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Okay, let me preface this post by saying I want you to understand how I feel about an individual I will discuss later on.  I feel his actions are disgusting in the context of what has happened and you may, too.

But, if you can take yourself out of that context, I can’t think of a better example of just how misleading the press/media can be.  If anything, in light of what has happened you would think the media would be extra careful and incredibly sensitive in what they are reporting in regards to the CT shooting – oh, wait, shouldn’t they be careful in everything they report?

Apparently not.

A press conference was held yesterday by CT State Police where they blasted social media.  Their warnings that people would be prosecuted for posting misleading information regarding the case seem ridiculous in lieu of what the media had already reported the previous two days.  I question if half the information posted by the media in the last days were fact checked at all.

And yeah, I got it.  Sometimes there are mistakes in reporting.  It happens.  Do you know what that is called?

A retraction.

And maybe an apology.

Do you know how many of those I’ve seen in 3 days?  I mean, take for example Adam’s or maybe Ryan’s girlfriend?  Have ya’ll heard any updates?  Have ya’ll heard anything about this story that ran for the first 24 hours?  Any updates?  Any retractions?  Any apologies? Really, anything?

If you need more examples head to an earlier post of mine → HERE
(And frankly, folks, that list doesn’t even cover all of the inconsistencies reported by the media)

Or remember my post about the close range shootings?  The Chief Medical Examiner, in a news conference this weekend, said 2 out of the 7 victims he had looked at were shot at close range.  TWO.  What did the media roll with after this guy was on television and recorded?

The Examiner:

Yahoo NewsWKBW News:
Now, they might not have said that ALL the children were killed at close range but I can promise you that this article makes you believe they were – and there was nothing further clarifying these facts in the rest of the article.
And the best one?
They actually posted the video of the medical examiner speaking at the press conference.  Here is the description they added under the video:
channel4newsThe posted video is → HERE
nd they still reported misleading information??

If you just want to hear THE TRUTH about what the medical examiner said listen → HERE

No retractions.  No apologies.  And social media is being blasted for inaccurate information?

Okay, so onward with the point of this post.
A man by the name of Jonathan Lee Riches was interviewed by the media.  Jonathan posed as Adam Lanza’s uncle and The Sun (Uk based) ran with the story.  Mmhmm.  Swear.
JLR The SunJLR The Sun 3
Now, as I’ve stated, in the context of the situation, this horrible, horrible situation, he sucks for doing this.  I openly admit it.

But outside of this situation, Jonathan shows the world just how hungry the media is for a story, how little they will fact check before publishing news articles and just how gullible the American public really can be.

You know that new picture that just came out maybe yesterday with Adam Lanza waving in the photo?  Yeah, that one.  I called the newspaper directly (the one who had it posted) to verify that that was indeed Adam Lanza.  I’ve done that a lot with what I have posted.  I called one news station yesterday to verify aerial footage they had supposedly shot from their helicopter (you know, the one where you see officers running into the woods?  Possibly two shooters.  Uh huh, that one).  Do you know what the very unpleasant woman told me at the news desk?

“Well, certainly the news stories have changed based on information that has come out”
That quote IS NOT verbatim, it is to the best of my recollection and pretty damn close.

My response?
“Has the video footage changed as well?”

I don’t know about CT, but I can tell you with certainty that a large majority of people who follow the James Holmes case have done more investigative work (posted on blogs, FB and tumblr) than anything I have seen the media do.  I’m not saying EVERYTHING out there is correct information.  You still have to do your due diligence when posting information you have found.  Or at least let the folks know at home that it might not be correct but this is the information you have found so far.

Shouldn’t the media be doing the same? Do they not have some sort of responsibility to the readers, the victims, the victims’ families and friends??

After the news reporting in the past few days it’s almost incomprehensible how many inaccurate stories have been posted in the past.

