Michael Cravey: The Victims and Video


Another article by Monivette Cordiero on the Michael Cravey incident sheds a little more light on the incident.

Some interesting things to note in the article:

– Link to car chase video courtesy Monivette Cordeiro/Gaineville.com and the University of Florida → HERE

– Michael left his mom’s home at 6:30 am which would be no big deal if her home wasn’t an hour away from Gainesville.  Kinda makes the stabbing a little before 7 a.m. implausible.

– While eating at McDonald’s that infamous morning, Michael received a call from his brother who obviously was wondering what the heck was going on.  His mom also called texted him.  Michael didn’t know what they were talking about.

– The victims?  Cliff Preston and wife Beckie Preston.

– Allegedly before the stabbing attack, Michael Cliff Preston told the wife to run.  She actually did and locked herself in the car, leaving her husband to fend for himself.

– The 911 caller?  Karah Mechlowitz.  She mentioned that Michael “seemed to be enjoying himself” the whole time this was going on.  Uh…okay.  That certainly makes sense when you take the wife’s story into account, who reported that after stabbing her husband, Michael came back to the car she had locked herself in and began “slamming his fist” on the window.  Yeah.  That definitely sounds like a jolly guy.

– Remember how scared she was on the 911 call (not really but she tried to use words to insinuate she was)?cravey vid 2  Yeah.  She allegedly used her car to block Michael from escaping.  She was petrified.

– The police said they handcuffed Michael after shooting him, then performed CPR.  But I’m certain in the CPR video his arms are not handcuffed.

– Oh man, there’s so many details in this story my head just exploded.

For the FULL ARTICLE → www.gainesville.com

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  1. Thanks so much for your thoughts relating to that Gainesville Sun article. Here’s the comment I left there that you’ll appreciate…

    Derrick Smithers · Top Commenter · Lexington, Kentucky
    This article is unusually detailed and includes information that is only relevant if, as Michael himself is reported to have claimed this is a “set-up.” There are also many subtle contradictions.

    It’s possible this article was an attempt to get out in front of forthcoming or recent news that the perps were concerned would appear like they were concealing something. Having reported the info early, themselves helps to deflect that notion.

    One example of willingly reporting problematic contradictions is the timing of events. It was reported that Michael left his mother’s home in Cross Creek at 6:30. They also report that Cross Creek is one hour from Gainsville. Numerous reports put the time of the supposed stabbing at before 7:00.

    By 8:30, Michael is casually getting breakfast in a McDonald’s drive-thru in Gainsville. By that time, both his brother and mother have already heard of his now fugitive status. Uncharacteristic of American news reporting, they include Micheal’s comment to his brother, “They’re setting me up.”

    So, at 8:30 Michael was either completely unaware of anything unusual going on, or he had just stabbed some guy and wasn’t willing to share that fact with his family. In the article’s description of the scene where the stabbing was to have taken place, there are other problematic items and witness statements.

    The girl who reportedly witnessed the entire confrontation described Michael as smiling and seemingly enjoying the attack. Then, she watches as he walks over to the victim’s wife’s car and strikes the windshield, demanding that she get out. Despite this, she claims to have then pulled her car into Micheal’s path when attempting to exit the parking lot in his Jeep. With no further explanation of how he then exited, the witness then claims to have pursued Micheal’s Jeep. The reason for the pursuit, she said was to learn his license plate number.

    Her choice of words to describe her state of mind at experiencing this gives one the impression that she was fearful of this man. She witnesses him stab someone severely, intimidate and threaten a woman in her car but this didn’t discourage her from blocking Micheal’s vehicle in and pursuing him at close enough range to obtain his license plate number.

    Is there a problem with these account? Aside from the combination of details being an impossibility, I’d have to say, Yes.
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    1. The Gville Sun did claim that the 911 caller tried to block michael from getting out which is nonsense to me.

      ‘”Then he got into his Jeep and drove toward the entrance, going around Mechlowitz, who tried to block his path with her car.”

      But they did NOT report that the 911 caller pursued Michael.

      They reported that Evelyn Wilson the UPD dispatcher on her way to work who was driving down Buckman drive and stopped at the scene, was the one who pursued the Jeep.

      “Evelyn Wilson, a senior operator at UPD, was coming into work when she saw Cliff Preston on the sidewalk. From her car, she asked him if he was OK, she said…

      …Wilson followed Cravey in her car down Buckman Drive to get his license plate, the report said.”

    1. Sorry, I’m not understanding the point you’re making. Is it that I left out the knife part before he told the wife to run? All I know is that if my loved one was standing there and I knew they might be harmed I’m not running away to lock myself in a car to let them fend for themselves – and the kicker? She didn’t even call 911 once she was in the car. What?

  2. no, you said that Michael told her to run

    1. Oh crap, you’re right – I totally read that wrong. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. okay. any updates here. did the wife call 911 or not? anybody heard this alleged 911 call. so bizarre.

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