Boston Bombing: Yeah. They Lied. They All Lied.

Do you still tell yourself that the FBI really didn’t know who the Boston bombing suspects were when they released the suspects’ photos on national television?  Do you still tell yourself that the FBI really needed the public’s help in identifying them?  Even after Danny was carjacked and told by his alleged kidnappers that they were the Boston bombers and MIT Officer Collier’s murderers, do you still tell yourself that it makes sense that no officer was made aware of this information prior to the subsequent shootout in Watertown (with those same carjackers)?  Do you still tell yourself authorities had no idea who Tamerlan was until his dead fingers were fingerprinted at the hospital?

I can assure you, you have been lied to about when the federal and even local authorities knew the identity of Tamerlan and Jahar Tsarnaev.

Added June 21, 2015:  It has come to my attention that FBI Special Agent John Walker testified during the May, 2014 motion hearing for Kadyrbayev and had this to say:

walkerNot to spoiler alert my own blog post but the evidence that the government has lied all along doesn’t get much better than this.  But please, continue reading.

Let’s start with the Tsarnaevs’ parents.  According to news reports, Tamerlan reportedly called his mother and said the FBI had contacted him and informed him they believed he was behind the bombings.  Channel4 news reporter, Nick Sturdee, spoke with the Tsarnaevs’ father in Makhachkala who confirmed the story.  Reportedly, Tamerlan’s response to the FBI was, “That’s your problem.”  As Channel4 reported, the story could be false.  But why would Tamerlan and Jahar’s parents make it up?  Or, according to Channel4, Tamerlan may have been telling them in a round about way that he was involved.  Yeah.  I guess.  But highly doubt it.


Then there’s the letter Senator Charles Grassley penned to FBI Director, James B. Comey seeking answers about Tamerlan and Jahar.  Some of his questions included:
1.  Was Tamerlan recruited by the FBI?
2.  Has the FBI had any other contact with either brother outside the investigation that occurred after Russia’s warning?
3.  At what time and date were the images of the brothers discovered on video or photograph for the first time as being involved in the bombing?
4.  “Did the FBI have the suspects under physical surveillance at any time prior to releasing the photos to the public?”
5.  “Was the FBI conducting surveillance in the area of Central Square in the City of Cambridge on the night MIT Officer Sean Collier was shot dead?”
6.  Did the FBI notify anyone in the Cambridge Police Department about this surveillance?
7.  Was surveillance being conducted in Cambridge on either of the brothers?

Yeah, this dude knows what happened that night, or at least has an inkling.  For Grassley’s letter in its entirety go → HERE. In response, Massachusetts Law Enforcement Agencies released a joint statement via FBI website:

“To be absolutely clear:  No one was surveilling the Tsarnaevs and they were not identified until after the shootout.  Any claims to the contrary are false.”

“These claims have been repeatedly refuted by the FBI, Boston Police, and Massachusetts State Police.”

Apparently a few individuals missed the the FBI, Boston Police and Massachusetts State Police message train.  One being MIT Sergeant Clarence Henniger. According to a hot off the presses interview with WBUR, the MIT responding officer to the Collier murder scene, Sergeant Henniger, openly discussed that they knew the identity of Jahar and Tamerlan and that, furthermore, the feds were swarming all over the city of Cambridge because that’s where the suspects lived, of course. Listen to MIT Sergeant Henniger → YOUTUBE.  For the full interview and accompanying article go to → WBUR.  UPDATE:  IN SECOND INTERVIEW HENNIGER ADMITS TAMERLAN AND JAHAR’S HOUSE UNDER SURVEILLANCE → YOUTUBE.  FOR FULL INTERVIEW VIA WBUR → HERE.

And yeah.  THAT just happened.


