The Boston Bombing: What Happened?


Day one of the Boston bombing.  What happened?

On April 15, 2013 at approximately 2:50pm a homemade bomb detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  10-15 seconds later a second bomb exploded.

Video capture of the first bombing placed the race time at 4:09:44 ➤ Seen here

Videos of the explosions as they happened:
Boston explosion ➤ Here
Boston explosion ➤ Here
Boston explosion ➤ Here
Runner catches explosion on tape ➤ Here

In an interview after the bombings, a marathon runner stated he saw the first explosion as he headed towards the finish line.  It was after this first explosion that he then saw a trash can explode.  He seems pretty certain about these events.  He said his location was just after the 26 mile marker, near Fairfield Street when the first explosion occurred. See interview ➤ Here

Via NY Times, here is a map of the Boston marathon and where the bombings took place.
Marathon map

Early tweets from the Boston Police Dept. showed 2 dead and 23 injuries.  But when it would all be said and done there would be 3 deaths, including an 8 year old boy, and hundreds of injuries.  Many people lost their limbs.  It was a horrific scene as we all saw on the news that day.  Innocent lives were lost and scores of people had their lives changed forever because of the bombing.

There were a multitude of tweets about other explosions, controlled detonations and unexploded devices.  There were tweets about undetonated bombs found in the grandstand.  There were reports of an undetonated bomb at the Harvard station.  The Boston Globe reported multiple reports of unexploded devices around Boston.  They also reported, per an intelligence officer, that two more explosives were found and were being dismantled.  One report was of “an unexploded device on the glass footbridge over Huntington Ave. near Copley place.”  Time reporter Andrew Katz reported that another device was discovered in front of the Mandarin Hotel, information that reportedly came from the police scanner.  And let’s not forget about the JFK library.  Initial reports said that there was an explosion at the JFK library.  Point B on the Google map below shows where JFK library is located.  Point A on the map is where the Boston Public Library is located.

As you can see, the JFK library is no where near the boston Marathon, but the Boston Public Library clearly is located near the marathon .  For whatever reasons, I believed initially that the JFK library was right there by the marathon. But it’s not.  But apparently there was a fire located at JFK.    The question, on April 15, was whether it was related to the marathon bombings and did the fire start because of an explosion?  Media reports, including a Boston police news conference on April 15, seen here (see the 3:00 mark) , reported that there was indeed an explosion at the JFK library.

Later media reports stated that the blastJFK LIBRARY FIRE may have been related to a 3pm fire that had started inside the library.  I believe the picture to the right is of the JFK library after the explosion/fire.  On April 19, the Boston Globe reported that the fire at the library was caused by “careless disposal of smoking materials.”  They cited city fire officials.  But other news sites such a Yahoo News reported later on that “A reported fire at Boston’s John F. Kennedy Presidential Library turned out to be the result of an electrical problem.”   In the end, officials that originally reported an explosion and were afraid that it may have been linked to the bombings at the marathon, later reported that the fire was an unrelated event.   As a side note, later media reports make no mentions of any explosion at the library.  And remember who told us about this explosion – Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis.  Miscommunication?  Uh.  Yeah.  I’d say so if it really was just a fire.

Within an hour or so of the initial two bombs going off, there were also tweets of a third explosion. Some reports said,

3:55pm  “A CBS News producer on the ground in Boston said she just heard a third explosion in the area.  A police officer near her told her her he thought it sounded like a bomb going off.” – Jason Sickles, Yahoo News via Twitter

Others reported that the third explosion heard was from officials setting off a controlled explosion on Boylston Street:

3:53pm  “BREAKING NEWS:  Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block on Boylston Street.” – @BostonGlobe

3:55pm  “Officials:  There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.” – News via Twitter

Honestly, I still do not know if law enforcement and the bomb squad set off a third controlled explosion.  What I do know is that speculation grew that “this” particular controlled explosion was part of a bomb squad drill.  Some said that it seemed impossible that officials would be able to locate a bomb situated near the Boston Library (approx. a mile away from the other initial bomb explosions) and conduct a controlled detonation all within an hour or so of the first explosions.  And then we have runner Alastair Stevenson.  Stevenson, a cross country coach for both the men’s and women’s teams at University of Mobile and an avid marathon runner, stated, “I’ve run a lot of races like this one, but I never saw bomb dogs at the starting line of any running event.  It led me to believe that something like (a bomb detonation) might have happened.”  Not only did he see the bomb sniffing dogs, he saw people on the roof looking down onto the Village from the start.  Stevenson also stated that he heard the police over the loud speakers stating that what was transpiring was “just a drill.”

