It’s Actually Not a LARP Update 2

Before delving into a host of goodies, please note that like my previous post, the events below are from 2017. I’ve gotten messages about “But he did this and that later,” and yeah, I got you. But for now, we’re talking about 2017. So I left off around the time when Thomas Schoenberger and Trevor Fitzgibbon allegedly met for the first time and, again, if you missed it, here’s the significance when it comes to our favorite Twitter cow along with a handful of others like myself who have been dragged into this:

Fitzgibbon v. Radack

So the very next day after Trevor introduced himself to Thomas (aka Vetter), Thomas says, “I am going to start scouting Jesselyn’s circle. If need be, we can find out who she is communicating with at any given time.”

Even better, Trevor responds that he wants someone to screenshot Jesselyn Radack’s twitter account because “she has been retweeting a ton and i want them as conspiracy evidence.”

So just so we’re clear: As early as July 8, 2017, Trevor Fitzgibbon was already planning on setting up Radack and OTHERS in a conspiracy because she was RETWEETING other Twitter accounts. Let that circus act sink in.

Here’s an email I posted the other day from Thomas, “Manny, myself and Richard will be the marine corp hard asses. You are in good hands Trevor.” Marine corp hard asses? For what, to go after Radack? I mean, do you need military training to take screenshots?

You might remember that this is like when Thomas also told Trevor “We have a team of ex intel guys” like the husband of 60 Minutes reporter, Lara Logan.

A month later, after Thomas, Defango, Beth, and Michael Levine started the “Hey we can fix that” reputation company called Shadowbox, Thomas was still going on and on and on about these military/intel guys he knows.

And when that infamous meeting took place at Ed Butowsky’s in September 2017, where they discussed surveilling Seth Rich’ family, guess who was there? Yup, Lara Logan’s husband, the ex-military, now military contractor guy who apparently helped plant propaganda in the Iraqi media during the war.

Anyways, on July 12, 2017, Thomas wanted to know the last time Radack tweeted out about Trevor and Defango responded, “Not sure, but we need to get that for Trevor.” Why? Why are all these people doing free work for Trevor? Was Trevor paying them?

Thomas adds, “Ask Trevor because he is in the middle of a complaint against Radack…The whole idea of linking Jason [Goodman] to Mossad and child pedophiles will be a double whammy.”

Yikes. That sounds like defamation…

Two days later, Trevor asks everyone to look into Charlie R. Davis to see if they think he’s being paid to attack him. Who in the world would pay money to have Trevor attacked? He’s a down and out, disgraced PR guy, at least he was at the time.

And then there’s Defango who doesn’t appear to be leading the charge in 2017, but he did have this to say:

“I don’t mess around and some folks don’t get it. Seems like a simple enough assault. Just need to I’d the players involved and follow the line back to the source. Right now no problems in hitting everyone all at one.”


And let’s not forget about the journalists. At one point, Trevor told Thomas that Beth should reach out to Mother Jones about “what Radack has done,” because a “woman would be more credible.” Side note: If Trevor knew Beth before Thomas, why didn’t he just go directly to Beth? Ugh whateves.

In the end, Trevor, Thomas and/or Beth reached out to (at least) @ConsortiumNews’s Elizabeth Lea Vos, Eli Lake, Sharyl Attkinson, George Webb and Goodman (via Trish the Dish) and even Sean Hannity, asking them to promote Trevor’s derogatory story about Jesselyn Radack.

For example: Weeks after Thomas was communicating with Eli Lake, he introduced Beth to him. Take a look at his comments about Radack such as she’s the “Ted Bundy of the feminist movement” and that he wants to contact her childhood friends and brother.

Full disclosure: Thomas did send me this email before Defango publicly published it, claiming that he no longer believes Radack is the type of woman Trevor tried to paint her as.

Here Eli Lake admits that he’s waiting on word from Trevor before moving forward. “I am holding fire until the bar thing is resolved per request from TF.” Trevor appears to literally have journos lined up to write his story.

You have to understand that there are a multitude of people who have come forward and said things publicly about the sexual allegations against Trevor Fitzgibbon. Like…a MULTITUDE. Seventy-nine organizations alone publicly said they would no longer work with him.

Why he’s obsessed and suing Radack (again) and no one else is beyond me. It’s wasn’t Radack running around getting journalists to write up smear jobs against Trevor.

One last interesting thing to note: After speaking to Eli Lake, Thomas forwarded the email to Lara Logan discussing how they were essentially working on destroying Radack so that happened because naturally.

