The Seth Rich Case

Due to both Rod Wheeler’s interview with Fox news this past week and my amazing friends and followers on Twitter, there is a ton of information about Seth Rich that is percolating back to the top.  A lot of this stuff I didn’t know before so I wanted to share with you what I have compiled in the last few days.  I know, it’s long.  But it’s gooood so go grab some coffee and hunker down.


On the night of July 9, 2016 and into the early hours of July 10th, Seth Rich enjoyed a few beers at Lou’s City Bar. After the bar closed around 1:45 a.m. the manager offered to drive him home but Seth declined the offer and allegedly headed over to another local bar, The Wonderland Ballroom, although it’s unclear if he ever went.  It’s also unclear if the reports that he was “highly intoxicated” are accurate because the toxicology report was never released.

At some point during the night, Seth started walking home which was an approximate two miles jaunt from both Lou’s City Bar and the Wonderland Ballroom.  However, I’d like to point out that during a 2016 press conference, Seth’s mother described him as someone who took safety precautions due to the rise in armed robberies in the neighborhood.  He always carried a water bottle with him because as his mom put it, it helped with “fighting and stuff.”  Seems odd then that Seth would walk almost two miles home alone at 4 a.m., doesn’t it?

At 4:20 a.m. and only a block away from his home, Seth was gunned down. Some news reports indicate that he was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time of the shooting while other articles say he had hung up with her only moments before the attack. I’m going with the latter since the girlfriend has never indicated that she heard the shooting and Seth’s father also indicated that he was shot minutes after hanging up with her.


Early reports such as this one, published only three hours after Seth died indicated that it was Fifth District D.C. police officers who heard the gunshots. Additionally, in this interview with Seth’s father, he said that the officers, who were on motorcycles, arrived within a minute of Seth being shot.  So are these reports saying that the police drove around and quickly stumbled upon Seth lying on the ground? Were they right around the corner when the shooting happened?  I guess.

But according to the police report the CIC reported the shooting which I am assuming is the Homeland Security Command Information Center of the Metropolitan Police Department. Here’s how the website describes the CIC:

“The Command Information Center is a multifaceted and highly technical compound that is capable of intelligence gathering. It entails the coordination of field activities and the multi-jurisdictional management of any type of emergency. Members assigned to the Command Information Center monitor the computer Aided Dispatch System on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis. Violent crimes, unusual Incidents, bomb threats/suspicious packages, intelligence information, suspicious persons, gun recovery and any other incident/event deemed necessary are recorded in the Command Information Center’s running resume for posting in the daily “SOCC” report. The CIC disseminates raw intelligence information to support personnel on a “real-time-basis” as it develops using the RSAN paging system, radio and landline communication.”

It seems a little strange that a Homeland Security center was involved in this initially but what do I know?  It might be involved in all D.C. shootings.  Anyone know more about this?  Is this like a 911 service?  Did the CIC report go out after the police called in the shooting? Probably, but I personally do not know for sure.  And what about this article which stated that “sensors picked up the sound of gunshots”?  What does that means?

Update:  The DC ShotSpotter is what probably detected the gunshots.

The ABC news article goes on to say that Seth’s shooting may have been an attempted robbery because armed robberies had escalated in the neighborhood (consistent with Mrs. Rich’s comments) due to “a city construction project” that had created dead ends on “some poorly-lit streets.”  The Daily Mail even suggested that Seth was shot on a “desolate-looking residential block,” but unless the neighborhood turns sinister when the sun goes down it doesn’t look like a place of “bleak and dismal emptiness.” So why is the media trying to paint that kind of picture?

When the police found Seth in this apparently abandoned and depressed area, he was “conscious and breathing with apparent gunshot wound(s) to the back,” according to the police report.


According to Seth’s parents in this, this, and this interview, Seth was beaten up before he was shot.  His mother mentioned that he had bruising on his face, knuckles, and knees and reported that his family asked for anyone with information to come forward, “particularly if you know of anyone that looked like they’d been in a fight.” His father also pointed out that Seth’s watchband had been torn, another indication that there had been a struggle.

The assault story, however, may not be true.  Interestingly, if you watch that first link I posted under “The Body Cams,” it appears that Seth’s father is mouthing exactly what Seth’s mom is saying about the bruising as she’s saying it.  Was this interview scripted? It appears that way.  As to whether or not that means there’s a more sinister plot at play here who knows.  I mean, for all we know they’re really nervous on camera so they memorized what they were going to say before hand which seems absurd at best. Or maybe someone was holding up cards for them to read in an effort to make sure they didn’t freeze on camera. Again, who knows for sure.  But does it look strange?  Yeah, it definitely looks strange.

