Adam Lanza: New Pictures Released

Some new pictures of Adam Lanza have emerged via the Hollywood Gossip:

lanza 1lanza 2Simple question:  Why did his mom buy him such large shirts?  Was he buying these on his own?  Of course it reminds me of that big ol’ button down James was wearing during his summer presentation at the Salk Institute.

Also, remember that black and white picture of Adam Lanza?  Pretty much one of the first pictures released of Adam by the media?  Kind of creepy?  Yeah.  That one.  Well, that photo always reminded me of something or someone and I could never place it.  I just pinpointed the familiarity.

Remember Eva Rausing?  The woman married to billionaire Hans Rausing found dead in their home of a drug overdose?  And her husband hid her body for like a month or something really strange like that?  Uh huh.  Her.   Well, her picture from childhood compared to one taken right before she died reminds me of the facial changes in Adam.  Take a look…I may be completely off base here…and I am not really saying anything here really.  It’s just an observation.  Take it as you will –

adam childhoodadam adult


This could be completely natural for a face shape to change like this.  I mean, I really know nothing about how a child’s face develops during the aging process.

It’s just that…well…the shape difference from childhood to adulthood just seems so extreme to me.  Perhaps it’s an illusion because of how gaunt the face appears.

eva childhoodeva adult



Interestingly, I am sure Eva’s face looks the way it does because of her heavy drug use over a large period of time.  And to my knowledge, Adam was not using any sort of heavy “street” drugs like Eva.  Eva also does not have that same “bug-eyed” look as Adam.  Still, at the end of the day, it is interesting how much their facial structure appears to have changed.



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