@AnonScan’s Lizard People:  Looking For Clues?


“I’ll have to make an effort now just to be serious, oh yeah”


Above are screenshots from @AnonScan’s “If” video that I mentioned earlier and, yes, after a little digging I realized that I had saved it.  Enjoy —

The video appears to be about the the CIA’s National Clandestine Service (NCS) and its former director, Greg Vogel.  The NCS was reworked within the CIA back in 2015, but prior to that and since its inception the CIA was divided into four directorates:

  • Directorate of Intelligence (DI)
  • Directorate of Science and Technology (DST)
  • Directorate of Support (DS)
  • National Clandestine Service (NCS)

The DST and the DS have remained the same.  However, the Directorate of Intelligence was renamed the Directorate of Analysis and the National Clandestine Service was, in simple terms, renamed the Directorate of Operations (DO) in 2015.  In addition, former CIA Director John Brennan added the Directorate of Digital Innovation that same year — the same directorate that was exposed in Vault 7 more so than any other.

It was at this point in time when Greg Vogel aka “Spider, “the Wolf,” and “Greg V,” became director of the DO/NSC, the same guy mentioned at the end of @AnonScan’s “If” video.  If you’ve never heard of him before it’s no surprise because the CIA kept him under wraps until seriously, like two weeks before @AnonScan published their video and if you’re looking to catch up you could always start with this website.  They claim that Vogel is the “missing piece of the [Russiagate] puzzle,” and to be honest, it’s not that bad of a theory.  I mean, you’ll notice in @AnonScan’s video that they added “Vault 8” after Vogel’s name, a direct reference to WikiLeaks’ Hive publication that was published over a month later.

Hive was created by the Embedded Development Branch (EDB), a division of the Engineering Development Group (EDG) which is headed up by the Directorate of Digital Innovation that Brennan created in 2015.  According to WikiLeaks,

Hive provides a covert communications platform for a whole range of CIA malware to send exfiltrated information to CIA servers…”

Interestingly enough, the CIA’s CCI Europe department “provides ad hoc engineering support for deployment of EDG tools and liaison operations” (which would include Hive) in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  And remember Frankfurt?

“CIA hackers operating out of the Frankfurt consulate ( “Center for Cyber Intelligence Europe” or CCIE) are given diplomatic (“black”) passports and State Department cover. The instructions for incoming CIA hackers make Germany’s counter-intelligence efforts appear inconsequential: “Breeze through German Customs because you have your cover-for-action story down pat, and all they did was stamp your passport”

“Once in Frankfurt CIA hackers can travel without further border checks to the 25 European countries that are part of the Shengen open border area — including France, Italy and Switzerland.”

And who do you think was involved in those clandestine operations in Germany and throughout Europe?  Vogel, of course, from the Directorate of Operations/NSC.  The question is did Vogel have anything to do with Russiagate and was he coordinating with U.S. spies, the GCHQ, and guys like Joseph Mifsud?  And surely Vogel knows the real answer to “Russian hacking.”  I almost feel like somewhere in here is also the answer to where the DNC emails came, Hillary’s missing emails, and the real leaker of Vault 7 but that might be a stretch.  Then again, remember what Assange told us,

“Securing such ‘weapons’ is particularly difficult since the same people who develop and use them have the skills to exfiltrate copies without leaving traces — sometimes by using the very same ‘weapons’ against the organizations that contain them.”

So what does any of this have to do with Amazon?  No idea minus the fact that any intelligence gathered by overseas CIA operations could very well be stored in data centers maintained by Amazon.  Is that a problem?  Yeah, it’s a problem.  First, in case you missed it the CIA inked a deal with Amazon back in 2014, and according to the former CIA Chief Information Officer Douglas Wolfe, it was “one of the most important technology procurements in recent history.”  In November, 2017, Amazon announced,

“AWS now provides the U.S. Intelligence Community a commercial cloud capability across all classification levels:  Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret. The U.S. Intelligence Community can now execute their missions with a common set of tools, a constant flow of the latest technology and the flexibility to rapidly scale with the mission.”

According to the CIA’s current Chief Information Officer, John Edwards, 

“We put an entire Amazon cloud region on our premises…it’s been amazing….we want to be commercial, not government…it’s the best decision we’ve ever made…it’s a game-changer.”