The bottom line is that the police who arrived on scene that night were wearing body cams.  So where’s the video?  That’s one way to determine whether or not Seth was assaulted before he was shot.  Or how about the autopsy report?  It just seems odd that someone would go to the trouble of beating Seth up knowing full well they were willing to take it to the next level by shooting and robbing him.  My theory is that someone wanted Seth Rich to know exactly why he was about to get shot.  My guess is that a bit of conversation took place before the shooting as well.


The most detailed information we have about Seth after he arrived at the hospital is from a completely unconfirmed source who posted on 4Chan on May 17, 2017.  The anonymous poster claimed to be a 4th year surgery resident at Washington Hospital Center last year.  If what he/she claims is true, it’s just another piece in this pretty sketchy puzzle.

In this video, Seth’s mom also notes that according to the police, Seth had been “talking away” to the officers when they arrived and so they were stunned to learn he died at the hospital almost two hours later.  This account is consistent with the AnonMed’s account.


One of the more stranger things I’ve seen in this case is this video I posted earlier.  It’s strange in the sense that after you realize it was filmed only three days after Seth’s death and on the day of his funeral you have to wonder how his parents kept their composure onscreen.  Let’s start with the brother.  Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone thinks he’s trying not to laugh throughout the video—which would be super creepy—but I’m leaning more towards he’s trying to stop himself from crying.  Otherwise, it’s just really weird and creepy and I don’t have the time to delve into it.  Seth’s parents don’t appear to be heavily medicated so how are they keeping it together?  I know everyone grieves in different ways but like someone pointed out online their demeanor reminded them of Sandy Hook.  I can’t disagree.  Put it this way, people may grieve in different ways but we never hear about anyone who’s watched a video like this and said, “Yup, that’s exactly how I was three days after my child was murdered.” Never.  So what does it mean? Again, without getting into any theories like these people might be actors, or that Seth is still alive, or anything crazy like that, who knows.

The other thing I’m wondering about is why did the shooting immediately gain the level of traction it did in the media?   Yes, he was a DNC staffer but he wasn’t working in the upper echelon of the organization (was he?) and yes, he seemed like the kind of guy that any one of us would want to hang out with but still…


I’ve come across three awards so far although I’m sure there’s more floating around out there.  The first reward offered was $25,000 from the D.C. police for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Seth’s killer(s).  On August 9, 2016, Wikileaks “decided to issue a US$20K reward for information leading to the conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.”  And at some point, “longtime GOP operative” Jack Burkman offered a $105,000 reward to find Rich’s killer.  And “Who is this Jack Burkman I speak of,” you ask? Exactly. Who is this guy?

(update May 22, 2017) The One American News Network is now offering $100,000 for information that leads to the arrest of a suspect in the Seth Rich case. (Thank you for the heads up @jferraioloveri1).


On the same day Wikileaks offered the reward, Julian Assange appeared on the Dutch television program “Nieuwsuur.”  This is the interview that sparked the rumors Seth Rich was a source for Wikileaks.  Although Wikileaks has repeatedly stated that they do not nor will they reveal their sources, watch the video and you be the judge.


Since last year, Brad Bauman of the Pastorum Group (aka Action, Inc.) has represented the Rich family.  Wikileaks tweeted about him on August 11, 2016:

That’s right, folks.  He works at a “Democrat crisis PR” consultant group. Ridiculous.  I’ll be interested to see if anyone links him or the firm directly with Hillary Clinton in the near future.  You know it’s coming.  At some point, it also appears that that “longtime GOP operative” Jack Burkman was representing the family, as well.  However, no quotes there, please. I haven’t done much research into this guy.


So yeah, there’s apparently a surveillance tape floating around out there.  It appears the first time a surveillance tape is mentioned was at a press conference  held by Seth’s parents, Brad Bauman, and Jack Burkman on November 21, 2016.  The next time we hear anything about this is from the private investigator, Rod Wheeler. He stated that “two assailants caught on a grainy video tape from a camera posted outside a grocery mart, shot Rich twice in his back, but did not take his wallet, cell phone, keys, watch or necklace worth about $2,000.”  Two things here, it seems that FOX News originally quoted Wheeler saying that (see here) but I can no longer find a FOX News article with that same quote. Wiped from their news story?  Maybe.  But Wheeler’s comments appear to be legit because at the press conference Seth’s mom stated, “There were two people involved that killed my son.  He fought with them…you have two people that shot my son.”  How would she know this?

