@AnonScan’s Lizard People:  Looking For Clues?

Although I found myself veering off the reservation in my last post about @AnonScan’s #QuestOfRandomClues “Lizard People” video, you have to admit that you’re probably better off knowing about the U.S. government’s terrifying use of cyber weapons like Stuxnet than not.  Okay, maybe not for anxiety’s sake but we have a video to get to so let’s get on with it.  Below are screenshots from their video which as a reminder was uploaded with a tweet that read “Looking for clues…they’ve been there for quite some time,” meaning it appears that @AnonScan was dropping “Amazon Atlas” hints or whatever else might be coming down the pipe well before anyone else.  The song playing is Robert Palmer’s song “Looking For Clues” (in indigo and quotations).


“It’s crazy but I’m frightened by the sound of the telephone, oh yeah

I’m worried that the caller might have awful news, oh my”

@AnonScan’s video starts off with the above tweet which is an obvious response to President Lenin Moreno cutting off Julian Assange’s communications six months prior at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.  Lenin’s administration has gone so far as to install jammers in the embassy because apparently that’s the normal thing to do after your country has granted someone political asylum. But Moreno’s insanity and human rights violations aside, @AnonScan’s tweet above stems from a long list of tweets going back to the day those communications were cut:  March 27, 2018.

March 27, 2018 (privately uploaded video)


March 28, 2018 (public release of March 27, 2018 video)


April 1, 2018


April 5, 2018


April 8, 2018


July 21, 2018


July 21, 2018


September 27, 2018


October 27, 2018

As you can see, this isn’t just about Assange’s communications being cut, the chance he might be expelled from the embassy, and the likelihood he would then be extradited to the United States although this alone is both deeply concerning and a violation of Ecuador’s Constitution, UN rulings, UNHCR Cessation clauses, and Inter-American Court opinions.  It’s the fact that UK authorities have been given the green light to kill Assange if he tries to “escape” his own political asylum.

“A private security- and bodyguardteam has been hired to protect Mr. Assange and we have reason to believe that the UK authorities are instructed to use lethal force in order to pacify, should Mr. Assange make an attempt to escape.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this in the past and it always seems to fall on deaf ears.  I’m not aware of anyone in the WikiLeaks activist community that mentions it nor does anyone seem terribly concerned despite the fact that Assange is a journalist and publisher that has never been charged with a crime.

Recently, the leader of #Unity4J and political head of convicted criminal and “over-the-hill-cracker” Kim Dotcom’s New Zealand Internet Party, Suzie Dawson, reported that someone tried to break into Assange’s flat at the London embassy.  Despite Dawson’s assurance that Assange’s lawyers confirmed the attempted intrusion, they nor WikiLeaks have yet to make a statement.  Nor have they released a police report while Met police stated they never received a report of a break-in.

More worrisome is the fact that if the story is true, it seems that those in the know sat on it for almost a week so that #Unity4J, a “#ReconnectJulian” movement that openly supports alt-right and Trump supporters, could prepare it—unless, of course, Assange was unable to convey to anyone for six days what happened due to the extreme conditions Ecuador is forcing him to live under.  Most worrisome is the fact it appears Dawson has taken on or is trying to take on some sort of spokesperson role for the organization.

The point being in all of this besides general confusion about who speaks for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange nowadays and what happened following the alleged break-in, is that if the story is true and based on @AnonScan’s report, hopefully any private bodyguards that Assange was forced to hire in order to protect his life were there when this alleged break-in attempt occurred.  That and journalists and activists alike should be outraged at the UK’s alleged kill orders and they should be demanding answers from the UK government.

Going back to the video, that first tweet is actually a video and at the end of it you’ll notice a screenshot of a private @AnonScan Twitter message that reads,

“We need to know if you know someone who is 100% trustworthy and who has a portable wifi-router and a car in Mid-London.  Normally we would contact [redacted]” and “We have a contact ourselves but he is not picking up.”

Notice that the date on the message is March 27th, the day Assange’s communications were cut–not the 28th as many continue to report incorrectly–which shows that @AnonScan knew what Ecuador had done well before any of us did (see also @AnonScan’s privately uploaded video above).

