Shooting Death of Mr. Tom Clements (UPDATED)

Head of Colorado Prisons Shot to Death at Home

Evan Ebel’s criminal record:

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UPDATE:  Suspect has been named as Evan Spencer Ebel.  Possible birthdate August 16, 1984.  Possible white supremacist (really, again?) by the name of 211 Crew. For more 211 crew info go to Denverpost article ➝ Here  Possible FB page?  He may have lived in Applewood, Co.  It appears he has had court cases in both Adams and Jefferson Counties.  It appears he was sentenced in June of 2005 in Adams County (although I don’t know what for exactly) and 4 months prior in Jefferson.  It looks like he has a record from 2008 in Fremont although Fremont County does not display any records for “Evan Ebel” on their online search.  Search found ➝ HERE (Maybe that’s not the right court??)

According to the NY Times:

“They said Mr. Clement’s post, overseeing more than 20,000 inmates in Colorado’s prisons and parole system, might have made him a target.”

“As Colorado’s governor signed a hard-won package of gun control measures on Wednesday, officials across the state were reeling from the seemingly inexplicable shooting death of the state’s prisons chief, who was gunned down at the front door of his home.”

“…seemingly inexplicable shooting death…?”  How seemingly inexplicable is it when this man oversaw more than 20,000 inmates?  I’d say the suspect(s) could potentially include 20,000 family members or/and friends of the Colorado inmates.  Or how about people out on bond, possibly looking at prison time?  Or how about the friends/families of inmates denied parole?   Or how about the guy who threatened to blow up everything and the kitchen sink if James Holmes wasn’t released?  It’s also been mentioned that some of his changes throughout the prison systems may have made him some enemies.  “Seemingly inexplicable shooting death…?”  Come on.  It seems his job would hold innumerable risks.

wreckUPDATE:  No suspect has been found.  Apparently some random dude in a black Cadillac with two different Colorado tags, involved in a Texas car chase and shootout today, may be a suspect in the shooting.  After the suspect’s vehicle was hit by an 18-wheel tractor trailer, he managed to get out of the wreck, guns ablazing.  The suspect has not been identified…because his identity has not been scrubbed from the internet yet.

bikePolice are also looking in a Craiglist ad that was allegedly posted by Clements.  He was selling a $1200 bike on the online service.  He had also posted an ad for some fencing material a few days before the shooting.  The bike ad had been posted the day of the shooting.  source

One of the witnesses that police had been looking for, the speedwalker, was found.  She said she did not see the car that was allegedly seen in Clements’ neighborhood before the shooting.  My question – who saw the speed walker and did they see this alleged car?

texas wreck New Channel 5 CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta said a source that is familiar with the investigation said that the interaction at the doorway between Clements and the suspect lasted for a matter of minutes – and that there might have been a struggle.  source

Newest update:  The suspect driving the black Cadillac may have also been involved in the murder of pizza driver, Nathan Collin Leon 27.  He had been on a pizza delivery run when he disappeared.  His body was found 6 hours later.  Apparently, *sources* say that a pizza box and a jacket were found in the black Cadillac.  Hmm…  source

UPDATE:  Suspect has been identified as Evan Ebel.  READ ➝ HERE

Full story at NY Times  ➝  Here (with 911 call) ➝ Here

Another article talks about Clements and his beliefs about the mentally ill in prison:

“Clements also expressed concern about the increasing number of Colorado prisoners with serious mental health problems…’I’m [Clements] asking for additional mental health resources.'” full article

And the Denver Westword asks the question, “Assassination?”  For full Westword story go here.

The article, “Tom Clements, New Colorado Prison Chief:  Can He Bust Out of the State’s Revolving Door?” written February 11, 2011 ➝ Here

Full audio of Gov. Hickenloppers remarks on Tom Clements’ murder ➝ Here’s Megan Verlee transcript ➝ Here

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    1. Author

      Omg, yeah, I saw it. I was trying not to acknowledge it – lol! Don’t get me wrong, as I always say, anything is possible…but my real response at this point to this article? “Thank God it wasn’t an American news source that wrote this piece (Eeeek, maybe an american reporter, tho? I haven’t checked). Pretty offensive to Muslims…not to mention seems pretty ridiculous about James.”

  1. what about the saudi man that has been the alleged suspect according to fox and cnn for 2 days??? where did he disappear to?? also, ‘white supremacist again’? wasn’t the sikh temple guy who lived on HOLMES AVE. also a white supremacist?

    1. Author

      Haha, yup, that guy was a white supremacist, as well! I think the authorities were thinking that the Clements’ murder may have had something to do with a Saudi prisoner who was denied serving the remainder of his sentence in Saudi rather than Colorado. Probably just one lead they were working. Interesting that if you go to sites like, Evan Ebel does NOT show up…at all. Odd. And if you go to the Evan Ebel FB out there it’s really strange – it’s blank but it doesn’t look like any FB pages I’ve encountered. The setup just looks weird. Here

  2. INTERESTING……………or par for the course!!!!!! i look around at things and i don’t know where i am anymore. just heard they want to change easter to ‘spring egg hunt day’. how about the ‘google glasses’—–glasses also have an embedded camera, microphone, GPS and, reportedly, use bone induction to give you sound— they called them orwellian. scary times were in.

    1. Author

      LOL! Google glasses…that article was funny…scary…but funny. I did find Evan’s criminal history. Just posted.

  3. so we don’t know why exactly this guy is the now top suspect..aside from the car. post if you get more info on the connection. mostly though, i’m writing this to thank you for posting the 2 pages of quotes from people who were actually in james’ life. who knew him and could confirm that he wasn’t the loner/monster all of the unnamed sources claim him to be.

    1. Author

      Yup, it seems to come down to the car – even though the “speedwalker” said she didn’t see the car. Wait and see…wait and see…Unless the information comes out soon I probably won’t post much more about it. I kinda give these “big” news stories a few posts and then it’s back to James! I’ll see how quickly they come clean with information. 🙂

      You’re welcome on the Jimmy post. Reading that stuff really makes you wonder what happened. 🙁

  4. Hi– where did you get the criminal history records? I also searched the Colorado State Judicial Courts website and didn’t pull anything up. Thanks.

  5. first off, i love the last sentence in the paragraph next to james’ picture up top. a society that does not think on their own is ripe for a dictator. second, i wanted to send you some links to a few articles you may find interesting. is there an email i can send them to? i receive updates from this site, but i couldn’t find a response address. thanks for all you do.

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