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Coming off the heels of Wikileaks’ latest drop, Brutal Kangaroo, @AnonScan has been Twitter teasing us with some new hints.  On June 22, 2017, they sent out a tweet which read, “S👀 n… ?” with a video showing the number “11.” Personally, 9/11 came to mind and the eleven reminded me of the Twin Towers.  I was hoping the video was nine seconds long in order to confirm my suspicions but, alas, it was ten.

Then, today they tweeted out the same word, “S👀n… ❓” but this time the attached video displayed both the number “10” and the Roman numeral “X.”  Admittedly, this no longer seemed like a 9/11 thing but it did appear to be a countdown of some sort. Doing the math from yesterday the countdown takes us to July 3, and if you are not aware of the significance of that date, it’s Julian Assange’s birthday (Happy Pre-Birthday, Julian!).  Now, whether or not these clues have anything to do with Julian’s special day, who knows.  I also thought about the statement that was released explaining why Julian did not make a public speech at the Embassy on June 19, 2017. Melinda Taylor who is part of Julian’s legal team told the media,

“We have been given confirmation that there will be a meeting with the British authorities.”

“We hope that will be soon. We don’t want to prejudice that meeting because we need this impasse to be resolved.”

” There is no legal reason to keep Julian here.”

Okay, so naturally I’m thinking at this point, “Oh ma gawd, Julian is meeting with officials and he’s going to be freed on his birthday and it’s going to be amazing and the world is finally going to right itself and good will finally triumph over evil” and all that other amazing, magical, unicorns shooting out rainbows kind of stuff, right?  Right. And I’m not saying that can’t happen but @FireDancer7997 pointed out to me some interesting stuff today that didn’t exactly involve unicorns or rainbows or magic but it’s interesting nonetheless and here’s how they found it.  On June 19, 2017, an Anonymous account tweeted that “someone keeps spamming us videos from this channel” and it included a link to a Youtube channel.  @FireDancer7997 noticed that @AnonScan tweeted back saying “…DM…and we will tell you what it’s about.” Soooo mysterious, right?  Right!

So naturally I checked out the Youtube channel and was pretty surprised to find that the two videos @AnonScan tweeted in the last two days were there.  And yes, this was a sweet find on FireDancer’s part. And it wasn’t just the two videos that @AnonScan had posted—as of today the channel has sixteen videos, all similar in nature, dating back to June 7, 2017. Has @AnonScan been posting videos on Youtube for the last sixteen days and I completely missed it?  Ugh, it looks like they may have sneaked this by me.  But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves—I have no idea if @AnonScan is behind the making and/or uploading of these videos so let’s chill a bit on this before we start spreading any rumors.

Okay, first of all, the channel name for this Youtube account is “questionanswr” so I’m guessing you should keep that in mind when watching the videos.  All of the videos posted by “questionanswer” are ten seconds long which probably has some significance but I haven’t figured it out yet. Ok, on with the videos (in chronological order):

25.  “Soon you will understand everything” June 7, 2017 (they didn’t post it on Twitter until June 8, 2017)
The video flashes the number “25” and at the end of the video it still shows “25” with the question “Are You ready?” in both English and Russian.  The music sounds like it is straight out of a Stanley Kubrick film.

24.  “We will declare ourselves” June 9, 2017
The video flashes and then ends with the number “24” and “All still in the front” displayed in both English and Russian. If I do the translation through SYSTRANet it reads as the video reads. However, if I do the translation through Yandex it reads, “Still to come,” so, yeah, take it as you want. And sorry, I did not double check the translations on all of these videos.

23.  “And waiting is worth it” June 10, 2017
The music is definitely more Hitchcocky (is that a word?) sounding than the previous two.  Besides the number “23,” the message in the video reads, “There is not much left, we are already go.”

22.  “See you soon” June 11, 2017
Besides the number “22,” the message in this video reads, “This event is inevitable.”  I did translate the Russian part in this video via SYSTRANet and it came back with, “This event is unavoidable,” which is similar to Day 21’s video.

21.  “What will be, it can not be avoided” June 12, 2017
Besides the number “21,” the message in the video reads, “Not everything is as it seems at first glance.”

20.  “This no one could foresee” June 13, 2017
The title of this video is “This no one could foresee” but in the video the only thing that we see is the number “20”—there is no other message displayed.

Unless otherwise noted the remainder of the videos below play music but only show a number (the one that corresponds to that day of the countdown), no other message. And if you hadn’t noticed yet, the numbers are coordinated with the music. It’s pretty cool.

19.  “19” June 14, 2017

18.  “18” June 15, 2017

17.  “17” June 16, 2017

16.  “16” June 17, 2017

15.  “15” June 18, 2017

14.  “14” June 19, 2017

13.  “13” June 20, 2017
Video “13” is a little bit different than the previous ones (20-14). Rather than showing the number “13” for what is essentially the entire video, the number doesn’t show up until the end and it reads “13 DAYS” instead of just the number “13.”  The music, laughing and “13 DAYS” reminds me of Halloween or a trailer for a horror movie. Just watch it. You’ll see what I mean. Don’t worry, this isn’t terrifying stuff.