Wikileaks recently acknowledged on Twitter that March 27, 2018 was indeed the day that Assange became incommunicado.



“Who knows these days where on earth the money goes, oh yeah”

This tweet was about WannaCry ransomware and how “hackers exploiting malicious software stolen from the NSA executed damaging cyberattacks…”  Did you read my previous post, “AnonScan’s Lizard People:  Cyberterrorism?”  Do it and then come back.  The 2017 article linked in the tweet noted “Something similar occurred with remnants of the Stuxnet worm…elements of those tools frequently appear in other, less ambitious attacks.”  It went on, “…former intelligence officials have said that the tools appeared to come from the N.S.A.’s ‘Tailored Access Operations’ unit…”   Mmhmm.

What this is really about is the U.S. intelligence agencies’ incompetency and failure to report zero-day exploits leaving them up to chance that they could be stolen, released, or even sold and that’s exactly what happened here.  So where does all the money go?  It goes to programs like Stuxnet that can take control of critical systems, Brutal Kangaroo that can bypass air-gapped systems, blackmarket exploits, and incompetent intelligence agencies who are literally the worst guardians of hacking tools ever of all time in the history of this planet.

If you’re sitting around stewing about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks I can assure you they are the least of your problems.  Try being sensible and worrying about something that could actually f*ck up your life like stolen CIA cyber weapons.


“No doubt we could put it to a better use, oh my”

Self-explanatory.  If governments aren’t spending billions of tax-payer dollars on warfare and hacking tools that they will undoubtedly lose, they’re spending it on 24/7 surveillance of Julian Assange which could obviously be put to better use.  Although the UK has since cut back on its conspicuous police detail, it’s a little late for them to salvage their reputation as the United States’ little bitch.


“You keep insisting that nobody showed you how to keep relationships, oh yeah”

This screenshot is actually a video and it first appeared (I think) in this Twitter exchange:

@AnonScan used the hashtags #Deception #Thirdparty and #Countdown and if you watch the video you can see that their Twitter “following” count drops from fourteen to seven.  Of course if you were aware of who they followed prior and taking into account the conversation between them and Credico, one might wonder what exactly is going on.

Take for example the marked difference from when Assange had access to his @JulianAssange account to when the #ReconnectJulian campaign (spearheaded by #Unity4J’s Suzi Dawson and Kim DotCom) and then the “legal campaign” took it over after his internet was cut.  The account steadily promoted alt-right and Trump supporters while Randy Credico, an activist, radio host, and close associate of Assange who’s been hounded by Robert Mueller, U.S. Intelligence committees, and the alt-right who threatened his life, received little attention (In fact, I know of very few individuals that have spoken out about Credico’s safety but I’ll save my outrage for another day).

Whoever was managing Julian Assange’s Twitter account before it was recently changed to @AssangeDefence promoted #Unity4J so often it seemed almost obvious that Suzie Dawson or Elizabeth Lea Vos, another leading member of the Unity group, was given access.  Kim Dotcom and Dawson via their New Zealand political party also helped Assange’s mother set up her Twitter account and have refused to respond to concerns that they are behind some of the account’s tweets and questionable activity.

But with all of that said, if you’re familiar at all with @AnonScan’s tweets and videos then you know that they can (and almost always do) have double meanings.  P.S. The music in the video is from @AnonScan’s “If” video which was kickass but can no longer be viewed in the U.S. because sometimes the world totally sucks.  But I might have it somewhere…


“Your daddy made a real good try, oh my”

These screenshots might be from the Ecuadorian embassy visitor logs (no quotes there) that that piece of work Fernando Villavicencio released and when I say “released,” I mean he released the entire thing including journalists’ passport numbers because, again, he’s a piece of work.  It appears by the dates that Mr. Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, spent Christmas 2017 visiting his son in the embassy which I’m sure brought Assange some comfort and holiday cheer.  Shipton has repeatedly spoken out about his son’s situation and wrote to former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asking him, “to do all within his power to return Julian home before Julian’s situation becomes an irreversible tragedy.”

Turnbull did nothing.

