Sandy Hook: Official Report


Did I miss the part in the report where they tell us exactly why Adam Lanza had his brother’s ID on him?  You know, the brother he hadn’t seen since 2010.  Did I miss the part where they discuss his ID at all?

From the report:

Adam Lanza was 6 ft. tall and only weighed 112 pounds??  Is this a typo?  Good lord.  Was Nancy starving the kid?  No.  Seriously.  I’ll keep reading.
6 ft

Hmm…funny I don’t seem to recall the authorities saying anything of the sort:
More than one shooter

Everybody check their inbox:

Normal household:

Uh huh, only in email.  In the same home.

When this happens…:
refusal to sleep in hotel

Nancy Lanza recommends doing this –:
buy him a gun

and then quickly leave town.  Don’t forget to leave all your guns and cooking food is a must:
leave town

Best dad ever!  Yay!
Peter Lanza

“Why does she keep buying me guns??”
Nancy 1

Sounds normal.
Big Book of Granny

Uh huh.  Okay.  Get back to us on that.  Doesn’t seem that important:
Uh huh.  Okay dokey.

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