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FEBRUARY 24, 2017 – MARCH 1, 2017

DAY 20:  FEBRUARY 24, 2017

Interestingly, today brought us back to the very first clue that Wikileaks dropped on February 4, 2017—the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.  @AnonScan tweeted a link to a article that discussed how 50,000 new samples from seed collections around the world were deposited at Svalbard, including 15,000 reconstituted samples that were returned from The International Center for Agricultural Research (ICARDA).  Here’s the back story on ICARDA’s seeds:  The organization used to store its seed collection at its headquarters in Aleppo, Syria. However, they left Syria in 2012, relocated to Beirut, Lebanon, and shortly thereafter sent Svalbard a back up of their entire seed collection. According to, ICARDA’s seed collection became more and more difficult to access (for obvious reasons) so the organization decided to rebuild another seed collection in Morocco.  However, in order to rebuild it ICARDA needed some seeds back from Svalbard. That request to Svarlbard came from ICARDA in September, 2015, which takes us back to a few days when ICARDA returned the seeds they had taken out previously.

The other seeds that were deposited came from Benin, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, the US, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, and the UK.  Anyone else getting that feeling that someone knows something that we definitely should know? As for Svalbard, it is funded by Norway but is managed by Crop Trust.  If you want to know who sits on the Executive Board go HERE.  If you want to see who the Donor Council members are go HERE.  For anything else, go to  Okay, back to @AnonScan’s tweet.  Besides posting the link to the Svalbard article, they wrote, “Ahhh, those #CopyCats on #DoomsDay and Seed #Vault.  Hmm. Another tweet that is mysterious at best for the joe schmoes out there like me.  Since I’ve been on this NSA “The Tunnel” kick, I’m going with this might be a reference to more documents that Wikileaks has received—or, the database where Wikileaks is storing Vault 7.  Again, who knows.

@AnonScan also tweeted a link to a Sputnik News article entitled, “Mysterious #Vault7:  What Secrets in Wikileaks Due to Release?” with a cheeky message that read, “…#ItsTime to release, or?”  My response?  Yes, @AnonScan!  Yes, of course, we want you to release! Fingers crossed they heard me.  But back to the article.  In it, journalist Diana Johnstone was quoted as saying, “We know that the United States and the CIA in particular are notorious for intervening in elections all over the world.  There is nothing surprising about that.” The article also mentioned the “Chinese Ambassador private, off the record set up for meeting with Clinton campaign during run up to US election,” the Ecuadorian elections, and WS analyst Charles K. Ortel’s thoughts on Vault 7.  His guesses about what’s “inside” included HRC’s missing emails, who really hacked the DNC, the Clinton Foundation, Weiner’s laptop, and the mysterious 7th Floor group.  The article included a picture of this adorable Wikileaks truck:


Moving on.  @AnonScan was nice enough to let us Google users know (I know, I hate myself for using it) that Google may have been compromised today and that a Google researcher recently discovered a massive web leak that has to do with  CloudFlare.  If you’re not a Google user then no worries unless you’re still using Facebook. According to another article posted by @AnonScan, Facebook had a major interruption in their service today and you’ll have to read the story yourself to believe how shady it sounds.


A few more tweets went out that I did not understand at all.  This one because the video is in spanish and no hablo espanol and a few about Congressman Robert Pittenger and Michael S. Smith II.  And then we had the CNN stories about the FBI investigation into Trump’s associates communicating with the Russians, the White House asking the FBI to “publicly knock down media reports” about those alleged communications, the FBI’s refusal to do so, and, ultimately,  CNN’s hysterical and apparently fake news reporting about the whole thing. Omg, seriously?

Okay, now for your fun fact of the day before I move onto Palantir Tech.  Did you know that the artwork on the face of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault was created by artist Dyveke Sanne and it’s called “Perpetual Repercussion.”  Yeah, I know.  Crazy.  Read more about it HERE.  And I lied about moving onto Palantir.  Two more things I want to mention before moving on:  First, I know I’ve been pointing out Mossack Fonseca almost from the get go and that I think it’s going to play a huge part in Vault 7.  I’m not changing my mind, it’s just that things have changed since @AnonScan posted videos of Assange videos HERE and HERE.  I think Mossack and the Panama Papers are still going to play a roll, it’s just that it might not be about actual offshore accounts.  Rather, it might just be about the suppression of documents and who’s doing the suppressing (unless, of course, Assange got his hands on the Mossack Fonseca data which would be super juicy—he did say they were good at processing the data, just not good at releasing it).  Second, I can’t tell you enough times to please visit and read about his case.  I know, I know, everyone’s busy.  For those of you with really limited time read this (below).  Just this. That is literally how ludicrous the accusations are against Assange.  Are you beginning to wonder why Sweden, the U.S., and possibly other countries find him so dangerous?


