

Additionally, in early June 2011, Sabu had been picked up by the feds, turned, and let loose for nine months on the internet to hunt hackers on behalf of the U.S. government. Although he had been doxed previously, on March 6, 2012 — two weeks before MissAnonFatale’s husband was arrested — Fox News confirmed Sabu’s identity as Hector Xavier Monsegur, the hacker-turned-snitch who had been masquerading online for almost a year at the behest of federal agents. That same day the FBI New York Field Office released a press statement:

“[S]ix hackers in the United States and Abroad Charges for Crimes Affecting Over One Million Victims—Four Principal Members of ‘Anonymous’ and ‘LulzSec’ Charged with Computer Hacking…” 

Jeremy Hammond, a member of Anonymous’ AntiSec was also mentioned in the press release as was Hector Monsegur. Hammond was eventually sentenced to ten years in prison for taking part in ops that included hacking foreign countries, operations that were coordinated by the FBI and Monsegur. This is why it’s understandable that anyone in the Anonymous community would have questioned An0nKn0wledge’s story because things had gotten very serious very quickly and MissAnonFatale’s husband ended up being sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for hacking into at least four U.S. law enforcement websites. 

Sabu was so good at what he did here are some of things he was tweeting days before the FBI made their announcement:

“The federal government is run by a bunch of fucking cowards. Don’t give in to these people. Fight back. Stay strong.”

“The feds at this moment are scouring our lives without warrants. Without judges approval. This needs to change. Asap.”

“They read your mails. Listen to your calls. Break into your wireless routers+sniff your traffic. GPS cars. I’m not talking about terrorists.”

“Without informants or companies bending over+giving up their customer data the feds would be further behind than they are now. Ride up.”

“Fuck the feds. Fuck the governments obsession with controlling the people and fuck our lack of privacy.”

“CIA wouldn’t hire me and the feds I think would love just to throw me under a prison somewhere. I’m useless to them”

How warm and fuzzy do you feel right now? Right. So why do activists like Suzie Dawson, An0nKn0wledge, and others within their circle constantly accuse people who oppose fascism in the movement and question Unity4J’s integrity and modus operandi of being agents or paid contractors while completely ignoring the fact that Sabu brought Anonymous to its knees simply by acting like he was one of them. 

Sabu is the perfect example why no one for any reason should be above scrutiny. By that same token this comment from An0nKn0wledge where he says that if anyone comes at him they’re “likely a fed” (here) is an absurd, paranoid, and dangerous statement for anyone to make in an activist community. He’s literally trying to prevent people from questioning him and the things he says and does. Why?

Narcissism and Targeting

We still don’t know if An0nKn0wledge’s story is true about being picked up by the feds so here’s our personal, best of two scenarios: He was picked up by the feds which means that when GhostSec was working with the CIA there’s a chance they already knew who he was and if he wasn’t picked up and lied about it, aside from the deeply troubling aspects, this sounds like the same playbook Dawson likes to use: “Look at how targeted I am!” She’s been saying this since Occupy Auckland which just so happens to have been going on at the same time when An0nKn0wledge said he was raided. The day after his Twitter account came back online, Dawson tweeted to him, “wow just crapped myself when i saw u tweeting. wb, itns ;)”

Months after the alleged raid, he claimed that his Twitter account was shut down because he posted a 9/11 video and in October someone tweeted that he had deactivated his account because he thought he might have been compromised—five months after he said he had been interrogated by the feds for 24 hours.

in January 2013, he allegedly had his tires “sliced & brake line cut” for documenting “banker suicides” and here he says that the tire incident happened because a source showed him some court documents. Dawson quickly joined in on the party, “They did same shit to us. My tyres pierced thru to centre multiple times now.” 

And mark our words, because of the Salas shooting at some point in the near future An0nKn0wledge is going to claim that something extraordinary happened to him which will definitively prove but not really that the secret cabal running the world is after him. In September 2017, he published a post on Steemit entitled, “Steemians I Am Apparently One Of The Most Censored Controversial People Online Banned By Facebook, Twitter and Now Even Medium,” and wrote:

“I am too vocal, too loud I cite things, I don’t bull shit with information and I provide a lot of it. I am informative, but my leaning isn’t left or right, I am not compromised by politics.

In other words, I am an utter danger to the establishment. I question the wars, and the lies with cited evidence that piles up and can document extensively other topics as well.” 

