Boston Bombing Day 5 Cont’d: Tamerlan and the Naked Guy

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So where did we leave off?  Ah, yes.  Jahar driving over his brother in a carjacked Mercedes SUV, breaking free of the police, driving a few blocks, hopping out of the vehicle and running through the neighborhood.  Why were the brothers in Watertown again?  I don’t know but Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau had this to say about it, “I don’t think it was random.”  Of course it wasn’t.  Although it would be nice to know why exactly it wasn’t random…

Let’s go back a few steps and reconstruct the moments before Jahar took off.  Let’s start at the tail end of the gunfight.  What was happening?  For one, both brothers got all gangbusters with their arsenal of weapons.  A-R-S-E-N-A-L.  This arsenal included two handguns, a Carbine rifle and a BB gun.  Uh huh.  A BB gun.  I know, I know, totally crossing the line there.  The Washington Examiner’s headline on April 22, 2013 (3 days after the shootout) screamed:

Authorities:  Boston bombing suspects used a BB gun during Watertown shootout.”

Of course they did.  Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau in an interview with Wolf Blitzer,

Deveau:  “They both come out of the cars shooting guns, handguns and there was a long arm in the car…”

Blizter:  “So these two brothers had a lot of weapons. They were well armed?

Deveau:  “Right.”

And the NY Times:

“The two men suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings were armed with a small arsenal of guns, ammunition and explosives…The authorities recovered four firearms that they believe the suspects used, according to a law enforcement official.  The authorities found an M-4 Carbine rifle…”

And how many rounds did the brothers get off in this shootout?  Well…according to the NY Times they got off at least 80.  The UK Daily Mail?  200 rounds.  The Boston Globe said that four police departments exchanged at least 300 rounds of gunfire with Tamerlan.  Yeah.  Maybe if Tamerlan had indeed been carrying this –

M4 Carbine

But alas, he was not.  Nor was Jahar.  Ever.  Most of what the media wrote about their weaponry was pure fantasy which, I understand, probably came from “authorities.”  Let’s go to the indictment against Jahar, Tamerlan’s brother.  It reads,

“At approximately 10:00 p.m., DZHOKHAR A. TSARNAEV and Tamerlan Tsarnaev armed themselves with five IEDs, a Ruger P95 9mm semiautomatic handgun, ammunition for the Ruger, a machete, and a hunting knife, and drove in their Honda Civic to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (‘MIT’) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”

Yeah.  A Ruger P95.  That’s it for guns.  And, again, for those that want to skip ahead – yes, the media at one point said Jahar had the Carbine rifle with him on the boat, too.  Mmhmm.  We’re getting there.  Not today, of course.  But we’re getting there.

Okay, so Tamerlan began to approach the police in the middle of Laurel St., guns gun a-blazing.  How close did he get?  Remember that guy on twitter that rocked out the tweets during the shoot out?  Kitzenberg?  He stated that he thought Tamerlan was somewhere between 10-15 yards away from police.  Watertown Police Chief Deveau?  5 to 10 feet.  Again, the Blitzer interview:

Deveau:  “…he all of a sudden comes out of the car and starts walking down the middle of the street, shooting, trying to get closer.  Now my closest police officers are 5 to 10 feet away and are exchanging gun fire.  He runs out of ammunition…and one of my police officers comes off the side and tackles him in the street.  We’re trying to get him handcuffed….”

“…They dive out of the way and he runs over his brother and drags him a short distance down the street…”

Blizter:  “In effect, killing his brother?”

Deveau:  “Yes.  That’s what we think.”