Alright, alright, I promised Palantir.  So either yesterday or the day before @AnonScan retweeted an article from The Intercept entitled, “How Peter Thiel’s Palantir Helped the NSA Spy on the Whole World.”  I know, what’s Palantir, right?  Well, according to their website they “make products for human-driven analysis of real-world data,” annnnd essentially what that means is that they make products that help the government spy on you.  As for Peter Thiel, you may have guessed it already that he’s the guy behind Palantir along with Alex Karp and Joe Lonsdale.  But before we go any further I’m going to add that I didn’t read The Intercept’s entire article.  It’s long.  And incredibly detailed.  And probably worth putting aside extra time to read it—if I had some.  What I do know is that the title of the article reflects its content.  Indeed, Palantir “helped expand and accelerate the NSA’s global spy network,” specifically through programs like XKEYSCORE.  Described by The Intercept as “one of the most expansive and potentially intrusive tools in the NSA’s arsenal,” XKEYSCORE is able to capture “nearly everything a typical user does on the internet.”

Tell me you’re at least a little creeped out by now, yes?  No?  Well then take a look at the list of of things XKEYSCORE can do or capture (list taken from the article):

  • emails
  • chats
  • web-browsing traffic
  • pictures
  • documents
  • voice calls
  • webcam photos
  • web searches
  • advertising analytics traffic
  • social media traffic
  • logged keystrokes
  • computer network exploitation targeting
  • intercepted username and password pairs
  • file uploads to online services
  • Skype sessions
  • IP addresses
  • financial transactions
  • names
  • conversations
  • travel records
  • “…and more.”

Listen, I realize that Snowden dumped a ton of stuff years ago and this should come as no surprise but, I think for many people, including myself, we knew in the back of our minds this was happening but it seemed too surreal to comprehend.  Well, I don’t know about anyone else out there but this is some serious f*cking intrusion and surveillance going on and the last few weeks have been enlightening to say the least.  Time to put some masking tape on my iPhone too.  Or maybe I can find someone  who can turn on my camera-less, analog phone from 1996.  Ugh. I’ve divulged way too much about my paranoia.  Let’s move on.

So how did Palantir become involved in the spy industry?  The article states that it was through a 2008 competition at VisWeek where Palantir dazzled the UK’s intelligence agency, GCHQ, with their product and *voila!* within two years, “documents show that at least three members of the “Five Eyes’ spy alliance…were employing Palantir to help gather and process data from around the world.” How the alliance acquires data can also include hacking into or infecting with spyware closed or private sources.  Let that sink in.

There’s so much more in the article including how Palantir made XKEYSCORE “more intelligible — and thus much more effective” and technical stuff that I don’t understand so I really suggest that you read it yourself.  In the meantime, there’s one more thing I want to point out about Palantir and it has to do with Wikileaks.  First and foremost, I tweeted out earlier a Palantir presentation and I said it was pitched to the U.S. government.  It wasn’t and I’ve taken the tweet down.  My apologies for the mistake. It was actually a U.S. bank that wanted to take Wikileaks down and, without having a lot of time to look into the story, I’m cheating and totally using this blog post for details. So please, realize that some of these details may not be 100% correct or even 1% accurate.  I hope they are, but no guarantees.  Ok, with that said, sometime in November, 2010, Julian Assange came out and said he was going to expose a major U.S. bank.  The blog post stated, “This was no idle threat.  Back in January, Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer…turned over two CDs to Assange at a London press conference.”  You may recognize that name because Wikileaks tweeted about him and I added the link to my blog.

Anyways…yadda, yadda, yadda, Bank of America started freaking out over Wikileaks’ upcoming document dump so they brought in Booz Allen Hamilton (Snowden and Harold Thomas Martin III used to work for them) and Hunton & Williams to formulate a game plan.  Hunton & Williams’ game plan?  Get a hold of Palantir, HBGary, and Berico Technologies STAT and ask them how to take out Wikileaks.  That’s were this presentation comes in that I attached to my earlier tweet.  The PDF is a presentation that Palantir gave to Hunton & Williams and its chocked full of ideas on how to take down Assange.  The plan included:palantir1


Yeah, so there’s that.  And THEN I went to Wikileaks and started searching “Palantir” within the HBGary emails and came across stuff like this within minutes:




Folks, I’m sure there is so much more here and if I get the time I’ll dig further.  Until then, let me leave you with this:  Peter Thiel, the guy behind Palantir, has also been advising Trump.  So…um.  Yeah.

FEBRUARY 25 – 27, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone.  Today, I’m actually going to cover this past weekend plus Monday, February 27th in one post in case you missed things like the Assange float down in New Orleans, “The Source” opera, or Ian Welsh’s article, “The Press is Trump’s Enemy, Not the Left’s Friend.”  I’ll still be updating later today, as well (if time permits).