He cited examples like how he reported on Trump’s failure to drain the swamp, something that every single unbiased (or anti-Trump) journalist and/or media outlet has also reported on but for some reason he’s the one that’s the most targeted, censored, and controversial. The Steemit post also includes some unsettling details and he mentions depression on more than one occasion: 

“They are literally trying to make it so I don’t exist online silencing my voice and my creative writing/reporting.  In turn they are destroying my will and human spirit and slowly killing me….I am trying not to let the elite establishment win, but I have been isolated from society locked up in this ‘safe house’ for too long with only interaction from online friends.”

We have no idea if this is an act or if someone should really get him some help and discourage him from participating in illegal activity because he’s not only putting himself at risk, he’s putting other people at risk too.

Three years ago he also published a “No-Suicide Pledge” after Twitter allegedly suspended his account for “attacking YourNewsWire and threatening to expose their poor journalism.” Note that he didn’t actually expose any “poor journalism”, he just threatened to. And according to him, the suspension led him to believe that his life was in “dire danger.” Dire danger. Over a Twitter suspension. He also wrote that he’s been on a no-fly list since 2012 and apparently no one ever thought to ask him how he knows this or why he’s on it. 

Putting aside for the moment some of An0nKn0wledge’s more disconcerting statements, the belief that you’re more targeted than anyone else and that people are legitimately trying to kill you when you have literally no evidence to back up those statements or any real reason to believe this, is not only deeply disturbing, it’s contributing to the poisoning of the Assange support community. When activists like Dawson or An0nKn0wledge constantly say that they’re in danger or targeted (again, with no evidence) it undermines the risk we all take when it comes to activism, publishing, reporting, whistleblowing, hacking, leaking, etc. It’s essentially an exercise in trying to convince people that you’re more important than them. Dawson has also proven that it can be a real money maker.

As for An0nKn0wledge, we can’t imagine why anyone in the U.S. government would target him since they apparently already know who he is and all they really need to do is roll up on him and pressure him for the cyber crimes he committed that the CIA allegedly threatened him with during #OpISIS (depending on statute of limitations)—crimes he admitted to on Twitter, no less.

The Hypocrisy

When it comes to Unity4J, we want to remind everyone that co-founder Kim Dotcom is a multi-convicted millionaire currently fighting extradition to the U.S.; co-founder Suzie Dawson lied about her past; Kitty Hundal promoted and defended a “QuestionWikiLeaks” campaign that included making fun of Julian Assange for wanting a verified Twitter account and accusing him of deliberately influencing the 2016 election (don’t forget that An0nKn0wledge was part of the Anonymous collective that started it); and according to An0nKn0wledge, he’s had at least two-runs with U.S. intelligence agencies, one of which resulted in them threatening (not charging) him over cyber crimes.

Knowing what we know now, it’s extraordinary that Assange supporters have been targeted, harassed, painted as liars, feds, paid contractors, and disinfo agents dozens if not hundreds of times by these individuals or other supporters of Unity4J.  

“What ClassConscious does is textbook JTRIG, straight out of the Snowden documents. The methodology employed is carbon copy of GCHQ disinfo ops. It’s nothing but a smear operation benefiting the very intelligence agencies and “hired demagogues” who target Julian & WikiLeaks.” — Suzie Dawson

And here’s Hundal accusing, activist and journalist Abby Martin, and activist and political satirist Randy Credico of “targeting Suzie [Dawson] personally” for opposing unity with fascists in the fight to free Assange: 

“They’re targeting Suzie personally now. I know the sources of those ‘questions’ she’s demanding answers to. I don’t think she realizes that those ‘sources’ are suspect accounts which have been connected to KNOWN snitch accounts in Anonymous. The rest isn’t my story to tell.”

Unlike what usually happens, Hundal doesn’t outright accuse them of being federal agents but rather links them to a Twitter account she says is connected to “known snitch accounts in Anonymous.” Hundal portrays them as naive, oblivious, and susceptible to alleged fed-linked trolling because otherwise how in the world would they have noticed that Cassandra Fairbanks was hosting Unity4J vigils. Once these poor, misguided souls realize they’ve been hoodwinked by a Twitter account that most people have never heard of, they’ll embrace Unity4J.  

The best part about “snitch accounts,” is here’s An0nAkn0wledge literally saying that he’s willing to snitch to feds despite how often he and his associates cry about snitches.