So yeah, does anyone want to start asking some serious questions about how involved Lara Logan, an ex-reporter for 60 minutes (and close associate of Ed Butowsky), and her military husband were in these shenanigans and to what degree? It all seems a bit unhinged.

RDS v. Goodman

Switching gears to the RDS case, a quick summary on the Robert David Steele vs. Jason Goodman case in the likely event you didn’t feel like plowing through my previous obnoxious twitter thread.

So this seems to be the timeline of events: RDS cancels his appearance with Jason Goodman, the shiz hits the fan, RDS wants to sue him, then everyone wants Defango to sue to him, then RDS goes back to suing him with Steve Biss as his attorney.

During this time, Thomas was pushing the idea that Defango should troll Goodman, he asks people to write up affidavits for RDS, and suggests that they start a rumor political prisoner, Julian Assange, who is currently fighting for his life, doesn’t like Jason Goodman.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but on July 1, 2017, RDS told Thomas that “Tanya’s husband is your killer attorney who can bring suit pro bono and share the winnings. he is away for weeks but this is a conversation we should have.” #SharingIsCaring

The next day, Tanya Cornwell, Steve Biss’ wife, admits to Defango that she’s “sitting here writing defamation cases for my husband,” and that she thinks Defango could get half a million dollars if he sues Goodman…”do contemplate suing Jason…”

So that’s kinda where we’re at. On July 10, 2017, Thomas emailed Tanya brokering a deal for Defango and “White Rabbit,” talking about Goodman’s “personal wealth,” and how he needs a “nice expensive wake up call.”

He adds, “I have a feeling your husband [Steven Biss] will be well please that Goodman was stupid enough to repeat his mistakes. It’s highly actionable.”

Oh really?

Tanya’s confirms she wants her husband in the loop: “…let’s bring him [Steven Biss] up to speed by phone tomorrow. The more the merrier.  steve has developed causes of action against youtube as well, in nora’s [Nora Maccoby] case did you guys read that?”

More: “I know my husband will ask you guys to piece together a quick narrative of what happened…I know when I saw him [Jason Goodman] saying he was worried what manny might do to his family i was like oh fuck yes, there is your slander, those are deemed ‘fighting words’ legally.”

Do you see what’s happening here? If you merely mention that you’re afraid someone might hurt you or your family perhaps because of their online behavior or what they’ve been saying about you, Tanya chalks that up to “fighting words” and ohai, court case filed.

This goes back to the idea that you hire trolls to incite people online so that you can turn around and sue them. Something like this perhaps?

So yeah, Thomas then forwarded Tanya’s email to Beth and Defango exclaiming “Ok guys, its going down.” He directs Beth to get a narrative from someone called “White Rabbit,” discusses Steven Biss’ contingency fee, and then completely washes his hands of everything. Thomas:

“I am simply helping and will not accept any financial recompense…I have not been the victim of any attack, so I do not know how much further help I can be, other than fighting trolls for you guys.” And, “Biss…may have a larger goal in mind.”

With guns still a blazing, the very next day Thomas says, “you do not need to ‘prove’ anything, since we are not in court. Public opinion court rules.” 🤔 He goes on to tell Defango that they’re going to link Goodman to the DNC, convicted pedos, and that “if I could suggest it, I would say tonight is Doxx City for Jason.”


Subject line: So, let’s nail him.

On July 16, 2017, Thomas buys Defango subs for his Youtube channel (“It’s my treat”) and Tanya tells Defango that if he’s not comfortable with the lawsuit, RDS “will still get his pound of misery ” against Goodman.

That same day, RDS asks Thomas if there’s someone who can create a collage video, something “cool that a judge will love,” and he’s willing to pay for it. He then tells Thomas that he’s the “straw boss on this thing,” adding “Cynthia and I have the larger case for damages and standing in Virginia.”

At the end of July, Thomas, Beth, Hal Powell, and Michael Levine started talking about a reputation business and what the company might look like (Defango was brought in later on the email thread) but remember this happened in early July 2017:

That’s Thomas, btw. By the start of August, Shadowbox landed their first client, Ed Butowsky, through Trevor who was introduced to Ed earlier in the year by Lara Logan because of course. At the same time, RDS needed another $500 in work and apparently he’s been paying Trevor. Wut?

Between August 10, 2017 – August 13, 2017, RDS becomes obsessed with finding more targets for his lawsuit and getting affidavits from everyone. “Steve is getting ready to file…He needs roughly six ‘top co-conspirators…”

“The lawyer is ready to file. We have four solid targets for whom we need home addresses, emails, phone numbers if possible.” – RDS

“I think Steve is planning to file soon. The trigger will be your answer to me with contact information for Jason and Tish and Rich Davis if you can get it.” – RDS

“If we cannot find the name, discovery will.” – Thomas

Sound familiar, everyone?

