Boston Bombing: The Podstava Videos

Some readers and folks on Twitter have been kind enough to point me in the direction of the “Podstava” video and a second video (and a third) uploaded by the Youtube poster, “Bigheadphone.”  In the very first video he posted on April 21, 2013 entitled, “Tamerlan Tsarnaev Arrested alive,” he wrote that by 12:50am police were able to corner the Tsarnaevs at Adams St, gunfire was exchanged, explosives used and that 2 officers were injured.  The video shows what appears to be a man (possibly two) laying on his stomach, handcuffed behind his back, obviously being detained by police.  The video was taken on the corner of Adams and Mt. Auburn.  Here’s a shot of the guy from the video:

Man detained at Adams St.

Look at this guy’s hairline.  This is not Tamerlan…nor is it Jahar.  It’s just not.  No matter how many times this person posts this video under titles such as “Undeniable Proof This is Tamerlan” or  “Ya Can’t Identify the Face, But Boy, It’s Gots To Be Tamerlan…Or at Least the Naked Guy…Or Both,” it’s just not Tamerlan.  Allegedly the man is yelling “Podstava” which I believe means “It’s a setup” or something to that extent in Russian.  Could the man being detained have yelled this?  Of course.  If you were Russian, living in Boston that week and innocent, wouldn’t you yell the same thing?  But it doesn’t come close to proving this is Tamerlan.

Interestingly, Bigheadphone’s above play by play commentary of what happened i.e. by 12:50 they cornered these guys, gunfire, explosions, etc. is simply a quote from a news article that he links to in the video comment section.  These are not his words, nor, I believe, what he saw personally.  Did a shootout happen on Adams Street?  Well, it sounds like it according to the police radio.  But could the media have been relaying Laurel St. information mistakenly reporting it as Adams?  Sure.

Bigheadphone also states in the video comment section that “He was later stripped and arrested at the spot.”  Who’s he talking about?  The suspects seen in his video?  Obviously.  But I’m wondering where he’s getting that information.  Was it something he personally saw or is he regurgitating what the news reported?  He posts no videos nor pictures showing anyone in his video being stripped.  And as I posted previously, the naked man the media showed was definitely on Nichols and Dexter.  There’s really no ifs, ands or buts about it.  Again, could there be two naked guys, three, four, heck, half a dozen?  Sure.  Absolutely.  But the naked guy we saw on the the news is not this suspect.

He also posts some pics allegedly from that night:
First pic:  He states, “Here’s the suspect being arrested…”  Great.  Too bad we can’t see the suspect.
Podstava 2

Second pic:  He doesn’t add any comments on the picture and he added the link to his first video, the one we’ve been talking about, with the comment, “Here’s the video of the (naked guy) being arrested.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev?”  Ah.  So now he’s questioning if it’s Tamerlan?  But he seems so sure of it in his Youtube videos.  And we still cannot identify any suspect in the photo.

Podstava 3

Third and fourth picture appear to be the same.  Same link to video and suspect cannot be seen, let alone identified in the pics.  The second and fifth picture appear to be the same one, with the fifth cropped on the left hand side.  The sixth picture shows some cops standing around talking.  The seventh pic shows police walking down the street with someone and Bigheadphone’s caption reads, “Naked Guys Friend arrested.”  Yup.  He’s sure this is naked guy as seen on the news.  Here’s a blown up shot of these people walking down the street:
Podstava 4

He doesn’t appear to be handcuffed.  But it could be the angle.  Again, not identifiable.  Here’s the eighth shot entitled, “Cops following the friend as he is being walked away.”  Cops following?  Wait, I thought he was arrested?  What?  Is the “suspect” up ahead in this picture, arrested, while police stragglers follow?  Again, a blown up shot:

Podstava 5

The ninth shot is pretty much the same thing as above.  The tenth and last picture appears to be from the following day, or at least after the sun came up.  I have cropped the photo to show what appears to be 11 police markers in the middle of Adams street.  One officer/agent appears to be peering under a white car.

