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Instead of doing a thread on Twitter, I figured I’d just put out a weekend update on my website about the Thomas/Manny a.k.a. Defango/Biss situation. First, in case you missed it, Defango is saying that Thomas was in contact with Steven Biss’ wife, Tanya Cornwell, before he was.

I’m still waiting on that “proof” that’s allegedly already out there so in the meantime, regardless if Defango was emailing with Tanya first, it’s interesting to note who appeared to be driving the ship more so than anyone else back in 2017. Hint: It doesn’t look like it was Defango.

Let’s start at the top of 2017. On February 16, 2017, Thomas via his sock account @GumboInOrleans, the same account he used to contact Beth a.k.a. Fox under a different personality (“Vetter”) in 2016, tried to link WikiLeaks’ Vault7 publication with the online puzzle Cicada 3301. He’ll continue to do this well into the summer.

Two days after Thomas started to publicly claim that Cicada and WikiLeaks were linked, Nora Maccoby introduced Robert David Steele (RDS) to Tanya Cornwell, Steve Biss’ wife.

In April, either before or after Ed Butowsky had a meeting with Sean Spicer at the White House that same month about the Seth Rich conspiracy, Lara Logan tells Trevor Fitzgibbon that she’s going to introduce him to Butowsky. Both Fitzgibbon and Butowsky had been associates/friends with Logan for years.

By then Thomas and Defango had already met (Defango had been solving Cicada puzzles). So by the end of April 2017, we have something like this (I can make charts too 😉):

During the month of May 2017, multiple things happened: On May 25th, Thomas introduced both Beth and RDS to Defango – note that Thomas was still using his sock account that used to be called “Vetter.”

For the record, Thomas disagrees that he was in control of this account at the time but his deposition in the Rich vs. Butowsky case seems to contradict his argument. Moving on, we’re kinda here now:

While Thomas was busy introducing everyone, Trevor was busy convincing Beth to help him fix his reputation so she asked “Trish the Dish,” who was working with Jason Goodman and George Webb at the time,” if she could help. Trish put Trevor in touch with Webb and on May 31, 2017, Trevor appeared on Gooodman’s livestream, “Crowdsource the Truth.”

Approximately the next day, the “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich files” debacle happened and if you’re not familiar with it, google it. Ain’t nobody got time for me to get into the specifics of it today. The bottom line is that the situation involved Webb, Goodman, Trish, Beth, someone called “White Rabbit,” and Defango.

The episode became a source of tension between Webb, Goodman, Trish vs. Beth, White Rabbit, Defango.

Two weeks later, it appears that the first person Tanya contacted in this group of individuals was Defango via emails sent on June 14, 2017. She talked about Nora Maccoby’s family ties to the CIA and that Nora’s dad is a “spook.” Then she sent Defango a lengthy email about George Webb.

That same day, George Webb and Jason Goodman reported on a source who told them that there might be a dirty bomb on the Memphis Maersk, a cargo ship outside of Charleston, South Carolina. Long story short, the alleged threat was called in and the Coast Guard shut down the port.

Robert David Steele, the former CIA guy who Nora introduced to Tanya, who Thomas introduced to Defango, and who was just embarking on a new campaign with Cynthia McKinney called #UNRIG, was scheduled to appear on Goodman’s show the next day. But after the dirty bomb incident the night before, RDS cancelled his appearance and the shiz hit the fan. Accusations started flying from both sides of the table.

Meanwhile, Goodman and Trish were still upset over the Guccifer/Who Spoofed the Seth Rich files incident. Simply put, by now they were upset at RDS, Beth, Defango, and White Rabbit.

On the June 25, 2017, Thomas sent an email to an unknown email account discussing how Defango could troll Jason Goodman which begs the question of why? According to Thomas, he was never involved in anything having to do with Goodman, Webb, or Trish so why is he now strategizing on how to troll Goodman?

The next day, he sent Defango a Youtube video and Defango responded, “We have to get this to Steele,” so it appears that by June 26, 2017, Thomas and Defango are working for Steele on some level, or at least helping him collect evidence to sue Goodman. Again, why?

And here’s an email from Thomas to Defango where it seems like he has an inside track with RDS. Thomas tells Defango that RDS is going to file a lawsuit against Goodman.