Where is this surveillance tape and why hasn’t it been released?


Since Seth’s murder, the Rich family has repeatedly reached out to the community for help in finding who is responsible for such a horrific crime.  Seth’s mom has pleaded, “We need the public’s help…if everybody helps us we will find his murderers,” and his father has stated, “We need help, we need people who know what was going on…somebody heard something…”  However, what many of us find interesting, peculiar, weird, whatever you want to call it, is that they want no part of any narrative that might include Wikileaks or a related theory.  For example, on a GoFundMe page set up by Seth’s brother, Aaron, his brother wrote,

“…we find ourselves in today, many people have used my brothers murder for their own agendas. Every few weeks another conspiracy theory surfaces, another promise of credible information and another lack of evidence to support the crazy claims being made.”

As of yesterday, May 20, 2017, he updated the page to read,

“Recent events have unfortunately highlighted our family’s need for total independence and control of any private effort to help solve the
murder. We can’t take offers of help from third parties as even with steps put in place meant to protect us, we still find our family being used for political motives.

We have never tried to hurt and use others the way we keep getting hurt and used.”

Obviously he’s talking about Rod Wheeler who suggested that Seth was a source for Wikileaks and that there are emails to prove it.  The family sent out a scathing statement (via Brad Bauman) denouncing Wheeler’s claims.  I guess the point is this:  The theory that the DNC probably killed Seth Rich because he was leaking to Wikileaks is actually a pretty legit theory.  So why is the family ignoring this?


Here are four possible motives for Seth’s murder:

  • It was a botched robbery
  • He was a source for Wikileaks
  • He had uncovered a voting poll scandal
  • He uncovered the Russian hacking scandal.

Let’s start with the first one, robbery.  Nothing was stolen.  It’s that simple.

 “He was a source for Wikileaks” motive seems pretty legit.  But would that be reason enough to kill him?  Well, we are talking about the Clintons here and it doesn’t seem to take much to find yourself suicided in the back of your car so yeah, killing Seth over leaks that occurred during a presidential election seems like a sure thing.  As for the voting poll scandal, this theory was posted by Seth’s girlfriend although I haven’t confirmed if this is legitimate or not.  Here’s what she wrote:

Personally, I have no idea if this is theory legit.  I literally just learned about this the other day.

Last but not least is the Russian theory because if it involves the DNC it must involve Russia.  This theory takes us back to our mystery man, the “longtime GOP operative” who was working for the Rich family, Jack Burkman.  In what one could only imagine coming from the mouth of Louise Mensch, Jack Burkman, a GOP lobbyist and D.C. attorney, sent a letter to Congress on February 20, 2017, indicating that he believed the Russians had killed Seth over information Seth had uncovered. Although the DNC/Wikileaks/”Clinton probably murdered your son”  theory is apparently way too over the top for the Rich family, Russian goons whacking their son because he had somehow blindly stumbled upon a non-existent Russian DNC hacking ring is extraordinary to say the least.  Is Burkman still working with the Rich family?? Ugh, who knows.


On December 13, 2016, The New York Times reported that the DNC servers had been attacked in both August, 2015 and April, 2016.  The FBI and tech firm Crowd Strike attributed the attacks to the Russian hacking groups Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, respectively.  However, less than a month after the DNC said their servers had been hacked in April, 2016 an alleged hacker going by the name of Guccifer 2 appeared online. He claimed sole responsibility for the DNC hacking.

If we examine the earlier attack in August, 2015 like the Times reported there are few red flags that should be noted. According to the article the FBI tried to contact the DNC repeatedly about the hack but the computer tech they spoke with thought the calls were, at best, a prank. When the FBI kept leaving voicemails, the tech simply didn’t return any of the calls.  Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.  Oh wait, you can.  Moving on…James Comey testified during a March 20th congressional hearing that if he could do things differently he would have walked over to the DNC himself knowing what he knows now about the severity of the Russian hacking. Let’s say his testimony is legit which I’m certain it’s not. Essentially Comey is admitting to the fact that the FBI did almost nothing about a major hacking crime committed by the Russians in August, 2015.  That’s a problem.  But it’s not a problem if the August, 2015 hacking never occurred in the first place.  In fact, I don’t think the August, 2015 or the April/May, 2016 hacking incidents occurred at all.