Obviously from the above photos, it appears that something did happen on Adams, near Mt. Auburn.  Are the police markers for gunshots?  Maybe.  According to police radio, there were gunshots and explosions happening on Adams Street involving a black pickup (or a stolen State Police SUV).  But do I think this Youtube poster heard or saw these gunshots and explosions?  Eh.  Maybe. But it doesn’t seem like it.  Although, on one of his videos he does comment, “Yes I saw the shooting.”  As to the question, “did you see Jahar run over him?” by one commenter, Bigheadphone responds, “No I didn’t…”

He also links another another of his Youtube videos in the comment section, posted  eight days later entitled, “Tamerlan Tsarnaev Arrested Boston Marathon.”  This second video appears to be the events that transpired prior to the video we just talked about.  Why he posted it eight days later?  No idea.  He was nice enough to put a square around what appears to be two officers (and possibly a suspect) on the opposite corner of what we saw in the first video.  I can’t even determine if there’s a suspect in this video, let alone determine his identity.  And if there is a suspect, is this a new suspect other than the one we saw in the first video?  If not, they detained the first suspect on the corner then took him across the street, handcuffed him and put him on his stomach while they searched garbage cans for what?  Bombs?  Weapons?  Huh.   Okay.  Bottom line?  It is impossible to discern whether or not this is Tamerlan.   Not trying to spoil the party here…but impossible.

Bigheadphone then posted a third video eleven days after the second one entitled, “Tsarnaev Arrested ALIVE (raw Video).”  Again, he seems pretty certain that at least one of the brothers was arrested alive at the corner of  Mt. Auburn and Mt. Adams.  Oops.  Nope.  He meant both brothers.  His comment under the third video states, “Tsarnaev Brothers were arrested..  In the last clip you will see one of them being taken away.”  Hmm.  Okay.  So again, both brothers are at this scene according to Bigheadphone, right?  Right.  So we only see one being taken away?  What about the second one?  Where’d he go?  Let’s check the video (which is just the first and second video put together into one, second video footage is seen first) –

In the beginning of this video, Bigheadphone added commentary.  He wrote,

So who were these guys?
“By 12:50 a.m, police were able to corner these suspects at Adams St, where officers and the suspects exchanged heavy gunfire.  Reports came in that the suspects had automatic weapons, as well as hand grenades.  Explosives had also been detonated in the area, causing police to shut down all cell phones for fear of accidental detonation.  Two officers were injured in the exchange.  Nothing is known of their status at the moment.”

He acknowledges the fact he’s quoting a news article here and puts the link in the comment section.  And yes, the article does state the exact above quote.  Folks, do I believe the Laurel shootout never happened, all of Watertown (literally), the entire police force from multiple departments, all EMS workers that were present, firemen, private citizens, etc. were in on a conspiracy – and only a handful of media outlets caught on that the Tsarnaev brothers were arrested at Adams and Mt. Auburn as this Youtuber suggests?  Uh…not so much.  Again, that doesn’t mean the entire Boston bombing debacle isn’t a hot, shady, sketchy mess.  It is.  But let’s not get hysterical about this video.

Back to the third video…the next scene shows the corner shot and the commentary reads:

“After the shooting I went downstairs and started recording.  Im on Mount Auburn facing Adams St.  As you can see the cop bends over and searches the suspect who has surrendered.  Notice how he’s wearing khaki pants/black jacket.  Just like the picture on the news.”

3rd Video

Ah, yes.  Now I see the khaki pants and black jacket…*sigh*.  Is he talking about Tamerlan’s outfit from 4 days prior?  Tamerlan’s been wearing the same thing for days?  Was he wearing that outfit in the gas station CCTV footage?  Maybe someone has better pictures than me but it’s hard to tell what kind of pants Tamerlan’s wearing at the gas station.  How about Kitzenberg’s photos?  Are these khakis?  Hmm…


Frankly, I can see the khaki pants and black jacket better in the first video than in this one.  Allegedly there is some HD copy of this video that I have yet to stumble upon.  Or maybe these are it?  If these are it, well then…come on.   And it still doesn’t prove Tamerlan was wearing the same outfit.  Eventually in the video we see lots of cars, squad cars and an ambulance zip by.  Meanwhile, the suspect remained on the ground with two cops watching him.  Next, cut to a new scene.  It is the first video Bigheadphone posted.  He wrote on the video,

“Once cop realizes ‘it’s him’ he starts checking his surroundings for bombs.”

Let me tell you about Boston that week.  Everyone and their mother began looking at their loved ones across the dinner table with suspicion.  From Laurel to Adams to Mt. Auburn to Upton, every law enforcement agent that night thought they had bagged the big elephant.  Do I think because these cops allegedly said, “It’s him” I’m going to assume Tamerlan is in custody on the corner of Mt. Auburn and Adams?  Hardly.  And clearly there weren’t a lot of agencies that thought they “bagged” Tamerlan and Jahar either.  Squad cars speed by, no one stops – and as we’ve seen in some of the photos Bigheadphone posted there are just a handful of cop cars in this area.  I mean, please.  Mr. Brownpants did it old school at Upton with fifty guns pointed at his head while a bomb robot rolled in.