Still not convinced?  Uh.  Okay.  Well how about Officer Jean Jean-Louis who missed the message train, as well?  Remember this guy?  He was Officer Simmonds’ partner and  one of three officers that Boston Officer Ricky Moriarty had written some sort of cryptic message to via PaxCenturian.  For an refresher go to my last post → The Police Story Part 3.  Here’s what wrote about that infamous night based on their interview with Jean-Louis (with my emphasis):

“Boston Police Officer Jean G. Jean-Louis was at work when he heard a broadcast over his radio that MIT Police Office [sic] Sean Collier had been shot while sitting in his marked cruiser in Cambridge.  A few moments later, Officer Jean-Louis heard a report stating that a carjacking victim had survived the ordeal and alerted police that the two carjackers identified themselves as the Marathon bombers.  Officer Jean-Louis and his partners received a description of the two vehicles the suspects were driving and sped off to Cambridge.”

Even Boston Officer Moriarty, again, in the PaxCenturian, cryptically wrote something that clearly pertains to his getting the suspects’ identities out and possibly getting in trouble for it (his emphasis):


“The last thing I want to say about this night is this, and I want to make it very clear, I was absolutely NOT mistreated by anyone from the Boston Police Department, up to and including the highest levels of the Command Staff.  I had a description of Coward #2 [Jahar] and it needed to be put out forthwith!  That is all anyone asked of me.  Any rumors or stories to the contrary are false.”

In my book, it’s official.  “They” lied.  Droves of them lied.  And they lied to every citizen of the United States.  Anyone remember me saying that it wasn’t possible for every officer of every department to be in on something?  No?  Well I kinda did.  And guess what?

I lied.

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  1. Would love to hear more from Grassley !! So did the FBI recruit one or both brothers, then have to let him/them go because they did not fit the desired mold??? Then they decided to leave their mark and prove they were worthy???

    1. Oh man, it could be anything. What if Tam went rogue against the US government (the bombing). What is Tam went to Russia and did some “things” and then had to prove to Russia he wasn’t working for the US government (the bombing). What if Tam went overseas and shared some “information” with Russia and then he was completely set up to shut him up? What if they didn’t do any of it? So many possibilities at this point…

  2. This from the Jean-Louis article linked above:

    “Upon locating the vehicles, they gave chase. The suspects then began throwing explosives at the pursuing police cars, including a large exploding pressure cooker bomb that was detonated. Despite the level of firepower, Officer Jean-Louis and his fellow officers continued their chase. Eventually, the two vehicles were stopped and one of the suspects was killed.”

    I assume these were the events during which Jean-Louis’ partner, Boston Police Officer Dennis O. Simmonds, was injured. But this story of a chase is not the story told by the Watertown police. If both stories describe the same vehicle and the same suspects where do the stories intersect temporally and geographically? Or is the vehicle Jean-Louis is chasing another vehicle and the people throwing bombs somebody else.

    All this reminds me of the selective attention video you link to elsewhere. The gorilla in the room is the conversion of our local law enforcement into a secret, militarized, national police force with a command structure.

    1. Interesting you bring the gorilla up – I don’t know if you follow the James Holmes case but I first thought about the selective attention thing in that case. It’s all very interesting. Someone was definitely chasing a black pickup truck that night, as well – I think on Adams Street? Perhaps this is being included in this particular narrative…?

  3. Sounds like from the audio interview that either Henniger knows things that the public doesn’t know, he’s taking other people’s words as the gospel truth, or he was in on it somehow. He seems very confident about what he thinks he saw and what he thinks he knows, but the public (to my knowledge) has not seen the whole surveillance tape and the guys are unrecognizable.

    I don’t know who the bicyclist saw or who the bicyclist is, but I’d like to know a lot more about that. I would think there were other surveillance cameras that could have showed the guys going around the corner of the other building and that bothers me. He says he just remembered thinking the guy had a big nose. I don’t think Jahar’s nose is all that big, but Tamerlan’s was pretty big. So I don’t know what this guy really saw or what happened there.

    It’s always possible the FBI/DEA had look-alike hit men kill Collier. I’m pretty sure they knew who their patsies were going to be long before the marathon. There certainly seems to be something the feds don’t want Jahar to reveal.

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