Ask yourself, “Why in the world would the New York Times publish this new Cozy Bear/Fancy Bear/I don’t give a shiz Bear narrative more than sixteen months after the alleged hacking incident occurred?”  One reason I come up with?  Craig Murray.  Ever heard of him?  No?  Well, I’m placing my entire theory on this guy so here’s the dealio: On December 14, 2016, the very next day after the New York Times ran their little hacking story, the Daily Mail ran their own story on Craig Murray, an associate of Wikileaks (I’m not sure how close Assange and Murray are) and former UK ambassador. In the article, Murray dropped a bombshell:  He was the one who picked up the DNC and Podesta documents via whistleblowers who were disgusted at “the corruption of the Clinton Foundation” and the rigged election against Bernie Sanders.  Yeah, I know. No mainstream media carried this story and it’s so damn juicy.

First, it’s not like the DNC or Deep State didn’t see this confession coming and had no time to counter it (via the NYT article).  Craig Murray stated that the Russians were not involved with the DNC or Podesta emails a month before the Daily Mail article in an  online post dated October 19, 2016,  Murray wrote, “I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not any Russian state actor or proxy that gave the Democratic National Committee and Podesta material to Wikileaks.” He goes on to hint that the “hack” of the DNC may not have been a hack at all, that Hillary was unfairly nominated by the Democratic party, and that Wikileaks “is much more of a vehicle for whistleblowers than for hackers.” Oh, snap.  Like I said, the Deep State must have seen the Daily Mail article coming from a mile away.  Interestingly, Murray posted this information online three days after Wikileaks initially had their internet cut at the Ecuadorian embassy on October 15, 2016.  Additionally, Assange’s mentor, Gavin MacFadyen passed away only days after Murray divulged the DNC details online details.  Are all of these events related?  Maybe.  I don’t know.

So let’s go back to the Daily Mail article.  In it, Murray stated that both the DNC and Podesta emails were obtained by a source who was legally authorized to access the information.  He was then handed off the emails through an intermediary sometime in September, 2015.  Although he claimed in the article that he was speaking out because Wikileaks was being wrongfully accused of working with Russia, I can’t help but wonder if this was payback not only for the U.S. most likely being the ones behind cutting off Wikileaks’ internet, but the death of Seth Rich.

I may be wrong but here’s my theory:  As far as I know, Seth Rich didn’t have the authorization to obtain the DNC or Podesta emails which means someone else did (or someone instructed Rich on how to obtain the documents himself and Murray isn’t being completely forthright).  My guess is that the person who did have access either personally knew Seth before the emails were taken or Seth approached them about his dissatisfaction with the DNC.  Seth was then involved with the plan to obtain the emails, contact Wikileaks, and make the deliver to Murray.


The DNC realized that Wikileaks had some sort of Clinton documents after Julian Assange mentioned it during a June 12, 2016 interview.  Not surprisingly, two days later the DNC announced that they had been hacked sometime in late April, early May.  The following day Crowd Strike updated their previous report on the alleged April/May hack stating it was probably the Russians. Guccifer2 also made his first online appearance.

If you ask me, which you didn’t, Guccifer2 was created by the DNC (please see g-2/space for a detailed analysis that debunks Guccifer2) to do two things:  Make it appear that the Russians hacked their shiz so nobody knew it came from an inside source and use it as cover for the murder of Seth Rich.  First of all, I’m wondering if the DNC or Podesta had any clue that their shiz had been stolen until Wikileaks alluded to that very fact in June, 2016.  Obviously once they realized that a Wikileaks publications was probably coming sooner than later, it was “clean up in aisle eight” time.  The DNC train had already put the Russian narrative in motion by December, 2015 so they figured they’d continue to roll with that—they probably believed at this point that someone in the Trump campaign was responsible for the leak.  Once they got Russian Guccifer2 online to cover their asses, they began to sniff out the leaker. They eventually came across Seth Rich.  But who knows.  Maybe they knew it was Seth before Assange said anything about an upcoming leak.  I’m theorizing here, folks.  I could also be forgetting some major parts of this story so please, point out the discrepancies because that’s how we find out what sticks and what doesn’t.