After this second clip, Bigheadphone writes,

“At this moment
I realized the cop look over at me.  As a result, I shut off my phone, but before I could react, I was asked to drop my phone and pinned to the ground (handcuffed).  I was held until they arrested both suspects.  Once they released me, I was able to go upstairs and get the a shot of the last suspect being taken away.”

Okay, a few things here:
1.  Before he had time to react to what exactly?  The cop looked over at him and then what?  The cop pulled a Bionic Man sprint from a distance and tackled him?  Did the robocop sneak around the house and ambush him from behind?  What is he referring to?  I mean, obviously he had time to turn off the phone.

2.  He was held until they arrested both suspects?  Weren’t the suspects already arrested?  Isn’t that what he’s been sayin in his videos?  And where were each of these suspects found?  In the same car?  In the street? One on one side, one on the other?  Obviously if some joe schmo is being detained for videotaping then doesn’t it seem fitting that the police may have arrested another joe schmo or two?  For the love of small creatures, Bigheadphone, give us some shootout video.

The very end of the video ends with one “suspect” walking down the street with the police, as seen in the earlier images posted.  His last bit of commentary reads,

“Why wasn’t the media able to record these guys.  Yet were able to record the naked guy who was 400 ft away at Dexter and Mount Auburn from this location (video).  Plus the Naked guy appeared on TV after these guys were surrendered.  Think about it?  These people in front my house were blocked off from the public, but yet the naked guy was out there for everyone to see with no boundaries to protect the public (since he’s dangerous) from harm.  Was he setup to distract the public.”

Okay, first of all, the media probably couldn’t record it because the police had barricaded the area as seen and heard by reporters in this video ➞ HERE.  And yes, the reporters on that video claim they heard explosions and gunfire in this vicinity.  I’m not doubting it may have happened.  But it didn’t involve Tamerlan and Jahar as suggested by Bigheadphone.  It didn’t.  Also remember there were multiple scenes going on in Watertown at approximately the same time.  Secondly, naked guy WAS NOT at Dexter and Mount Auburn.  STOP listening to the media, Mr. BHeadphone.  That was Mr. Brown pants.  Naked guy was seen on TV at Nichols and Dexter.  Refresher ➞ HERE.  Yet Bigheadphone is determined to prove one of these suspects was the naked guy.  Mmhmm.  Smh.  Third, were these suspects as seen in Bigheadphone’s video a distraction?  Yeah.  Maybe.  Anything’s possible.  But that’s probably the only logical thing this guy has pondered  – besides pointing out the police markers in the street the next day.

Bigheadphone posted this information on Reddit, as well.  At one point, he’s determined to show that the media did indeed zoom in on the scene at Adams and Mt. Auburn (Remember, the same media that couldn’t get any shots according to Bigheadphone).  He wrote on Reddit,  
Well clearly here skip to the 2:00 and you’ll see they’re zooming to Adams and Mt. Auburn.”

Let me know how that youtube link works out for you.  If anyone has another link to this video, I’d love to have it.  Oh, and if you head on over to Reddit you’ll learn that at least one of these suspects was riding a bike.  Uh huh.  A bike.  Bigheadphone goes by shant86 (You know, like, “I shant be posting these pics and videos 86 times under the guise it’s the Tsarnaev brothers because…it’s just not them.) and he posted this:


So…this particular suspect was in a gunfight (which we have no video or evidence of) and then took off on his super duper getaway vehicle:  the Schwinn Pro 2000.  Oh Tamerlan, what happened to the Mercedes, the Honda Civic, the Honda CR-V, the stolen State Police SUV and the black pickup?  Too cumbersome?  And if you think I’m being too harsh on this guy, here’s what one guy (or maybe gal) had to say about those police cones seen in the street that I thought were oh so spectacular 5 minutes ago:

Shant86 2

Here’s the link to their cone photo ➞ HERE   Yeah.  Looks like some orange cones on a hot day in August.  They go on to say:

Shante86 3

Shant86 smartly retorts these accusations with the link to the youtube video that doesn’t exist.  Again.  Folks, Reddit is about as forgiving as the Catholic church.  You better have all your ducks in a row before posting.  Just saying.  Reddit poster newrykillz then adds:

Shant86 4

And again, Bigheadphone/Shant86 makes the claim these suspects in his video, or at least one of them, was stripped and later arrested at this spot on Adams and Mt. Auburn.  I quote from Reddit:

“Really?  Check Mount Auburn St.. Watertown, MA.  That’s where I live and where this went down.  He was stripped and later arrested at the spot.”

