Let’s Talk About Ruslan

We’ve all read the stories about “Uncle Ruslan,” his mysterious jobs, dubious connections to the CIA and the potential role he played in the crime perpetuated against the city of Boston on April 15, 2013.  But how accurate are these stories?  Have conspiracy theorists simply taken bits of unrelated information and transformed them into some seemingly meaningful and incriminating story?  Or was (and maybe still is) Ruslan involved in the black shadow underbelly of the US government?  Or perhaps Ruslan’s been playing for the Russians?  A deeper look at the history surrounding Ruslan Tsarni –

Ruslan was born in 1971.  He is from the former Soviet republic Kyrgystan and graduated from the Law School of Kyrgz State University in 1994.  A year before that Ruslan worked at Energy Allience, LLP.  In 1993 the company was registered in Kakzakhstan, the same year Kazakhstan launched a major program of mass privatization (and yes, USAID played a part, we’re getting there).  At one point it seems the company sold and traded random electronic items.  One website categorized Energy Allience, LLP’s under, “agricultural raw materials and live animals,” “other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores,” and “wholesale of other machinery and equipment.”  Live animals?

But according to website 34551.com and a few others the company profile for Energy Allience, LLP states that the, “company has been involved since 1993 in upstream and downstream business in oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan and Russia.  The key trading activities were relating to export crude oil and oil products to Europe.  The business partners are Vitol, Glencore and Euroasian.”  The website lists Ruslan Tsarni as the business owner and it appears the company is still active.

Searches turn up almost nothing about Energy Allience, LLP  but its business partners are a bit intriguing:

First, Vitol Group is a Swiss-based, Dutch-owned energy and commodity trading company.  Last year alone theyVitol raked in $307 billion.  Yeah.  Billion.  Eh, mere pennies when we’re talking crude oil, right?  So in 1993, when Ruslan started up his company what was Vitol doing?  Oh, the usual.  Selling a sh*t ton of “slop oil” to Pakistan (Remember when Saddam blew up Kuwait’s oil wells?  Yup, that oil except it was contaminated with sand and salt), while later they threw kickbacks to Saddam Hussein in 2007.  They got involved in a little price-fixing around 2012 and much, much, more.  Did I mention Vitol is the largest trader of oil in the world?  And  Ruslan’s Energy Allience, LLP was playing ball with them?  Hmm.

Marc Rich
Marc Rich

Second, Glencore, founded by business tycoon Marc Rich is another company that was allegedly involved with kickbacks with Iraq.  Described as ruthless and cunning by some, “just an honest guy” by others,  this guy has a history longer than the Mexican border.  He started out as a trader in burlap-sacks (apparently no joke) and eventually moved into metals and oil.  A lot of oil.  This guy did business with everyone, embargo or not.  But unlike Vitol, Glencore, Vitol’s number one competitor today, didn’t run a squeaky clean ship.  Rumors pegged Rich as a  Mossad operative.  Even Israel admitted to utilizing his help in the past.  He’s been tied to the Russian mob through his previous relations with the London-based Trans-World and his unscrupulous dealings in South American mining (don’t forget his paramilitary goons) put him in hot water with humanitarian groups.

But the most infamous tale about Marc Rich was back in 2001 when President Bill Clinton pardoned Rich and his partner in crime, Pincus Green, after they were both indicted in 1983  on 65 criminal charges, including tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering and trading with Iran during an oil embargo (during the Iran hostage situation).  Rich and Green avoided prosecution by fleeing the US after which good ol’ President Clinton pardoned both of the fugitives.  Here’s the kicker:  In order to secure the pardon, the Justice Department was kept out of the loop.  Nice.  This all was, of course, after Rich donated $450,000 to Clinton’s presidential library.  Double nice.  In 2013, Marc Rich died in Switzerland a very free and very, very rich man.

This is all, of course, very intriguing if indeed Ruslan’s “off the radar” company was involved with these big oil companies, especially Glencore.  But one or two websites that mysteriously elude to a partnership hardly makes a worthy case.  Perhaps one day someone will be able to dig up a little more information on Energy Allience, LLP and put this all to rest.

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