Silver Spring Ties: Part Three

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Another interesting thing to note besides the property located on Walden Road is Christina Reichel herself. In 2001, the media quoted identified her as the neighbor of John Walker Lindh. Remember him? No?  Okay, here’s the short version:  He is an American, nicknamed “American Taliban,” who US forces captured as an enemy combatant in Afghanistan back in 2001. He was then involved in a prison uprising which left pretty much everyone dead, including a CIA agent, minus Lindh and a hand full of prisoners.   Yadda, yadda, yadda, the US government and Lindh agreed to a plea bargain which sentenced  him to be gag-ordered and imprisoned for twenty years.  Where does Reichel fit into the story? After Lindh was captured, the media interviewed his neighbors including her. You know the drill: “What was he like?” “Are you surprised?” “Was he a complete psycho when he lived here?” According to the The Washington Post, Reichel stated,

“Both Frank Lindh and Marilyn Walker were ‘very well-educated and intellectual’….I’d describe the whole family as intellectually curious, very thoughtful and very philosophical, always interested in new ideas.'”

And this from Mercury News:

“I would describe them as very independent thinkers…they had what I would call – Marilyn more than Frank – a more bohemian lifestyle. They were too old to be hippies, but they were more casual, more eclectic than most.”

And from

“Christina Reichel of Silver Spring, Md…said that even after hearing every fact of the case laid out again and again in the media, she was ‘bewildered and sad…It’s hard to understand how such a nice, normal all-American kid like the John I knew could end up fighting other Americans,’ she said.  ‘Unfortunately, in this case he picked the wrong side, and so some penalty is appropriate.'”

Picked the wrong side indeed.  And an all-American kid?  He converted to Islam by the time he was sixteen and was training overseas in Afghanistan by the time he was nineteen.  I mean, does she mean that she never saw an al-Qaeda training camp in the backyard of his Maryland home when he was eight?  And frankly, is it me or does Reichel’s description of her neighbors seem extraordinarily detailed ? Sounds like she knew these people quite well. But none of this really proves anything.  Just something to note.


So besides Alvi Tsarnaev and Dr. Khassan Baiev, with all of his political ties with people like Ilyas Akhmadov and Nicholas Daniloff (for a full review go HERE), who else stayed at the Walden home? Records show that not only Ruslan Tsarni stayed there but someone by the name of Khozhuk Khozhugov did as well—Khozhugov is most likely a relative of both Ruslan’s second wife and Ailina Tsarnaeva’s ex-husband,  Elmirza Khozhugov.  Honestly, I believe that Khozhuk Khozhugov is the same person as Elmirza but I have no solid evidence. Anyone want to start digging around?

Back to Christina Reichel.  She once helped write an article in 1998 for Chechnya Weekly (for fun google Chechnya Weekly’s U.S. political ties) about Chechen genocide which, again, begs the question of how did she got involved in Chechnya’s fight?  I mean, essentially what we have here is a Reichel and Ellis, who were a couple back in the early 200s, and who opened their home to Chechen refugees including one Dr. Khassan Baiev who, incidentally, took the Tsarnaevs into his home when they came to the states.  Fast forward to a 2010 online wedding announcement for Reichel’s niece which shows that Reichel and Ellis attended the wedding together.  And as of 2011, online postings by both both of them could be found on military and rental sites advertising room rentals for the Walden Road property.  Furthermore, a posting on Facebook in 2012 by Ellis shows him asking someone to contact him at the phone number listed for the Walden property.

With this in mind is it possible that for whatever reason, Reichel and Ellis became a Chechen sympathizers who somehow became involved with some of the biggest and most powerful Chechen political players from Aslyan Maskhadov’s government?  And is it possible that people like Lyoma Usmanov, Khassan Baiev, Zarema Mazaeva and Andrey N. Suvorov were related to Ruslan Tsarni and Alvi Tsarnaev merely because they had all rented out a room from the couple at one point or another?  Is it possible that these businesses, military ties, and organizations are not connected to the Tsarnaevs in any way because that would be kinda…nuts.  Sure it is.  Absolutely.  No need to get crazy hysterical all up in here.  Is it safe to assume  we can rule out the conspiracy theories and agree that Alvi Tsarnaev, Ruslan Tsarni and Elmirza Khozhugov were merely tenants at Walden Road property, nothing more, nothing less?

We could.

But then there’s….this.



Now I’m not saying this proves anything but is it just me or do the Tsarnaevs, as political refugees here in the States, have the most unusual political ties you’ve ever seen?  And not to make things more weird but Larry Ellis had been married during this time period, as well.  His divorce was finalized only a few years ago.  So what gives?  When did Christina marry Alvi?  Was it after Dr. Baiev’s book which could potentially indicate Reichel and Ellis broke up, they both got married to other individuals, then divorced, and then got back together again?  Yup, totally possible.  Or does anyone else get the feeling that maybe Ruslan Tsarni’s marriage to CIA strategist Graham Fuller’s daughter and Alvi’s marriage to Reichel were simply arranged marriages to get them citizenship here in the US?  Isn’t that illegal?  And why?  Why would Fuller and his daughter go that far out of their way to help Ruslan Tsarni?  The same question goes for Reichel?  What’s the angle there?

If there even is one.

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