Christopher Dorner: USA vs. Christopher Jordan Dorner

Okay, for anyone that’s interested, here are the court docs that were filed against Christopher Dorner –

United States of America v. Christopher Jordan Dorner

I was wondering how they *stumbled* across Dorner’s burning truck up in Big Bear.  Apparently a known associate of Dorner’s, listed only as initials J.S. in the court docs, has a family member that owns property up in Big Bear.  Ahhh ha.

More initials are used such as where the docs state, “P.M. saw J.Y. in Costa Mesa, California.”  That was at 12:25pm.  On what day?  Uh…not sure.  Maybe on the 7th of February?  Anyways, the authorities are also NOT chalking up that “phone call” allegedly made by Dorner as being from Dorner.  They don’t believe it was him.

When you’re done reading the docs below here is a good article written yesterday:
Dorner could be in Mexico – and may have had help

Okay, onto the docs:
christopher dorner court docschristopher dorner court docschristopher dorner court docschris dorner court docschristopher dorner court docs

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  1. So many stories and calls coming in saying they have seen Dorner. Didn’t the Police shoot up several innocent people and autos thinking they matched the vehicle supposedly driven by him ?? The authorities need to calm down and not shoot at whatever moves — odd how when they are the “stalked” entity, they shoot first and ask questions later.
    Early reports say he may be in Mexico. Now tonight we hear that he burned up in a cabin fire in the San Bernandino Mountains set from smoke bombs trying to get him out. No telling what will be reported next!!

    1. Author

      Heck, I’ve seen news stories reporting that a sharpshooter shot Dorner.

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