“Happy Birthday Mr. Assange”

Did you happen to catch the new @Anonscan video that was posted on Twitter today?

The video itself is titled, “Happy Birthday Mr. Assange,” and you can also watch it via @Anonscan’s Youtube channel HERE.  It’s a montage of photos and video clips including shots from the old television series Mission: Impossible.  In fact, if you check out the episode, “The Seal,” you’ll see where some of the material in the video came from.

A synopsis of the episode from www.imdb.com:

For a more in-depth review of the episode go here.

As some of you may have noticed a few of the pictures/video clips flash by pretty fast so I posted below everything that’s in the video in case you didn’t notice something or missed it (I don’t think I missed anything but please let me know if I did so I can add it). Some things to keep in mind when looking at the contents of the video posted below: The @questionanswr countdown ended today and we still don’t know who was/is behind it, the fact that @Anonscan actually posted this video yesterday not today, and the latest tweets that Julian Assange has been posting regarding the call for his assassination.  Additionally, it’s obvious that this video goes beyond a simple, “Happy Birthday” and since today is Day Zero of the countdown and some of us have been concerned about what it was/is all about, I think it’s only fitting to examine this video a little more in depth.

The first part of the video is from the Mission: Impossible episode, “The Seal,”



You probably recognize most of the following pictures which are obviously not from the television series: Vault 7, the CIA, the GCHQ, outside the Ecuadorian Embassy where Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained for five years, a picture of the UK police officer that made threatening gestures towards Julian Assange a few days ago, and an arial view of the Embassy.




The next set of photos used in the video show old photos taken by the Stasi—the first one was used as the Day 6 Vault 7 hint, “How Did Vault 7 Make Its Way to Wikileaks,” and Pamela Anderson arriving at the Ecuadorian Embassy carrying Vivienne Westwood’s book, “Get A Life.”



The video then cuts back to the Mission: Impossible television show.



After which it moves to Embassy Cat and GCHQ documents that appear to have been obtained by Julian Assange/Wikileaks. Notice the one document on the right, “Assange to be arrested under all circumstances.”



Of course I think this next set of pictures, coupled with the earlier ones, means that Pamela Anderson is helping Julian Assange out and possibly running her own Mission: I’mpawssible in the name of truth and transparency?



And how about these photos? Did you remember that the photo of the box on the right was used in an earlier @Anonscan hint? It was used in THIS video along with the picture of Pamela Anderson and the arial view of the Ecuadorian Embassy I posted above (for more go here). And does anyone know what that is on the left? An old-school listening device? Update: I figured out the story behind these two pictures below.  See “Delivery for Mr. Assange” and “Bitnik’s Delivery to Mr. Assange.” 



These are the last six photos in the video; A picture of Julian Assange from the movie “Risk,” a clip of the UK police from a video camera that I believe was attached to Embassy Cat, a clip from the Mission: Impossible television series, “Impossible Mission,” “Mission: I’mPawssible,” and lastly, @Anonscan’s signature.

Happy Birthday, Julian! Stay safe.


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  1. This is fantastic!!!! You allowed me to see so much i could never have captured on my own and your explanation is great! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! As many times as I’ve played, paused, backed up and replayed 1000 times (more or less LOL) I had missed so much!!! You are wonderful!!!!! 🙂 💖 🙂 💖 🙂 💖 🙂

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