Who Will Stop the Rain?

In case you missed it @AnonScan dropped another one of their epic “riddlevids” and it’s fantastic. First of all, like many of their other videos I suspect it took some time to create but the work payed off. Timed perfectly to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song, “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” the clips used in the video seem to tell a story but like a large majority of @AnonScan’s hints I can only ponder what it all means. But first, let’s go through the song lyrics and clips used in the video.

Who’ll Stop the Rain

During the opening music segment multiple video clips are used of U.S. C-123 aircraft spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  You can find most of the clips if not all of them via Youtube here

Long as I remember the rain been comin’ down
Video clip of another aircraft spraying Agent Orange

Clouds of mystery pourin’
Same clip that was used at the start of the video

Confusion on the ground.
Famous picture showing children including 9-year old Kim Phuc running down the street after a napalm attack in Trang Bang, Vietnam. The photo was taken on June 8, 1972 by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut. 

Good men through the ages
Photo of Ghandi, photo of the Dalai Lama, photo of Martin Luther King

Tryin’ to find the sun
Photo of a full solar eclipse

And I wonder
Photo of Edward Snowden

Still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.
Photo of Julian Assange 

(fades to black)

“I went down Virginia seekin’ shelter from the storm
Multiple clips and one photo used. The first clip shows a man walking across that infamous seal in the CIA building. The next two clips, admittedly, have me stumped. The first one shows a man walking through a building hallway (via surveillance camera) and it appears he may be wearing a tuxedo. The next clip might be the same man and he’s seen swiping what I assume is an ID card to get into a room within the same building (?).

The last thing we see during this verse is Edward Snowden’s ID card from the CIA and I don’t know about you folks but I’ve never seen this before. In fact, I did an image search for it and I only got a few hits. It does appear that it was used in this Youtube video. Maybe it was shown during the movie “Snowden” or “CitizenFour” and I just don’t remember.

Caught up in the fable
A photo of Kryptos, a sculpture created by American artist Jim Sanborn. This sculpture is located at the CIA building in Langley, Virginia. To date, three out of the four encrypted messages on the sculpture have been solved.  For more on the solutions go here.

I watched the tower grow
Photo of TITANPOINTE, “The NSA’s spy hub in New York, hidden in plain sight.”

Five year plans and new deals
A headline is shown, “Julian Assange sends first ever tweet from his 5 year old account” and then a tweet from @couragefound that states, “In the 5 years of @JulianAssange’s arbitrary detention, the war on truthtellers has only intensified.” (Note that Julian’s real Twitter account is @JulianAssange.  Any other account bearing his photo with a similar name is an imposter.)

Wrapped in golden chains. And I wonder
A video clip taken from a Wikileaks security camera showing Julian Assange wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. 

still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.
Photo of Julian Assange (raindrop effect used)

(fades to black)

Heard the singers playin, how we cheered for more
Photo of Julian Assange speaking on the balcony of the Equadorian Embassy in London.

The crowd had rushed together tryin’ to keep warm
Photo of Julian Assange supporters and the police outside of the Equadorian Embassy.

Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears
List of CIA programs that Wikileaks has released: Express Lane, CouchPotato, Dumbo, Imperial, Raytheon, Highrise, BothanSpy, OutlawCountry, Elsa, Brutal Kangaroo, Cherry Blossom, Pandemic, Athena, AfterMidnight, Archimedes, Scribbles, Weeping Angel, Hive

And I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain.
Photo of Julian Assange (rain drop effect added)

(fades to black)

The next shot shows a QR code

and the video ends with Anonymous Scandinavia’s usual signature.


So if I had to guess what the video is about first, I think it’s a reminder of the government’s never ending war machine. If you hadn’t noticed the U.S. government and the military-industrial complex have an insatiable desire for money and power and they will do just about anything to stop someone from messing with their socioeconomic hierarchy and imperialist plans. Burning people with lethal chemicals, blowing them up with nuclear bombs or droning them, toppling governments, interfering in elections, occupying countries, using divide and conquer/control tactics, surveilling their own citizens, making war, war, war, and silencing those who threaten the world’s power structures are just a few examples of how far they’re willing to go.

More importantly, I think the video is about the government’s use of propaganda which has rained down upon those who have gotten in the way for decades. And yes, pun intended. Propaganda comes in handy not only when you’re trying to convince the people of your country that bombing the shiz out of people in another country is a great idea but also when napalming an Ecuadorian Embassy just isn’t an option. You see, Julian Assange is as dangerous to the Establishment as books are in Fahrenheit 451 and people like him make things very messy for the government. Thus, the use of propaganda can be an effective tool used to discredit him or if possible completely silence him. The government and others have embraced the military approach to take him out by openly calling for his assassination and as Hillary Clinton put it, “Can’t we just drone the guy?” But another way that the government has been approaching their “problem” for years is with the use of propaganda and there’s more than a few good reasons to use it.