Listen to an interview Stevenson did with Anthony Gucciardi ➤

On April 26, sports radio host Dino Costa brought up Alistair Stevenson on Fox.  As one news site stated, “Costa seemed baffled by the fact that ‘nobody wants to talk to this guy.”  Of course Costa was shot down by guest host Tom Shillue because why would the media ask the obvious questions.  Apparently they like to tell the sheep what’s important and what’s not.  And the sheep keep buying it, day in, day out.  Costa was literally laughed at on the show.  I was almost embarrassed for the news reporters that laughed.  I mean, isn’t that your job?  To get the news?  And you’re sitting there laughing at a man who may have some news?  You’re clearly uncomfortable with what this man is saying and asking and so you’re going to do whatever you can to shoot him down and change the subject?  Nice reporting and journalistic effort.  I digress.  See news article and clip on show ➤

craft 1After the boston explosions, the internet had it’s own explosion.  An explosion of the internet sleuth kind.  Internet sleuths and some websites were hellbent on finding the bombers somewhere in all the available media pictures and video.  It was the ultimate online game of Where’s Waldo.  Various people were singled out, their pictures plastered all over the internet and guess what?  Yup.  They weren’t the bombers.  But some interesting things did come up such as craft 4these guys seen to the left.  The question heard around the “conspiracy world” was, “Who are these guys?”  Some believe that these guys are behind the bombings.

Some websites said that these guys may be “Craft.”  Honestly, I’m not sure what they’re talking about.  There is a military training craft 3website out there called CRAFT International at  Is this what everyone is talking about?  I didn’t go through the entire website but from what I saw it appears they are about training, sniper activity, combat training and surveillance.  Craft International is said to be a private military/security firm similar to Blackwater.

craft logoOn their website, it appears that the logo for Craft is this little skull picture to the left, which says “Craft.”  Now the big beef with some people out there is that there were men seen in these khaki pants, black jackets, black backpacks AND baseball hats with this skull craft 7emblem on them (as seen in picture to the left).  Two things, 1.  If indeed this man with the baseball hat on is from Craft International, what exactly does that mean for the Boston bombing?  And 2. I’d really like the source for this online circulating picture with the baseball hat.  No, seriously.  Anyone?  It would be appreciated.

craft 2Okay, last but not least, there is one more picture I should post that may or may not clear things up.  See picture to the left.  Group of guys, khaki pants, same boots, black jackets, etc. etc. and on the back of their jackets?  CST.  CST probably stands for National Guard Civil Support Teams but really, don’t quote me on that.  If you want to read more about these teams go ➤  If infowars isn’t your cup of tea for your daily news try ➤ Here.  NTI’s article discusses the 20-person team out of New York, how Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel gave the team the boot on March 29 (they were to lose their funding and be dismantled by early June) and how that decision was reversed after the bombings.

Okay, moving on, let’s take a look at one theory on the boston bombing that really wasn’t aman on building theory at all.  Ready?  See this guy on the top of the building?  In the picture to the right?  Uh huh.  Him.  He’s a terrorist.  Why?  Because he’s on top of the building near the Boston Marathon finish line and near the explosion.  That’s it.  That’s all I got.  And that’s all anyone really had as an explanation after this picture was posted online.  I mean, yeah.  He could be a terrorist in on the Boston plot, but come on.  Someone’s got to give me a little more than this.

