Official Documents: Investigation of Ibragim Todashev

Update: I’m working on retrieving these documents since the links don’t appear to be good anymore.

Updated:  A FBI agent was today of the shooting of Ibragim Todashev.   Jeffrey L. Ashton of the Office of the State Attorney in Florida conducted the investigation and has released all documents.

The first document listed is a letter from Ashton to FBI Director James Comey.  You can read the letter → HERE  You can find such goodies in the letter such as the agents stopped all recordings of the interview with Ibragim right before the attack.  Of course they did.  And there’s nothing shady about that, according to Ashton.  The letter also states the Ibragim, after tipping over a coffee table, ran into the kitchen, rummaged around a bit and then came back out with a long pole of some sort.  Because, you know, we all keep those in a kitchen drawer with the spatulas.  Any hoo.

Supplement to the Investigative Report can be found → HERE  And yes, these docs are redacted.  On one page, the report reads that in “conducted interviews with Todashev,” agents “received information indicating Todashev’s possible involvement in a triple homicide…”  Later he admitted to his involvement.  Ibragim came out and admitted this?  Huh.  Something else that throws a “huh” into the report – this particular report quoted an FBI document saying, “[Todashev] reappeared in the doorway wielding a long metal handle of a mob or broom.”  Which is it?  A pole?  A mop?  A pole with a mop on the end?  One agent then shot him four times.  But guess what?  That didn’t stop Todashev.  According to the FBI, Todashev “‘SPRANG'” (my emphasis) to his feet and launched to attack again.”  Uh.  Okay.  Makes sense then how he was shot in the back of the head and back torso.

Want to know what makes more sense?  Agents claimed that Todashev started getting squirrelly so one of the agents took a decorative sword off the wall of Todashev’s apartment and “quickly stashed it in the kitchen.”  Remember when Todashev freaked, tipped over the coffee table, ran into the kitchen, rummaged around and came up with a mop…or a pole…or whatever?  Yeah.  I guess he figured the mop was better than grabbing his sword that the agent had just stashed in there.  Smh.

inconsistent gunshot woundsAs to the seven gunshot wounds Todashev suffered at the hands of the agents?  Some of them are inconsistent with the agents’ stories.  Eh.  No big deal, right?

But kids, keep reading.  The report is fun for all ages.  Later on you’ll learn I’m wrong – it wasn’t a mop in the kitchen. It was a red pole near the door not in the kitchen.  There’s so many contradictory statements in this report I wouldn’t know where to start.  Good luck to you.  This one report alone is 161 pages.

Another very interesting thing to note in the report?  Seems the FBI was conducting surveillance on Todashev on May 4, 2013 (approximately two weeks after they first contacted him and 18 days before he was shot).  According to the report, these agents witnessed Todashev get into a fight with two men over a parking space.  And no, the agents didn’t stop the fight – no need to blow a tail, right?  Todashev was charged with aggravated battery, a second degree felony which, I’m sure, could certainly be used to threaten his green card here in the States.

Other docs:

This or a mop? Which?
Hi. I’m a red pole that looks like a mop.

1.  Redacted officer transcript → HERE
2.  M.E. Investigator Jack Cuccia transcript → HERE
3.  Office of the Medical Examiner (autopsy) → HERE
4.  Multitude of things in this (photographic log, media reports, sketches) → HERE
5.  FBI texts, call logs, photos, diagrams, special agent statements, report of examination) → HERE
6.  Emails, incident reports, crime scene photos) → HERE
7.  Interesting witness statements, (including neighbors who saw Todashev limping from knee surgery prior to his shooting, one who heard the shots and saw some guy in a gray shirt looking concerned outside), pictures of a guy injured (agent?  man who had gotten in fight with Todashev previously?), media reports, autopsy photos (obviously graphic and difficult to see), agent statements → HERE
8.  Todashev’s licenses, public records request → HERE

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  1. The Florida “agent” or whatever he was (designated as TF for task force, but not identified by name) – the guy the Todashevs knew as “Chris” slipped in testifyiing for Ashton that they had surveilled Ibragim with aerial vehicles as well as cars. I have a big hunch that they orchestrated this parking lot fight. After the fact, they pushed the meme of Ibragim being a hair trigger violent criminal. The Boston FBI testified all about the parking lot fight to show how bad Ibragim was, including perjuring himself by overstating the injury to the other guy.

    1. Good points. They may have held the fight over his head as well for shipping him out of the country.

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