Adam Lanza: Photos


  1. Ha, not to keep drawing parallels, but James hardly looks the same picture to picture either. This guy, tho, his whole face shapes seems to have changed…

    1. Author

      And the bug eyes in the last picture – James. And the shirt Adam is wearing?? Buttoned up, too big… it screams James, James, James.

        1. Author

          I watched the video just now. The one video I watched the guy is wrong, he said the Aurora sign is from Dark Knight Rises. It’s not. It’s from the movie Skyfall. I can’t see Sandy Hook on that map in his video. Maybe I’m watching the wrong video.

          1. Author

            There are maps online of all the cities and areas (such as Gotham and Uptown) from the Dark Knight Rises. Until someone shows me on a map from the movie that Sandy Hook actually exists, I’m not buying it.

          2. Yeah, yeah, I know. I was just getting a little too carried away by coincidences, ha.

  2. Wow, the description under the link I just sent you:
    “Bane’s lethal and intricate plan is right here on our desk. We considered handing it over to Gotham’s police department, but we thought that would have a huge negative impact on entertainment value when the events unfold for our viewing pleasure in July. So, in the meantime we’re locking this tube-o’-destruction up and Batman will get zero spoilers about the impending doom.”

  3. This is what a face on drugs looks like. Most likely prescription. I feel bad for all who had lost their loved ones. Also think this boy was mistreated while his brother was probably treated better. It’s so obvious he’s on drugs, look at his pupils and face shape.

    1. Author

      Sorry, didn’t notice you wrote prescription drugs. Any idea what kind?

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