Oh wait, we already knew this, right?  I do not want to come down on the press.  I want to be able to respect what they do and believe the news.  But there needs to be a little more responsibility on their end in order to do so.

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  1. Tbh, I was initially so shocked by this I didn’t know what to feel but came to the same conclusions you did. Does the media honestly not check facts? I think we do more fact checking than they do and that’s sad. If anything, JLR proved literally anyone can be a “source” and to take everything with a grain of salt.

    I think it’s fair to come down on the media this hard this time. We RELY on them to get information. ACCURATE information. We don’t have the resources they have and we still seem to be more accurate than they are most of the time. No one retracts or apologizes for anything. They just scrub it now. It’s standard procedure.

    1. Author

      I dream about the resources and access they have!

      Can you imagine? Citizen investigators would have these cases figured out in a day!

      1. Omg, I know. Probably, tho, because we don’t have an agenda to sell 😉

  2. Wow, getting worse! Adam’s “uncle” is now being quoted as the source of the new “Adam Lanza was on Fanapt” story! AND businessinsider is crediting the NYDaily News article you screencapped with the uncle part SCRUBBED:

    This is ridiculous. I’m already seeing it all over forums stated as if it were fact. Makes you wonder how many sources in James’ case have been real…

    Btw, still trying to figure out the map you mentioned 😉

    1. Author

      Okay, here’s a sad attempt to put together what I meant. First of all, I totally jumped the gun about the Century theater being smack dab in the middle. It’s not and I’m not surprised I didn’t remember correctly. LOL, like I said, I didn’t have a lot of time earlier. But seriously, how many cities can you find that have a Colgate AND a 4th Place (E. or W. or whatever) and it makes the same path as the Gotham map? I mean, seriously, I do not go out of my way to sound like a conspiracy theorist. You know this. But…come on! This is ridiculous. I will say you do have to do a mirror image on the Gotham map so that probably takes away from the conspiracy. LOL!

      The path travelled on both maps reminds me of the Big Dipper. And the red circle in the google map is where Century theater is located. Now if you really, really want to throw things out there to the great world of conspiracy here goes – where the theater is located would be where the North star is in location to the Big Dipper. Mmhmm. Get freaky with it! LOL!
      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      1. THAT IS NUTS. It does look like the big dipper, omg, hahaha. Wow, tho, seriously that’s bizarre. Another thing I came upon on accident was when I was google mapping your 1st suggestion (14th place instead of 4th, lol, which is why I was having trouble in the first place I think) 14th Ave in Aurora came up instead of Place and guess what’s on 14th Ave? Fitz Apartments, the building that was arson-ed/James was apparently interested in renting LOL. That’s way far fetched but I just thought it was funny to accidentally find that exact apartment building trying to decipher this map.

        1. Author

          Omg, that’s so funny about the Fitz Apartments. Haha! And sorry, what’s the weirdness about Sandy Hook being South Hinkley? Has my brain completely shut down? Is it because Sandy Hook may have been “added” later? And why is that pic I posted in the comments so HUUUUUGE?? LOL!

          1. Author

            Not the Fitz Apartments?

            Yeah, some sites are saying the map for Dark Knight Rises was a little different than the others. Man, wish I had one of those maps to spread across my table and gander at right now.

          2. Well, there’s a Fitz Apartments on 14th Ave and then another on Peoria St so I got them confused.

            And uh-huh, new and improved map just for TDKR. How convenient 😉

  3. Wait, whoops, wrong Fitz. NEVERMIND NO CONSPIRACY THERE lol

  4. Some more JLR-esque reporting Scott (willyloman) uncovered:
    Thank God for Twitter, I s’pose.

    Also, the lady that wrote that baseless report is the same woman who wrote this one:

    She has got some balls, lol. She’s the reporter James’ lawyers want to subpoena, I think? Super responsible there, Jana…

    1. Author

      I do. Are you saying that’s not him in the Sun article? I’m not sure what you’re saying here…?

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