IC Chart

In the last few days I created a U.S. Intelligence Community chart because let’s be honest, I had no idea how the IC was organized.  It’s far from perfect and I didn’t include everything when it comes to each federal executive department.  I concentrated on the intelligence agencies, which department they fell under, and how they tied into the Office of National Intelligence.  I tried to list the head of each department and/or agency (past and current).  Please tweet me at @jimmysllama if I have anything listed that needs to be corrected.  The gist of my understanding is that there the intelligence agencies that fall under a number of federal executive departments as you can see in the chart (minus the CIA) but it is the Director of National Intelligence (who is currently Daniel Coats) that oversees them.  I don’t think that means the DNI can hire and fire within each agency but no quotes there.  This has been a YUGE learning process for me.  I also added some of the bigger contractors used by the IC at the bottom.  If you click on “Contractors” the link will take you to an article with even more listed.

Essentially, I made this chart for myself so I could better understand what’s going on in the news, what comes up in my research, and what has and may come out in Vault 7 leaks.  I’ll be adding some “fun” stuff in the next week.  For the noobies, I hope this helps.  For you political veterans, please pass along if you think it will help others.


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