I’m definitely starting this out with the “Down the Rabbit Hole” float seen at Mardi Gras because  a. The float is amazing and b. So is the city of New Orleans. Everyone should experience “the Gras” at least once in their lifetime.


But moving on to the more serious stuff, there were three or four tweets that stood out to me over the course of the last few days more so than others (just personal bias I’m sure). The first one was a video of Julian Assange’s attorney, Jennifer Robinson, that was posted by both Wikileaks and @AnonScan, in which she discussed at length Assange’s situation with MSNBC’s Keir Simmons.  Some of the highlights included the ongoing grand jury investigation against Assange, U.S. espionage charges against him (“of unprecedented size and scale”), and U.S. refusal to give the Assange team literally any information regarding the investigation.  Robinson also talked about how they have repeatedly offered to negotiate with the DOJ if the agency would “show their hand,” but, again, they’ve received literally nothing in response. Another really important point that she brought up about Assange’s asylum that was granted by Ecuador in 2012 but may be revoked after the Ecuadorian presidential election in April was this (to watch the whole video go HERE, also go to

“That is a sovereign act of Ecuador to provide that international protection and it shouldn’t be playing politics with, you don’t change asylum protection just because of a change of government.  That is a grant of status which is relevant to his persecution and that ought to remain the same irrespective of the government.”

The second tweet that stood out was a link to an Ian Welsh article entitled, “The Press is Trump’s Enemy, Not the Left’s Friend.”  In my humble opinion, it’s a powerful statement about fake news, who’s playing ball for whom, and the fact that Trump, the media, and the Intelligence agencies are not your friends. Period. Pleeeeease read.


The third thing that caught my eye (it was tweeted out today) was’s, “Why Palestine Never Became A Stable Country.”  And yes, I realize that many Republicans out there support Israel but hopefully all of you will take the time to read this (I know, I know, there’s a lot reading required to stay informed) and then follow it up with the Wikileaks document search that Wikileaks posted.  Things are not always what they seem and essentially the story is that, like the CIA supporting and arming the mujahideen in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Israel created Hamas to weaken the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).  Sounds implausible?  Don’t count on it.

Okay, the fourth thing that drew my attention was @AnonScan’s retweet of this:


Notice that @AnonScan includes “@DanielEllsberg”  If you’re familiar with the Pentagon Papers, the New York Times Company v. United States or Gravel v. United States then you’re on the right track.  Daniel Ellsberg, along with Anthony Russo, leaked the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times back in 1971.  Besides the Papers showing that the administration lied in front of Congress about what was happening in the Vietnam War, I’m not really sure what else is in there.  But I know it’s a lot.  You’ll have to do some digging on your own. But I will share a link to Edward Snowden’s foreword in the 2016 book, “The Assassination Complex,” where he writes about whistleblowing and guys like Daniel Ellsberg.  And maybe that’s the point of @AnonScan’s tweet—another nod to whistleblowers throughout history that have risked their lives expose the truth.

Since I don’t know much about the Pentagon Papers, you may be asking yourself why I would find this so interesting. Well, if you really want to know then buckle in because I’m about to digress a bit.  The simple reason is that when I hear “Vietnam War” two things come to mind (amongst other things):  The CIA and General Richard Secord.  If you’re not familiar with Secord, he’s one of the guys that was knee-deep in the CIA/heroin shenanigans during the Vietnam War after which he happily swan dived straight into the Iran-Contra affair.  That’s right, Secord was also one of the guys who helped organize the covert supply operation to Nicaragua’s Contras (for Boston bombers followers did you know that Officer John St. Onge owns a place in Nicaragua and was once allegedly caught at the airport with $50,000 taped to his leg? But that’s another story.)  And if you didn’t know already, Arkansas (ties to Clinton) was a crucial link in the Contra affair because men like Terry Reed and Barry Seal, both working for Oliver North, were doing things like performing drug drops at the Mena Airport and setting up a Contra training site ten miles north of the airport.

I’m not going to get into the whole Contra story because there are so many sites out there that have a lot of details about the whole sordid affair that I wouldn’t do the story or its facts justice.  As a whole, I’m going to stick to General Secord and the CIA, but before I move on, if you’re really interested in this stuff than you should also look into the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).  It plays a role in the next part of the story I’m about to tell.