Whoa, way too much there Deveau.  Okay, first of all, based on Kitzenberg’s twitter photos, Tamerlan didn’t “all of a sudden” just jump out of the SUV shooting up the place and taking the police by surprise.  He had already been out of the vehicle for some time before he began approaching the police.  But before he approached the police, what exactly was he doing?  Answer:   1.  He was hurling pressure cookers at the police and 2.  calling his mother.  Yup.  He called his mom during the shootout.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  UK Daily Mail,

“Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev took time during his final moments to phone his mother…at the time he was hurling pressure cooker bombs at officers…”

The NY Daily News wrote:

“Before he died in a hail of bullets, the eldest Boston bombing suspect called his mother.

‘The police, they have started shooting at us, they are chasing us,’ a sobbing Tamerlan Tsarnaev…told his mother…

‘Mama, I love you,’ were his last words before the phone line went dead, his mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, told ABC News.

However, news sources such as International Business Times‘ headlines read, “‘Tamerlan Tsarnaev Called Mom, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, Before Deadly Shootout,’ Report says.”  Before.  Not during.  My problem with this whole phone call?  It seems that all links lead back to ABC.  Why?  Because ABC News reported that they obtained this information via a phone interview with Tamerlan’s mother, Zubeidat.  I’m not saying Tamerlan’s mother never said it, nor that ABC’s phone interview never happened.  I just want to hear the interview for myself but it seems to be non-existent.  I haven’t spent months looking for it, but I’ve spent enough time combing the web that I should have found it by now.  Nope.  No dice.

Okay, so maybe he called her, maybe he didn’t.  Maybe he was thinking about that Honda CRV he had just spent the night in. wrote,

“Massachusetts State Police say a pair of brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings spent the night in a Honda CRV and used it to carjack a Mercedes SUV.” wrote:

“Connecticut State police confirmed to CNN that the suspect vehicle they had been alerted to has been recovered in the Boston area.  The vehicle is a gray Honda CR-V with Massachusetts plate 316 ES9.”

Gotta be honest, I have no idea where this CR-V comes into play.  No.idea.  How is it that the state police had no idea that it was a Honda Civic these guys were driving (before and after they carjacked the Mercedes)?  Did they just have the model of the Honda wrong?  Oh, no.  Because the CR-V is not that car with some misconstrued information attached.  The license plate for Tamerlan and Jahar’s car was 116-GC7, not 316-ES9.  And it was green, not gray.  And a Civic.  So clearly the CR-V is a completely different vehicle they’re talking about.  What?

Or perhaps Tamerlan was wondering if he should let the police know where he hid that state police SUV he stole and the black pickup he had been driving previously.  Uh huh.  We’ll get to that later.

I’ve totally gotten sidetracked.  Let’s get back to Watertown Police Chief’s comment that Tamerlan was 5 to 10 feet away from his officers during the shoot out.  Again, 5 to 10 feet away?  Role the shootout video footage again, Frank –

This first video is where some crazy shootout really isn’t taking place.  I mean, gunfire.  Yeah.  But the OK Coral?  Eh.  Not yet.   And this is the video where it sounds like Jahar is yelling “We give up” at the beginning of the recording.  No.  Really.  Listen ➝ HERE

Then there’s the second recording (You know, the one where Jess Ica has now officially licensed the video.  Is she trying to make money off of this?  Seriously?  Ugh.  I’ll just link it.)  This video has some serious gun fire in it.  ➝ HERE.

frontSo how bad of a shot is each and every one of these officers that Tamerlan got within 5 to 10 feet of them without being shot dead?  Was he the “man of steel?”  Able to take a 100 rounds of bullets in a single bound?  I don’t know.  But I do know that law 8 shots?enforcement came out and said that Tamerlan (after getting this close) ran out of ammo (but the police never did), threw his gun at one of the officers, was tackled and then struggled against being handcuffed.  Honda not hit at all in the back?Mmhmm.  That’s because he was the “man of steel.”  Obviously.  Because it’s the only thing that makes this story plausible.

