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More on Michael Cravey

Update 3.8.14

More information on Michael Cravey:

Initial EMS dispatch call on stabbing patient → HERE

Initial EMS dispatch on shooting → HERE

Michael Cravey receiving CPR  → HERE

This video says Michael had a discussion with the couple at UF and then walked back to his car to get a knife, then he stabbed the man.  Video also states the hatchet had a blade of about four inches.  At the very end of the video the reporter states that the authorities knew who Michael was before the shooting and spoke with his family.   → HERE

Really?  Right under the Michael’s sign??  Incredible.

Not to sound like a freak but these aren’t gunshots on the side of his Jeep, right?  Just the angle, I’m assuming.

Here is a snapshot of where Leigh Hall and Buckman are located:
Leigh Hall

This gives you an idea of where Leigh Hall (where the stabbing took place) is and where the PetSmart/Best Buy is located (where the shooting took place):
Best Buy

Update:  In other news, a Malaysian Airlines flight with 239 passengers aboard has gone missing . Yup.  The whole thing.  Gone.  I’m assuming Cravey was on board and is currently headed somewhere warm.  🙂 → HERE

Update update:  Now it’s being reported that some of the passengers on board the missing Malaysian airliner may have used fake passports.  Mmhmm.  Cravey a.k.a. is on board.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous April 9, 2014

    Any Picture of the Hatchet?

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