So after the dust cleared on the whole Iran-Contra scandal, Secord was left without a Presidential pardon and a 1990 conviction for lying to Congress about “secret arms shipments to Iran and support for the Nicaraguan rebels” (he received two years’ probation, big deal).  If you think that got Secord out of the game, you’re wrong.  Very wrong.  I mean, let’s look at history here.  We’ve got the CIA/heroin/opiates/Golden Triangle debacle during the Korean War, the CIA/heroin/Laos operation during the Vietnam War, and the CIA/Iran/hostages/Contras/drugs op during the Reagan administration (again, for Boston bomber followers, Graham Fuller is given credit by many sources for the Iran-Contra idea).  If you think it stopped there, it didn’t.  A year after his conviction and the fall of the U.S.S.R., Secord boarded a plane headed for Azerbaijan to a. bribe the government to let him and his CIA cronies fly their “Mega Oil” plane in and out of the area b. recruit and fly in Afghan mujahideen to fight Russian-supported Armenians c. destabilize the Chechen area in an effort to stop Russian control over oil pipelines/future deals and d. transport heroin from Afghanistan and into the hands of the Chechen mafia—as well as into Russia and North America.

Again, for the Boston bombing folks, realize that it was shortly after Mega Oil arrived in Azerbaijan that the Boston bombers’ uncle,  Ruslan Tsarni, was running a non-profit organization that was hooked up with terrorist outfit, Benevolence International Foundation, out of CIA company man, Graham Fuller’s home. Yeah, so there’s that, too (if you want more information about Tsarni’s CIA ties goes HERE).  And remember I told you to remember BCCI.  BCCI bank was founded in 1972 by Pakistani Agha Hasan Abedi and it was where the CIA opened a handful of accounts in order to finance the Afghan mujahideen.  Unfortunately, this seems hardly surprising since the CIA was working mainly through ISI during the Afghanistan War.  Anyways, I’ve left out so many details of this very, very long story because one, boredom has probably set in for you and two, I’m not sure I’m making sense at this point so I’ll end this with one question:  “Has this operation really ceased to exist?” I mean, it’s hard to believe that the U.S. decided to call it quits after getting away with Korea, Vietnam, Iran-Contra and Mega-Oil. In fact, this whole drugs/weapons/financing rebels thing has been a continuous theme throughout contemporary U.S. history.  With that said, what else would I like to see come out of Vault 7?  For starters, the new banks and specific U.S. government players and/or contractors (besides HRC) that have been used to finance ISIS—because I’m certain that happened (or is happening).  Maybe that stuff is already in Wikileaks and I need to start plowing through more documents. Who knows.

Whew.  Okay, are you still there?

Let’s head back to Wikileaks/@AnonScan updates.  Another topic that came up on Saturday was the DNC’s new choice for DNC Chair (hasn’t that party collapsed yet?). Keith Ellison and Tom Perez were in the running and yes, both of them show up in Wikileaks’ docs—take a look HERE. Tom Perez ended up winning the saddest job in America and you can read more Wikileaks’ docs about him HERE where he’s soft on banks, HERE where he wanted to curtail Latino support for Bernie, and more HERE and HERE showing him working against Bernie and casting him “as candidate of whites to turn off minorities.”  And then top off all of this reading with a Perez video where he talks about how the primary election was “rigged” against Bernie Sanders—and then said it wasn’t.  Watch for, “It was just the transparency, it wasn’t the shit they were doing.” Haha, it’s a great video.

And speaking of Wikileaks’ documents, someone tweeted out that Wikileaks hadn’t “had a single new dump related to American politics” since Election Day.  Wikileaks was nice enough to oblige and posted three new dumps that had occurred since then.  If you missed them they are:

Moving onto surveillance, Wikileaks tweeted out a Politico article with a message that read, “Report that Spicer audited staff phones for press contacts.  But every phone is a microphone for the CIA+NSA & M16+GCHQ.” Indeed, the Politico article covered the story about Sean Spicer “cracking down on leaks coming out of the West Wing” by checking random phones of White House staffers but after quickly looking through the article, it appears that Politico failed to mention essentially what Wikileaks did—you can check all the cellphones you want and not find the leak because the leaks aren’t coming from the staff, they’re coming from the Deep (surveillance) State who are listening in on the phones.  At least that’s what I took Wikileaks’ tweet to mean.


Speaking of Spicer, these mysterious @AnonScan tweets went out on Saturday:


@AnonScan also retweeted a Guardian article from 2010 which is clearly relevant today:  Legal liability for leaked documents does not rest with Julian Assange but rather with those who leak documents and the U.S. for their security failures.  The article quoted Australia’s foreign minister at the time, Kevin Rudd as stating, “The Americans are responsible for that. I think there are real questions to be asked about the adequacy of their security systems and the level of access that people have had to that material over a long period of time…Maybe 2 million or so people having access to this stuff is a bit of a problem.”  And here we are, folks, in 2017 and how many leaks and hacks has the U.S. government seen since that article came out?  Yeah. Exactly.