First, there never seems to be a shortage of news outlets and journalists who are willing to sell themselves out in order to help manufacture and spread whatever bullshit the government is feeding them.  As noted by Edward S. Herman in his article, “Fake News on Russia and Other Official Enemies: The New York Times, 1917-2017,” news outlets such as the New York Times play an integral role in the dissemination of “false and misleading information supplied to them by the national security state, other branches of government, and sites of corporate power.”  We’re talking this was happening back in the 1950s in Guatemala, Vietnam, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, Yugoslavia, and yes, Russia.  Of course the list doesn’t end there and like it or not this little arrangement is still in existence.

Second, as I mentioned earlier propaganda can be used to discredit anyone and constant anti-Assange rhetoric has a decent chance of souring his reputation. This can and has led people to question the legitimacy of Wikileaks even though Wikileaks has never been proven wrong and has been the most accurate news source the world has ever seen. No one else can make such a claim and that definitely includes the government.  More importantly, if you make Assange enough of a liability the probability that whistleblowers and leakers will think twice before submitting documents to them only increases. In fact, today The Guardian ran a misleading news story stating that Wikileaks had been hacked and you know what this leads to, right?  Right. The suppression of truth.

Propaganda, misleading news story, and outright lies about Assange where no journalist is actually held accountable for the things that they write also encourages people to hate Assange which concerns me because I fear it’s a conditioning tactic being used in order to make the general public more complacent towards whatever the government might try to do to him in the future. I mean, they are practically begging us to despise him and when I say “they” I obviously don’t mean your relatives, your neighbors, the guy at the grocery store, or your co-workers (although there’s always a few in the bunch) because I don’t think most Americans are even that knowledgeable about Julian Assange’s situation let alone sitting around debating why they should or shouldn’t hate him. And the fact that many Americans have no idea what’s going on gives the government and their media mouthpieces via print, television, and social media the opportunity to shape the public’s opinion about him with little to no interference in many cases. If anything, this should be a wake up call to speak out in support of him, Wikileaks, and whistleblowers. Download one of @Anonscan’s ringtones so other supporters at work or acquaintances know they’re not alone. Educate your family and friends.  Buy a Wikileaks t-shirt and wear it while simultaneously mowing the lawn and drinking coffee out of your Embassy Cat mug because you’re a rock star and you want to remind your neighbors that Assange is a hero. 

With all of this said is it possible that @Anonscan’s video is a gentle reminder that a Black PR campaign against Assange is still alive and well?  Yes, perhaps. And if you’ve been following Julian Assange’s Twitter account in the last week you’re probably familiar with the anti-Assange attacks he posted.  For example, check out this Twitter thread.  No joke this is how legit news sources and journalists (legit is debatable) have been reporting on Assange for years:

The Telegraph: “He [Assange] has been hiding from the law in a cramped basement room at the embassy…”

The Guardian: “And Widow Twankey [Nigel Farage] dropping by on the man who lives in the Ecuadorian embassy’s broom cupboard…”

The Australian: “Cupboard Boy”

The BBC (via @juliamacfarlane): “Assange has racked up a lot of time being locked in a basement to get angry that people say he’s locked in a basement.”

An executive editor of MoneyWeek, John Stepek, actually responded to Macfarlane’s tweet with, “He shouldn’t be so aggrieved – it makes him sound like Harry Potter.” Like, is this real life?  Decent people don’t even encourage their children to act like this.  In fact, decent people welcome truth over lies, freedom over constraint, empathy over apathy, and peace over war but that’s not how the game is played, is it?  This constant barrage of propaganda serves the government well because it’s not only a form of psychological warfare aimed at Assange, it’s aimed at the masses. Check out these headlines from Rupert Murdoch’s news outlets:

The Australian:  “Cupboard boy descends to the toilet”

The Australian (via Twitter): “The truth is @JulianAssange is more toilet boy than cupboard boy, writes @JacktheInsider.” The Australian added a link to a “Jack the Insider” article with a headline that reads, “Like a naughty child avoiding consequence he is literally hiding in a brassco. But that’s the problem with toilets.”

And then there’s the The Wall Street Journal who wrote, “The U.S. Can Get Julian Assange: Avoid extradition and use secret services to airlift him to stand trial in America.”  Use secret services to airlift him? Do you realize how outrageous this is? Assange went on to tweet that, “Sun newspaper stated that I raped two men then apparently invented a fake journalist to put on the byline,” and it appears Murdoch’s The Sun actually did just that. After they published the defamatory material they corrected the article and removed the byline (and I don’t think the article was actually corrected correctly because there was only one allegation of rape from a woman and I believe it was that same woman who said she felt railroaded by the police). They replaced it with what appears to be the name of an imaginary journalist and that, my friends, is just how ridiculous the media has become—they literally just make stuff up as they go along.  Hi, Iraq called. They’re still waiting on those WMDs. 

And sweet baby Jesus in a cadillac, folks, Julian Assange has never been charged with rape.  And if anyone says that “his charges were dropped” they’re wrong or misleading you because there were never any charges in the first place. Got it, journos?