12.  “12” June 21, 2017

11.  “11” June 22, 2017
This is the first video we saw posted by @AnonScan.

10.  “10” June 23, 2017
This is the second video we saw posted by @AnonScan.  The title to this video is in Latin and reads, “There is no difference in languages.”

Besides the actual videos there a few things to be noted in the description of most, if not all, of them. First, the hashtag #questionanswr is listed so if we head on over to Twitter with that hashtag you can find the Twitter account for what looks to be the same account that posted the videos on Youtube. The account has two followers and as of today they’ve put out sixteen tweets.  And yup, they were the sixteen videos from their Youtube channel.  As to who may have been spamming that Anonymous account it may have been this Jon Snow account.  The description also includes a link to an Instagram account but as of today the account has not posted anything.

That’s about as much digging as I’ve done so far and again, who knows what it all means.  I mean, for all I know, @AnonScan happened to stumble upon a countdown that just happened to correspond with Julian’s birthday (I doubt it but anything’s possible).  And, frankly, I don’t know if this is a Wikileaks/Assange/AnonScan thing yet so the best I can do at this point is wait and watch.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon…❓


June 24 – June 26

It’s been four days now since @AnonScan first started teasing us with what most of us have concluded is some sort of countdown. Day zero of the countdown takes us to July 3, 2017, which is Julian Assange’s birthday but like I stated in my original post, I have no idea if these hints have anything to do with that (or magic or unicorns or rainbows).  So let’s take a look at what they’ve put out since my first post. 

On June 24, 2017, they posted  “S👀n… with a video attached that only shows the number “9” in the video and includes the same style of music we’ve heard in the previous videos.  If we go to the “questionanswr” Youtube account you’ll notice that the video also has a Russian title which reads “Если мы общаемся загадками.”  Translated (via Yandax) it means “If we talk in riddles.”  This is interesting because if you go back to the video from the day before the title reads, “There is no difference in languages,” so if you read it all together it says,

“There is no difference in languages…if we talk in riddles.”

And no, I have no idea what that means or if that’s what we’re suppose to do here.  Moving on…

On June 25, 2017, @AnonScan posted another tweet with the message “S👀n… and a video attached which only shows the number “8″ throughout the video.  Again, if we check out this video over at the questionanswr Youtube account you’ll notice the title of this video is “5058581750550E1B2F611B4C5F5B420E1C2C4B5B0E1B2F0E1C2E,” which obviously appears to be some type of code.  So now, if you take the last three messages into consideration you could read it like this:

“There is no difference in languages if we talk in riddles. [For example] 5058581750550E1B2F611B4C5F5B420E1C2C4B5B0E1B2F0E1C2E.”

Now, if whoever is behind these videos means that everyone speaks the same language of, “I have no idea wtf you’re trying to say,” then, yes, they pretty much nailed it.  Something worth noting in the video is that at one point there are a bunch of 8’s arranged in a question mark. Thus, maybe the question mark in the video is implying that the code, when deciphered, is a question.  Like this:

“5058581750550E1B2F611B4C5F5B420E1C2C4B5B0E1B2F0E1C2E ?”

Now if we only knew what the code said we’d be all set..

Last but not least we have today’s clue: The number 7.  And yes, you guessed it.  @AnonScan’s message on twitter read, “S👀n…and the video they attached only showed the number “7.”  Nah, I’m kidding. There’s actually another number in this particular video. 19522514412519 to be exact. The seven eventually shows up after which it moves between numbers in the longer number sequence. Does it represent the lucky number seven? I don’t know but I’m not feeling too lucky on deciphering this. With that said and having no real idea what I’m doing I ran the fairly lengthy number through this converter and it came back with R%A%.  So what does this mean, you ask? Well, most importantly you’re asking the wrong girl. I have no idea. And what if that dancing seven is suppose to go somewhere in that long number before converting it like, say, between the one and the four, which would give us “R%DQ.”  I mean, what

The title of the video, “phtbl???,”  isn’t much help either but I will tell you that the first thing I thought of when I saw it was the “pH table,” or, rather, the pH scale. If anyone is familiar with the pH scale then they know that it runs from zero to fourteen and the middle point is pH 7 which is considered neutral—it’s neither acidic or basic.  And again, folks, I’m just throwing this out there. I have no idea if this is what the title is referring to but if it is then perhaps it means that whoever is behind this countdown is a neutral party or that depending on what they might drop (because it sounds like from earlier videos they are going to release something) that they have no real “dog in the fight” in whatever information they’re going to release.  If you’re into what may be a more astrological explanation of this title then check this out.