“So he didn’t die during the shootout with the police?”  you ask?  Nope.  The gunfire didn’t kill him.  And his brother running him over after that didn’t kill him.  He died at the hospital, remember?  According to

“Dr. David Schoenfeld said 26-year old Tamerlan Tsarnaev was unconscious and had so many penetrating wounds when he arrived at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center early Friday that it isn’t clear which ones killed him, and a medical examiner will have to determine the cause of death.  …After 15 minutes of unsuccessful treatment, doctors pronounced him dead.”

And the Los Angeles Times wrote:

“The first suspect in the Boston marathon bombings…was in cardiac arrest by the time he reached Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center…officials said.  …Doctors labored to save him without success…”

But according to the Watertown Police Chief at the 1:23 mark:

“…the brother that died on the scene there…”

Have ya’ll heard of Mike Julakis?  He’s the guy that shot the first shootout video I posted a minute ago.  In a phone interview with ABC’s WCVB Channel,  Julakis had this to say about the end of the shootout,

“…I saw one of the, um, police officers, I’m not sure which one, but he had his foot on the, on the dead suspect, kinda leaning over him, gun pointed at him…”

“…what happened is, um…they shot, they shot that one guy, he was dead and then they were leaning over him with his foot on him with his gun pointed at him…”

“…a police officer came up on the porch after this kinda happened and I said, ‘Is this all related to what happened on Monday?” and he just kinda shrugged his shoulders and smiled…the police officer [a second one] had some gruesome stuff to say about what he looked like when he was dying and what they said to him…”


Let’s just knock this out of the ball park with the death certificate.  There’s the hospital’s inability to fill in an approximate time of death on the certificate.  How could they not know when his death was if he was brought in alive?   And how about the cause of death section?  There’s a box marked “APPX INTERVAL.”  My understanding is that this is the time between when the “issue” arose (like the gunshot wounds) and the time of death.  It’s marked “MINUTES.”  I believe this means Tamerlan died within minutes of receiving his wounds.  But I’m not a coroner.  Don’t quote me.

death unknown


And if that’s not clear enough let’s look at the “Place of Death” listed on the death certificate:


DOA.  Dead on arrival.  Can we be done with this now, please?  Because I can assure you that Tamerlan didn’t die at the hospital and was dead well before they even put him in an ambulance.  Let’s not make this out that authorities tried to save the man.  Okay, I can’t help myself – one more little tidbit for you.  One Dr. Richard Wolfe, head of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, said that Tamerlan did not look like he was run over.  Misquote?  From the Boston Herald:

“When asked about reports that Tsarnaev was run over by his fleeing brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Wolfe said he did not see any obvious injuries that would back up that theory.

‘I certainly did not see any tire marks or the usual things we see with someone run over by a car,’ he said.”

Aw, come on.  Someone pick a story and stick with it.

I’d talk about Transit Police Officer Donohue that was injured when he was struck by Jahar’s car when Tamerlan shot him when he was shot by one of his fellow officers but it doesn’t seem that important when it comes to the state police.  David Procopio is quoted as saying,

“Considering the chaos on those dark streets, where a pair of homocidal terrorists were firing shots and throwing bombs at police, the fact that friendly-fire incidents may have occurred detracts nothing, not one bit, from the valor and heroism of the officers and troopers who caught up to them that night.”

Uh.  I’m not talking about any lack of heroism here.  But thanks for the distraction.  Focus, Mr. Procopio, focus.  The point is that an officer technically died and then was resuscitated because of another officer’s gunshots.  But the fact that in the end you got your guy might justify this shooting is…disturbing at best.  Another “official” via the

“It was the fog of war…There’s usually one cop and one suspect.  This is unprecedented.”