It’s pretty obvious that the ugly, manipulative, and blatantly false information that the media uses to defame Assange, the hysterical “he needs to be assassinated” rhetoric that comes out of the mouths of government officials, and the recent legislation to label Wikileaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service,” ultimately serve to silence and hide the truth. Oh, not familiar with the current legislation that deems Wikileaks a “hostile non-state intelligence service?”  Grab some coffee and let me tell you a little story.  The bill was first introduced into Congress on July 11, 2017 by Representatives Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff, however, according to research done by @HannibalMoot the section that pertains to Wikileaks, Section 623, was not part of the original legislation. In fact, @HannibalMoot noted that the section was not mentioned in The Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence report either “nor is it found in any of the four versions leading to and including July 31, 2017 when it was introduced to the Senate.” In fact, it appears that Section 623 mysteriously appeared only after the bill hit the Senate Calendar.  Here’s the full text of Section 623:

“It is the sense of Congress that Wikileaks and the senior leadership of Wikileaks resemble a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States.”

Not only do I find this to be an egregious attempt to silence Wikileaks and put Julian Assange and others in more danger, I’m also wondering what exactly is meant by “sense of Congress?” It sounds like something that came out of the Salem Witch Trials. And listen, if you don’t think this is a big deal or don’t realize why it’s a big deal keep in mind that if this passes it has the grave potential to affect how Wikileaks, its staff, whistleblowers, and leakers are treated in the future. Don’t forget Wikileaks’ supporters, volunteers, and sponsors. Can you imagine the ramifications if a ten dollar donation to Wikileaks becomes a federal offense?  No?  Well you better get into the warm end of the pool and catch up.  Additionally, this kind of legislation has the ability to throttle leaks being received and published by Wikileaks for fear of prosecution. If none of this motivates you to speak out against Section 623 (especially the journalists out there who should be just as worried) maybe this will: There is a good chance that Hillary Clinton danced naked around her living room with a half empty bottle of Chardonnay in her hand when she heard the news about this legislation. That’s right. Christmas came early this year for Hillary and we have the U.S. Congress to thank for that.  Are you pissed off yet?  Get there.

In the meantime, let’s get back to @Anonscan’s video. I think it’s very possible that the rain and the “clouds of mystery pourin’ confusion on the ground” are symbolic of misleading, manipulative and defamatory news.  The CIA building and TITANPOINTE may be reminders of the government’s unbridled power but don’t forget that with every Wikileaks publications, Julian Assange shines a light on those political and shady “five year plans and new deals” that take place behind closed doors.  The photo of the eclipse in the video, coming off of the heels of the total solar eclipse that happened on August 21, 2017, quite possibly is representative of the fact that certain forces are working to “eclipse” the truth, more specifically Julian Assange. I mean, isn’t that essentially what’s happening?  On the day of the actual eclipse Assange tweeted, “Astounding to see the vast profusion of dolts who believe that when you put something in front of a light it gets brighter.”  And he’s right. The sun’s brightness does not increase when the moon moves in front of it anymore than the truth becomes more apparent when it’s blocked or being hidden.  Even the parts of the video where it goes black seem to be reminders that the government wants to silence those who are rocking their boat and I don’t mean that in a good way.

So who will stop the rain?  If we live in an age where people don’t seem to care that the government can control your car, watch you through your television, pillage through and store the contents of your life, who’s going to stop the government’s war on Julian Assange, Wikileaks and anyone else who seeks out and speaks the truth?  If you hadn’t noticed the government is also waging a war against whistleblowers and leakers, speech is being censored or silenced online, investigative journalists are being fired for their stories, and you best bring a helmet and riot gear to that protest you’re going to next weekend because there’s a good chance someone will try to beat the shite out of you for legally protesting.  Corporations have become our new moral compass, whistleblowers are being denied legitimate channels to speak the truth, and no one is being held responsible for the slander and libel we read and watch every day.  Maybe the song should have been titled, “Who will stop the reign?”

Since posting this video with the hashtag #WhoWillStopTheRain, @AnonScan has posted a handful of tweets using the same hashtag. One is the link I provided above about the Pars case which highlights the fact that whistleblowers can’t even stop the rain using legitimate, internal channels. The next one is a video of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. He was silenced five years later on April 4, 1968. And then there’s this tweet that was posted yesterday.

The last image that @AnonScan included in the video before signing off is an actual QR code. However, when I initially tried to scan it it came back invalid although I did notice this: A key.

Is it possible that this code is a key of some sort? Hmm, maybe. I know that this little llama is keeping her fingers crossed that @AnonScan is telling us that #Vault8 is on its way sooner rather than later and with it Julian Assange’s sacrifices and fearlessness, his unwavering commitment to the truth, and his courageous sources and behind the scenes support will finally stop the rain. 


(I want to thank my newest patron, @Lemontree471930 and all my patrons for their continued support. Thank you!)

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  1. Operation Popeye (Project Controlled Weather Popeye / Motorpool / Intermediary-Compatriot) was a highly classified weather modification program in Southeast Asia during 1967–1972. The cloud seeding operation during the Vietnam War ran from March 20, 1967 until July 5, 1972 in an attempt to extend the monsoon season, specifically over areas of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The operation was used to induce rain and extend the East Asian Monsoon season in support of U.S. government efforts related to the War in Southeast Asia. – Wikipedia

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