By the time Seth was murdered, the narrative that Wikileaks was working hand and hand with Russia was already out of hand, no pun intended.  The problem though was that Seth wasn’t Russian and there was no indication that he had been working with the Russians.  So what’s the Deep State suppose to do?  I know what you could do.  You could get a former playboy playmate to release her alleged sexting messages between her and Guccifer2 in which Guccifer2 basically says that his source was Seth Rich. That paints nicely a picture that Seth was working with both the Russians and Wikileaks in case it was ever proven that Seth, indeed, was Wikileaks’ source.

And remember when Comey testified on March 20, 2017 that Russia didn’t work directly with Wikileaks but rather through a “cut-out” aka an intermediary?  I can’t help but wonder if Robin Young’s alleged tweets with Guccifer2, which came to light twenty days later on April 9th, was created to support this narrative. Who knows.  Again, I’m theorizing.  But interestingly enough, the texts between Robbin Young and Guccifer allegedly started only days after Wikileaks offered the $20k reward for information leading to the conviction of Seth Rich’s killer. Furthermore, Hannibal Moot of BullTruth Magazine dissected Young’s tweets and concluded that they had been doctored which, of course, begs the question why she put forth the alleged evidence in the first place. Unless, of course, it plays into a future Russian narrative the Deep State and DNC might need to cover their…assets.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if the firm representing Seth’s family told them early on that the Russians were going to kill them if they didn’t keep their mouths shut.  That poor family needs to dump Brad Bauman like ASAP.  Just saying.


Last but not least, here are my thoughts about P.I. Rod Wheeler.  Admittedly, the guy was misleading but let’s not kill his entire message. He made some good points like where are the body cam videos from the police the night Seth was shot and, more importantly, where is his laptop?  And was the police department really asked to stand down? I mean, it appears the department hasn’t done much to help move this investigation along.  And is the FBI involved in the investigation or not?  All really good questions.  So take the good with the bad; yes, Wheeler kind of sucks right now but he’s put the Seth Rich investigation back in the public eye which is exactly where it should be until it’s solved and someone(s) is sitting in prison.

Update: “If police suspected a stranger robber, why’d they seize his laptop? He wouldn’t be chatting to potential robbers on social media.”

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  1. You ask about surveillance tapes and how would Rich’s parents might have known there were two people who were involved in Set’s shooting.

    From your report: “Early reports such as this one, published only three hours after Seth died…”

    Go back and read the comments in that report. The neighbors are talking about the two “silver gun guys.”

    Someone claiming to be Seth’s brother Aaron made some comments there on July 11, 2016. In one comment he mentioned:

    “If there is any additional information on these two people with the “silver gun”, please please let the police know. IF you are uncomfortable with that, talk to me and I will provide the info to them.

    Also, if anyone had and [sic] video cameras in the area, please check to see if there is any footage of him walking with people following or anything.”

    Another commenter “AK” responded about the cameras.

    “There is video camera on the back of the McGill row condos and I heard men’s voices very early Sunday morning. I was too groggy to know what time but I would reach out to the management company of the condos.”

    Hope that helps.

    1. Author

      Thank you for pointing those out. I saw them but I came to the conclusion that the Seth family knew there were two suspects from a surveillance tape, not from the online comments, because the first time we hear about the surveillance tape is during the same press conference where his parents discuss knowing it was two suspects.

      And yes, the comment about men’s voices is certainly interesting if it was around the time Seth was shot. I would be more interested to know if the police grabbed the video.

  2. How can anyone really trust anything that’s said in a case like this? We know the government lies, the police lie, people lie (even so-called witnesses and people who claim to be family members), false evidence can be created, a trial can even be held and an accused person can be convicted with no true evidence or witnesses at all, all designed to fit a scenario that suits some particular purpose. False evidence can be presented while true evidence is hidden. We know this because it has happened over and over again.

  3. Excellent compilation!!!!

    1) I found a neighborhood posting site where a resident of Bloomingdale neighborhood said he had heard the victim (Seth Rich) had died. It was posted at 8:57am 7/10/16. People were also complaining that the street lights were out (due to the construction?). That would debunk the “ER surgeon” story?

    2) In the article on 6/14/16 they announced the DNC was hacked in late April, yet the last date of the DNC emails was 5/25/16. Are they really that incompetent? Or just hope people aren’t paying attention?

    1. Author

      That’s an excellent catch on the DNC breach they admitted to vs. the date of the last DNC emails!

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