How about some of the other speculations that took place after the bombings?
1.  The rental van.
Shortly after the bombings, we heard on the Boston police radio that they were looking into a Penske truck.  I’ve never heard anything since.  LISTEN

2.  A Saudi national was in custody at the hospital.
I don’t know if this is actual speculation.  I’m pretty sure we’re all certain at this point that a Saudi national was being treated at the hospital following the Boston bombings.  But was the man actually arrested and in custody?  That may still be speculation.  From the NY Post:

“The suspect – a Saudi national who suffered shrapnel wounds in today’s blast – is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital.”

“Following the twin blasts at the Boston Marathon that has claimed two lives and dozens injured, a Saudi national is being held in custody in relation to the incident who was near the scene of the blast.” – John Miller, CBS News correspondent (watch interview)

“ABC News can confirm that one of the people law enforcement officials are talking to is a 20-year-old Saudi national at a Boston hospital.  Sources tell ABC News that he is here legally on a student visa and that his visa is clean with no apparent criminal history.” -ABC News

Here is another news brief regarding the Saudi national ➤ Youtube Saudi National in Custody

A few of the following pictures that I found make me wonder if one of these or any of them are the Saudi national.  And frankly, I am not even sure if this third picture is from the Boston Marathon bombings.  I cannot find the source.


The Saudi national was eventually identified as Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi.  Some theories out there is that this man was considered a suspect and taken into custody, put on the terrorist watch list, taken off the watch list and possibly deported.  Depending on which website you click on depends on which story you’ll get, if any.  Glenn Beck’s producer of The Blaze has actually taken this to Congress…or has she?  The following is an email sent from Virginia Grace, producer of The Blaze, to…well…the email I found online is addressed to the same Virginia Grace.  So…did this email really get sent to Congress?  No idea.
The BlazeIt may not have actually been sent but certainly reported that journalistic bigwigs still responded to it:

“My general view is that legitimate, neutral news organizations should report and let members of Congress decide on their own whether they want to get involved.” – Andy Alexander

“[Beck’s sites]…is trying to stir up political trouble, and is using the cover of his apparent journalistic calling to offer legislators who do his bidding the reward of generous coverage of their demands to Napolitano…It’s cheesy, and I wouldn’t defend it as an appropriate journalistic technique.” – Edward Wasserman, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley

“Reads like a back-door effort to turn a congressman into a part time correspondent to do reporting that can’t seem to do themselves.” – Bill Kovach, founder of the Project for Excellence in Journalism, former New York Times Washington, D.C. bureau chief

If you would like to read’s article which *appears* to clear things up a bit go to ➤  And if you do it, read it and things may begin to make sense – you know, like “they” put this guy on the no-fly list to be safe and as soon as he was cleared he was taken off. You know, like…safety precautions.  But then we have that whole 364 Ocean Avenue in Revere, MA situation that went on.  USA-UK online wrote,

“Agents, including the FBI and bomb disposal officers, swooped on an apartment in the suburbs of the city after a man, said to be of Saudi origin, was arrested at the scene…The 20 -year-old suspect is under police guard in hospital, where he is being treated for burns and shrapnel wounds to his legs, after he was tackled to the ground by a civilian who believed he was acting suspiciously.”

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention this Saudi was “acting suspiciously” after the bombing (you know, like he wasn’t completely blown up, he was just injured – suspicious!) and civilians grabbed him? No?  Well, apparently that all went down, too.

At 04:03 GMT, posted, “Police have reportedly searched an apartment in the Boston suburb of Revere, in relation to the Boston Marathon blasts.  Massachusetts State Police have confirmed that a search warrant had been issued Monday night, but declined to comment further, according to WBZ-TV.”

The NY Post wrote, “Investigators early last night converged on a fifth-floor apartment where the person of interest lives with two roommates.”  In the same article a law student, Marcus Worthington, 24, (a neighbor in the same building) was quoted as saying he had spoken with an ATF official and said they were investigating a tip about a dangerous device in one of the apartments.

A tip?  What?  Who called in this “tip?”

And MyFoxBoston’s take on these shenanigans?  Hold please.