This all reminds me of the Assange video posted a few days ago by @AnonScan where Assange talks about how incompetent the Intelligence agencies are.  As a sidenote, I saw THIS article on the same website (it’s also six years old) which I found interesting.  It’s about “Operation Payback” and how Anonymous joined in on Wikileaks’ fight.  Okay, another side note about Anonymous while I’m on the topic. Remember my last post about Bank of America, Palantir, HBGary and Wikileaks etc.?  I don’t think I posted THIS before (my apologies if I’m repeating myself) and if I didn’t you should take a look.  It’s Wikileaks’ press release about the HBGary Emails and it gives the whole inside scoop on the whole Aaron Barr, HBGary, Barret Brown (journo) situation went down—including the fact that Aaron Barr, who appears to be a megalomaniac at best, tried to take down Anonymous.  Haha, I know, right? Again, check out the press release HERE.

On Sunday, Wikileaks also posted a fun little article about how Democrats and Republicans view Wikileaks.  And no, I have no idea if this is accurate or not.


Okay, I also saw more than a few tweets about the opera going on now in San Francisco called, “The Source.”  The production focuses on Chelsea Manning and according to the

“Within a fever-dream assemblage of Twitter feeds, news reports, declassified video and court testimonies, four singers expose the media hysteria surrounding Chelsea Manning, who infamously leaked hundreds of classified documents.”

As Wikileaks put it, the opera is a “Powerful take on identity and honor.”  You can watch the trailer HERE. Someone on Twitter suggested that all of the opera posts might be pointing to Assange being out of the embassy and maybe in the States.  I mean, anything’s possible right? But do I think he’s in the States?  Nah. I mean, maybe. But nah. Anyhow, I suggested that maybe the opera’s song lyrics might point to Vault 7 clues (or the Surveillance State we live under) but I’m not sure.  If you head to you’ll find the songs used in the production and better still, the website includes the Wikileaks documents that they refer to.  Wikileaks also posted a link to which provides “an easy way to search through the Iraq and Afghan War Diaries.”  So if you can’t make it to San Francisco anytime soon, and Wikileaks War Diaries is a great alternative.

The Wikileaks Art Force also tweeted out two things that I found interesting.  One was this video where “Transparency and democracy literally a joke to the US State Department.” The other was a photo of the “Anything to Say” bronze sculpture showing Assange, Manning, and Snowden (I love it!).  The work was inspired by Charles Glass and completed by artist Davide Domino who “believes in the power of Public Art.” The work was first unveiled in Berlin and for more information or to learn what the fourth empty chair represents go to


And speaking of the arts, @AnonScan pointed out that Oliver Stone’s movie, “Snowden” was not nominated for an Oscar and they asked, “We Wonder Why?”  Folks, if you haven’t seen the film, please do so.  Personally, I watched Snowden a week or two ago and am now slowly getting through CitizenFour by watching about twenty minutes of it day.  You do what you can to inform yourself with the time you have, am I right?


And if you didn’t know that Donald Trump publicly spoke out about his feelings on the Oscars a few years back, oh, he did.  And it was amazing:



Another sidenote to an earlier post:  @Anonscan posted more information about that CloudFlare leak.  Go HERE.

FEBRUARY 28, 2017
(some of this below are posts from yesterday)

Okay, sorry I’m just getting to more updates from yesterday. And I know I’ve said pointed this out before but here’s a gentle reminder:  I realize that very few hints are being dropped these days with the hashtag #Vault7 so sometimes I feel like I’m regurgitating the news for you.  I’m not trying to bore anyone but I do think that Wikileaks and @AnonScan have their reasons for posting what they do and perhaps it will give us further context as to what’s coming down the pipeline. So yeah, I’m as giddy as the next person when we get a new hint and anxiously awaiting the next one but until more hints drop my guess is that staying on top of the major topics these accounts bring up will help us in the end (on top of learning what’s happening in the real world!).

Ok, real world issues.  Trump said he’s going to ask Congress for a $54 billion increase in the U.S. military budget.  So there’s that.


We also had more fake news about Assange because Jeff Bezos (Amazon, Google, what the * is going on in the suburbs of MA and robots?, multi-billionaire, Clinton Foundation donor ) and the Washington Post suck.


Wikileaks and @AnonScan also sent these out about Lynn Forester De Rothschild:


So what do I know about Ms. Forester De Rothschild?  Well, according to Wikipedia (the source for all legit news), she’s an “American-British businesswoman who is the chief executive officer of E.L. Rothschild…an independent wealth management firm.” In addition to being a trustee at the John McCain Institute, she is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the director of the Economist Group, and is married to her third husband, Evelyn de Rothschild.

As for Wikileaks documents, it looks like she first showed up in a December 5, 2007, email which was about a quaint dinner party she was attending along with guests John Podesta, George Soros, Lewis Cullman, Gail Furman, and Donald Sussman.  So that’s fun.