It also appears that some people are banking on this being about aliens and, interestingly enough, shortly after posting the “8” video yesterday, @AnonScan retweeted an article titled, “The World’s Biggest Hacking Group Thinks Nasa Is About to Announce Alien Life.” However, if you read the article you’ll see that no one actually said that alien life had been found. Rather, it stated, “Our civilisation is on the verge of discovering evidence of alien life in the cosmos.” Hmm. As many of you already know I don’t research aliens, UFOs, or space but that’s not to say I think nothing is out there, I really have no idea.  And although it would be arrogant of me to assume that we are the only intelligent life forms in the universe, I am assuming that these hints have nothing to do with some sort of space invasion countdown.  Furthermore, I saw this hilarious tweet today:

With that said about aliens, it brings me to another “out of left field” @AnonScan retweet which was also put out shortly after the “8” video tweet. It was an article about an astroid hitting earth and let me preface my next statement by saying that I adore @AnonScan and everything they do but…there are days when even I have absolutely no idea why they tweeted what they tweeted and this may be one of those times. So, for all the doomsday alien hunters out there this stuff is right up your alley.  As for me, with all due respect to those who love a good extraterrestrial story, I will be pursuing other theories behind these videos.

Speaking of which, how about that Cicada 3301 theory?  Listen, I’d be lying to you if I told you this never crossed my mind.  In fact, it’s exactly what crossed my mind the first time I went through all those videos on the questionanswr channel.  And now we have two video titles that are in code? Mmhmm, Cicada definitely crossed my mind.  This theory, however, brings me back to what I said the other day which was, “I don’t know if this is a Wikileaks/Assange/AnonScan thing” and I’m still sticking with that as of now.  I mean, @AnonScan doesn’t do Cicada (nor does Wikileaks or Julian Assange), they’ve never posted clues that tie into it (at least not that I am aware of), and I’ve never seen them tweet about anything that’s remotely related to it. Go look at their Twitter profile. It lists Snowden (Which, FYI, has a cat emoji next to it so now I’m wondering if some of their tweets where they use the cat emoji is code for Snowden and it’s been there in plain site this whole time. Did I know this already and my memory’s lapsed? And what about Pamela Anderson being behind Embassy Cat?  Did I just kill my own theory? ← Ignore, I was clearly smoking crack when I wrote that), Assange, GCHQ, NSA, Wikileaks, Panama Papers, Vault7 and Anonymous Scandinavia.  No where does it list Cicada. So what do you think? Do you think they or others within the Anonymous community are behind Cicada and these videos? 

I also noticed that one person in the comment section on a “The Outer Light” video pointed out that the eyes used in @AnonScan’s “S👀n” could be a reference to Google.  Now that‘s a good theory (Update: The comment about Google was actually on Twitter in response to @AnonScan’s tweet). And speaking of @AnonScan’s tweets have you noticed the question marks?  What’s that all about?  People have also theorized that the hints might be related to the Bible, Clinton’s emails, September 11th, or even an attack on the Fourth of July. But before we start freaking people out with thoughts of a July 4th terrorist attack, I have to wonder why @AnonScan even started posting these in the first place. What I mean is why did they start posting these videos on Day 11?  Why not start at the beginning on Day 25 if you’re going to post them at all? Surely there’s a reason for this. And why are the videos only ten seconds long?  Is that a reference to ten o’clock? Are they going to drop something at ten o’clock on July 3, 2017?  Are there ten people behind these videos?  Will there be ten drops?  

Good lord, I could be here all night but I don’t particularly want to be so I’ll end this update right about now.

And like I said before, “Hopefully we’ll know more soon…❓”

June 27 – June 30

The last place I was left off at was video #7 from June 27th after which I was hoping the next few videos would bring us some clarity on the countdown.  But alas, video #6 didn’t brought me no clarity whatsoever.  @AnonScan posted the video HERE and as you can see the video only shows the number 6 with some creepy music playing in the background.  However, if we head over to the Youtube channel that’s been dropping these hints first, “questionanswr,” you’ll see that the title of this video is, “What is this for?” Yeah. Not helpful. 

Video #5, which was posted by @Anonscan, spiced things up a bit by arranging the fives in the video in some sort of ascending, descending stairs-like formation but that’s about as exciting as it got. The Youtube channel did, however, post a title for the video which reads, “All cards will be opened.” I know in the English language we’re familiar with the phrase “put ones cards on the table” meaning you say or show what you know, what your intentions are, or to be open and honest. Thus, I can’t help but wonder if English is not the native language of whoever is making these videos and that they, indeed, meant something along the lines of putting one’s cards on the table. As to what else “cards will be opened” means I have no idea.

Video #4 brought a whole new wave of excitement for those who have been following this countdown. On June 29, @AnonScan posted the video with their usual message of “S👀n…❓” and the video showed two different numbers: “4.44.4444” and “4444.44.4.” Obviously this looks like some sort of date format but I don’t know if that’s what they were trying to convey.  And here’s where it gets really interesting. The “questionanswr” channel did not include a title for this video but they did include a link to a rar file which you can find in the description box of the video at the questionanswr channel. I personally did not click on the link but someone did post what may be contained in the file although I have not verified this so please keep that in mind:

My immediate thought was this might have to do with chess and that maybe whoever is behind this is playing some sort of 4-D chess.  Or it might have to do with musical notes or computer software or, frankly, who knows.  Apparently the password for this file was 2017.4.07, which, based on the countdown, seems to point to July 4, 2017, but this is a fairly unpopular way to write a date. In the U.S., we would assume that this date format represented April 7, 2017.  As to how this pertains to the video, perhaps that’s why they added the backwards date format in the video.