Commercial not government, eh?  The CIA’s brazen attitude continued at Amazon Web Services’ 2018 Public Sector Summit Keynote with John Roche, the CIA’s deputy director of the Directorate of Technology Innovation, home to Hive and other Vault 7 hacking tools,

“We are doing machine learning today for what?  Our jobs as humans.  So we’re taking those data bases that exist about you, the data that’s already there, the data that’s structured and unstructured, that, some data being created, and aggregate that data very very quickly in the cloud environment to build a digital signature, to understand our digital self, our digital fingerprint because we have to move…Some people are worried about A.I.  Don’t be.”

So that’s not creepy at all.  Now the CIA has all of this data and other stuff in Amazon’s clouds and I’m curious if those clouds have a backup and if so, where are they?  And what happens when hackers, spies, or foreign governments penetrate these systems and nab all of the ungodly amount of illegal surveillance data that now resides in them?  And are NSA and CIA cyber weapons in the cloud, too?  As we’ve learned from Julian Assange and WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 publication, the intelligence agencies are careless, even incompetent, so who’s to say it can’t happen?  

Just kidding, it can and did happen.  According to Bloomberg Businessweek, AWS Elemental, Apple (which they themselves just inked a deal with Amazon) and other U.S. companies purchased motherboards from Super Micro Computer Inc. that had been infected with microchips “inserted by Chinese operatives in the manufacturing process.”  According to multichannel.com,

“AWS Elemental cloud video unit unwittingly integrated servers with spy chips secretly inserted by the Chinese government into the networks of clients including the CIA.”

Elemental Technologies’ client list included the Department of Defense data centers, the CIA’s drone operations, and the onboard networks of Navy warships,” at the time that Amazon purchased the company.  @AnonScan has long posted tweets about China including right up to the “Amazon Atlas” publication.


And, yes, in case you were wondering Amazon did open an AWS region in Frankfurt, Germany in October, 2014, and look at this chart here.  They’ve been busy.


“Nobody’s gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, oh my”

This screenshot is from WikiLeaks’ publication about the NSA targeting the phone records/communications of world leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Chief of State of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and other top foreign officials.

So is this just a reference to U.S. surveillance in Germany or is WikiLeaks going to publish something that will really make everyone think twice about giving the U.S. the benefit of the doubt?  That is, for the people that insanely still trust them.


“Every time I pick a paper up it’s harder to believe the news, oh yeah”

Again, self-explanatory.  But for those of you who didn’t know that news organizations have long been infiltrated by the U.S. intelligence community and that many of the stories churned out are brimming with government propaganda, now you do.  Claiming ignorance about another anti-Assange smear job the Guardian will undoubtedly publish sometime next week is no longer an acceptable excuse.


“I’m gonna have to shake it up and twist and shout, oh my”

More clues about Hive.  On the left is a tweet from Hive‘s Engineering Development Guide about self-deletion,

“Self-delete is used to insure that any Hive implant that lays dormant…for a predetermined amount of time effectively destroys itself with the only remnant being a “configuration file” (.config) and a log file (.log) left behind in /var directory…

…When self-delete executes, the Hive binary is deleted from the host and the log file is created with a time stamp inserted into it using the format yymmddHHMMSS. (The time stamp inserted into the file should match the last modification time of the file.)”

So naturally I’m wondering if this whole time stamp thingie that’s left behind in the log file and turning a system clock either forward or backwards is what @AnonScan was referring to in the tweet on the right that reads “#DatesAreImportant”?  And if it is, what’s the importance?

As for the CIA search results tweet, I don’t know if that happened on August 27, 2012 or July 2, 2018. If it happened in 2012 it was likely part of Anonymous’ #OpFreeAssange which also took down Interpol and the UK’s Serious Organized Crime Agency’s websites at approximately 9:18 pm GMT on August 26, 2012.

The two links in their CIA tweet take you to Vault 8 (Hive) and the “If” video about Vogel.  And yes, it totally looks like Assange is giving the CIA the finger without actually giving the finger.  Brilliant.


“You can’t do nothing that you don’t put your mind to, oh yeah”

This is obviously another tweet about the CIA that @AnonScan posted under the one I mentioned above.  On the left is a screenshot that shows the search results for “Assange” on the CIA website (when Anonymous isn’t owning them), “Director Pompeo Delivers Remarks at CSIS” and Volume 61, No. 2 of “Studies in Intelligence,” a journal that is “prepared primarily for the use of US government officials.”

The screenshot on the right is taken from Pompeo’s speech at the CSIS where he declared WikiLeaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service” that colluded with Russia during the 2016 U.S. election.