“Nope I need a damn good reason to snitch to the feds my damn good reason is her harassment & goons threatening me in DMs.”

And is this a joke because he’s threatened a multitude of people. Here he tells a fellow Assange supporter that he’s going to eviscerate them and just to be clear that means to disembowel someone so it’s fairly disturbing that this is the type of language he not only uses with randos online, this is how he talks to other Assange supporters some of whom may be recovering from abuse and domestic violence. And speaking of threats, here he actually says that he just wants to “write my journalism and do my activism in PEACE without someone threatening me…” a luxury he doesn’t extend to others: 

Just for context, the above tweet that An0nKn0wledge has since deleted was written in response to @jimmysllama calling him out for trying to hijack (on behalf of Unity4J) a “World Press Freedom Day” campaign that was actually organized by herself and Totally normal behavior widely accepted throughout the Assange support community. 

An activist and Assange supporter once told us that if they only worked with people they liked, in other words didn’t work with what some might characterize as “bad characters,” they basically wouldn’t get anything done which is just a roundabout way of saying, “At no point will I be responsible for anything that goes on in my own community and in fact, I’m going to perpetuate the fascist, shitty, abusive, grifting behavior.” How courageous.

But going back to Unity4J members calling everyone and their mother a federal agent, to top off this ridiculous tale, An0nKn0wledge actually pulled out Dawson’s JTRIG card on @YourAnonNews after they called him out in February 2018 for promoting the alt-right and censoring Twitter accounts (remember, tweets from his @An0nKn0wledge account are not available):

And just last year he accused them of protecting feds simply because YAN told him they were fed up with the “you’re a fed” drama: 

Again, totally normal behavior and yes, An0nKn0wledge, his associates, and Unity4J have clearly done so much to “protect others,” including threatening, bullying, and socially engineering activists and journalists, campaigning for activists and/or journalists to be unmasked (pretty ironic coming from members of Anonymous or their supporters, eh?), promoting Dawson’s numerous fundraisers which are built on a lie that she fled New Zealand in terror, and inviting fascist wolves into the hen house. But the insanity and hypocrisy doesn’t end there.

As recently as June 15, 2020, a well-known Assange supporter going by the handle @jaraparilla accused DDoSecrets, an organization headed by Emma Best, as being
a psyop after they published the Assange Leaks a week or so ago. He added:

“How much are they paying you to help stitch up Julian Assange? Do your handlers give you a bonus if he gets the death penalty?”

An0nKnowledge retweeted it (we think it’s since been deleted after Twitter cracked down on the #AssangeLeaks hashtag and link to the DDoSecrets website) and then took to Twitter himself to admonish the group and inject his own dark fantasies into what was surely playing out behind the scenes before DDoSecret published: 

“TLDR ran a server in Germany even after #Anonymous#CgAn was seized which was ran in wait for it… Germany. Then decides fuck it we are going down might as well bring JA with us by snitching & running a website leaking more info that feds might not have harming Assange further.”

“There once was a man named Michael he wasn’t the Best. He tried to infiltrate WL by becoming a woman & wearing a dress. She leaked internal comms in revengeful distress. She started a copy cat to leak docs dropped files on cops ran a server in Germany it was an obvious psyop./”

And yet, some of the same people who are involved in DDoSecrets like Annalise Burkhart, Birgitta Jonsdottir, and Milo Truijjilo, were also involved in Pursuance Project—a project that he himself says he was invited to by “his friend” which we assume was Ray Johansen who was in charge of the project’s onboarding. Additionally, according to an article published on Steempeak, just last summer Pursuance Project teamed up with Emma Best and DDoSecrets on the #29leaks:

So should we assume based on Assange supporters’ comments like An0nKn0wledge that fellow Unity4J member Kitty Hundal, Ray Johansen, and other people who were still working on Pursuance a year ago (possibly even board member Naomi Colvin who was part of the team that successfully stopped Lauri Love’s extradition to the U.S.) are all involved in psyops and taking down Assange or did they recently cut ties with their DDoS intelligence handlers? Better yet, is he saying that they didn’t know any better or was it that they didn’t care? 

And just to show you how absolutely f*cked this entire thing is, don’t forget that it was Dawson who basically destroyed Pursuance Project’s financing after which both An0nKn0wledge and Kitty Hundal went on to become an integral part of her Unity4J campaign.