And speaking of Christmas, also see @AnonScan’s Christmas countdown, WikiLeaks’ Christmas Surprise (here, here, and here), and Assange’s 2017 Christmas gift to Donald Trump via CoreyDigs’ article, “Julian Assange’s Christmas Present” which is an absolute must read.


“You said you knew all along we could work it out, oh yeah”

The tweet on the left was one of WikiLeaks’ hints during their #QuestOfRandomClues and it translates to,

“To find yourself in the infinite, You must distinguish and then combine”

One webpage translated it as “When such infinity enshrouds Analysis must needs be strong” but regardless of which translation is correct, the quote was taken from Johann Wolfgang Goethe who was “active in trying to establish a network of stations for meteorological observation; a uniform grid for all data to be collected.”

You don’t say.

On the right is a video that @AnonScan posted earlier this year that includes both an infinity symbol and a paw print and flashes the words “#Berlin” and #3xB,” both of which have been used in other videos.  And no, I’ve never figured out what “3xB” means exactly.

3xB is a postal code in London while “Berlin Berlin Berlin” (3xB) has been used multiple times by @AnonScan in the past.  The song playing seems to be about betrayal and we know that traitors like Laura Poitras and Daniel Domscheit-Berg worked out of Berlin and Kim Dotcom grew up there.  3xB is also a subsection of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) which authorized the UK surveillance program Tempora that was first revealed by Edward Snowden.  The program allows the GCHQ to,

“…access electronic traffic passing along fibre-optic cables running between the United Kingdom and North America.  The data collected include both internet and telephone communications.  GCHQ is able to access not only metadata but also the content of emails, Facebook entries and website histories.”

According to wired.co.uk, the program is shared with the NSA and, get this, over three quarters of a million NSA contractors have access to the data.  The article noted that “It’s possible that the UK and US intelligence agencies co-operate in order to bypass domestic restrictions on intelligence gathering,” which undoubtedly is the case.

At the end of the day, your guess is as good as mine as to what 3xB means but I’m assuming that these hints point in the direction of big government vacuuming up an infinite amount of data through covert intelligence gathering and surveillance programs which is probably collected…wait for it…in a cloud.  Hello, Amazon.


“Do you have to make a fuss every time we fly?”

There’s a multitude of things going on here:  The top left tweet is about Denmark, one of the NSA’s 9-eyes who worked with the U.S. to capture Edward Snowden.  The bottom left tweet is about the U.S. rendition plane that was deployed to pick up Snowden (#N977GA), and the tweet on the right is a video of Trump getting on Air Force One with tissue on his shoe (Shame no one added the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” music to that video, kidding, someone did).  @AnonScan also included an encryption code that was originally tweeted by Julian Assange with an M.I.A. video called “Paper Planes,” a subtle reference to travel visas.

So yeah, maybe this is a warning, like, hey, we know about your planes, we’re keeping track of them, and if you even think about using one for Julian we’ve got some serious material on hand that could probably make the entire earth implode. Or maybe it’s a reference to Assange obtaining a travel visa or a demand that he be granted one.

Sidenote:  On top of working with the U.S. to kidnap Edward Snowden, Denmark has yet to confirm or deny that they worked with the FBI while they were there picking up stolen WikiLeaks goods from supersnitch Siggi Thordarson.


“Oh I’m looking for clues…”

All of these screenshots are about the CIA working out of the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt to spy on Europe and China (among others) which was exposed by WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 and was a recurring topic in WikiLeaks’ #RandomQuestOfClues.  In the news clip that’s attached to the above tweet that reads, “US hackers working from #Frankfurt…The government of #Germany needs to take action,” Michael Brzoska from the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy stated, “…it’s also well-known the CIA is active in Germany with conventional spies but when it even becomes evident where these operations are going on and even possibly the identity of those involved then the German government needs to take action.”

So what action did Germany take…?

According to @AnonScan’s tweet (top) that was put out a few days before WikiLeaks started dropping “Amazon Atlas” clues, it seems that Germany decided to create a new agency “to fund research on cyber security and to end its reliance” on the U.S., China, and other countries.  According to Interior Minister Horst Seehofter, Germany needs “new tools to become a top player in cyber security.”

Cyber security or cyber surveillance?


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