AnonScan’s Twelfth Day of Christmas

In case you missed it, @AnonScan released their twelfth video last week in what has been a “Wikileaks of Christmas Past” video series for those criminal types who have been exposed by Wikileaks and yet still need a good reminder to change their ways.  For the rest of us the Christmas media bonanza set to the English Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” started a day after Wikileaks dropped their “Christmas Surprise” video leaving some of us to wonder if a holiday publication is on its way. But even if we don’t see new Wikileaks documents before the end of the year, @AnonScan’s videos have also been a great reminder that Wikileaks has published a load of important documents over the course of the last decade during which time they have never had to issue a retraction. That, my friends, makes them a unicorn in a forest of media and publishing outfits. But unicorns aside, Julian Assange and Wikileaks have played an integral role in opening our eyes to the horrors of governments, corporations, and political figures gone terribly wrong so when you stumble across an anti-Assange campaign this holiday season (there’s at least a handful), your Twitter feed tells you that Julian Assange is working with Putin to take over the universe (he’s not), or your liberal neighbor swears that Donny Jr. is headed to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London this year for Christmas supper (take me!), quietly hum to yourself @AnonScan’s Twelve Days of Christmas and keep smiling. If you need a refresher on the lyrics from @AnonScan’s last few videos keep reading.

On December 8, 2017, @AnonScan put out the video, “8th Day of Christmas,” that included a Christmas tree, Christmas present and nuclear symbol (correction: it’s a biohazard symbol) emoji in the title. The video included clips of a Greenpeace member approaching a ship named the Probo Koala and a “Zone Dangereuse” sign. The song lyrics read,

“On the 8th day of Christmas
Wikileaks sent to me
Illegal toxic dumping.”

This video is about Wikileaks’ publications on the Dutch-based company, Trafigura, and their illegal dumping of toxic materials at eighteen different sites in Abidjan, Ivory Coast back in 2006.  According to Wikileaks documents, Trafigura’s subsidiary, Puma Energy, and the Probo Koala which was owned at the time by the Russian-based Greek company Prime Marine Management were involved in the incident that killed seventeen people and poisoned more than 43,000.  It was considered the country’s “worst ever health and environmental disaster.”  Trafigura documents can be found in a multitude of places on Wikileaks’ website including in their Non-collection Publications, and Hacking TeamGlobal Intelligence Files, PlusDBerat’s BoxSyria Files documents.

The kicker in all of this is that Trafigura went after multiple news outlets in an attempt to kill the story.  They threatened news outlets like the Times UK, the BBC, and the Guardian. Trafigura also went after the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation after becoming of aware that the company had in their possession a “preliminary expert opinion” that was published in what is known as the “Minton Report.”  Wikileaks documents show that Trafigura had already obtained an injunction against the Guardian with regards to this same report. You can find the stories that the Times UK, The Independent, and BBC ran and that were later censored here, here, and here.

In more current news, in 2015, Trafigura became the largest exporter of Russian oil and according to, U.S. sanctions against Russia helped make that happen. Thanks, Obama!  Additionally, after Russian oil company Rosneft and Trafigura finalized a $12.9 billion deal for India’s Essar Oil less than four months ago one has to wonder why Trafigura hasn’t cleaned up the toxic mess they dumped in Africa over ten years ago.  That’s right, apparently they haven’t yet. In a 2016 France24 news investigation, it was reported that during rainfall the locals can still smell the chemicals and that the victims were never properly compensated.

Trafigura has been linked to other scandals and questionable activity besides toxic dumping including smuggling 500,000 barrels of oil out of Iraq after UN inspectors allegedly signed off on what were obvious sanction violations, political payoffs in Jamaica (here, here, and here), trading in stolen South Sudanese oil, business with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and, according to The Guardian, the selling of alumina to Iralco, a supplier to the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, which is used in gas centrifuges used to enrich uranium.  Let me put all of this sketchy activity in perspective: Trafigura’s founder and former chairman, Claude Dauphin, who once sat on the board of Russian mining company, Norilsk Nickel, was said to be a protege of “veteran oil trader Marc Rich” so Trafigura’s stocking full of scandals hardly seems surprising.  I mean, weren’t all the kids involved in the Food-for-Oil scandal back in the 1990s?