“Fog of war?”  Unprecedented?  Usually one cop and one suspect?  What?  Police don’t train for this?  They only train for one on one action in the field?  Is this a joke?  No seriously?  Is this statement to the media a JOKE?  And why were the transit police there in the first place?  Is that normal?  That transit police show up to calls like that?  Bottom line?  As long as the end justifies the means, right?  Would the authorities show the same attitude had a civilian been killed by gunshot?  What about Kitzenberg?  He had bullet holes through one of his chairs on the second floor of his home.  What about this snippet found in a article (don’t look for it on their site though.  To read it, you have to sign up and pay for it as of a day ago.  Seriously.):


Would the authorities have apologized for unloading hundreds of rounds on a residential street had one of those children been killed?  Hmm.  Read the article while you still can for free ➝ HERE.  Scroll to the bottom and watch the last video.  That’s the “Linda” I blogged about previously that called into a news station saying Tamerlan was hit by a police SUV and then shot multiple times.  And I agree with “Linda.”  Tamerlan was dead at the scene.

So what about the suspects of the night?  We have a minimum of three we can identify between the times of 12:45 a.m. on Friday, April 19 to approx. 1:30 a.m. early Saturday morning.

1.  Tamerlan
Kind of a given here.

2.  The guy at Upland and Mt. Auburn
*To clarify, Upland turns into Dexter as soon as you cross south over Mt. Auburn.  So when you hear police on the radio say Dexter and Mt. Auburn,  I believe they mean Upland/Dexter.  Almost the same difference.
upland at mt. auburn

Let’s start with the police radio.  You can find the one I’m using for this ➝ HERE.  I’m starting at the 12.44 a.m. mark:

44:38  Dexter and Mt. Auburn, Dexter and Mt. Auburn

1:03:22  We have him on the ground

1:03:33   Second party in custody…with EMS

1:03:48  We have him on the ground, proned out, waiting for a robot

1:04:18  I can only get confirmation of one at Dexter and Mt. Auburn at this time

1:04:23  No, we have one on the ground on Upland St at Mt. Auburn

1:04:24  One male, brown pants and stripes and blue shirt

So as early as 12:44 a.m. the police were calling on Dexter (Upland) and Mt. Auburn.  And you can see the confusion with the Boston PD and the streets Dexter/Upland.  This is the guy they’re referring to –


How do I know this guy was at Upland and Mt. Auburn?  The following picture from a news video (at approx. the 10:13 mark) and google maps kinda prove it, right?  Right.  Don’t let the media sway you at home, kids.  I’ve watched a few newscasts from that night where the newscasters state that this suspect is in the same exact spot as the naked guy.  Absolutely not true.  Give me a minute.  We’ll get there.

So what did this guy do to attract all this attention?  No idea.  But I do know that reporters were saying that they pulled up smack dab in the middle of the scene at Mt. Auburn and it was like they were in a war zone.  Gun shots, explosions, etc.  Sounds like Dexter and Laurel, doesn’t it?  But it’s not.  So who was doing the shooting and letting off explosions?  Was it the police randomly shooting their guns at people?   One reporter said that he had never been so scared in his entire career.  In THIS video that I just posted previously where you can see this suspect on the ground, well, you should watch the whole thing.  It has these two reporters on it who spoke about their experience at Mt. Auburn and Upland.

As the reporters were talking and being interviewed, they were slowly being pushed back by the police.  Pushed back away from the scene where the guy in brown pants and a blue shirt was being held at gunpoint.  At one point, as the reporters were talking, the one notices the ambulance (that had been parked by the guy in brown pants and a blue shirt) leaving the scene.  The reporter starts walking over there to see if he can get a shot of anyone in the ambulance.  You should really watch this video from the beginning because at this point, you’re watching with bated breath to see if this guy who was held at gunpoint is in the back of the ambulance….check out the 12:10 mark.  And yes, that just happened.