“A law enforcement source tells Fox 25 that a large police presence at a home in Revere is related to the Boston Marathon bombings.

The source said that a suspicious driver was pulled over by Revere police after driving past the State Police barracks a number of times.

The driver reportedly had a ‘nervous demeanor.’

The driver then led police, as well as the FBI, to a home in the area of Ocean Avenue and Beach Street.” –


Here’s Revere’s Fire Department’s take on it:
Revere Fire Dept.

Mohammed Badawood
Mohammed Badawood

This is apparently Abdulrahman’s Facebook page.  It says he lives in Boston, Massachusetts but doesn’t specify Revere.  He also posted a link to a blog post written by, I believe, one of his previous teachers.  In the blog post, the teacher wrote how Abdulrahman’s apartment had, indeed, been searched and that he and his roommates had been questioned for five hours.  The post expresses outrage at the media and the character defamation that Abdulrahman has  endured.  You can read the blog post ➤ Here.  So, at this point, I am *assuming* that the apartment at 364 Ocean Avenue is Abdulrahman’s.  So if this guy wasn’t in custody and wasn’t a suspect, why the raid on the apartment?  Allegedly authorities showed up at the apartment at approx. 5:30pm in unmarked cars.  By midnight, they had left the apartment.  “Empty-handed?” you ask because this guy is innocent, right?  Uh…not exactly.  Meaning, not exactly that they left empty handed.  They removed several bags from the apartment:

So this guy is at the hospital, his apartment is searched, his belongings are taken, his roommates are interrogated for 5 hours based on a “tip” and he’s NOT a suspect?  Or was it that he wasn’t a suspect after law enforcement and other government agencies dragged them over the coals and ransacked their apartment?

Abdulrahman Ali EThere are a few other interesting tidbits that came out that may or may not be true or have any meaning.  First of all is this picture you see to the left.  Now officials have come out to say that there was another Saudi possibly being deported because of Visa issues (maybe??).  They reported that this second Saudi was in no relation to the first Saudi who was in the hospital after the explosions.  So I have no idea if this image is referring to the Boston Marathon Saudi or the other one with Visa issues.  And I have no idea where this image came from and if it’s some sort of real document. I have no source for this.  But if it is legit, then my questions are 1. Why the initial after Ali?  Abdulrahman’s name doesn’t appear to have an E. in it anywhere.  2.  When is Abdulrahman’s birthday?  Are there really two 20 year old Saudis running around Boston in trouble with the government at the exact same time, with almost the exact same name?  3.  Was Abdulrahman ever a student in Findlay, Ohio before coming to Boston, MA?  Now if we go back to the blog post that Abdul’s teacher wrote, it does say that she wrote him a recommendation for college.  And I believe she works at The New England School of English located in Boston.  But I am not clear as to when Abdul attended there and whether or not it would prove he attended the University of Findlay in Ohio.

Second tidbit of information that may or may not be of any relevance – has our government been meeting with Saudi officials regarding a terrorist cell that Abdulrahman may be associated with?   Folks, seriously.  I’m exhausted from keeping this all straight.  I’m simply going to post a timeline that posted online.  You can take it from there.  Investigate and draw your own conclusions.

And let’s not forget that Abdulrahman was visited by Michelle Obama in the hospital.  Could it mean something?  Absolutely.  Does it prove anything?  Absolutely not.
Abdul with Michelle Obama

3.  Glass from storefronts blown out, not in.
Another unanswered question from the Boston bombing is why there was glass blown out into the street?  As you might have already guessed, I am not an expert on crime scenes, bombings and shattered glass.  I know nothing about it.  But it would seem to make sense the glass would shatter away from the explosion.  If that is the case then why would the glass windows shatter outside of the businesses and not inside?  MSA Security posted a blog on their website where they wrote, “The first explosion may have occurred inside a local business based on the location of glass fragments on the sidewalk.”  Other news sites such as stated, “Store fronts were blown out by the blast.”  Take a look:

