Case No: 01CD021919
Judge: Deborah Taylor (Southwark Crown Court)
Prosecutor: Special Crimes Division (SCD)
Defense: Mark John Summers QC

April 30, 2019: Assange Mitigation Letter
May 1, 2019: Judge’s Sentencing
May 1, 2019: Press Briefing → Kristinn Hrafnsson


Case No: 1:18-cr-00111-CMH
Associated Cases: 1:17-mj-00611-TCB (Sealed)

    • G. Zachary Terwilling, US Attorney
    • Tracy Doherty-McCormick, First Assistant US Attorney
    • Kellen S. Dwyer, Asst US Attorney
    • Thomas W. Traxler, Asst US Attorney
    • Goran Kromberg, Asst US Attorney
    • Matthew Walczewski, Trial Attorney, National Security Division, DOJ
    • Nicholas Hunter, Trial Attorney, National Security Division, DOJ

Doc 1 (December 21, 2017): Complaint

Doc 2 (December 21, 2017): Affidavit in Support of a Criminal Complaint

Doc 3 (December 21, 2017): Defendant Information Sheet (Sealed, see Doc 25 for redacted version

Doc 4 (December 21, 2017): Redacted Criminal Case Cover Sheet (Sealed, see Doc 26 for redacted version)

Doc 5 (December 21, 2017): Motion to Seal Complaint (Sealed, see Doc 24 for redacted version)

Doc 6 (December 21, 2017): Order on Motion to Seal Case

Doc 7 (December 21, 2017): Warrant Issued
Note: The US says that this warrant was issued in connection with the issuance of the December 21, 2017 complaint (See Doc 28). The US also says it hasn’t been issued yet (See Doc 28)

Doc 8 (March 6, 2018): Indictment

Doc 9: Missing

Doc 10: Missing

Doc 11 (March 6, 2018): Redacted Criminal Case Cover Sheet

Doc 12 (March 6, 2018): Motion to Seal Case

Doc 13 (March 6, 2018): Order on Motion to Seal Case (re: Grand Jury)

Doc 14 (March 6, 2018): Warrant Issued (SEALED)
Note: The US says that this is the arrest warrant that was issued in connection with the March 6, 2018 indictment of Assange. The US also says that this warrant has not been executed yet.

Assange was arrested in the UK to face the charge in the indictment, but the warrant issued on March 6th for his arrest was not served on him. We understand that, instead, he was arrested on a warrant that the UK itself obtained, based on a request from the United States. We further understand that the US provided the UK authorities with the charging information and the fact of the existence of the March 6th warrant. Finally, we understand that a copy of the March 6th warrant was not provided to the UK authorities.” (See Doc 28)

Doc 15: Missing in docket
Note: The US says that this is a letter filed with the Clerk’s Office (See Doc 28) “The United States neither filed it nor moved to seal it, and we have no objection to it now being unsealed.” (See Doc 28)

Doc 16 (April 11, 2019): Notice Filed by the United States (SEALED)

Doc 17 (April 11, 2019): Motion to Unseal Case
Note: The government moved to unseal the case “only to allow the indictment to be made publicly available but to keep all other documents in the case under seal”

Doc 18 (April 11, 2019): Order to Unseal

Doc 19 (April 11, 2019): Notice of Attorney Appearance (US Attorney Gordon D. Kromberg)

Doc 20 (April 15, 2019): Motion to Unseal Criminal Complaint and Supporting Affidavit

Doc 21 (April 15, 2019): Order on Sealed Motion

Doc 21-1 (April 17, 2019): Order on Sealed Motion

Doc 22 (April 17, 2019): Motion to Unseal Document
Note: Government requested that Doc 5 remain under seal “because it contains nonpublic information about an ongoing criminal investigation.” They also requested that Doc 4 and 6 remain under seal because they contain “a portion of the defendant’s address at the time.” They said they would file redacted versions of these documents.

Doc 23 (April 17, 2019): Order on Motion to Unseal Document
Note: The judge ordered that Doc 16 would be unsealed. It’s still not unsealed.

Doc 24 (April 17, 2019): Government’s Motion to Seal Complaint and Supporting Documents (Redacted version of Doc 5)

Doc 25 (April 17, 2019): Defendant Information Sheet (Redacted version of Doc 4)

Doc 26 (April 17, 2019): Criminal Case Cover Sheet (Redacted version of Doc 11)

Doc 27 (April 18, 2019): Remark

Doc 28 (April 26, 2018): Govt’s Response to Reporter’s Committee’s Renewed Application
Note: This is a response to the Reporter’s Committee request for full unredacted versions Docs 5, 7, 14, and 15. This is also the document where the US stated, “The warrant issued on December 21, 2017, for the arrest of Julian Assange, has not been executed.”

Doc 29 (May 13, 2019): Government’s Notice of Filing

Doc 30 (May 13, 2019): Letter filed by Dagmar Palmerova

Doc 31 (May 23, 2019): Superseding Indictment
(May 23, 2019: DOJ press release re: Superseding Indictment)
(May 23, 2019: WikiLeaks press release re: Superseding Indictment)

Doc 32: Missing

Doc 33: Missing

Doc 34 (May 23, 2019): Redacted Criminal Case Cover Sheet

Doc 35 (May 23, 2019): Warrant Issued (Sealed)

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