Part 3: How Did Vault 7 Make Its Way to Wikileaks?

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Part 1:  Wikileaks:  Vault 7
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Part 3:
How Did Vault 7 Make Its Way to Wikileaks?

DAY 6:  FEBRUARY 9, 2017

On February 9, 2017, Wikileaks posted a picture of a woman placing a letter in a mailbox with the caption, “How did #Vault7 make its way to Wikileaks?” The photo, originally taken by the secret police of East Germany (STASI), was discovered by photographer Simon Menner after searching the Secret STASI archives.


What’s interesting about this photo is that George Soros’ Open Society Foundation has it uploaded to its website under, “Moving Walls:  Images from the Secret Stasi Archives.” It’s very telling in the sense that one has to wonder if Wikileaks is hinting that someone, either Soros or someone working for Soros, has leaked information to Assange.  I’m assuming it’s the latter.  But there’s more to this: Simon Menner, the artist who found this photo in the STASI archives, had an interesting motive for searching the archives in the first place.  His website (scroll all the way to the bottom) states, “Menner has dealt extensively with the subject of surveillance…” and “He was intrigued by the question of what the Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ sees when he has us under observation.”  It goes on to say,

“These photographs document the repressive measures taken by a totalitarian state in order to create terror and fear among the population. For Simon Menner, the banality of some of these images makes the horror he feels all the more poignant.”

How ironic then is it that this photographers’ photos are on Open Society’s website? Absurdly.  But then again Soros and Nazis seem to go hand in hand.  So essentially, this could still mean Wikileaks received information from someone inside the Soros empire, or it could be pointing to Edward Snowden who stole NSA documents and the U.S. government’s massive surveillance program.  Which, of course, (might) also bring us back to Google.

Take note, Wikileaks also posted a link to stating, “FBI refuses to release files on late Wikileaks’ director Gavin MacFadyen citing ‘law-enforcement proceedings.” Click on the link and it takes you to Muckrock’s attempts at requesting MacFadyen information and the federal government’s January 27, 2017 rejection letter.  In response to Muckrock’s request, the FBI stated,

“Material on Gavin Hall MacFadyen consisting of four pages…is located in an investigative file which is exempt from disclosure.”

“The records responsive to your request are law enforcement records; there is a pending or prospective law enforcement proceeding relevant to these responsive records, and release of the information in these responsive records could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

As many of you know, MacFadyen was Wikileaks’ director and Assange’s mentor.  You may also remember that he passed away on October 22, 2016 under what some deemed mysterious circumstances (it was rumored he died “at the hands of Evan McMullin, CIA operative”) and, to boot, Assange was banned from the funeral.  MacFadyen’s death came only mere days after Ecuador cut Assange’s internet connection in the embassy and after the London City Airport was evacuated due to a much underreported tear gas attack which caused panic and chaos throughout the airport (Assange escape? Hmm).  The bottom line?  The U.S. is still coming after Assange.

———— UPDATE FEBRUARY 22, 2017 ————

I wanted to go over the story  that I mentioned above about Assange’s internet being cut, etc. in more detail because I don’t know how many people are aware of when exactly all of these events took place and just how off the hook the month really was. *If I have any dates wrong please message me, I’ll correct it*

On September 26, 2016, John Kerry met with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and it was rumored that during this meeting Kerry requested that Ecuador cut Assange’s internet. He allegedly tried to pressure the government because Wikileaks was “interfering” with the U.S. election and yes, that level of hypocrisy is nauseating.  But I digress.  On Saturday, October 15, 2016, Pamela Anderson visited Assange and then hours later his internet was cut.  We didn’t hear from Wikileaks until Monday, October, 17th at which point they tweeted out that their internet had been cut.  Since that day forces behind the scenes have waged a Black-PR campaign to convince the public that Assange is dead in an effort to scare off whistleblowers and leakers.  On Tuesday, October 18th, the government of Ecuador released a statement that said they had, indeed, cut Assange’s internet access because they didn’t want him interfering in “external electoral processes.”  Then, on October 21st, the London City Airport was evacuated.  The very next day Gavin MacFadyen was taken out passed away.

Folks, that is an awful week.  Like, crazy awful.  There are so many scenarios I hope happened, like Ecuador was really working with Assange all along, Pamela Anderson is working with Embassy Cat on purr-veillance, the internet was cut to throw the U.S. off his trail, and the information Assange needed was passed along during the airport evacuation.  *Sigh*  A girl can dream.