And then there’s video #3 that was posted on June 30, 2017.  @Anonscan posted it here and again, there’s nothing terribly exciting here but the usual number of the day showing up on the screen with music notes played in the background. This video does not have a title and there are no file links listed in the description.

A few things to note.  As of June 30, 2017 (the #3 video), there have been no postings on the Instagram account listed in the description box of the videos.  Additionally, I know we’ve been focused on the videos themselves but I had mentioned previously the question marks that @Anonscan has been using and I can’t help but think there’s something more to this. Take a look:

For the first video they posted (#11) they tweeted using a white question mark:

For the next video (#10) they used a red question mark:

And this continues with white being used with #9, red with #8, white with #7, red with #6 and so on.  I originally thought that each one came from a different device because, and you’ll notice this in my first post where I used the the standard black question mark rather than the white one, I didn’t see it when I pulled up that emoji box I have on my Mac. But clearly by my second update you’ll see that I found it.  The bottom line is is there any significance with these questions marks? Why use different ones?

The other thing I want to point out that some of you may not have noticed are the numbers in @JonSnow‘s tweets.  This is the account that tweets out each questionanswr videos multiple times after its release.  The account always tags others in their tweets including @Anonscan, @Wikileaks and even @4chan and what’s interesting (or maybe not) are the numbers or letters used at the end of each tweet.  For instance, on the day the #4 video was released they tweeted it out nineteen times and numbered each tweet as such 1-19. For the #6 video they used numbers at the end of some of their tweets and letters at the end of others.  For instance, one tweet for video #6 ends with “323” while other tweets for the same video end with letters such as “d,” “refr,” and “dsff.” One (and perhaps more) ended in both the letter and a number, “2s.”

The numbers and letters at the end of these tweets, the video themselves, and @Anonscan’s question marks hardly clear up what this countdown is about. What I do know is that some of us have become concerned for Julian Assange’s safety and have noticed the increased activity on his Twitter account. Just last night he retweeted example after example after example of regular folks, political figures, and even fellow journalists (!) publicly calling for his assassination. These words, these threats, this hatred, all in response to the truth, is insane, heartbreaking, and mind blowing. It’s time that our President, Donald Trump, shows the world that he is better than these monsters calling for Julian’s death.  It’s time for President Trump to stop hiding behind his hypocrisy and do the right thing because Julian Assange is no different than any other journalist who exposes the truth—whether it’s through leaks or not (and notice how CNN via the Veritas Project video admitted they get leak after leak after leak)—and he should be free to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy without fear of extradition to the United States. The U.S. government has already admitted that Wikileaks’ leaks have never put U.S. troops in jeopardy or harmed anyone (minus political egos and Julian himself because of his unselfish acts) so this needs to stop. How is it that we live in 2017 and the world is just as inhumane as it was 1,000 years ago?

With all of that said, let’s hope that this countdown ends with something that will help Julian because to be honest I’m tired of political parties benefitting off of Wikileaks while, in turn, he is persecuted for the very leaks that political parties benefit from. Until the next video…S👀n…❓


July 1, 2017

So…did you see that #2 video? Pretty creepy, huh? If you haven’t seen it yet head over to the Youtube channel that’s been posting the countdown videos HERE or check out @Anonscan’s tweet HERE. The video is titled “We are not for whom You accept us” which again, because of the awkwardness of this statement, seems like someone whose native language isn’t English, or they’re trying to make it appear their native language isn’t English, or they just decided that poor, confusing English was the way to go. Either way, it sounds like they are saying that they are accepted by “You” (whoever that it is) because of someone they are actually “not for.”  Think of it this way:

Let’s say you have a good friend named Bob. Bob introduces you to his friend Mary and tells you that Mary is one of his closest friends. Since Bob is a good friend of yours and he accepts Mary, you are more inclined to accept Mary too. Now picture that this Youtube account that’s been posting these videos is Mary and Mary makes the similar statement as above with regards to Bob: “I am not for whom You accept me”—meaning, “I realize you accepted me because you thought I was good friends with Bob but I’m actually not.”  Does that make sense?  I take it to mean that someone has been fooled (or whoever is behind these videos has been trying to fool someone or someones) into believing something about them that isn’t true.  And don’t take any of this to mean that they’re definitively talking about an individual (Bob) because I have no idea if that’s the case. They could be talking about a cause, a political issue, an organization, a company, or none of the above. In fact, take this entire theory with a grain of salt because a. I don’t talk gibberish b. I might be theorizing out of my a** and c. I might have a glass of wine tonight and change my mind.

