Boston Bombing: Ibragin Todashev

I’m just curious…just curious…how this gunshot wound happened on the back, top portion of Todashev’s head.  Oh right, it was when he was leaning down to grab that sword that was hanging about his apartment.  You know, his apartment.  Where apparently FBI agents go to get confessions signed.  Confessions for triple murders.  Sounds legit.



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  1. Look at the filth they did at Ruby Ridge. Sad what it’s come to with “our” government. The level of distrust is fully warranted, unfortunately…

    Though federal officials now claim that the killing of Vicki Weaver was an accident, the Washington Times’s Jerry Seper reported in September 1993: “Court records show that while the woman’s body lay in the cabin for eight days, the FBI used microphones to taunt the family. ‘Good morning, Mrs. Weaver. We had pancakes for breakfast. What did you have?’ asked the agents in at least one exchange.”

    Neither Randy Weaver nor Mr. Harris fired any shots at government agents after the siege began. Mr. Weaver surrendered after 11 days. An Idaho jury found him innocent of almost all charges and ruled that Kevin Harris’s shooting of the U.S. marshal was self-defense. Federal Judge Edward Lodge condemned the FBI and issued a lengthy list detailing the Justice Department’s and FBI’s misconduct, fabrication of evidence, and refusals to obey court orders.

    Justice Department officials launched their own investigation. A 542-page report was completed earlier this year that recommended possible criminal prosecution of federal officials and found that the rules of engagement “contravened the Constitution of the United States.” Yet Deval Patrick, assistant ttorney general for civil rights, rejected the findings last month and concluded that the federal agents had not used excessive force.

  2. Author

    Agreed. A lot of things out there that make some of us question what exactly is going on. Too bad the masses can’t question the same stuff.

    1. I vaguely recall the Ruby Ridge thing from the news at the time and never paid much attention. I know there was some uproar about it. Then I look more recently at this episode and see that the feds paid damages to this family and even to the man who shot the US Marshall to death IN SELF-DEFENSE, and I’m abjectly horrified… I’m now more interested in looking into the Branch Davidian standoff as well. I remember sitting there watching the thing burn down on live TV. They aired it live… I did some Googling today and saw a picture taken from Waco of a group of FBI snipers posing and I saw an Asian guy and wondered if it was the same one that shot Mrs. Weaver. I know that sniper had an Asian name. How many Asian snipers can there be in the FBI?

      I recall all the damage control the Clinton administration did over these two episodes as well as with the Murrah building bombing, trying to use the media to whip us into a fearful, paranoid frenzy about militias.

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