More on Michael Cravey

Update 3.8.14

More information on Michael Cravey:

Initial EMS dispatch call on stabbing patient → HERE

Initial EMS dispatch on shooting → HERE

Michael Cravey receiving CPR  → HERE

This video says Michael had a discussion with the couple at UF and then walked back to his car to get a knife, then he stabbed the man.  Video also states the hatchet had a blade of about four inches.  At the very end of the video the reporter states that the authorities knew who Michael was before the shooting and spoke with his family.   → HERE

Really?  Right under the Michael’s sign??  Incredible.

Not to sound like a freak but these aren’t gunshots on the side of his Jeep, right?  Just the angle, I’m assuming.

Here is a snapshot of where Leigh Hall and Buckman are located:
Leigh Hall

This gives you an idea of where Leigh Hall (where the stabbing took place) is and where the PetSmart/Best Buy is located (where the shooting took place):
Best Buy

Update:  In other news, a Malaysian Airlines flight with 239 passengers aboard has gone missing . Yup.  The whole thing.  Gone.  I’m assuming Cravey was on board and is currently headed somewhere warm.  🙂 → HERE

Update update:  Now it’s being reported that some of the passengers on board the missing Malaysian airliner may have used fake passports.  Mmhmm.  Cravey a.k.a. is on board.

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