Evan Ebel, Aurora, the Cadillac and Due South – UPDATED

According to a search warrant filed in Texas regarding the possible Tom Clements’ murder suspect, Evan Ebel:

– The vehicle he was driving was a 1991 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, black

– The registered owner of the vehicle is Tuesday Goodloe at 19448 E. 60th place, Aurora, Colorado

Said to be in vehicle:

– Firearms and other weapons, ammo (both fired and unfired), clothing, blood, hair, semen, fibers/biological trace evidence

– Also stolen property, illegal drugs, cell phones, computers/digital media including thumb drives, memory cards, media storage, receipts, mail

What happened?

– At approx. 11:01am, the vehicle was stopped and the suspect shot a deputy three times.  The suspect then fled in the car.

– 12 minutes later the suspect was stopped by a highway trooper.  He tried to stop the vehicle which led to a high speed chase.  At one point, during the pursuit, the suspect shot at officers.

– The suspect ran a red light and was struck by a truck tractor.  The suspect got out of the vehicle and proceeded to shoot at police with a 9mm Smith and Wesson handgun.

– Police returned fire and hit the suspect in the head.  He was taken to John Peter Smith hospital – he died later of his injuries.

“During the resulting investigation, affiant has received information that the Director of the Colorado Prison system was shot and killed by an unknown suspect at his residence after answering the door.  Hornady 9mm shell casings were recovered at the scene, which are the same brand and caliber used by the unknown suspect in the Wise County incident…Affiant additionally received information that Denver, Colorado police are investigating a homicide involving the murder of Domino’s Pizza delivery man.”

– A Dominos pizza box carrier was seen in the trunk of suspect’s car, along with what appeared to be a Domino’s pizza shirt or jacket.

Okay, from that quote above, is it just me or does the affiant (Anthony Bradford, officer with Texas Department of Public Safety), make it sound like it wasn’t until during  his investigation into the suspect that he realized, “Heck, I’ve gotten some calls and it sounds like this dude might have murdered Tom Clements!”  I mean, really, is it just me?  And if that’s the case, then why were they saying from the get go that this suspect may be connected to Clements’ murder?  What?  Does Anthony Bradford mean his considers his “resulting investigation” to have begun the moment the officer pulled the suspect over for the traffic stop and most likely ran his plates?  No idea.

Okay, Tuesday Goodloe, the owner of the cadillac at 19448 60th Place, Aurora, Colorado…welp, by the looks of Google maps, that car definitely came from that address –
google map 2google mapI didn’t read in the warrant that this car had been stolen – maybe that’s not the place where they would put information like that – no idea.  But I don’t remember reading in any news reports that this car was stolen, either.  So how did Evan Ebel hookup with this $258,000 Aurora home and this car?  So the white supremacist gang is hanging out in this neighborhood?  I dunno, maybe. You’re looking at an hour almost due South drive from this address to Tom Clements’ home.


UPDATE:  As we saw earlier this week, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has been long time friends with murder suspect Evan Ebel’s father, Jack Ebel.  There has been speculation as to whether or not Hickenlooper had helped out Evan while in prison.  Yesterday, Hickenlooper stated,

“I mean, the whole week…I was in a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from, right? …That all these things kept happening to people that I loved.  And they didn’t seem to be connected in any way.  source

(But didn’t the news media report information from officials that there was a connection…wasn’t it less than 48 hours after Clements’ death that officials were asking for a search warrant to Evan’s car and they believed he had a connection to Clements’ death?  (Uh yeah.  It was.  So….not connected?  All week?  Wtf Hickenlooper?)

Hickenlooper had issued a statement saying he did not have any involvement in Evan Ebel and his prison treatment, more importantly, I’m sure, of Evan Ebel’s years spent in solitary confinement due to his relationship with his father.  Apparently even though Evan’s father, Jack, was vehemently against the use of solitary confinement for prisoners.  Jack believed it was causing his son “psychological harm” (I’m sure it was).  And the man that Evan Ebel may have murdered, the Chief Director of the prisons, Tom Clements, wasn’t a fan of solitary confinement.  He was doing what he could to lower the number of prisoners in solitary confinement.

Now why would Evan go and point blank shoot a man who was against the same thing his father was – which was the solitary confinement Evan had suffered through?  Again, a gang issue?  Maybe. And isn’t is funny that that Saudi man who wanted to serve the remainder of his sentence in Saudi Arabia has been moved to solitary confinement after Tom Clements’ murder.  *sigh*  I digress…

Okay, so Hickenlooper apparently referred to Evan 5 days ago in a press conference after Clements’ murder.  Hickenlooper spoke of meeting with an “old friend” about his son who had been put in solitary confinement for a long time.  Uh huh, he was talking about Jack Ebel and his son, Evan.  The alleged shooter.  Of Tom Clements.  5 days ago.  Wednesday, March 20.  One day before Evan’s infamous shootout and car crash in Texas.

Hickenlooper seemed irate when questioned by Jace Larson if the people from Colorado could be assured that his friendship with Ebel’s father and Ebel’s father’s campaign contributions to Hickenlooper played no role in the situation.  Hickenlooper’s response,

What a stupid question.  Why would you even ask that question?  I just got through telling you that A. I wouldn’t do it, I told you I didn’t do it…So now you’re asking me that question again?  That’s your choice, but you lose your ability to have access when you treat people like that.”

“Meeeeow,” Hickenlooper.  Seriously.  I was bummed when KUSA-TV issued a statement later defending Jace Larson’s questions.  I mean, shouldn’t the media be able to ask these kinds of questions without being threatened or having to release a statement defending their interview?  Geeez, chill.out, Hickenlooper.

So again, why would Evan shoot Clements?  Is it really because Evan was given an order by a white supremacy gang to take out Clements?  One theory is that Evan’s gang was upset that they were disbanded, or shuffled around a bit by officials in order to reduce their power.  But what if it’s because Clements wouldn’t play with the good ol’ boys network?  What if Clements wouldn’t jump when told to jump by Hickenlooper – such as helping out HIckenlooper’s good friend, Jack Ebel’s son?

If we’re going to go the speculative route (oh wait, I already started down that road 5 minutes ago), then I would find it interesting that Hickenlooper has gone out of his way to let the world know how awful his friend’s kid was –

“From the beginning, his son just seemed to have this bad streak, a streak of cruelty and anger…They did everything they could…They worked with Evan again and again but to no avail.  He had a bad, bad streak.”  source

Again, going down the extremely speculative road, I would say that the governor is trying to make it perfectly clear that Evan was so horrible and such a “bad seed” (meaning, there was no changing him, no redemption in sight), that it would be ludicrous for him to ever entertain the notion of helping this kid out in prison.  Ludicrous.  And for someone such as a reporter to suggest such a thing…ludicrous.  I don’t know, Jack Ebel is supposedly Hickenlooper’s good friend (a friend he’s known for like a thousand years) – wouldn’t Hickenlooper then have had a little more sympathy towards his friend than tearing his kid apart on national television? Wouldn’t Hickenlooper think to himself, “This whole thing is tearing my friend up inside.  He’s suffered so long for his son and his troubles.  So many people are suffering because of his son” and kinda zip it – rather than *appear* to be throwing his friend under the bus to save his ass?

And Hickenlooper is the guy to say “yay” or “nay” to the death penalty repeal.  Oh boy.

Again, folks, purely speculative.

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