Adam Lanza: Computer Lookups, Toxicology, GPS, Scene Report

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Adam Lanza’s computer file information including his WoW name “blarvink,” the movie “Voor Een Verloren Soldatt,””Lovebound,”  images of himself holding guns to his head, and a photo of him 4-6 years old entitled, “Kayntdlr.”

Report from the scene of the Lanza home.  And if you think you’re going to learn what medication bottles were sitting in the medicine cabinet, you’re wrong.  Ain’t nobody going to redact the privileged information.  Mmhmm.
Okay, try the following instead.  Also take note this report was not written until July, 2013.  Uh huh.  July.  2013.  Nice. 

Adam’s Lanza’s toxicology report:

GPS records:
223_230GPS Routes

More pictures of the Lanza home:

Sooooo…he did or didn’t have a legit driver’s license?
learner's permit

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