She’s also a big donor to the democratic party but in 2008 she supported John McCain over Obama.  She’s been on emailing terms with Hillary since at least 2009, but probably doesn’t realize that Hillary isn’t the one always responding to her emails. She pals around with Tony Blair every once and awhile (unless Hillary thwarts the plans), she doesn’t like it when the opposition tries to “undercut Hillary’s reputation for honesty” and she once held a reception and book signing for David Brock’s release of “Killing the Messenger” at her home in New York City (see attachment in Podesta email 47053).


Interestingly enough, Rothschild sent this tweet out six days ago:


Is it just me or does this seem way over the top to put out publicly?  I mean, she’s not that much of an idiot to not realize that Hillary kind of brought down the campaign herself, right?  And “destroyed a great family?”  Wow, that’s all Podesta’s fault? Come on.  Now, if she’s referring to Pizzagate in that little message of hers than yeah. Podesta’s emails will *hopefully* end up screwing over a lot of people.  So maybe, yes, she just wanted to shift the blame to anyone else but Hillary in typical liberal fashion but personally, I’m reading this tweet like, “She’s trying to distance herself. She knows the ship’s going down and she’s trying to save her ass.”

Okay, so outside of the McCain Institute, the only other thing I have on Rothschild (without doing a whole lot of digging) is this:  Remember when Google donated their plane to Bill Clinton for his 2015 Kenya trip? Rothschild was on the plane during that trip as was Jay Jacobs, Liz Robbins, and Marcy Simon.  I know this isn’t going to make anyone feel good so don’t kill the messenger.  If you’re not familiar with Jay Jacobs, he was the NY Democratic Party Chairman until he resigned, I believe, in 2012. Besides being a Clinton Foundation donor, you’ll find him and his own personal blog on the Foundation’s website.  What does he do?  He’s the CEO of TLC Kids Group—a company that “owns and operates three sleep-away camps in update New York and Pennsylvania, four day camps on Long Island, and a day school.  I know, I vomited a little in my mouth, too.  But there’s more.  He’s the founder of SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education—didn’t this used to be called Summer Camp Opportunities Provide and Edge?) and chairs the “Project Heal the Children.”  Plus, the TLC Kids Group likes to dabble in politics. During the 2016 Presidential cycle alone the organization donated over $249,000 to Democratic campaigns. Other camps affiliated with Jay Jacobs include the Hampton Country Day Camp and North Sea Day Camp.


So listen, Jay Jacobs may be a great guy (or not!) but a word of advice to anyone remotely related to the Clintons or Podestas—DO NOT run any businesses, organizations, or for God’s sake overnight camps that involve children. Just don’t. If you’re innocent of any and all crimes against children then I suggest you sell that shiz and move on. Seriously.  Consider that a Business 101 tip.

As for the John McCain Institute I need more time to dig, sorry, guys!

Moving on, I don’t know if you guys have seen all the tweets going out about the Panama Papers (with the hashtag #cashinvestigation) but I’m telling you, it’s on, baby!  I have a feeling some people are going down.  First, there’s a new documentary coming out called, “The Last Secrets of the Panama Papers.”  Most of @AnonScan’s tweets about this are French videos but if you know a little French you might be able to piece it together or hop on (dare I say it) Google translate.  Ugh. I feel like such a traitor.  Anyways, @AnonScan put up videos here, herehere, and here, as well as posting this:


Snowden also sent out some tweets that were heartbreaking because, well, some people in this world are monsters.  If you’re able to help out this family I’m sure they would appreciate it:


@HelpSnowden also tweeted out this article about how the “FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier” which I thought and the last thing I think I’m going to post today (remember, there’s always more if you go to @Wikileaks or @AnonScan) is a retweet of this meme.  I saw it and was all like, “Omg, helloo Iran Contra.”


Okay, there’s another post out there that I haven’t dug into that much either and it’s @AnonScan’s robot post from today.  Interestingly, the company, Boston Dynamics, is a subsidiary of Google so I’m sure there are tons of juicy things to find there.  But alas, until I find more time you’ll have to wait for John McCain Institute, Escobar, and Boston Dynamics (US Army, Navy and DARPA contracts) updates.

MARCH 1, 2017

I want to start by returning to yesterday’s tweets about Lynn Forester De Rothschild and the John McCain Institute.  I happened to stumble upon the following information only because I was watching a video that claimed Ashton Kutcher’s efforts to help trafficking victims were less than, well, noble.  And here’s the thing, as of yesterday I had no idea that Kutcher’s organization was involved with companies like Google and Panatir until I tweeted out the video to the Twitter community asking them to confirm that, indeed, Kutcher’s intentions were not as they seemed.  Sure enough, someone was nice enough to respond with THIS article which described Kutcher’s organization THORN (a “digital anti-human trafficking software company) and the fact that Kutcher sits on the John McCain Institute’s board.