4.  The final marker at the race was dedicated to the Newtown victims.
Indeed, this is true.  On April 11, 2012 (4 days before the explosions)  WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reported that indeed Mile 26 would be dedicated to the victims of Newtown, Conn.  In an article posted by CBS Boston they write, “Boston Athletic Association president Joanne Flaminio said there was a ‘special significance’ to the fact that the race is 26.2 miles long and 26 people died at Sandy Hook Elementary school.  For the article, a clip from Lana Jones report and video go to ➤

According to Newtown Patch, a Newtown, CT paper there were no Newtown injuries reported at the Boston Marathon.  Go to ➤

5.  Man was going to propose to girlfriend
You guys remember this picture and caption going around?  Remember when @ImRealTed posted it with “This deserves endless retweets?”

Folks, even the suspected killer took time out of his “on the run” activities to tweet this story was fake.  Even.the.bomber.  The story is not true and this woman did not pass away.

6.  8 year old little girl killed at the Boston Marathon.
8 YEAR OLD GIRLYa’ll remember seeing these tweets to the left?  Yup, a little girl died at the marathon.  No, actually that never happened.  But some of the sheep still re-tweeted it.

8 year old girlAnd how about this picture to the left?  Remember that tweet?  Yup, some sick individual decided they’d start posting this ridiculousness.  This little girl was never at the marathon and never died in the explosions.  Who comes up with this stuff?  And the people that retweet this stuff are the same people that have a problem with Alistair Stevenson being questioned.  Omg.

8 YR OLD AND 3 YR OLD DEADWell, if that isn’t enough for you, there were others that not only tweeted that an 8 year old lost their life in the explosion, but a 3 year old did, as well.

I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve missed from that first day.  Sorry!

Boston bombing recap to be continued.

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  1. I’ve been researching this extensively almost from day one.I have reviewed hundreds of photographs both professional and amateur, I have reviewed hours of video footage, again both professional and amateur.I have come to the conclusion this event was a hoax, staged to appear as the official narrative says – terrorist bomb attack.My comment is specific to “Man was going to propose to girlfriend.”The man in this story was inside marathon sports at the time of the first ‘explosion’ and as he rushed outside he passed by at least three injured people.One was Leeann Yanni, as she stumbled into the store and fell to the floor, the second was Michelle L’Heureux, she limped in holding her knee and was one of the few to suffer upper body injuries, the third was outside the store.Sara Valverde was bleeding profusely just outside the store alongside the fence of the patio.Amazingly, he saw Sydney on the ground just past the corner post of the patio.This is the spot where Sydney first went down after the ‘blast’.He went directly to Sydney, helped her to her feet and walked her to the spot where the famous photograph was taken by John Tlumacki.He and a woman(in a long brown sweater and scarf – together applied pressure to Sydney’s injured leg.At some point two firemen attended to Sydney as well, eventually they gave way to Matt Smith and Zack Mione.Where did the guy in the red tee go?Believe it or not, he went to Rebekah Gregory.She was laying on the ground with a massive injury to her left foot/ankle amid other wounded and dozens of medical/paramedics/firemen and police.He runs up to her, tears at her jeans to expose her wounds, he then holds he leg up, resting her foot on his thigh as Colton Kilgore films and photographs her injury.His hasn’t any gloves on and his hands are stained with blood from attending to Sydney’s wound.Afterward, he drops Rebekah’s leg and tries to go back to Sydney but she is now being attended to by Matt and Zack.Where he went to next is a mystery as no video or photographs exist showing him leave but I would suspect he went from where he came, back into marathon sports.I figured he worked at the store but have never seen a report/interview of him and nobody from marathon sports have mentioned him.On Sydney & Celeste’s GoFundMe page they stated they thanked everyone who helped save Sydney and that a person wished to remain anonymous so they never mention his name.I’ve always thought it strange to see the family give thanks to the people who helped Sydney, but never mention the one person who was the very first to help and was most likely the one responsible for truly saving her, considering the injury she suffered was by all accounts a mortal wound.I have finally found out the name of this person – Joe Duncan, he’s was/is a Marine!
    I’m still trying to find out what I can about Mr Duncan.

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