Okay.  More about Day 6.

@AnonScan tweeted out a bunch of stuff including one tweet that encouraged others to come forward and submit official, secret, or unreleased documents to Wikileaks. Another one linked to’s webpage about Julian Assange’s upcoming events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Auckland.  They also reposted Wikileaks’ clue for the day and one observant follower noted that it was retweeted at 9:11am.  And no, I’m not going back to check the time of all of their other tweets but I’d definitely say yes to someone else doing it.  *Wink wink*


@AnonScan also tweeted out a link to some earlier video clips they had posted back on January 18.  Their message said, “#Vault 7 #Its Time  Still looking for clues  Did you examine some of our ‘older’ (videos)(clues)…  For a refresher on the four-part video clip go HERE.

We did get a new  video from @AnonScan and it was chocked filled with interesting stuff, all of which was set to Essex’s song, “America.”  Here’s the  video’s message with Essex’s lyrics underneath:

On 2nd Feb. we posted an “ALERT”-video for the simple, yet very important reason that we saw
A Bad Moon Rising.
We made that for a reason.

As you all know, it became a little chaotic 2 days later, when Wikileaks launched their Tweet concerning #Vault7

We have nothing but admiration for SAM and Wikileaks not to mention Whistleblowers in general.
(Flew out of London for the New York City
Ooh, look out boys a ’cause it looks so pretty)

We have always been Fighting for the Truth and Freedom of Speech so when that is endangered we act accordingly.

If you listened to the lyrics while watching the video, you have already observed that there is an intended “connection” between the same.
Just like our hints in the song you listen to right now, originally posted on 7th Feb. and our video concerning:
“We have the chance to Turn the Pages Over.”
(I’m in America, America-ca-ca, ahaha
Saw this nice man he came collect me from Kennedy
I said to DP is it New York City)

So maybe #ItsTime to rerun this video and listen again from the very beginning.

In example:
“Flew out of London”
“collect me from Kennedy”
“Well I really didn’t wanna go there”
“But the man said (you gotta go)”
“Watch out! America”

There’s more in that and other videos too.
(He said America, America-ca-ca, aha
We’re in America, America-ca-ca, ahaha
Well I really didn’t wanna go there
But the man said (you gotta go)
Said I really didn’t wanna go there)

Did you see the CAT-video
What does the cat (kitten) do?
Does it have a name apart from a Twitter-handle?
If not, what is the cat then?
A bit Anonymous maybe.

Anyway, we anticipate that you will all hear from Wikileaks within the next 7 hours.
The deal was once done. #ItsTime for compliance.
It is like a Contract.  For Both Individuals.
A testamony.  Another word for that is …
(‘Till I hit San Francisco)

…the keyword for #Vault7
The keyword will be
(Well I landed in the desert in Phoenix
Drove out to K.U.P.D.
Say I landed in the desert in Phoenix
With the sun shinin’ down on me
Hey now you know you’re in
America, America-ca-ca, ahaha)

(Anonymous Scandinavia displayed)
(Watch out!
America, black cadillac car
We’re in America, America-ca-ca, ahuha)

So what does the video mean?  First and foremost I think it’s about the deal Assange had with Obama to be extradited in exchange for Manning and Snowden pardons. The video also mentions their admiration for SAM, Wikileaks, and whistleblowers in general so I think this is a nod to the fact that Anonymous Scandinavia has partnered up with Wikileaks in the battle for Assange, Manning, and Snowden’s freedom—along with the fight to stop governments from persecuting others in the press, or leakers and whistleblowers.  Just a guess.

As to the other videos they mentioned (along with the songs) see the February 2nd video with “America” > HERE, the “Turn the Page” video > HERE, the David Essex song HERE, and the Embassy Cat video > HERE

—– end update —–

The video also mentions Embassy Cat and asks “What does the cat (kitten) do? Besides being the most adorable thing ever after a quick google search on Embassy this showed up:


Maybe they’re hinting that there will be distractions out there that will try to derail us from Vault7.  Or Embassy Cat may represent the NSA program (Embassy cat’s interest is in “counter-purrveillance,” she watches everything from the window), or maybe “CAT” is only part of a hint like  “Alley Cat” (which could allude to the dead drop, escape (this doc and others mention an alley behind the Embassy), back alley deals, Assange “homeless” after the elections).  Maybe it means “Cat and mouse” games, the terms “cat’s foot,” or “fight like cats and dogs” (Assange is willing to risk himself and fight to the bitter end to expose this information).