After Claude Dauphin stepped down in 2014, Australian Jeremy Weir became Chief Executive Officer of Trafigura Group and according to Bloomberg, the head of the Metals and Mineral Trading division.  Prior to that he worked for N M Rothschild, Iberian Minerals, and Anvil Mining Limited from 2009 to 2012.  Anvil Mining is the same mining company that @AnonScan tweeted about back in September because they were directly involved in the 2004 Katanga Massacre in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  I briefly mentioned @AnonScan’s tweet and Anvil Mining in a previous post about Bill Browder’s partner, Beny Steinmetz,

“Additionally, if you missed @AnonScan’s tweet about the Democratic Republic of Congo it reminded me that there’s a chance Steinmetz may have been involved in the 2004 Dikulishi mining massacre because of his relationship with Daniel Gertler.  Gertler maintained a close relationship with DRC President Kabila and Kabila’s close aide, Augustine Katumba Mwanke at the time of the tragedy but no quotes on Steinmetz’s involvement because I haven’t done a lot research on the subject.  If you have more time than I do to look into this further you’ll probably want to start with Anvil Mining and Global Enterprises Corporation (GEC).  If you want to throw Marc Rich into the mix because somehow you can always find a way to throw his company, Glencore, into the mix, you can. In June, 2007, Steinmetz, Gertler and Glencore became partners in the mining company Nikanor Plc. and interestingly enough it was only a few days ago that Bloomberg reported on a recent data breach exposing Glencore’s dealings with Gertler and Steinmetz, including the 2007 merger with Nikanor Plc.”

Unfortunately, my status hasn’t changed.  I haven’t had any time to do any further research into this shady mining and African uranium business.  The bottom line is that between Claude Dauphin’s close relationship with Marc Rich and the history of Dauphin’s successor, Jeremy Weir (N M Rothschild, Iberian Metals, and Anvil Mining) almost everything that happened in the Congo and other areas in Africa with regards to mining is probably fairly incestuous.  And yes, my guess is that you could throw George Soros, uranium, and arms dealing into the mix and you probably wouldn’t be too far off the mark but without more time in my day for research I have to leave it at that and move on to @AnonScan’s next video.

On December 9, 2017, @AnonScan released their “9th Day of Christmas” video which included the usual emoji characters plus a Statue of Liberty in the title.  The song lyrics read,

“On the 9th Day of Christmas
Wikileaks sent to me

If you’re not familiar with what @AnonScan is referencing it’s the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) documents that Wikileaks published on November 16, 2015, May 9, 2016, and October 14, 2016, respectively.  The TPP was a proposed agreement between twelve countries including the United States that would have created “a free-trade zone.”  The agreement was criticized for being “shrouded in secrecy” (until Wikileaks came along) and in January, 2017, President Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum withdrawing from the TPP.  Wikileaks TPP documents include:

TPP Intellectual Property Chapter
TPP Agreement Documents
TPP Environment Consolidated Text
TPP  Chairs Report
Updated TPP Intellectual Property Chapter
TPP Investment Chapter
TPP Transparency for Healthcare Annex
TPP:  SOE Issues for Ministerial Guidance
Updated TPP Treaty:  Intellectual Property Rights Chapter

As for the TiSA, according to Wikileaks,

“TiSA the largest of the three proposed giant multinational trade agreements.  Along with the TPP and TTIP, the ‘Three Big T’s’ create a new global economic and legal bloc.  TiSA is the agreement around the vitally important services industry.”

They added,

“As the analyses published today show, the current TiSA text ‘would heighten risks of financial instability and handcuff governments’ ability to respond to a domestic or global financial crisis at a time when everyone (except the finance industry and its political allies) agree that we need more financial regulation, not less.”

And according to ZeroHedge,

“Essentially what we have is a form of corporate fascism that is directly related to the vast structure of these corporate entities. Let them collapse to normal size rather than being inflated by intellectual property rights, corporate personhood, and various regulatory constructs, and we would be much more amenable to letting corporations do as they choose.

But then again, if corporations were merely normal sized, they wouldn’t be the chosen vehicle of the elites. That’s what this is all about really. The top banking elites have created modern corporations from government power, and now they want to extend their control.”