The next day, August 14, 2017, Tanya tells Defango that “White Rabbit” should also sue because “Jason needs to go down.” Meanwhile, Trevor’s busy working for RDS and pitching reporters for Butowsky.

Subject line: “Trevor can you do the Robert Steele stuff”

On the 16th, Tanya tells Defango she can CC him “on all emails with Steve” and pay him for all of his work. “[W]e want to let Jason hang himself then get you to interview cynthia [McKinney] by skype once he’s been served…you game?” Geez.

“Defer to Steve at all times.” – RDS to Thomas

Two days before Steven Biss filed the lawsuit against Jason Goodman on behalf of RDS, RDS wrote, “All, At the strategic level, the lawyer is happy and you have excelled…do not send emails to the lawyer or me, enter it into the report.” More:

“Do nothing more until we read Steven’s filed report and understand his over-all strategic view…Tom [Thomas] is the lead. Trevor is out of the research business and will focus only on publicity.”

On September 1, 2017, Biss files the lawsuit against Goodman. Thomas says they paid Defango “a deposit” because was “helping,” and that they intend to include Defango in monitoring things, paying him 33%. He adds, “Steven says Manny can do what he wishes as far as videos…”

So let’s take a look at some of the complaint that Biss filed in the Robert David Steele v. Goodman case. First, there’s this section in the complaint:

Here’s the video that Biss is talking about ⟶ “The Failing New York Times

What Biss apparently didn’t want to tell anyone in his filing is that RDS didn’t just cancelled his appearance with Goodman, he literally published a rant filled with smears against him the very day of his scheduled interview. He said Goodman was going to be arrested, that he was working for Mossad, and called him “unbalanced, untrustworthy, and toxic in the extreme.” This is likely why Goodman is saying “I’d like to know if its legal for [RDS] to make up lies about me.” Here’s RDS’ statement:

And the fundraiser campaign that Goodman allegedly wanted to destroy, #UNRIG? First, I read that Goodman had already raised something like $15K for RDS’ campaign and that’s the same campaign that Trevor Fitzgibbon was working on. Let’s not forget RDS used Roger Stone as a promo. So gross.

And yes, the photo is real. Roger Stone was more than happy to confirm it was legit; he and RDS had apparently discussed “global strategy.” Folks, if you think this isn’t a right-wing operation, maybe you should reconsider the possibility that it is.

Going back to the Goodman case, Biss’ complaint further states, “[E]gregious public comments and statements about Robert were posted by Goodman and Negron’s agents during Robert’s interview with Claudia of Cabin Talk on August 2, 2017.”

He included a screenshot of “Lilith Starchild’s” comment (among other ones) without including a shred of evidence in the complaint that these accounts are “agents” of Goodman or Negron.

You know where this starts to get entertaining? Guess who sent this to Steven Biss possibly via his wife, Tanya? Thomas. Here’s part of the email where Thomas includes Lilith Starchild:

Then there’s this guy named Ralph O. Davis. Here’s Biss’ take on Mr. Davis in the RDS’ lawsuit:

Again, at no point in the lawsuit does it appear that Biss even remotely touches on evidence that shows Davis is an “agent” of Goodman. Want to know where Davis came from? Yup, RDS. Remember this email?

And there’s Biss on the email thread. P.S. In case you missed it, RDS also said to him, “I do not believe I have ever said or written anything other than that I understood he [Goodman] was under investigation and could be arrested…Tsg was the one who told me.”

Are you getting that? Thomas Schoenberger is the one who allegedly told RDS that Jason Goodman was going to be arrested leading to Jason making a video about why RDS was lying about him–which Biss then included in the lawsuit. Wowzers.

So Ralph O. Davis was never named as a defendent in Biss’ suit, but this is the same playbook that Biss uses — name a bunch of people and make it look like they’re involved in a conspiracy. Again, sound familiar?

It’s scary AF to realize that Tanya Cornwell and Steven Biss are apparently writing lawsuits based on what Thomas Schoenberger and others send them. Did he even check before filing to see if there was any evidence of wrong doing say, on Ralph Davis’ part or did Biss just purposely set out to destroy Davis’ reputation in a lawsuit?

Anyways, I was going to get into Shadowbox in this post but this is already ridiculously long so until next time. #Moo 🐮

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