As to Embassy Cat’s other name can someone help me here? The only thing I have is WikiKitty.  Anyone else?  Please add your ideas in the comments.  Thanks!

In the video it also asked if Embassy Cat doesn’t have a different name then what is the cat?  They add, “A bit Anonymous maybe.”  I don’t know who runs Embassy Cat’s twitter, maybe it’s Assange.  Perhaps they mean that AnonScan is helping Assange through Embassy Cat’s accounts.  No idea.  Throwing that out there.

A very important thing to note here is the last lines in that video.  I think we’re being told that there was a deal made and someone is not complying with it. I think what this is saying is that no matter the outcome of the Ecuadorian elections, this information is going to be let out, the only question is who is going to release it?  Will the U.S. government follow through with the contract to release Vault7 or will Wikileaks’ hand been forced?


So far today Wikileaks hasn’t released anything similar to what we’ve seen in the past few days.  That’s not to say they haven’t tweeted out anything.  They put out links to a few articles and websites:

And @Anon Scan sent this out…more hints coming!



Wikileaks tweeted out four links today:

  • #TPP & #TTIP are not dead. They are now called #TiSA. (Links here and here and here)
  • “It shouldn’t take RT to point out when the BBC is spreading #FakeNews about the French election” (video link)
  • “Yet another sober cover from the Economist trying to bring about peace between the US & Russia (Lynn Rothschild)
  • “Wikileaks documents reveal how Obama lost the election-and a chance for change…” (link)

Meanwhile, @AnonScan sent this out:


Did anyone else just stand up and cheer in their living room?  I know I did.  You may remember the Congressional letter that was sent out January 27, 2017, asking Datto, Inc. to turn over a storage node that was used on HRC’s computer. THIS is what got turned over. Sooo juicy.

Updated February 12, 2017:  There’s also a bunch of tweets, retweets, and videos from @AnonScan that were interesting.  And what you have to understand is that most of the following were posted in response to the above tweet regarding Datto, Inc. and HRC’s server.  It looks like @AnonScan is either giving us a laundry list of the Clinton’s crimes or they’re telling us that the following information is on Datto, Inc.’s storage node. Or, obviously, both.  Take a look:




“But I think—and I say this with due respect—that I worry too much that Secretary Clinton is too much into regime change and a little bit too aggressive without knowing what the unintended consequences might be. Yes, we could get rid of Saddam Hussein, but that destabilized the entire region. Yes, we could get rid of Gaddafi, a terrible dictator, but that created a vacuum for ISIS. Yes, we could get rid of Assad tomorrow, but that would create another political vacuum that would benefit ISIS. So I think, yeah, regime change is easy, getting rid of dictators is easy. But before you do that, you’ve got to think about what happens the day after.”

At the end of the clip is a message which says, “2012 Hillary Clinton’s State Department approves $165 billion in weapons deals for Clinton Foundation donors. Again, this isn’t joke. This is in the Wikileaks documents.  Anyone beginning to realize how YUGE this is? This isn’t just about trafficking.  This is about child trafficking and pedophilia that is feeding the jihadists in the Middle East and HRC’s arms deals.  It’s one monster feeding another.  Okay, more videos posted that seem to involve Datto, Inc.:

  • A video clip with a split screen, one side HRC  ((Senator) the other Bush Jr. “If you never saw this, a video we posted wayback, here’s your chance. That’s a #CopyCat #Clinton never read the briefing.”  Watch the video—as you can see HRC, without blushing, simply pushed Bush’s agenda without bothering or caring about the facts. Anyone watch the Green Zone?  Sorry, I’ve digressed (kind of) but it’s a great movie about Iraq and the WMDs. It’s definitely not a documentary but for those of you that get bogged down reading dense reports and long articles, it at least gives you an idea of how things went down in Iraq.
  • A video clip showing both HRC and Bush Jr.  Here’s the content:
    Hillary:  Any vote that might lead to war should be hard but I cast it with conviction
    Bush Jr:  America is addicted to oil
    Hillary:  Iraq has one of the world’s largest customer bases in the entire Arab world (on the bottom of the screen it states “Clinton’s benefactor Exxon received major oil contracts).  It has one of the world’s largest supplies of oil and  so it’s time for the United States to start thinking of Iraq as a business opportunity”


  • A retweet of a tweet depicting Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein.  The tweet links to Gawker’s cache of flight logs from Epstein’s plane.  For those of you who are not familiar with Epstein a simple google search should bring up enough information to keep you busy for awhile. Bottom line is that Epstein is a convicted pedophile and Bill Clinton used to chum around with him on his private plane (and private island).