Then Thomas asked Defango if he would write an affidavit in support of RDS. Why is Thomas involved in getting people to write affidavits? Also note what RDS said: He hired an attorney out of New York to represent him, NOT Biss. At least not yet.

On June 27, 2017, RDS asked Thomas for help regarding someone’s Youtube video (I think), stating that Google might be willing “to shut him down.” Rather than Thomas helping him, Thomas directs Defango to do it.

While all of this was going on Thomas sock account continued to push the idea that Cicada 3301 and WikiLeaks were connected and that he was the one behind the @AnonScan account (this is the account that used to be called “Vetter.” It switched names quite a few times since 2016).

Not only that, on June 27, 2017, Thomas makes the suggestion to Defango that they should spread the rumor that Julian Assange “cannot stand Goodman’s antics.”

He adds that Defango could also say, “I am getting lots of emails from people close to the wikileaks folks, close to Assange, and Assange thinks Crowdsource the Truth is so poorly constructed, he called it a ‘keystone cop Psyop’ and ‘Stalkers with learning disabilities’…having an unconfirmed source saying Assange is mocking them would be hilarious.”

What kind of man uses a political prisoner for his own means?

By the end of the month, RDS announced that the “gloves are off,” and Tanya convinces him to do a one-hour show with Defango to take Jason Goodman down while also promoting Steele and McKinney’s #UNRIG campaign.

Thomas responds:

“Tanya, Manny is most interested in seeking a law suit and would be deeply appreciative of pro bono legal representation, an [sic] also bring Mr. Steele as a witness…Let’s make this happen.”

Note the role reversal: They’re going to have Defango sue Goodman and RDS will be the witness. Again, why TF is Thomas trying to put court cases together? 

This is also the same email thread where Thomas makes it sound like he’s meeting Tanya for the first time. As for RDS’ upcoming interview with Defango, he says it will be “a command performance.” Thomas responds, “I will be in a Mumu, watching with popcorn.” Why is Thomas so invested in RDS?

And here’s a fun one from the same day:

Steele: “I specifically want to mention David Brock as a pedophile as part of connecting him to Jason Goodman and Pizzagate…We must be careful to not violate Goodman’s privacy to include not mentioning him by name?”

Thomas: “I am sure we can mention him by name, but with a derivation. Gruesome Goodman. That’s enough to avoid a defamation suit. However, Defango can mention Jason all day long. Manny could also mention Jason and you can refer to him as this person is ‘allegedly’ etc.”

Steele: “Tanya is ready do [sic] have her husband do a pro bono lawsuit against Goodman for Manny, and I am ready to do an affidavit and appear as a witness.”

Thomas: “Excellent! I think its a great idea. You as a witness would be seriously amazing. I will call him as soon as he gets off work…”

So Tanya Cornwell makes the decisions about who’s getting sued by her husband? And I’m kinda yelling at this point, “Why is Thomas putting together these suits and giving out legal advice about defamation cases??”

Later that day, Steven Biss’ wife sends out the infamous “Hazmat” email.  You can find a full copy on page 31 of THIS court document.

At the same time, remember that plans are being made for RDS to appear on Defango’s show? “Stick to the script,” he tells Defango while Thomas tells RDS that the interview will be like a “court document in video form…It is something that can and will be played in front of a judge.”  More:

I can’t ask enough times why it appears that Thomas was putting together case strategies for Steven Biss’ court cases.

On July 2, 2017, Tanya openly admits to Defango that she’s “sitting here writing defamation cases for my husband.” Is that legal?

She continues, “I can in three days get you a case against Jason. I’m guessing a half a million bucks they will throw at you to just make it go away…do contemplate suing Jason, he’s likely insured.”

That same day Thomas sent out an email stating that he wanted all online comments about RDS collected for the attorney including the one mentioned in the email below where an online user is merely stating their opinion about RDS. Thomas, on the other hand, calls it “gang stalking.”

Why is everyone doing this work for RDS? Is someone paying them to do it and if so, who?

On July 6, 2017, Tanya introduced Defango to Nora Maccoby and tells him that her husband (Steven Biss) won’t charge him any money unless he wins the case (against Jason Goodman). So who’s funding the case and all the work Thomas and Defango are doing then?

