Boston Bombing: Watertown Police Radio

I’ve upload the Watertown Police Radio from April 19, 2013.  This is not Boston or Cambridge PD.  The audio is from approximately 12:42 a.m. thru 1:35 a.m.  I haven’t listened to the whole thing and, admittedly, I had a hard time understanding a lot of what’s in it.  I did my best with the transcript.  It’s the best copy of the Watertown police tape I could find  – and, frankly, the only one I could find.

Some interesting tidbits off the tape:
1.  Right off the bat we hear dispatch talking about how they’re pinging Danny’s cellphone that was left in the Mercedes. The Mercedes’ location? 89 Dexter.  Then what was the deal with some random officer happening upon them by chance? “A lone small-town police officer confronted the two Boston Marathon suspects on a dark street after they got out of their cars and started shooting at him…” 

2.  At approx. 3:43 on the tape you can hear the moment where people believe Jahar is yelling “We give up, we give up!”

3.  At approx. 6:01 on the tape you hear an officer say that the suspect ran over his partner.  Is he talking about Jahar running over Tamerlan or Jahar running over his police partner.  No idea.

4.  At almost 12:52 a.m. they call for an ambulance for Tamerlan.  Dispatch responds that they will send a second ambulance.  Realize, the police had already called for one for the injured officer earlier.  Not for Tamerlan.

5.  At the 9:17 mark on the tape, the police say that the brothers are fully armed, with at least 4 guns on them.

6.  At approx. 1:12 a.m. they already had helicopters out with heat detectors.  At this time they had located a dark van on Spruce in which the “helicopter is getting hear sensor in vehicle.”  Now tell me how it took almost a day later to find Jahar in the boat.  What…?

Again, this starts at 12:42 a.m. (Don’t shoot the transcriptionist…some of this may not be accurate, I did my best.)  The following transcription times are approximate and based on the tape recording, not the actual time events occurred. 

.04  Call from Cambridge PD, they just pinged the phone number that’s in the vehicle in question on carjacking, it’s in the area of […] Dexter Ave. […] 2013 Mercedes […] and now the vehicle’s moving now […] in the area of 89 Dexter Avenue […] the ping in the vehicle is at 89 Dexter…

:48  464, Go with the witness, go to Cambridge

:59  […] there’s been an update […] [do they say “they’re missing??”] guns in the vehicle, again it’s moving […] 89 Dexter […] it’s being pinged by Cambridge

1:17  137 November Zulu One […] black […] Mercedes

1:27  Want me to stop it?

1:34  I’m right behind that vehicle, let me catch up to them and write ’em up

1:42  They took a left on Laurel

1:44  Write ’em up

1:49  Shots fired

1:56  Shots fired

2:01  Shots fired, shots fired

2:10  Laurel, Laurel

2:14  All units Dexter and Laurel

2:18  Ok, where are they, 468

2:23  […] car on Laurel

2:29  Vehicle is south of Laurel, you got them pinned down

2:45  […] get back in the vehicle, back in the Mercedes

2:52  […] pinned down […]

2:58  They’re shooting at us

3:10  […] we have them pinned down, they’re throwing explosives at us

3:35  Dexter and Laurel, Dexter and Laurel

3:43  “We give up, we give up!” (Could they possibly be saying, “Put hands up?”)

3:50  Backyard towards Cyprus, white t-shirt, white t-shirt

3:56  White t-shirt, we have a male party running through the yard on Cyprus

4:00  I don’t know if that’s a suspect or someone just getting out of their house (I believe this Cyprus, white t-shirt guy ended up being someone who had been holding a woman at knifepoint, they believe he may have wanted to sexual assault her)

4:05  Running this way […] running this way […] He’s running over towards […] suspect […]!!!

4:29  One behind the car, one […] vehicle

4:34  Two vehicles out, one behind the vehicle

4:40  We still have shots being fired

4:54  Shots fired, suspect running towards the projects on Dexter Ave.

5:03  We have on […] behind the SUV (?) […] we have explosives […]

5:12  Shots fired, one pinned down

5:24  […one in custody?…]

5:27 […] Coming towards us […] coming towards us!!!!

5:44 […] ambulance […]

6:01  Suspect […] he ran over his partner […] need an ambulance up here

6:09 Ambulance on it’s way, ambulance on it’s way

6:45  […] explosives in the middle of the street they were throwing out […] I don’t know what they were throwing, we have unexploded ordinances in the middle of the street […] in front of 45 Laurel

7:22 […] Laurel and Dexter right away

7:26  Laurel and Dexter, ambulance in route

7:53  48 Cyprus Street, report of a man in yard at 48 Cyprus street

8:01  Report of something on Cyprus

8:16  Where’s the rescue at Laurel

8:35 […] Spruce and Lincoln […]

8:58  Spruce and Lincoln, pinned down

9:07  Suspect fled vehicle, in the backyards now

9:17  Unexploded ordinances […] sticks of dynamite […] they are fully armed, at least 4 guns

9:54  Spruce and Lincoln, Spruce and Lincoln, unknown assailant inside the vehicle still possibly connect […}

10:41  We need an ambulance, Laurel and Dexter, Laurel and Dexter for this suspect

10:50  Second ambulance at Laurel and Dexter, will advise


30:00  Dark van [man?], armed, Spruce, the helicopter is getting heat sensor in vehicle

30.35  Again, some type of heat source in van

31:01  I’m on Spruce, there hasn’t been anyone gone through that vehicle yet


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  1. I recommend you to see this video.. there are clips from another scan chats from that same night (April 18th) between 10:21PM-11:21PM when they found MIT Officer Collier killed.

    When the “official media story” tells his gun was still in its holster the scan feed chats do tell something totally different:

    1. Author

      Wow, great transcription! But the guy at Mt. Auburn they say has blond hair and in pjs…is that the guy you’re saying is Tamerlan?

      1. Tamerlan was 98 feet from the blonde in pajamas. Tamerlan was ‘the package in the road way at 547 Mt. Auburn Street.’ Here’s a link to the photos of Tamerlan on Mt. Auburn Street.

        1. Author

          This is the man from the same video that those images came from, handcuffed and laying on his stomach being detained. In the picture you can see the man has a receding hairline. This is not Tamerlan. I don’t know what happened at Adams and Mt. Auburn…but I’d sure like to know.
          Man detained at Adams and Mt. Auburn

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