David Eckert vs. City of Deming, et.

Since US News and other media sources did not put the defendants’ names in their articles such as the one located HERE (but happily discussed the victim’s name and his horrifying ordeal), I’ll happily get the word out.

David Eckert’s original complaint ➞ 181879421-David-Eckert-Lawsuit-pdf

The defendants court filed responses to complaint:

Dr. Wilcox Response

Okay H. Response

City of Deming

Hidalgo County Response

Daniel Dougherty Response


**Don’t get me wrong, there are articles from 2013 (and even 2014) that list the identities of the perpetrators (the officers).  I just find it atrocious that an article will address the victim’s identity but not the suspects – especially with what these officers did to this man.

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