Here’s the full list of the companies that, as of today, work with THORN:


An archived view of THORN’s website show that there were some other companies involved too but are no longer; I don’t know if that’s because they dropped out or were bought out by companies that are still supporting THORN:


I checked out the website “” and I found that the registrar is Claire Schmidt (any relation to Eric Schmidt?) who used to work for the DNA Foundation located in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the address listed for the website is 6806 Lexington Ave., Los Angeles, California which takes us to this:


For those of you that didn’t know, the THORN organization was formerly known as the Demi and Ashton (DNA) Foundation that was founded back in 2009 and located at this same address.  Kutcher’s office for his film company, Katalyst Films, is also housed here as was Ritts/Hayden Inc. years ago—another video production company owned by Warren Grant.  As for the sign on the building that says “Bond,” apparently it’s an advertising agency but interestingly, it used to show up as a “Child Care Agency” on a cached page of

Even more interesting is the fact that an SEC filing shows that Zuckerberg Entertainment Network, Inc. a.k.a. Social Entertainment Network, Inc. a.k.a. Social Programming Network, Inc. was also listed at the Lexington address as late as 2013. Does the company have any relation to Mark Zuckerberg?  If it does I haven’t found the link yet but it seems strange Jason Goldberg, Shervin Pishevar, and Dan Rosensweig would use the name if he wasn’t.

I mean, maybe all of this isn’t a big deal but it does seem odd that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore would have an anti-child sex trafficking organization located at the same address as a bunch of movie and sound production companies.  I mean, isn’t Hollywood a huge part of the trafficking/abuse problem?  Ironic doesn’t cover any this.

And then you throw in McCain’s buddy, Lynn Forester de Rothschild who threw a 2015 book signing party for David Brock, the boyfriend of Comet Ping Pong’s owner, James Alefantis? I mean, come on.

But there’s more weirdness to the story.  Let’s start with McCain’s long-time campaign manager, Rick Davis. Rick Davis has been involved with McCain as early as 1999 (if not earlier), mainly because of McCain’s political career and Davis’ company, Davis-Manafort (Paul Manafort). Here’s the dealio:  When McCain founded the Reform Institute in 2001, Rick Davis was initially hired as a consultant and then was eventually appointed president of the organization and paid approximately $125,000/year.  Additionally, McCain hired 3eDC, a Davis-Manafort internet firm, to run his campaign website and oversee online fund raising.  None of this seems very newsworthy, does it?

Okay, well how about I throw in the fact that George Soros’ Open Society donated at least $50,000 to the organization?  No?  Okay, here’s where it starts to get weird…in a 2008 Politico article, journalist Ben Smith reported that, “Wealthy Democrats are preparing a four-month, $40 million media campaign centered on attacks on Sen. John McCain…And it will be led by David Brock…”  The article went on to say,

“But after a dinner Tuesday night at the Manhattan apartment of liberal megadonor George Soros, at which Brock and consultant Paul Begala laid out the group’s plans, Brock said his group now has commitments worth $7.5 million…”

Not only that, Brock wrote a book in 2008 entitled, “Free Ride:  John McCain and the Media,” and the Amazon blurb about it states,

“We live in a gotcha media culture that revels in exposing the foibles and hypocrisies of our politicians. But one politician manages to escape this treatment, getting the benefit of the doubt and a positive spin for nearly everything he does: John McCain. Indeed, even during his temporary decline in popularity in 2007, the media continued to support him by lamenting his fate rather than criticizing the flip flops and politicking that undermined his popular image as a maverick.”

I mean, why does this guy have such a hard on for McCain and why did Soros turn his back on him?  A 2008 Huffington Post article (aren’t they a front for Soros?) about the $40 million campaign against McCain cited Rick Davis as stating that Soros was a “‘liberal megadoner’ eager to ‘buy this election with [his] billions.'”  The article added that Davis said Soros was “willing to fund baseless left-wing smear campaigns” after which Huff Post promptly pointed out that Soros donated somewhere between $50,000-150,000 to McCain’s “Reform Institute” where Davis (at the time of the article) had previously worked.  Huffington Post was also quick to point out that the Open Society Institute “gave $300,000 in grants to various groups that were defending McCain’s campaign finance law against legal challenges to it.”

This all begs the question then why Soros started funding a $40 million campaign against McCain’s 2008 run—a McCain campaign that Lynn Forester de Rothschild dumped the Democrats for, no less. And don’t forget Rothschild had just had a private dinner with Soros and Podesta the year prior.  If we fast forward to 2009, Wikileaks shows that Rothschild had a close relationship with Hillary Clinton who, in return, has a close relationship with Brock’s “Media Matters. (2:40 mark).”  In 2010, George Soros came out and admitted he had been funding Brock’s Media Matters and in 2013, we had the whole Ukranian/ Russian/EU/Yanukovych debacle heating up which I’ll get to in a minute.  And then by 2015, Rothschild was hosting Brock’s book party.  If we add in the fact that during the 2016 election cycle Soros Fund Management donated to none other than John McCain and McCain’s passing along the “Dirty Dossier” earlier this year, things just look weird.