Here’s a map showing where this guy was laying on the ground in relation to where the shootout occurred with the Tsarnaev brothers on Laurel and Dexter:


3.  The naked guy
Okay, I’m not going to sugar coat the naked guy thing.  There is no way the naked guy is Tamerlan.  He’s just not.  The guy proned out on Upland, the naked guy and Tamerlan are three different people.  Take a look:

3 suspects

In this shot of the naked guy in the middle and Tamerlan to the left, you can see the noses are quite different.  The top of Tamerlan’s eyes meet the bridge of his nose.  Not really the case for naked guy.   And the eyebrows are quite different, amongst other things.  I’m not saying there aren’t similarities.  And I’m not saying there isn’t a possibility of other suspects from that night that Tamerlan may look like.  However, these two men are not the same man.  Nor is the man on the far right the same as the previous two.  Look at his hair.  Need I say anything else?

So where exactly was the naked guy located?  Gabe Ramirez did a “naked guy” interview with CNN.  He starts out with:

“So, I followed a couple of squad cars down Nichols Street towards Dexter…they were screaming for the man – for somebody to put his hands up, to get out of the car.  At some point he did do that…”

Nichols?  Yup.  Nichols.  But I think he means Nichols Ave.  At 1:15 a.m. on the police scanner heard here at the 25:30 mark, we hear an officer state,

“No street signs here, just […], across from Dexter Spa.  Across Dexter spa.

Here’s Dexter Spa located at Nichols and Dexter (on the left) and then a shot turned around 180 degrees down Nichols:

In the above picture on the right, check out the house on the right hand side – the white one, second one in.  To the left of the brick one.  The following pictures show this is the area where we see the naked guy being loaded into the police car, naked.  Of course.   The picture on the left below was taken from video, the shot on the right is the same shot as above (on the right) just zoomed in:

Arrest on Nichols, naked guy

Yeah, the naked guy was definitely arrested on Nichols Ave., just east of Dexter.  Or, because of any camera zoom, it was at the intersection of Nichols and Dexter.    Either way, we know where he was.   At one point,  during the interview between Gabe Ramirez and  CNN/Drew Griffin (with my comments):

Ramirez:  “…Then at some point they brought him from his vehicle to a police car.  He was completely naked.” (Video appears to show the naked man, still naked, walking east on Nichols towards Dexter and getting into the police car.  My guess is that his car was parked further down on Nichols, west of Dexter.)

Griffin:  “You heard the police officers say, remove all your clothes?”

Ramirez:  “Yes.”

Griffin:  “Remove your skivvies?”

Ramirez:  “Exactly, exactly.  So that’s when they brought him completely naked into a police car.”  (At Nichols and Dexter)

And then Ramirez says:

Ramirez:  “…So about 10 or 15 minutes ago, the FBI arrived…

…They came out; they went to the vehicle where the suspect was seated and removed him from the vehicle at one point.  Now at this point they had gotten him dressed.  He was still barefoot, he was wearing pants and a jacket, handcuffed from behind…

…they led him away from the vehicle, towards a wall of a business.  They shined flashlights in his face and it looked like they were taking photographs…”

This moment that Ramirez described can be seen in pictures I took off video:

The naked guy was put up against the wall of a business that was located directly across the street from the Dexter Spa, at the north-east corner of the intersection.

The next street down from Dexter, heading east, is Quimby, literally seconds away from where naked guy was up against the business wall.  @christinawilkie took the following shot which is probably the same naked guy because…well…it kinda looks like the guy.  Second shot is from google maps at Nichols and Quimby.  Last shot is the same guy by the same car with the same law enforcement officers:

So what time did this all happen?   Journalist Seth Mnookin was there for the naked man situation and he began to tweet about it at 1:15 a.m. with “Lots of shouting.  Police are trying to remove suspect from car.”  He also tweeted at 1:24 a.m. “Police just loaded naked man into car.”  Garret Quinn sent out a tweet at 2:45 a.m. showing a pic of the naked guy getting his photo taken in front of a building (not naked).  That’s an hour and 15 minute difference.  Is that how long it took the Feds to get there after the naked guy had been originally detained?  Unfortunately for naked guy, I think that’s correct.  CNN’s transcript where Gabe Ramirez says that “10 to 15 minutes ago” the Feds just showed up for naked guy was aired at 3:00 a.m.  That would put the naked guy up against the business wall at approx. 2:45 a.m.