  • And this:
  • screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-23-38-amAnd this (Wasn’t the hashtag #payback before? Or something along those lines?


  • And this juicy one.  Wow. I’m not going to post the ten other tweets sent out with that hashtag so check it out on Twitter. There’s a lot there including a video clip of HRC that will make you want to punch your computer.


———- UPDATE:  FEBRUARY 22, 2017 ———-

  • And last but not least, a retweet of Ecuador’s press release that they, indeed, cut Assange’s internet so he would not interview with the U.S. election.  So I can only assume (never assume!) that Clinton was also behind Assange’s internet being cut? Let me go grab my shocked face, hang on, and then let me say this if I didn’t say it before, “OMG, if Hillary goes down in a fiery ball of destruction my head will explode from excitement.  Seriously.”


—– end update —–

@AnonScan also posted a stand alone tweet (not in response to the  Datto, Inc. tweet) that has a picture from apparently a U.S. Army presentation entitled, “Who is the Threat? Insiders.”  Of course you have your usual suspects like Manning, Snowden, and Petraeus. Who’s also on the list?  Hillary Clinton.  I’ve never seen this before and it’s shocking yet…not really shocking at all.  And FYI, this was originally tweeted back in August 2016. Anyone want to start plowing through old tweets?? (too late, I already did)


The last two tweets I’m going to post from @AnonScan that came out on Feb. 11 involved a letter and a Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca.  The letter, addressed to Jason Chaffetz  from Anonymous Scandinavia (Representative Mark Meadows was cc’d as was Trump, the FBI, HRC, and Obama) stated:


—– UPDATED FEBRUARY 22, 2017 —–

So besides the fact that I’m not a computer girl and I have no idea what “SuperUser change” means or the significance of the 26 days or even what “updating hosts” means, it’s interesting that a. this server is being stored in the Netherlands?? and b. it says that “we” are far from victory when it comes to Vault 7.  What?  Noooooo.

But we did get this juicy tidbit out of @AnonScan:


I mean, whaaa?  So Clinton’s server is probably, maybe, most likely the “main issue” of Vault 7?  Ugh, a Vault 7 Christmas can’t come soon enough.

—– end update —–

As for the second tweet about Mossack Fonseca, I’m not really sure what this is about besides money laundering through this law firm, Mossack.  A google search brings up articles and blog posts from as far back as 2005-2006, maybe earlier if I had time to dig more.  I may not be a computer girl but I’m definitely a Boston bombing girl so one of the first things I searched was “mossack fonseca” + “ablyazov.”  Sure enough, we come up with shell company Cascado AG which was set up by Mossack Fonseca.  For those of you that have been following my Frank Giustra/Uranium/Ruslan Tsarni blog post here’s a hint about Part 4 (if I ever get that thing finished!):  Latvians Erik Vanagels and Stan Gorin set up Cascado AG and its these two men, along with Mossack Fonseca and others that seemed to have had their hands in every international money laundering scheme in the past few decades.  One of their companies Milltown Corporate Services Ltd. is what concerns me in regards to Mukhtar Ablyazov.  Long story. But if you’re interested in learning more about Vanagels and Gorin search their relationship with the Ukraine, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, or even the CIA (Elite LLC).

But back to Mossack Fonseca.  As the firm relates to the Clintons it doesn’t appear that it has direct connections to them But that doesn’t mean there aren’t connections.  There definitely is.  You can start with this google search and see what you can find.  I’m sure like many of you, I’m thinking, Vault 7 information is going to be an intricate spider web of powerful people connected through multiple shell companies.  One article to read which may hold some answers is the’s “Why was John Key Singled Out by Panama Papers Hacker?.”

UPDATED FEBRUARY 14, 20117: Also check out this video about the Panama Papers or go to this web page filled with documents.

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