“In January of this year, our Intelligence Community determined that Russian military intelligence-the GRU-had used WikiLeaks to release data of US victims that the GRU had obtained through cyber operations against the Democratic National Committee.”

First of all, the U.S. Intelligence Community has NEVER offered up any evidence that WikiLeaks worked with Russia.  Second, they know they’re screwed when it comes to this narrative because there is literally no evidence they could manufacture that Assange wouldn’t be able to destroy.  Vault 7 alone probably shows who’s really behind Russiagate.

And did you notice Pompeo’s whole “Assange directed Manning to steal documents” argument?  I’ve been saying it for a long time now, that’s exactly how they’re going to try and nail him if, god forbid, they ever get his hands on him.  And when it comes to prosecuting Assange over Vault 7 and 8, I’m not sure how Trump’s administration would proceed seeing that the CIA declassified those cyber-weapons all by themselves when they used them over the internet but whatever, CIA.  You do you.

Side note:  Pompeo added in his little CSIS speech something about Edward Snowden absconding “to the comfortable clutches of Russian intelligence” which really burns my britches.  Either Pompeo is a complete idiot or he’s trying to white-wash the fact that the United States revoked Snowden’s passport, trapping him in a Russian airport.


“I suspected all along you were a dream come true, oh my
I’m never in the dark ’cause my heart keeps me well informed, oh yeah”

Did we ever figure out who was behind the @EmbassyCat account?  I have a hunch…  And just as an FYI, that account no longer follows anyone, hashtag #ZeroHour.  Just saying.


“I’m convinced that there’s a way of getting through to you…”

So now we’ve come full circle back to President Moreno cutting off Julian Assange’s communications.  In case you missed it, @AnonScan posted instructions on how to restore Assange’s internet on Medium and no, I’m not a tech person so you’re pretty much on your own figuring out the specifics.  But I am wondering if @AnonScan was ever able to coordinate with a trusted associate in London and were they able to restore his communications to a certain degree?

And the whole, “I’m convinced that there’s a way of getting through to you…”?  Well, @AnonScan has always been trying to get through to people about Julian Assange, the government, and free speech.


“…ooh I’m looking for clues”

Alright, the last two clues of @AnonScan’s video.  On the left is their “lizard people” tweet that indicated WikiLeaks might have Hillary’s missing emails and on the right is their #RussiaVape #Nodes tweet that’s actually a video with map coordinates that take you to this…


…and the words:  A-234, ACT.IL, AIVD, Cozy Bear, Clinton, Crowdstrike, DC Leaks, DNC, Facebook, Fancy Bear, Flynn, GCHQ, Google, Hacking Team, LCILP, M15, M16, Mifsud, Mossad, Novichock, NYT, Palantir, Porton Down, Salisbury, Shadow Brokers, Steele, Trump, and WaPo.

The photo is the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California, home to over thirty Commands including the Naval Special Warfare Command and SEAL Teams One, Three, Five, and Seven.  At the bottom of the GoogleEarth map it reads, “Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO IBCAO Landsat / Copernicus U.S. Geological Survey” and the fun fact of the day is that the base is shaped like a swastika.

So here’s what we have:

  • A screenshot from what appears to be one of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails, “lizard people,” and #SecureServers
  • Elisa Waut’s song “Russia,” AI, the CIA, and hashtags #Russia, #RussiaVape, #Nodes
  • The words A-234, ACT.IL, AIVD, Cozy Bear, Clinton, Crowdstrike, DC Leaks, DNC, Facebook, Fancy Bear, Flynn, GCHQ, Google, Hacking Team, LCILP, M15, M16, Mifsud, Mossad, Novichock, NYT, Palantir, Porton Down, Salisbury, Shadow Brokers, Steele, Trump, and WaPo
  • The Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California that’s literally shaped like a swastika
  • And the song lyrics, “…ooh I’m looking for clues”

Don’t forget that all of the above appear in a video about “looking for clues” with regards to WikiLeaks’ “Amazon Atlas” publication.  With that said, let me know when someone figures it all out.  As for @AnonScan and WikiLeaks clues, as a whole what stands out the most is the CIA, clandestine operations, the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, surveillance, hacking, Hive, Russiagate, Hillary’s missing emails, and, of course, Amazon’s data centers and cloud services.  So what does it all mean and will WikiLeaks be publishing more documents soon?

Like I always say, your guess is as good as mine.


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