However, I think we can all admit at this point that the videos have become far more nefarious in nature and they are a far cry from the intriguing, engaging and enjoyable hints @Anonscan normally puts out.  I mean, take a look at the picture from the video that was posted on questionanswr’s Instagram:

Here’s a lightened version:

I know, I know, aliens! It’s either that or creepy bad guys trying to remake the Blair Witch Project while wearing capes and ridiculous masks. Speaking of which, there’s writing in the bottom, right-hand corner of that video—can anyone make that out? I’m wondering if this picture is from a movie or has been used commercially.

To add to the mystery, @FireDancer7997 once again was on top of things and noticed these tweets last night:

I can only assume that @Anonscan is talking about the countdown videos because after searching Twitter it appears that the only time they use the message “S👀n… ❔” is in regards to these videos. Never before. With that said, we could take this to mean that whoever or whatever is the target of this alleged, upcoming leak is not expecting it and should have—but that theory only works if @Anonscan is indeed behind these videos, a theory I never embraced and have since moved even further away from. And because of the Free Assange tweet that @Anonscan replied to which states that @Anonscan is “continually watchful, active & effective in protecting @Wikileaks & its editor Julian Assange,” I can’t help but again wonder about the nefarious nature of these videos and who or what might be the actual target.  And remember all of those tweets Julian Assange put out the other night??  Talk about targeted.

At one point Julian tweeted, “…I would like people to compare these extremes to the judicial beheadings @Jack and others have…served upon those who don’t match their politics or who do not have the type of prestige that @jack seeks to being himself close to…”

Here’s the Twitter thread leading up to that:

So is my paranoia in overdrive because I’m beginning to wonder if this is about an upcoming Twitter campaign against Julian, kind of like the Black campaign we saw back in October? Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve needed to get a grip, that’s for sure. But anti-Wikileaks, anti-Assange campaigns are still alive and well and a new one certainly wouldn’t be surprising. And none of us are really surprised by @jack’s decision or lack thereof to ban any of these accounts for threats against Julian just as it’s doubtful anyone will be terribly surprised to see @jack’s continued biases. @Jack sucks and we all know it.

And while we’re on the subject of Twitter, there’s another account I came across who started tweeting about these vids about five days after @Anonscan did that I found interesting. And by the way, we may have our answer as to why @Anonscan started tweeting about these videos when they did:

It seems @Anonscan did not go public with these videos until @YourAnonNews first mentioned them and I wonder why? But back to this other account I started talking about. As many of you already know not all Anonymous accounts are created equal so keep in mind I have no idea what the agenda is of this particular account. Here’s one of their tweets:

Whether or not that’s true, I have no idea.  The following day they tweeted this stuff:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You see where they said that “Jon Snow” was the password? Video #4 which contained the link to a file in the description box of the Youtube video wasn’t posted until July 29, 2017 so this is either in reference to the #7 video, a head’s up for the #4 file and the password was changed by the time the #4 file dropped, or they have no idea what they’re talking about.  Fun fact:  Jon Snow stopped tweeting after the #4 video.

Finally, this same account tweeted this out yesterday:

Anyone know what that “T W O” might stand for (besides the “two” people in the video)? And folks, I don’t want to lead you on any wild goose chases so don’t go crazy with researching this stuff (unless wild horses can’t stop you). I don’t even know if this is legit stuff related to the videos.  As for the actual file listed with the #4 video, I found a Twitter account that put the file into some sort of music program. Take a look.  And no, that is definitely not “Happy Birthday.”

The last thing I want to touch on are those darn question marks @Anonscan uses.  Remember I talked about the different colors red and white? Well here’s what I realized. They aren’t actually “red” and “white” question marks but rather “black” and “white” question marks. According to this website white question marks look white on Twitter or on devices such as Apple but on devices like Samsung they look white with a black background.  Additionally, black question marks only look red on Twitter and, again, on devices such as Apple but on a Samsung they are black with a white background.

In other words, this is how it looks white vs. black:


“So what’s this all about?,” you’re probably asking yourself.  Well, for starters, because I initially thought the white and red question marks came from different devices (see yesterday’s update) I first thought of that Doris Day hint that @Anonscan dropped months ago. You may recall that they used the calendar emoji in that tweet but the catch is that different devices show different dates. I didn’t realize that at first.

The bottom line is that this led me to the whole color thing.  And like I just said, I was wrong, this isn’t a red and white thing, it’s a black and white thing because question marks are always considered black and white (according to that website) but it just so happens that on certain devices, Twitter, etc. the black ones are displayed as red instead. So what if the intention here is to highlight the difference between the black and the white?  Let me try and explain. First, what if that one account is right and this is a hacker/Anonymous thing? Again, you have to understand that not all Anonymous accounts have the same agenda. For example, check out this tweet:

And here’s the link to the video. A pretty harsh message and outlandish accusations against Julian Assange in that video, am I right?  That, my friends, is Propaganda 101.  Anyways, the point is that just because an account says “Anonymous” it clearly doesn’t mean that they are White Hats trying to protect free speech and make the world a safer place. On the contrary, as we’ve seen with this “Anonymous” video on Youtube, some who call themselves “Anonymous” spread damaging propaganda and are not White Hats or even Gray Hats but are Black Hats. Do you see where I’m going with all of this?  White vs. black (question marks), good vs. evil…White Hats vs. Black Hats.