What bothers me?  How little we heard about naked guy on the radio.  We heard quite a bit about “brown pants” dude.  But very, very little about naked guy.  Right before the one officer says on the radio that he’s near the Dexter Spa we heard “That vehicle’s being taken out at gunpoint, so far complying.”

About 3 minutes later I believe the radio starts back up about the naked guy (at approx. 1:18 a.m.):

28:16  “We do have two people in custody, I did get Detective McNeal saying we did, but I have state police are also saying they might have a suspect.  Is that confirmed?”

28:30  “Stand by, the person we have at Mt. Auburn and Upland is not considered a suspect yet, we’re still searching on that, ok.  So don’t go on second one in custody yet.  This is still being investigated.”

28:55   “I believe they’ve got another guy down.”

29.26  “We have a second suspect in custody.  We need an ID that it’s him, ok.  We’re not sure it’s him yet.”

30:03  “3-kilo-sam-victor-2-0

I feel like the cop at 28:55 is referring to the naked guy.  But the officer who responds doesn’t realize that or doesn’t know about the naked guy yet and assumes he’s talking about the guy in the brown pants, blue shirt.  Man, I need a nickname for this guy.  But who knows.  I’m only guessing.  Shortly after this we have a radio transmission at the 3:08 mark (approx. 1:23 a.m. on consequent video marked 1:20 am – 1:50 am) where an officer says,

“I’m at Upland right now with that person they put in handcuffs here…does the chief know he appears to be a witness right now?”

Mmhmm.  He’s talking about the guy in the brown pants and blue shirt.  I’d tell you what the response was to that but the police jumbled it on the radio.  Smh.  Ok, sorry.  I digress.  Going back to the radio in regards to this debacle on Nichols with the naked guy, we hear at approx. 1:38 a.m., “We do not have a second suspect in custody.”  Yet, there’s the brown pants guy and there’s the naked guy.  But no one’s in custody besides Tamerlan who was just pronounced dead 3 minutes prior?  Is “suspect”  the key word here?

At approx. 1:43 a.m. we hear that they need an EMT in the location where Mr. Browns Pants is all proned out.  And then we hear:

26:35  “Yeah, the location of the EOD that got stepped on, can we get that location again?”

26:46  89 Nichols.

And in the next recording marked 1:50 am – 2:20 am we hear:

10:24  “Update, myself and 536 have been redeployed to Dexter and Nichols for that second vehicle.

Second vehicle?  Second vehicle on Nichols?  Or second suspect car for the night?  Bottom line, they’re headed back to Nichols in the same area of Quimby and Nichols.

Let’s wrap things up with some of the oddities from the night:

1.  I am a little concerned at how some shots of the naked guy seem to show him with some facial hair/growth as seen in this picture of him on the right (and, admittedly, he looks a lot like Tamerlan here)

facial hair

and when you look at the picture of him again against the building with bright lights being shown on him, he doesn’t appear to have any 5 o’clock  shadow whatsoever.  And yes, this could all be because of cameras, lights, shadows and angles.  I’m just sayin’…two naked guys?  Nah…

naked guy against wall 2

2.  I do have some reservations about the naked guy and the photos of a man being taken into custody at Quimby and Nichols.  As I have it written now, naked guy’s car was on Nichols, west of Dexter.  Then the police walked him east to a squad car near or at the intersection of Dexter.  Next, they walked him a smidge more to the east to nearby businesses on the corner of Nichols and Dexter.  They took his picture there.  Then they walked him further east down Nichols to Quimby.  The problem?  Gabe Ramirez stated that after the FBI took photos of him, they took him back to the squad car – which would have meant they then walked back west to the car.  Not east over to Quimby.