Tanya also gave Defango some background on Nora and Pizzagate and then tells him “offer for plane ticket east still open. Robert knows just the TSA agent to use.” If that’s not Tanya trying to pay Defango, I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, RDS was sending emails to Tanya that same day telling her that “Manny can use your husband’s help. Nothing would please me more than to support a lawsuit against Goodman…” In general, it doesn’t appear that Defango was pushing the lawsuit, it was Tanya, Thomas, and RDS.

Enter Trevor Fitzgibbon. On July 7, 2017, Trevor seemingly enters the picture for the first time,  introducing himself to Thomas via email stating that “Eddie Vetter told me I could email you.” The reference to Eddie Vetter is likely not about the musician who spells his last name “Vedder,” but rather, is a reference to Thomas’ old Twitter handle, “Vetter,” meaning it’s quite possible Trevor and Thomas knew each other before this email.

On July 8, 2017, Thomas introduced Trevor to Defango stating that “We will be using Z. and Manny and myself and Beth as a core team.” He added that “We have a team of ex intel guys like Lara’s hubby as well. Welcome to Cicada 3301 Trevor.”

First, why in the world is Thomas talking about “ex intel guys like Lara’s hubby (he’s referring to Lara Logan’s husband, Joseph Burkett) if he only just met Trevor the day before?

Did Trevor mention Lara Logan’s husband to Thomas the day before like, “Hey, by the way, I’ve got these ex-military guys that can help us,” meaning that immediately after meeting Thomas, Trevor offered up ex-military help? And help for what? To attack people online? What exactly was a team of ex-military guys needed for to help Trevor Fitzgibbon? (correction: ex-intel guys, not ex-military)

If that’s not the case, it would appear that Thomas was well aware of who Lara Logan and Joseph Burkett were (and maybe even Trevor) well before Trevor even sent this “let me introduce myself” email to Thomas. Were plans already in the works?

The same day that Thomas introduced Defango to Trevor, Trevor sent everyone a bunch of background information about himself and then asked if anyone could get screenshots of whistleblower attorney, Jesselyn Radack, attacking him. Thomas directs Defango to do it.

In case you missed it, someone posted a fairly lengthy thread on Twitter the other day about the targeted attacks Jesselyn Radack has faced at the hands of a coordinated group that allegedly included Thomas and Defango. Take a look:

So on July 8, 2017, Thomas continued emailing back and forth with Trevor telling him not to retweet his sock accounts because he could get caught and that they’re going to help Trevor fix his reputation, telling him that he’s in “good hands” (as if Trevor is a client).

Thomas includes wording such as “legally its best for Radack to file a response…” (is Thomas an attorney??) and Trevor responds that Lara Logan is calling him. Thomas states, “Good. She is a great lady,” as if he’s known her longer than Trevor has.

Thomas then added that he “will probably hear from JA in a day or two” meaning Julian Assange so if at any point you thought that Trevor Fitzgibbon was the only one running around telling people he’s close friends with Assange (he’s not), don’t forget to put Thomas on that same list. 

Again, what kind of men use political prisoners for their own gain?

What is perhaps the biggest bombshell of them all, on July 9, 2017, Thomas sent a message to Beth stating:

“[M]aybe I was sent to show you trevor and start a new path and new way to expose others…I believe we should form a company after Trevor is repaired. I am serious.”

This seems to show that Thomas and Trevor had known each other all along when they started communicating with Beth via sock accounts, and that it was Thomas’ idea (maybe Thomas and Trevor’s idea) to start Shadowbox.

The best part in all of this? Steven Biss has insinuated in court filings that because Jesselyn Radack uses encrypted communications she must be guilty of the things he’s accused her, and now here’s his own client, Trevor Fitzgibbon, using encrypted email.

And folks, we’re not even at mid-July, 2017.

One last thing, take a look at this chart again:

I’m not particularly interested in the political views of say Thomas or Defango but looking at this chart one might think how odd it is that Steven Biss and Tanya Cornwell, alleged liberals, started working with die-hard Trumpsters like Ed Butowsky. Fear not, little Jedi. Tonya Cornwell actually donated to the Trump during the 2016 election, not much, but it’s hard to fathom a liberal accidentally donating to Trump.

Robert David Steele appears to be a Trump fan, as well, as was Trevor Fitzgibbon, a self-proclaimed progressive, in 2018.

So regardless of whether or not you think political affiliation is important in this story, it’s important to note that people involved in this may not be working towards the goals of the political party that you originally thought — especially since Steven Biss went on to represent Devin Nunes against an imaginary cow.

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