Again, someone make it make sense.

The Propaganda

And then there’s Unity4J’s propaganda operations. Dawson, An0nKn0wledge, and others have misrepresented or lied about what others have said or published so many times that we no longer believe it’s an honest mistake. Rather, we think it’s a deliberate and coordinated attempt to smear and ruin the reputations of smart and effective activists, Assange supporters, journalists, and independent writers. We’re going to revisit this in an upcoming article but for now we want to point out what An0nKn0wledge said about our last post:

“Where is my fake CIA badge I require it pl0x? Llama has lost her mind & called me fucking CIA. Also, @YourAnonNews apparently you supplied proof I am CIA? LOLWUT? I was included in the fucking Mueller report named as ‘the useful idiot’ that helped Alice Donovan, yet I am CIA?” ***Note: According to An0nKn0wledge Alice Donovan was an alleged “‘Russian Agent’ (CIA in my opinion) also worked at We Are Change where a number of us were writers whom are TARGETS of the U.S. govt. Some of whom even know WL.” More from The New Yorker.

“If I was fucking CIA you know how many people would be arrested? Fucking idiot. No, I am not CIA…”

“I know who runs @YourAnonNews and I used to help run it before during Occupy-era through a third-party account. They didn’t supply you shit. But it’s interesting to see the attempts to start infighting.” 

“I exposed the CIA’s hidden role in PROMIS software while you smear other people including myself calling me CIA. Remind me of your accomplishments Llama, besides shilling Q with Tracy Beans years ago? ^_^”

He also posted multiple accusations surrounding convicted murderer James Holmes such as accusing @jimmysllama of coordinating a mailing campaign on his behalf which is strange since one of his close associates privately approached @jimmysllama previously about this exact subject. She denied coordinating any sort of mailing campaign and then shared details about the case and why she reported on it. Then there are his repeated claims that The Gatekeeper Files called him CIA which is false and what all of these examples show is that the people and/or Twitter accounts who commiserate with An0nKn0wledge online either don’t read the articles he smears or they’re part of his propaganda machine.

He also implied that we said @YourAnonNews supplied us with proof that he’s CIA adding later that they “didn’t supply you shit.” This has to be one of the more bizarre and peculiar accusations we’ve heard to date. We included in our last article an archived link that YAN posted two years ago of An0nKn0wledge admitting that he worked with the CIA during #OpISIS and how An0nKn0wledge equates that to YAN supplying us with some sort of secret information proving he’s a government agent is beyond us. We can assure you, at no point have we ever thought that An0nKn0wledge has a four-year Bachelor’s degree, three years of “criminal investigative experience focused on complex matters with excellent performance record,” and the training required to be a CIA agent. Nor have we ever reported as much.

As for him accusing The Gatekeeper Files of trying to start infighting within Anonymous, cool. We had no idea we had that kind of power. And as for the well-worn accusation that he and others like to trot out on occasion about @jimmysllama appearing on one of Tracy Beanz’s Youtube shows so that must prove she was part of Qanon, created Qanon, or just promoted Qanon (frankly we’re not even sure what the accusation is exactly), unfortunately for An0nKn0wledge the show was around the time when WikiLeaks started publishing Vault 7 and Llama was no longer working with or communicating with Beanz when Qanon came onto the scene. 

We wonder if An0nKn0wledge is just as willing to accuse Anonymous Scandinavia (@AnonScan) of being a Qanon shill for promoting Beanz’ videos during that same period? Or does that not fit the agenda?

An0nKn0wledge’s propaganda isn’t just limited to one Gatekeeper Series article. After @jimmysllama published an article about the Assange support community that included Dawson’s Russian asylum story, he posted four times on Twitter that she had linked to one of his articles which is so patently false that it’s bizarre he would even make this claim once, let alone three more times.

He also made repeated claims that the same author tried to push unconfirmed conspiracy theories about Assange not having a bed to sleep on and that the heat had been turned off in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in this article. Those details came from a January 2019 article that Angela Richter wrote called, “Endgame for Assange” and @Jimmysllama had merely tried to confirm the story. In the article Llama wrote, “Then there was the question of whether or not Ecuador had removed Assange’s bed and turned off the heat at the embassy. While trying to get clarification…” Here’s his spin on that while simultaneously attacking a whistleblower attorney:

“Let’s go further @JesselynRadack in that article  @jimmysllama pushes an unverified unsubstantiated rumor that Assange’s heat was shut off and bed removed. You are endorsing that? Yet, you claim to be an Assange supporter?”

