Michael Cravey aka Thomas Brinkley Shooting


  1. Any chance I could get you to review the new footage of Michael receiving CPR…..watch between the 33 and 36 second mark…..this does not look like Thomas. The clothes he is wearing seem to be that of an older man, Miichael does not seem as fat as the guy they are giiving CPR to, I can see his right leg in the video as it moves vigorously with the CPR but cannot see find his left leg?
    Also I notice a strange hologram image….watch as the EMT facing us points with his right gloved hand….notice something underneath his hand as he points?? Whatever it is it casts a strange shadow down his leg….it is rectangular in size…..in the end…I just dont think it is Michael…
    Still no funeral arrangements, no obit….etc etc

  2. It is this video I am questioning…..The torso of the person does not look like him….The troso appears to be that of an older man, the black slacks and the white tennis shoes……I can see his right leg moving but not his left meaning I cannot make out his left leg at all, something just not seem right about the person receiving CPR….also notice the EMT who is facing us…as he points with his right gloved hand…notice that rectangular image under his had as he points….what is that?

    33 sec to 36 sec mark

    1. I can’t really comment on the body issue – obviously he wasn’t one of those lanky types and I’m not sure I would say for sure that the torso resembles an older man but other than that, I just don’t know if that’s him because I never met him nor obviously saw him recently. The tennis shoes weren’t just white – they had green neon on them, not so grandpa-ish. I think his left leg is bent, with his knee pointing almost directly at the camera. It’s easier to see right in the beginning. Yeah, it doesn’t seem right and it’s really disturbing to watch but I’ve seen CPR performed on a real person before in an emergency and it wasn’t pretty. However, the person was much skinnier and older so that probably doesn’t account for much in this situation. Yes, the rectangular image! Odd. The EMT reaches down and turns it. Maybe a piece of medical equipment? Any EMTs out there?

  3. I am only judging based on recent videos of Thomas( dont know whether to call him Thomas or Michael as I knew him as Thomas.)..it just does not seem like him to me…I question the image above because it seems a shadow onto his leg meaning you can see his pant leg through the image……maybe its nothing…I dont know…thanks for the analysis….. The reason I think this is important is because the whole incident is strange….people with no medical history, no criminal history simply do not turn into a monster overnight and go off and stab someone with no known motive. You do know about all the connections to the Gainsville police?? His brother made TV movies with Officer Tobias and the Gainesville PD?? meaning the officer speaking in the above video know Thomas and Thomas’s brother very well…..


    1. Looking at video again, this is probably police equipment, not EMT equipment. Doesn’t appear the ambulance has arrived yet. Could be some sort of transparent plastic – have you ever seen those see through clipboards? I’m not saying that’s what it is but it could be of same material.

  4. Where is that photo from, the guy in the blue shirt? Is that Micheal? Can someone please tell me where it was taken from thanks.

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