Here’s another tweet of this guy being detained behind the white car:

Man behind white car

This tweet was sent out at 1:45 p.m.  Well after naked guy had first been detained.  I mentioned this journalist earlier – he’s the same guy who tweeted about the naked guy being detained earlier.  I’d put up his other tweets but I can’t bring myself to do it.  Why?  Here’s what this journalist tweeted about “conspiracy theorists” questioning (Oh, the nerve) the bombers weapons (or lack thereof):

Internet nutters

Really?  Internet “nutters?”  How’s that judgmental, “of course he had weapons on the boat” attitude working for you now, Seth?  Smh.  *Sigh*  I digress…

So the bottom line is whether or not Seth’s tweet has an accurate time on it.  Because if it does then I don’t see how this could be the naked guy.  But then again, that naked guy was tied up waiting for the FBI to show up for almost 2 hours.  Who knows if he sat in the squad car the whole time.  Maybe they did bring him down to Quimby.  Or maybe that’s why we heard on the police radio that officers were being redeployed to Nichols for a second vehicle.  Ugh.  But this guy does look like the guy who’s photo was taken next to the building.  Or maybe they’re all just starting to look alike…

3.  What was the deal with Adams Street which runs between Mt. Auburn and Nichols.  And the black pickup?  And the stolen SUV?  Did any of it have anything to do with Jahar and his brother, the naked guy or the guy in brown pants?  The police radio (which I used from HERE) starting at 12:50 a.m.:


50:33  We have explosives being detonated.  (On Adams?  Or is this still Laurel?)


50:42  Copy, black pickup, Adams Street, Watertown, explosives being detonated.  (Okay dokey, we’re talking Adams Street)

50:45  Adams Street, Adams Street, black pickup

52:52  Shots being fired, stolen SUV from the state police.

53:04  That vehicle went down Adams St. from Mt. Auburn.  Down Adams from Mt. Auburn.

 Mt. Auburn, Adams Street, a black pickup and a stolen SUV.  Hmm.   Let’s start with the black pickup…..yup, that’s pretty much all I got.  I have no idea what this pertains to on Adams Street.  And I’ve never heard anything since.  Perhaps the black pickup truck was what naked guy was driving.  He was driving down Mt. Auburn (While shooting and throwing explosives at officers.  Obviously.  And if not the black pickup nor the naked guy, then who was throwing these bombs and shooting up the place??  The shootout was already in progress on Laurel at this point.), turned down Adams street and then made a left on Nichols as his final destination.   Who knows.  And the stolen SUV?  Apparently someone from the Department of this reported a state police SUV stolen by none other than the Boston bombers.  In fact, one unmarked black state police SUV was actually shot at by another police officer because of this report.  Yup.  It appears the cops can’t stop themselves from aimlessly shooting at moving targets – regardless of whether or not they’re a suspect, or, better yet, a fellow officer.  Google it.  It’s out there.

UPDATE:  Well look at that, I’ve got a map now for all of these shenanigans.


Up next:  Day 5 Cont’d:  The Police Story

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  1. Add in the podstava video that was taken at approx 524 laurel , maybe brown pants took it?

    Great work

    1. I mean mount auburn st, not laurel.

  2. Very well written and quite informative! Watertown is the biggest question mark for me, and it seemed the most damning for the brothers, but your article is really showing another side to the story!

  3. In a NY Post article about how the Watertown Police stopped Boston Marathon Bombers from attacking NYC, a Sgt. MacLellan “tried but could not unlock the rifle between the seats. So he put his cruiser in drive, jumped out, and sent his empty vehicle rolling down the road toward the Tsarnaev brothers.” Maybe that was how Tamerlan got run over since he “turned out to have been shot 9 times” by then.

    1. Author

      Maybe. That would mean, however, that Kitzenberg was lying about the tweet pics he posted. See link HERE and scroll to 6th, 7th and 8th picture down.