Sorry Shant86, I’m pretty sure you’ve co-mingled an actual situation on your street that we have no idea what it’s about with some news media stories and then added a dash of fantasy.  Seriously.  And again, I’m not here to spoil the fun but I’d much rather be focusing on actual discrepancies than playing Magnum PI on Fantasy Island.  I mean, did Bigheadphone really photoshop those cones? Can anyone else verify?  Shouldn’t we be asking who these guys were, was there an actual shootout, what the heck happened on Adams Street and what happened to them instead of following some dead end trail that this suspect is Tamerlan.

Man detained at Adams St.

This is not Tamerlan.  Nor Jahar.  Being arrested after bicycling around Watertown.

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  1. Hey Llama– nice work—obviously done your “homework” and know the facts. Thanks for the comparative analysis that cut through the “bigheadphone” mess– way too many folks trying to pass of unidentifiable pics claiming to be one or both of the brothers!!

  2. Author

    Aw thanks! I don’t think I’ve made any new friends in the conspiracy world with this one. :/

    1. This is 100% Tamerlan cuffed on the sidewalk. 1. We hear his voice in the video asking for his rights. 2. We hear a cop say “That’s him” after wallet frisk and at end 3. Jahar calls out his name loud and clear. How much more do you need? LOL. We need a USA where cops follow the law, that’s number 1. We don’t have it.

  3. Yea, but they clearly are not letting the facts stand in the way of trying to sensationalize their imagination !!

  4. The 2nd video appears to show a dark Honda turning around at about 0:50 – looks like only 1 person in car.

    1. Author

      Did you check if it’s a Honda? Are you saying it’s Tamerlan’s Honda from Laurel – the one that was photographed on Laurel at approx. the same time this video was taken? Tamerlan and Jahar are NOT seen in the video. That car is NOT the one seen on Laurel.

  5. You have a good blog, but I think it was irresponsible of you to say the blurry screenshot from the Podstava video of the man on the sidewalk being detained was not Tamerlan based on the hairline. You don’t have the youtube video that was removed, now do you?

    1. Author

      “Irresponsible?” To who? No idea which Youtube video you’re referring to – care to clarify which one you’re talking about?

    2. I have no problem with his saying the hairline proves it’s not Tamerlan. I think it depends on your own sophistication with analyzing images.

  6. Author

    Hey olCoach @ most of your comments about my post do not make sense in comparison to what I wrote. Did you just skim the first paragraph or two and then throw out some assumptions?

  7. End of the original video has been edited off. The brothers use each others names. The hairline argument is nonsense, a bright flashlight is being shone on the head. What about the voice? it’s tamerlan’s accent. “That’s him.” Cops found somebody they were looking for and checked trash cans for bombs or something. I never noticed there are two guys cuffed. Now it makes sense. They gave up on totally different street. This blog has probably been put up by Boston police. All these cover ups and conspiracies get a whistleblower. Time will come.

  8. Author

    Hairline is nonsense but Jahar or Tamerlan riding around on a bicycle late at night on Mt. Auburn makes sense to you? Good lord. That’s coming STRAIGHT from the guy who shot the video.

  9. There WAS an actual YouTube video in which a civilian stood on his front porch (I believe in front or near the college?) and recorded the entire take down of the first brother. Only shots were fired by police. The guy recording has his wife standing next to him and asks her “did he just say ‘we didn’t do it?'”. The recording shows the vehicle that the younger brother sped off in but as shots were being fired the video cuts. Some other words were exchanged between the officers and suspects but I could not make those words out. I would think if someone were screaming ” podstava!” I would have heard that if-like the recorder-i could clearly hear one of them shouting “we didn’t do it!”. Idk about ” big head phones” and it sounds like a crock. I do know that the video I saw was real, and strange enough, I cannot find that video anymore as it was deleted from my list and other’s.

  10. Author

    What college? MIT? The Watertown shootout happened just as it implies – Watertown. Not Cambridge. Find the video. It’d be amazing catch but until then none of it matters until you do.

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