Sidebar Music: Day Five

Because sometimes you just need a break from the heavy stuff:

@gailwaterhouse, I swear, tried to use the word “smirkle” in this tweet:
“Piano music pumped in to drown out whatever the lawyers are discussing in sidebar, makes some jurors smkle.”  I’m totally using this word dozens of times in the upcoming weeks.

@GarrettQuinn:  “Real tempted to Shazam this piano song playing in the court during sidebar.”

@MiltonValencia:  “Think Charlie Brown.  That’s the music genre O’Toole is playing.”

@Laurel_Sweet:  “#Tsarnaev massages his chin as piped in jazz piano music entertains the packed courtroom.  Perhaps some Coldplay next time?”

@MiltonValencia:  “O’Toole playing his signature jazz music during a sidebar conference.  Jurors seem to like it.”

@AlyshaNECN:  “During this sidebar, the courtroom is filled with some jazz music, putting smiles on some jurors’ faces.”

@toviasmithnpr:  “Judge plays jazz music so jury can’t hear.  Feels like transported from court to piano bar.”

@hollybdc:  “All the while, smooth jazz fills the courtroom.”

@JimArmstrongWBZ:  “Back from lunch – right to sidebar…Cue the piano.”

@hollybdc:  “Judge in courtroom, immediately calls for a sidebar with attorneys.  Smooth jazz plays.”

@Courtartist:  “Is that Bill Evans playing during #Tsarnaev bench conference?”

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