Boston Bombing: Jahar’s Hat

Admittedly, tonight was the first time I heard about Jahar’s baseball cap and the discrepancies with the number 3 and the number 7.  Am I the last one to hear about this?  Probably.  So you have my apologies if you find this post a bit redundant.

Let’s start with the FBI website.  Remember they posted photos of the “Boston bombing suspects” for all of America to help identify?  Don’t remember?  Head on over to the FBI’s handy dandy website here ➝ FBI for a refresher.  As you’re scrolling down the page, you will notice that the first four photos of Jahar show him either without a baseball hat on, or with the hat on but a frontal view only.  As you keep scrolling you’ll come across this picture (I’ve cropped the picture):

Hat 1


Any guesses on which number is displayed on the side of his hat?  It’s difficult to say but I can almost assuredly attest to the fact that this is not a number 7.   I realize the hat is a tad crumpled, a smidge, just a hair, but still, why would the bottom of a seven kick out to the left like that?  It probably would not.  But the numbers 3 and 5 might do that.  And even a 9 might do that depending on the font (such as the one I am using).

The next and only clear picture of Jahar and the number on his hat (again, folks, this is right on the FBI’s website):

Hat 2


Wow, look at that.  I was proven wrong.  It is the number 7 on his hat.  Right?  Well…the picture is straight from the FBI website and on April 18, 2013 they did say, and I quote,

“For clarity, these images should be the only ones, and I emphasize the only ones, that the public should view to assist us.  Other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources.” – FBI Press Conference

Unfortunately, on occasion, I do enjoy “surfing the internet” and, on occasion, I have found myself staring at other “FBI unapproved” photographs of Jahar from the Boston marathon.  How could I not when online news media were running headlines such as this:

“Daytona man shocked to find he  took picture of accused bomber” –

I mean, come on.  Cut a girl a break, FBI.  A girl’s gotta look.  And so I did.  The picture was taken by one Colin Seale of Daytona, Florida.  It indeed shows Jahar in the picture (or allegedly shows Jahar in the picture – my bad, FBI) attending the Boston marathon.  The most interesting part of this, besides maybe the time it was taken, is the hat.  Take a look:

Hat 3


Well shut my mouth open and call me Sally, is that the number 3 I see on his baseball hat?  No need to worry the kids at home, folks – this picture is not considered credible and should not be studied nor looked upon.  Stop looking.  It’s practically the devil’s work on film.

If my warnings via the US government didn’t get you to stop looking then let me show you another photograph taken at the marathon.  In my opinion it is a more well known and popular photo that clearly pins Jahar to the crimes attributed to him.  Two words:  David Green.

david green


Recognize this guy?  No?  How about the photo seen on his phone:

david green 2


Yup, the infamous photo of Jahar leaving the scene of the crime without a backpack, even though it clearly looks like he’s carrying a backpack and the picture’s been photoshopped.  Trust me, an 8 year old can figure that out.  I know, I’ve asked a few.

Side note:  Here’s David lounging, taking a few phone calls and setting up meetings, in his “leh-zure”:

david green 3


Another side note:  Here’s David pondering how he’ll ever convince the FBI to see his photograph as credible, not as some photoshopped garbage seen on the internet:

david green 4


Good news, David didn’t have to ponder long.  According to David in an interview,

“Agents had told him, he said, that his picture was the best they had, because it was taken from a better camera than the others that were posted.” –

Great!  So the photo’s credible?  Let’s enlarge the photo then:

hat 4

I am going to include a shot from photographer Bob Leonard, you know, for good measure:

hat 8

Wow, look at that.  The number 3.  Again.  And again.  Now, is it possible that for some odd reason the FBI photograph just happened to catch Jahar’s hat in some weird, crumpled, squishy, squirrelly position so that the 3 inadvertently looks more like a 7.   Anything’s possible.  And you know me, I’m all about those camera angles and the weird games they play. You be the judge.





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  1. Really appreciate your continued insights; I find your presentation quite thought provoking.

    The unanswered questions and anomalies about the Boston Bombing seem infinite.

    In the last few years officials have consistently told the public that YouTube & blogs are not evidence (well until the US anti-Syria propaganda) and Sandy Hook ushered in the era of law enforcement threatening arrest for social media postings… but Boston pushed the envelope further by directing the public that the only images of the suspects that matter are the photos the FBI presented because they desperately needed the public’s assistance to identify two individuals whose identity federal authorities have known for years.

    Look forward to your continued insights.

  2. Even in the press release at minute 1:52 you can see both the #7 and #3 on the hat. I questioned if it were those hats that could have a #73, 7 on the left and 3 on the right but in the press conference pics it shows that on both pics it is the left side of Jahar which is shown. Other’s argued that it was possibly low quality, but come one, low quality does not distort numbers like that.

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