As for the TTIP, according to an article entitled, “What is TTIP? And Six Reasons Why the Answer Should Scare You,” published by the The Independent (UK),

“TTIP is about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of the individual nations.  It is…’an assault on European and US societies by transnational corporations.'”

So that sounds fun, huh?  Wikileaks also stated that the TTIP which “remains secret almost in its entirety,” is “part of a geopolitical economic strategy against the BRICS countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.”  Those darn Russians.  And just to make perfectly clear what the three “big T’s” really mean, Wikileaks laid it out for us,

“They aim to create a new international legal regime allowing transnational corporations to bypass domestic courts, evade environmental protections, police the internet on behalf of the content industry, limit the availability of affordable generic medicines, and drastically curtail each country’s legislative sovereignty.”

Yeah, not good. But, like I pointed out, Trump backed out of the TPP but it still remains unclear if the U.S. will continue their involvement with TiSA and TTIP.  As Wikileaks put it in a February 11, 2017 tweet, “#TPP & #TTIP are not dead. They are now called #TiSA.”

And yes, the chart above that Wikileaks tweeted out in January was used in @AnonScan’s video.  Nice catch!

On December 10, 2017, @AnonScan’s10th Day of Christmas” video lyrics read,

“On the 10th Day of Christmas
Wikileaks sent to me
Saudi Embassy cables.”

This is an easy one because I’m sure most of you have heard about The Saudi Cables that were published by Wikileaks on June 19, 2015.  According to Wikileaks’ press release the publication contains over half a million cables and documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry including secret communications and “Top Secret” reports from Saudi State institutions.  Julian Assange stated,

“The Saudi Cables lift the lid on a increasingly erratic and secretive dictatorship that has not only celebrated its 100th beheading this year, but which has also become a menace to its neighbours and itself.”

Wikileaks also noted that the Saudi Cables which contain emails, pdfs, and other documents were managed and organized by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a Document Management Software system.  You can search the files that were in that system on Wikileaks’ website here.

On December 11, 2017, @AnonScan uploaded their “11th Day of Christmas” video.  The title includes the usual Christmas tree and Christmas present emojis plus a new one: a Christmas Island flag emoji.  The lyrics read,

“On the 11th Day of Christmas
Wikileaks sent to me
The Files of Guantanamo Bay.”

Most of you are probably familiar with Wikileaks’ Gitmo Files even if you haven’t read through them which shamefully I have not.  You can read the press release here and if research in the areas of human rights violations and torture are something of interest to you then I highly recommend you comb through the files if you haven’t done so already.  There is a shiz ton of information in these documents.

Finally, on December 12, 2017, @AnonScan uploaded their last video in the series, “12th Day of Christmas” to Youtube.  The video includes twelfth day lyrics along with the rest of the song,

“On the 12th Day of Christmas
Wikileaks sent to me
CIA rampant hacking,
The Files of Guantanamo Bay,
Saudi Embassy cables,
Illegal toxic dumping,
Iraqi and Afghani bombings,
State Department scheming,
Kremlin domestic spying,
Bahsar Al Assad’s emails,
Illegal NSA tappings,
African uranium grabbing,
Clinton’s rigging of the primaries.”

So there you have it, the Twelve Days of Christmas @AnonScan style with Wikileaks’ Vault 7 and Vault 8 publications rounding out the last day.  And if dates are important to you then you may have already noticed that some of the Wikileaks documents used in @AnonScan’s videos were published on days that are significant to Julian Assange’s detainment.  Does that have any bearing on the meaning behind the videos?  Probably.

All twelve videos end with a message to keep Wikileaks strong (“Keep them strong!”) by donating to them ( which I recommend doing since it appears that Russia-gate isn’t going away any time soon, the Intelligence Committee is hauling in journalists for depositions, according to Assange the U.S. Intelligence community is working to undermine the Freedom of the Press Foundation (which Assange helped to create, might I add) by shutting down Wikileaks’ “US tax deductible gateway,” and activist Barrett Brown has started to sound like a Pompeo shill.  Don’t forget that there’s a chance Wikileaks might be publishing something before the New Year so yes, that may be why these anti-Assange campaigns are rearing their ugly heads but more importantly, donations are always helpful in getting publications out.  Don’t wait for “Wikileaks of Christmas Past” to turn into “Wikileaks of the Past.”  Keep them strong today.


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