Hickenlooper: Riding the Fence of Death

So let me get this straight, Gov. Hickenlooper is letting Nathan Dunlap off the injection hook for now…but this is the same guy who hemmed and hawed when the repeal of the death penalty was on the table 2 months ago?  Uh.  Okay.  Hickenlooper now:

“It is a legitimate question whether we as a state should be taking lives.”

Back in March, there was word that there were enough votes to pass the bill that would repeal the death penalty in Colorado.  But this was Hickenlooper two months ago:

“Hickenlooper on Tuesday spoke with House Democrats…one hour before a committee was scheduled to hear the death-penalty bill.

Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver, said it was the first time he has heard the governor use the word ‘veto.’

‘He did not say, ‘I will definitely, undoubtedly with no question veto this,’ Pabon said.  ‘But he did say that is something he is bouncing around.  He used the ‘v’ word.'” – Denverpost.com

Denverpost.com quoted Rep. Lois Court of Denver stating that Hickenlooper thinks there needs to be more public conversation.  Yeah.  I got that.  But shouldn’t he have been doing this awhile ago?  How about when the bill was introduced?  How about when he knew the bill was going to be introduced?  How about when he got into office and there were already guys on death row?  And what’s with the state reps?  Even if Hickenlooper hinted that he was going to veto the bill, why change their vote?  Let Hickenlooper shoulder the dirty work veto.  If I was a state rep, I ain’t taking the fall for Hickenlooper’s ever changing stance.  Just saying.  Ahh, but now all of a sudden Hickenlooper has decided “a conversation” should take place about the death penalty.  This guy.

Of course my first thought was “who’s going to profit the most if Hickenlooper changes his death penalty stance and this guy isn’t killed?”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m anti-death penalty and there should definitely be a discussion about this issue.  But the flip flopping?  Hmm.  Something’s going on.


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