Without more time to dig, I’d venture to guess that Soros wanted McCain to play ball back in 2001 but he refused to do so until 2009, after he saw his former campaign manager of his Pueblo campaign office, Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, arrested for sexually assaulting a five-year boy.  According to, Bartleson had “faced similar allegations at least five times since 1982 without arrest” but I’m having trouble finding any other allegations against this guy.  If anyone can track down other criminal complaints for sexual assault or allegations against Bartleson let me know. Either way, this whole thing is just a theory of mine and McCain could have been involved with very bad things well before Soros came along in 2001.  But it’s not like blackmail isn’t the modus operandi of the FBI.  Just saying.  And isn’t it a tad bit interesting that Hillary’s BFF, Lynn, was meeting up with Soros and Podesta right before joining McCain’s campaign?  Hmm.

Okay, let’s head back to Rick Davis, Paul Manafort, and the Ukraine.  If Davis’ partner, Manafort, sounds familiar it’s probably because you’ve heard about him in the news as Trump’s former campaign manager.  In fact, Manafort’s lobbying group was also allegedly hired by Trump back in the 1980s and even Roger Stone is said to have worked with him.  In 2016, The Washington Post (ugh!) did a huge spread on Manafort’s firm and its ties to “corrupt dictators,” “arms dealers,” and “controversial investors.”  The Guardian also characterized Manafort’s past clients as “unsavoury,” while also noting that Manafort owns a condo in Trump Tower.  But what really caught the media’s eye during the 2016 Presidential election was Manafort’s ties to the Ukraine and, more specifically, Viktor Yanukovych.  You see, Manafort was behind the pro-Putin candidate’s 2007 political comeback after failing (by cheating) to win the 2004 Ukrainian presidency.  He eventually became president in 2010 but was ousted by a US-EU led coup in February, 2014, after he pulled out of an EU trade deal “under Russian pressure.”  Before Yanukovych fled the Ukraine, John McCaine had made several trips to Kiev and told protesters, “We are here to support your just cause.”

Another story that follows Manafort is one that involves Russian mobster and ogliarch, Oleg Deripaska.  In fact, Deripaska was apparently so criminally naughty (is that a term?) that he was banned from entering the US in 1998.  However, to make a very long McCain/Davis/Deripaska/Ukraine/Russia/Montenegro/Serbia story short (which you can read HERE), after both McCain was introduced to Deripaska, and Deripaska hired McCain’s pal, Bob Dole, and his lobbying partner in 2003 to push for a U.S. visa, Deripaska received a pass to enter the U.S. both in 2005 and 2009. Don’t forget, in 2008, McCain was also dealing with the Russians when he asked them to donate to his presidential campaign. Smh.  Folks, we haven’t even gotten to his Saudi connections yet or all the other threads we could follow here like Peter Munk, more of Manafort’s background, the fact that Manafort and Davis once screwed Deripaska out of millions in 2007 through a myriad of Panama companies including Mossack Fonseco shell firm, Cascado (or was it really money laundering?), and the fact McCain hung out at least once with Bill Clinton and “Air F*ck One” Ronald Burkle’s pal, Raffaello Follieri in September, 2008.  So much information, so little time.

As for some of the tweets that went out today:  Wikileaks put out an article about an “Ex-CIA agent won’t serve jail time in kidnapping case” and then linked to a Wikileaks Global Files document that pertains to the case.  Then they posted another article from The Guardian that looks likes (because sorry I didn’t read it yet) the U.S. put pressure on Italy to let their ex-CIA agent off the hook while one of Italy’s ex-intelligence chiefs was sentenced to 10 years for their role in the kidnapping of Abu Omar.  From the article blurb I saw, Glen Greenwald commented, “Such accountability for high-level government officials is inconceivable in the US.”  Hmm.  Indeed.

@AnonScan also posted two more tweets about Mossack Fonseca.  One was a #CashImpact video HERE and another was an article from the that discussed how members of the European Parliament are working on pushing through measures that would “prevent people from hiding away billions of taxable revenue as part of broader EU reforms to tackle money laundering and tax evasion.”  They also retweeted a link to a Youtube video I haven’t had time to watch yet but it looks good.  One person on Twitter wrote, “To understand what was done to @JulianAssange have a look at his appearance with Daniel Ellsberg pre-arrest.”  See the video HERE.

I’d write more about how I watched the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s “Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” because @AnonScan tweeted a link to the live hearing but I feel like punching my computer just thinking about what I heard during the session.  You can watch a recording of it HERE.  Oh, but some good news?  Manning’s fund has topped 100k while Snowden is cashing in on speaking arrangements and award.  Awesome!



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