Now, factor in the countdown videos, their titles or the messages/pics contained in them, the tweet about @Anonscan protecting Julian and Wikileaks, @Anonscan’s response, Julian’s recent tweets, the Anonymous account saying it’s an Anonymous op, and the fact that not all Anonymous accounts have the same agenda…well.  I’m concerned let’s leave it at that.

Video #1 will be dropping s👀ner rather than later.  Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


July 4-5, 2017

Things have gotten a little…weird, haven’t they? For starters the questionanswr account on Youtube didn’t drop their final “Zero Hour” video until the early morning (EST) of June 5, 2017, after allegedly delaying the publication because of North Korea’s successful missile launch.  You can find the video HERE on Youtube, or check out @AnonScan’s tweet HERE. But that wasn’t the only weird thing to happen.  Before the video was published, @TheAnonJournal, a Twitter account that some suspect are involved with the countdown videos tweeted that they had a source through @AnonScan who was in contact the questionanswr account.  Then they implied that they were helping out @AnonScan because they have a larger audience which seems super weird because I don’t remember @AnonScan ever farming out their work because of the size of their audience.  So there’s that.  Here’s the tweet:

So then hours after AnonJournal tweeted that they posted the “Zero Hour” video with this message:

As to whether or not questionanswr posted this video first on Youtube or after AnonJournal posted on Twitter I have no idea but, frankly, it doesn’t really matter because questionanswr deleted the original video.  Yup, that’s right. The video currently posted on Youtube is not the original. Don’t believe me? Check out the video @AnonScan posted next to the one on Youtube.  See the differences?

So what do I make of all of this? Well, for starters it seems pretty obvious at this point that @AnonScan is not behind these videos.  If the “Trolls…❓❔” message they tweeted out with the video didn’t convince you then maybe this tweet which addresses AnonJournal’s tweets will:

If you want the full list as to why I don’t believe @Anonscan is behind these videos hang in there and keep reading. Here are my top ten reasons:

  1. As I stated earlier, the AnonJournal account implied that they were helping @AnonScan because they have a larger audience.  However, @AnonScan has never appeared overly concerned about the size of their audience. What I mean is that, yes, they have put out fun, engaging hints and have gained followers because of it but that was to bring attention to the Vault 7 publications—which is Wikileaks, not @AnonScan—and @AnonScan was successful at it all on their own. Furthermore, there’s a whole host of disgruntled Twitter users, trolls or not, that have been blocked by them.  Bottom line? In terms of followers, it doesn’t appear that this has ever been a numbers game for @AnonScan but AnonJournal somehow wants us to believe that it is now?

  2. There’s no confusing the fact that @AnonScan called both the questionanswr account and the AnonJournal account trolls. First they called the questionanswr account into question by writing “Trolls…❓❔” in their first tweet (Are the question marks perhaps a more obvious reference this time to Black Hats vs. White Hats?) and then confirmed it by writing that they are “definitely trolls.”  Then they did the exact same thing with the AnonJournal account by calling them out for them saying they had a source “through @AnonScan.”

  3.  From a historical point of view, when has @AnonScan ever rolled like this? I mean, even the “signed: @questionanswr @anonscan” in that one AnonJournal tweet seems absurd at best. Go to my “Happy Birthday Mr. Assange” post from the other day and look at the second to last sentence I wrote, “…and lastly, @Anonscan’s signature.” This is how @AnonScan generally “signs” a video:
    So why does AnonJournal want us to believe that @AnonsScan is behind all of this? Well, for one, let’s be perfectly clear who wrote the “signed: @questionanswr @anonscan” comment. It came from the @TheAnonJournal account, not the video, so keep that in mind for later.

    Second of all, unfortunately I think we have to wait and see if anything happens. For example, what if nothing happens? Some people who still believe that @AnonScan is behind the countdown might feel that @AnonScan let them down or led them on leading them to question @AnonScan’s credibility. Or what if those behind the videos start a campaign against Julian Assange like the Black PR campaign I mentioned previously? Some less-informed folks might be inclined to believe that @AnonScan was secretly sabotaging Wikileaks this entire time, right? Right. So whatever this is about it reeks of a big, giant bowl of setup.

