Chris Dorner: Burned Alive in Cabin? UPDATED

Liveleak has posted scanner recordings of conversations between the police as they planned to obviously kill Chris Dorner through the burning of the cabin.  Yes.  They started the fire.

And I thought we had moved on from Waco.

1:28  “Seven burners deployed, and we have a fire.”


Dorner’s wallet found in cabin.  

“Investigators were picking through the rubble of a burned-out cabin in California’s San Bernardino Mountains on Wednesday, trying to piece together details of the violent last stand for a fugitive former Los Angeles police officer…charred human remains were found in the rubble where Christopher Dorner is said to have been cornered on Tuesday…A wallet with a California driver’s license bearing the name Christopher Dorner also was found…”  –

Are they making passport and drivers’ licenses out of fireproof material these days?  Or I should say going back to 9/11 (hijacker’s passport found in NY city rubble)?  I mean, that cabin was t.o.r.c.h.e.d.  “Charred human remains” but we have a driver’s license, folks.

How many wallets did this guy have?

dorner's id and wallet
USA vs. Christopher Dorner

Gunfight videos from reporter Carter Evans:

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