Wikileaks Christmas Surprise

The Christmas season is officially in full swing and for many that means the great holiday stress of 2017 is kicking into high gear.  So, in the spirit of the holiday cheer I would like to divert your attention to something a little more fun and exciting than worrying about the Christmas crowds, Bob from accounting drinking too much eggnog at the office party, or getting out all of those Christmas cards:  Wikileaks. With Christmas only three weeks away we may be in for a holiday treat, a Wikileaks’ Christmas surprise to be exact, well before you find little Johnny that Star Wars Lego set or Santa clamors down your chimney.  Based on the latest videos uploaded by both Wikileaks and @AnonScan, Christmas might come early this year and it’s probably going to be amazing.

On November 30, 2017, Wikileaks tweeted out their Christmas Youtube video entitled, “Wikileaks Christmas Surprise,” with the hashtag #DontLetItHappenToYou,” and as much as I chuckled at it the content really isn’t that funny.  The U.S. (the world really) has been engaged in war “forever” and the video is a reminder of that.  Later that same day Wikileaks posted the video again and in both of the tweets they included hashtags of war-torn countries:  Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and the Ukraine. The video ends with the message, “Don’t let it happen to you,” and the following day, December 1, 2017, they tweeted the video for a third time with the same hashtags but this time they also included a search link that shows the term “war” appears over 530,790 times in Wikileaks’ documents.  Damn, that’s a lot of war.

Although the reminder of war especially during the holidays isn’t terribly comforting what is comforting is the title of Wikileaks’ video, “Wikileaks Christmas Surprise.” In fact, I can’t believe this isn’t getting as much attention as it should be getting seeing that this could very well mean a holiday publication.

Then there’s AnonScan’s videos which are different from Wikileaks’ Christmas video (although just as entertaining) because they took the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and changed the lyrics from, “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…” to “On the first day of Christmas, Wikileaks sent to me….”  Ha!  I said it was entertaining, right? The full lyrics in the first Christmas video they tweeted out on December 1, 2017, which was appropriately titled, “1st Day of Christmas” and included a snowman, Christmas tree, and present emoji, read,

“On the first day of Christmas
Wikileaks sent to me
Clinton’s rigging of the primaries.”

Obviously this is a reference to the DNC emails that Wikileaks published last year which revealed exactly that: Hillary Clinton and the DNC rigged the primaries so that Clinton would win. On December 2, @AnonScan tweeted out their second video which you can also find on their Youtube channel.  The lyrics read, 

“On the 2nd day of Christmas
Wikileaks sent to me
African uranium grabbing.”

The title for this video also includes a Christmas tree and present emoji but instead of a snowman they included a white rabbit with which I’m certain the Q Anon, “Follow the White Rabbit” followers are going to have a field day.  @AnonScan also used a photo of a uranium mine in Arlit, Niger in the video which may be a reference to Areva, “a French multinational group specialising in nuclear power,” found in the Wikileaks publication, “The New Dirty War for Africa’s uranium and mineral rights.

However, Arlit does show up in more than one Wikileaks’ publication as does Areva including this one from Plusd which is entitled, “Areva signs uranium contract with Niger.” Wikileaks also wrote about the African grab in their “Wikileaks Top 10 Greatest Hits about Nuclear Issues.

It doesn’t seem like the MSM has really touched this story nor, frankly, have I but interestingly, I tweeted this out about a week ago:

And no, I’m saying that this tweet has anything to do with @AnonScan’s video but both are great reminders that there is an entirely forgotten continent where large-scale crimes and human rights violations appear to have been committed by Western countries and to a large extent has been ignored by Western media. And yes, I get it. Wikileaks’ “New Dirty War” documents are mostly in French and it’s frustrating to dig through but there are other Wikileaks’ documents on Africa that might shed some light on what’s been going on. Additionally, if you search for specific subjects like Areva, Arlit, the Clinton Foundation, and BAE you can find articles in English.

@AnonScan dropped their third video, “3rd Day of Christmas,” yesterday and this time the title included a Christmas tree, present, and…wait for it…a candle emoji (perhaps as a nod to the fact that Assange sheds light on the truth?).  The lyrics in the video read,

“On the 3rd day of Christmas
Wikileaks sent to me
Illegal NSA tappings.”

If you’re not sure what this is in reference to take a look at the two individuals in the video: Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Documents published by Wikileaks on February 23, 2016, entitled “NSA Targets World Leaders for US Geopolitical Interests” revealed that the NSA had secretly listened to Angela Merkel’s private conversations including those with Ban Ki Moon in which Merkel discussed “climate change and expressed hope that the EU could make progress on common environmental goals at the summit in Poland.”  Of course that’s not all that the NSA did.

To read the Wikileaks publication in its entirety go here

So what will today bring? Perhaps a reminder of other Wikileaks publications like the HBGary EmailsYemen Files, or Berat’s Box?  No matter what it is the end of the year is always a great time to remember Wikileaks’ publications, whistleblowers, and the sacrifices Julian Assange has made for all of us around the world (now go buy a Wikileaks bumper sticker and slap it on your car!).  With that said, again I have to wonder why there isn’t more hubbub about this on the internet.  Maybe I’m not looking in the right places?  Is Twitter shadow banning Wikileaks and @AnonScan?  I mean, I’m not alone in thinking that something might be coming down the pipeline. Take @AssangeFreedom‘s tweet from yesterday for instance,

And note that @AssangeFreedom has pointed out on Twitter than neither Wikileaks or Julian Assange runs or uses their account so it goes to show you that more than one person is thinking that Wikileaks might be spiking the eggnog with something special this holiday.  And no, don’t tell Bob from accounting that.

All of this leaves us with questions like what will Wikileaks’ Christmas surprise be about and when will they publish?  Of course I have no idea what it might be about but @AnonScan’s countdown or, rather, count-up, might be a clue as to when Wikileaks might be dropping their Christmas goodies. I’m guessing that we’ll have nine more videos of this nature and then maybe on the twelfth day or thirteenth day we’ll find our stockings stocked full of Wikileaks’ holiday cheer. In the meantime I recommend picking up that Wikileaks’ bumper stickerdonating to Wikileaks in order to “Keep Them Strong,” and downloading @AnonScan’s “Wikileaks: Keep Us Strong” ringtone.  There.  Now you’re ready for both the Christmas crowds and the Wikileaks Christmas surprise. 

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