  4.  As for the actual video there are countless things that stand out in it that lead me to believe that @AnonScan is not nor was ever been behind the countdown. First of all, let’s talk about the deletions. At 12:45 a.m. (EST) the AnonJournal posted the “Zero Hour” video. Either shortly before, at the same time or shortly thereafter, questionanswr posted the video on Youtube. I know this because I went to the account shortly after @FireDancer7997 alerted me to the video posted on AnonJournal’s account. However, according to an AnonJournal tweet at 2:20 a.m., the questionanswr Youtube account deleted the original video. At 2:24 a.m., @DanaBoos3 questioned why the video had been deleted and AnonJournal’s alleged ties to @AnonScan.
    Then, at 2:42 a.m., @DanaBoos3, obviously still under the impression that the video had been taken down from Youtube, tweeted me this:
    Within minutes of that tweet two things happened: I went to the questionanswr channel and without close examination saw what looked to be the original video still posted (not knowing at the time that the original had been deleted), and AnonJournal responded to @DanaBoos3:
    Obviously this means that AnonJournal knew the original video had been deleted but wanted @DanaBoos3 to know that a new one had been reposted. This is most likely the version I saw when I checked out the account after @DanaBoos3 tweeted me.  Needless to say, with all of the shenanigans going on I decided to keep my eye on the questionanswr Youtube account and took this screenshot at 3:10 a.m.
    So exactly how many times did the questionanswr channel delete, change, and repost their video? One too many if you ask me and this brings us back to @AnonScan and why I think they’re not behind this: When have you ever known @AnonScan to delete and repost vidoes (multiple times). Exactly. Never. Update: This is great. It looks like this Youtube channel kept track of all the different videos that questionanwr posted. Looks like they’ve posted three different ones so far.
  5.  Then there’s the content of the video.  In the first video they posted you couldn’t understand what they were saying so they redid it and reposted so, yay, everyone could understand their so very great and good and huge message.  Then there was this picture at the end of the original video…
    …which you really couldn’t make out even after I lightened it…
    …and so they must have realized this because they eventually also fixed the picture and then re-added it to what I like to call,  “Zero Hour Take Two.”  Or maybe it was “Take Three,” I mean, who can keep track?

    And listen, I’m going to be the bearer of bad news for some of you. This isn’t about aliens. I know, I know, they have that whole beginning about space and then the guys at the end but I’ll bet everything I own (My cat and a Wikileaks mug…kidding, I don’t have a cat) that they are totally playing the alien fans out there.  They. Are. Playing. You. I can’t say it enough times. And I have nothing against alien fans. If there are aliens out there it certainly wouldn’t surprise me but, folks, there are no aliens in this video. There are two idiots in bad Halloween costumes standing in the middle of the woods trying to act all creepy all the while not realizing that their ridiculously cheerful sign in the background which reads, “Hello World!” completely destroys the creepy vibe they were obviously going for.  I mean, what kind of video is this? Drama, horror, comedy, sci-fi? Pick a genre, guys, and stick with it. You’re confusing your audience.

    And before I digress too far into movie categories, let’s get back to the point: @AnonScan. Again, I ask you, when have you seen this level or any level of fuckery when it comes to the audio or visual aspects of @AnonScan’s videos?  Again, never.

  6.  Let’s move on to the message of the video. I did not translate this myself but I did hit the subtitles button on the video and here’s what it said,

    “Hello world, We are questionanswer.
    Perhaps you are interested in who we are.
    and what goals we pursue
    Maybe we are ordinary people living among you
    Or maybe not
    And we have only one goal to change this world
    Recently we began to forget that
    there is only one nationality – a person
    and to come to the finals of our world game
    a length of 12 months
    you need to unite
    This world quest will consist of 12 stages
    each stage will take place in a new country
    in a new city in a new place
    Distribute this video where possible,
    because if no one finds out about us
    In all this there is no sense
    We start exactly in a month
    and who knows what will lie in these caches
    maybe candy
    maybe money
    or maybe a chance
    And remember
    we have questions for you
    and we need answers from you.”

    Let’s start from the top. Again, notice they are trying to sell this to alien fans and those drawn to esotericism with their comment, “Maybe we are ordinary people living among you Or maybe not.” Please. Again, not to be the glass if half empty kind of girl but this is not about aliens. I can assure you.  Second of all, did you notice we have to wait another month for the next clue? Ridiculous. And what about this whole twelve-month schedule for their “world game?” Yeah, more like the “world game for suckers.” And folks, remember, what happens if this “world game” doesn’t play out or they lead everyone on for the next year and then *poof* nothing happen? Well, if they drag @AnonScan into this like they’ve been trying to do then people will be more inclined to blame them, right? Right. And maybe this is exactly why @AnonScan didn’t post any of the countdown videos until after @YourAnonNews mentioned them on Twitter—because they didn’t want to give them more credence than they deserved knowing full well that they were nefarious in nature. See, if this is some sort of set-up op against @AnonScan or even Wikileaks, it wouldn’t mean much if no one paid attention to it, would it? Once the cat was out of the bag, however, @AnonScan was forced to act. But as I always say, it’s just a theory, folks.

    Alright, and then we have the part of the message where questionanswr asks everyone to distribute the video “where possible because if no one finds out about us In all this there is no sense,” because I definitively remember @AnonScan previously asking everyone to distribute their stuff in some sort of desperate PR ploy, right? Ugh. Wrong. Remember what I just said if no one pays attention to what appears to be a set-up op? It seems they’re desperate to convince everyone @AnonScan is involved. Lastly, I don’t know what they mean by “caches” and that there might be candy, money, or “a chance” in them but this sounds like as much fun as finding an unattended bag at the airport which may or may not have belonged to a radicalized pedophile. Just saying.