“Just to put this into further context, I said: ‘pushes an unverified unsubstantiated rumor that Assange’s heat was shut off and bed removed.’ Here’s a screenshot nowhere did I say you started it. I stated you are pushing it in your article which is a fact.”

The only thing we can take from this is An0nKn0wledge’s obvious disdain for Angela Richtor who he believes was deliberately lying about Assange’s surroundings in the embassy after she visited him. That, or it was a deliberate attempt to delegitimize Llama’s article via manufactured garbage because apparently there was nothing inaccurate to report about what she actually wrote.

More weirdness: Here he says that @jimmysllama is a fed—er, or maybe an informant who reported that Assange’s mom isn’t real (he doesn’t have a mom?) and that Trevor Fitzgibbon (for some random, unknown reason) paid Unity4J. Neither of these things actually happened but we did get a chuckle out of it.  

Lastly, here’s where he tried to convince his audience that #Unity4J put together a 2019 “World Press Freedom Day” campaign for Julian Assange in order to hijack the event (for Unity4J) which was actually organized by and @Jimmysllama.

And then there were the threats he posted after this that we posted above. Just to reiterate how incredibly hypocritical the Assange support community is, here’s An0nKn0wledge’s own thoughts on people “making shit up”:

We couldn’t agree more, An0nKn0wledge. 


On March 27, 2018, the Ecuadorian government severed Julian Assange’s communications at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and ready and waiting in the wings were Dawson, Elizabeth Lea Vos, and Kim Dotcom who put together a Youtube vigil called #ReconnectJulian that was broadcast the very next day. The event brought in a list of prominent supporters and within two months #ReconnectJulian morphed into the #Unity4J campaign. According to An0nKn0wledge, he and Kitty Hundal became administrators of the campaign’s Twitter account, @Unity4J. 

One of the reasons that the campaign basically took over the support community so quickly was that the individual who runs Julian Assange’s old Twitter account and even WikiLeaks promoted it (or at minimum some of it’s co-founders and hosts like Cassandra Fairbanks) despite it’s fascist elements and the questionable background and behavior of members like Dawson, AnonKn0wledge, and Hundal. All three were obviously knee-deep in it as indicated by their own admissions (Dawson has repeatedly bragged that she co-founded the movement) and a multitude of things AnonKn0wledge himself shared on Twitter: 

“These clowns are so clueless & haven’t realized Unity4J Vigils has WL backing because they wanted Joe Lauria from Consortium News. There’s a connection there advanced search ‘Consortium.’ Plus JA’s friend KDC. Haz fun!”

“Who are these lawyers that confirmed this to Dawson? That would be @DefendAssange.”

“Not once has anyone with admin of U4J Twitter account promoted Suzie’s BTC address, LizActivate or anyone else monetarily bc WL asked us not to.” [Here Dawson actually points out that he has no idea what he’s talking about. That or he said too much.]

“Suzie is directly linked into JA’s lawyers, his mother, and lawyers.”

And just for fun please note that An0nKn0wledge says that he has donated thousands of dollars to Dawson so if you donate to him, your money is probably going to Russia. Just saying. As for An0nKn0wledge’s comments above, what’s extraordinary is the insinuation that Consortium News was some sort of target. 

But the point of today’s article isn’t to discuss WikiLeaks’ involvement in the Unity4J campaign. It’s to showcase just how hypocritical and honestly how full of shite the campaign was (or rather is but it’s morphed again into something else which we’ll report on later), and just how far members were willing to go to censor dissent and attack and smear activists for merely opposing fascism in the movement. That, and for questioning Dawson’s background which we now know she lied about for years. 

If any one of us who opposed or questioned these things had even the slightest background as those of the individuals mentioned in this article, it’s almost incomprehensible just how alarming and escalated the attacks would have become. We expect retaliation for this article and others that we’ve published because the one thing that a handful of so-called Assange supporters have proven to us is that they stand for censorship, manipulation, hypocrisy, abuse, grifting, crushing dissent, spreading propaganda, fascism, and of course, silence. This, from a so-called free press, free speech, and transparency movement. But silence is golden so if you ignore it long enough, maybe all of this will go away.

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