  4. Yes. There;s the Watertown Police SUV crashed in Kitzenberg’s driveway with shot out windows. That’s probably the one that Sgt. MacLellan let go. No picture of Tamerlan getting run over by the Mercedes, in this series of pictures, though.

  5. Kitzenberg was not honest in his live interview with Jake Trapper. He offered information-such as saying “both brothers” were shooting, and it was only a day later we would begin to hear in updated information, there was only one pistol between the two brothers for their use-plus pictures do not show Dzhokhar with any gun or shooting at anyone. Kitzenberg admittedly did not look at what happened on the road below his windows, only filmed the scenes with his iphone. Therefore, he makes a piss poor “eye witness.” He hid below the frame of his window, shoving his iphone up higher to get the pictures. He himself said this in the live interview. He did not look outside much at all. Further, part of his time was spent running up his stairs to get to his bedroom, as he felt to close and feared getting shot by a stray bullet. The time he spent running and hiding he certainly wasn’t looking out any windows either. He took pictures —26 in all- one showing a person which might have been Tamerlan within feet of a uniformed police officer. The man wore a coat- and was not handcuffed. I remember seeing this picture. The indication I took while watching the live interview and seeing this picture was that it was of Tamerlan. Kitzenberg should be forced to present all the pictures he has for use by the defense team in the upcoming trial–one picture may be proof– Tamerlan was within feet of a officer and alive and looking well at one time. I watched a”Youtube” and read comments of Tamerlan’s “arrest”. A commentator said he watched live local Boston T.V. showing the Boston Police beating the life out of Tamerlan–said it was an especially bad beating. The worst he had ever witnessed. His comments were to complain about telling video such as this being made and is available, but due to political correctness , or media cover ups–later the same news issue is discussed on television, probably the slanted version—but the horrible beating is absent. It’s no longer what the media wants the public to know of. The authorities have made so many stupid deliberate mistakes, they don’t deserve to be able to say “Oh, sorry–my bad” about any of this. Tamerlan should be here with all of us now–able to say what happened. Able to name FBI people who have offered him money, and exactly what they wanted him to do. Be so much easier to put the pieces in order then wouldn’t it? The homeland Security teams used these two brothers to create hysteria about Radical Extremism in this country and took Tamerlan’s life like he was worth nothing. Pure evil. A video on C-span — the original– parts one and two condensed into a program numbered 312587-1 shows Kurt Schwartz, the undersecretary of Homeland Security smirking in his comments when he spoke of how without the brothers doing what they did, the Homeland teams would have been provided no occasion to act out their training. In fact, he frequently refers to the entire event as a EVENT–not a tragedy during his statements and testimony to the house committee hearings about the Boston Bombings on May 9, 2013 on C-span. He seems to regard the entire tragedy as something that planned–as by his own statements he arrived on the scene ready to take charge–only minutes after the blast. His smirking and bad attitude makes me want to shine a light on the him and his FBI cronies–alll of them for what they really are. The brothers were set up, and they definately didn’t plan to allow Dzhokhar to live. The deal is finding out what the big secret i, I guess. I could see from watching this testimony–it definately meant to aid in the continuation of funding for Homeland Security and Kurt Schwartz wasn’t shy to put in his bid for “streams ” of funding rather than grants in the future.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure what exactly you’re saying here. Any witness could potentially be conceived as a “piss poor” witness. There are lots of studies done on witness recollection and memory and their accuracy. And every media outlet in the world reported the brothers had multiple guns. I’m not sure making Kitzenberg out to be the only bad guy is fair. As to the actual pictures he took – again, I am unclear of your point. The police have already admitted that Tamerlan was standing within feet of them and was alive and well. They’ve also admitted that gunfire ensued (and obviously that’s when he was shot). I don’t recall the police ever denying they shot him. I think it’s pretty obvious what happened: Tamerlan was absolutely shot (and I believe, killed) by the police – but I’m not sure where Kitezenberg and his photos comes into play in regards to that.

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