Sandy Hook: Ballistic Reports

**If docs are blank when opened, please make sure you’re using Adobe Reader**  Further Sandy Hook reports from the school.  And yes, they’re redacted.  And no, there’s not a peep in any of it about witness testimony.  We can’t even get a Corbin Dates quote in this entire thing.  Shocking.

Sandy Hook Elementary Floorplan ➙ 116SHES_Floorplan

Sandy Hook Parking Lot ➙ 117SHESandParkingLotMap

Exterior Report ➙ 119_124SHES Exterior Description

Weight of Guns and Ammo ➙ 141_143Weight of Guns-Ammo

Ballistic Diagram ➙ 118SHESBallisticDiag

Ballistics of Room 8 ➙ 134_135Ballistics_Rm_8

Ballistics of Hallway and Room 9  125_133LobbyHallwayRm9 DescripAndBallist

Ballistics of Room 10 ➙ 136_140Ballistics_Rm10_Guns_Ammo_on_Shooter

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