  7.  If you missed the @TheAnonJournal account tweet that they “got played” no worries, I saved it for you.

    Astounding really, isn’t it? I mean, if what they’ve been peddling this whole time was #FakeNews then you’d think they would put out a major tweet absolving @AnonScan’s alleged part in all of this, right? Right. But nope. Seems they’re even more desperate to imply that @AnonScan was working with questionanswr and both accounts “played” AnonJournal.  Please.

    And remember how I told you to remember the fact that AnonJournal was the only account to write, “Signed: @questionanswr @anonscan”? Well, I told you to remember that because this account became knee-deep in whatever questionanswr’s agenda is by the end of June (if not earlier) and now they want us to believe that they are innocent in this entire thing. Here are the only two things I have to say about this:
    a.  If they are innocent in all of this then surely they don’t have a problem giving up whoever is behind the account that screwed them over—questionanswr.
    b. If they don’t know who’s behind the questionanswr account then what exactly were they thinking doing the bidding of some random Twitter account that was literally just started last month ago?  I mean that’s pretty bizarre but then again I was going with answer (a.) anyways because (b.) is that retarded and I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  8. If you’re still on the fence about who’s playing games here (which is completely understandable) let me add this last bit of information. On May 16, 2017, AnonJournal tweeted out a link to this which stated, “Wikileaks is a GRU operation. It’s a giant scam.”
    This account that AnonJournal retweeted basically accused Wikileaks, more specifically, Julian Assange of working for/with the Russian government—a tweet that clearly did not age well. AnonJournal wrote in their retweet, “WikiLeaks is funded by…you guessed it!” which only furthers my argument that AnonJournal knew exactly what they were doing and that they and whoever is behind questionanswr do not have good intentions. But if you want to wait out the twelve months I won’t judge you.
  9. If you’re still not convinced that @AnonScan isn’t behind this then check out THIS tweet:
    It appears that @AnonScan timestamped not one but two videos about those who are behind the countdown videos. So juicy. And knowing @AnonScan they’re not afraid to release them. Remember the timestamped Kim Schmitz aka Kim Dotcom video they released? Yup, looks like they’ve done the same thing here and my guess is that these videos are far from flattering.
  10. Last but not least, check out THIS Youtube account. It appears that an Anonymous Youtube account was following the countdown from the beginning but then stop short of publishing the very last “Zero Hour” video. I can only surmise that they realized the videos were nefarious in nature or made by trolls when the last one dropped.

So there you have it.  My top ten reasons why I believe @AnonScan is not behind this and why I believe that someone(s) are trying to set them up (and maybe Wikileaks). And obviously I don’t want these accounts to continue trolling @AnonScan but, man, I would love for @AnonScan to play the players by dropping those two Youtube videos they have timestamped. But alas, if that time never comes I’m still sticking with @AnonScan being the real deal and that these other accounts should take their cues from them about how to make and properly upload a video.



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  1. Counting down to big announcement.
    Assange to leave embassy free? No?
    Big announcement then?
    Boomerangs come full circle? Demonic probes by Meuller, triggers Clinton, Lynch, Adm.Rodgers, Comey Rosenstein conspiracy?
    Yes, new probes, new faces, Wikie to leak in all the dry places.

  2. Thanks for the perspective. Interesting Jon Snow refernce. I wonder if they are plotting to free JA somehow and whirl him away to a safe space.

  3. There was so much good linkage in this update. Took me all this time to read, view it all. Im leaning toward an outside operation whose motives are suspect. JA will be protected, but dark forces seem afoot. This is all too convoluted. Maybe JonSnow isnt necessary anymore. He posted up til 4 then poof. Hats off to you as always.

  4. First..Thank You
    Imo..Its to make an association ..that wikileaks is playing games with truth..dangling carrots..and actually making people feel stupid for not being able to jump thru all the bullshit hoops..all it did was try to learn to use simple free progs out their and play with gimp as well..I tecall google was implementing semes which work on a nudging concept..and penetrate deeper in the long run..thus the countdowns..but I ultimately leaves one flatfooted and pissed that Julian hasn’t released more..about other things.resentful..mission accomplished…and then miss what wikileaks is all about..journalism..and holding governments accountable..The target is not Russia..that has always been..and was in the works for when Hillary took over..the target was always and is is wikileaks..he’s a neutron bomb to them.
    These are black hats and psychology teams…people have no idea the psychological profiling that goes into games..and even cartoons like the hook you..
    We got scammed into Modern art..hardly any effort.
    Yes we were being Jerked..but it wasn’t by wiki or Anonscan..
    And no I dont feel stupid for not knowing how to desteg proficiently..and if I was that smart I’d be probably be hitting banks….and certainly would not be bragging about it..and not leave a trace…like they do and get away with..They want the system they can plunder it..just like Hillary did the was broke for years..and they let it stay that way..for a reason..

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