Adam Lanza: Piecing Together the Story Part 3

Nancy J. Lanza
So what do we know about Adam’s mother?
nancy lanzaShe was said to be friendly, social and generous.  So generous, in fact, that musician, Jim Leff, had this to say:
jim leffShe was described by her sister as rigid at times and overbearing.  Acquaintances said she held a certain grace in public.   It was said she enjoyed gardening, landscaping and GUNS.

I think the question on everyone’s mind is why would this woman have these kinds of weapons around a son who had psychological problems?

Let’s start with the psychological problems…did she think he had problems?  Perhaps not.  Okay, I know, seriously?  But this is what Adam’s aunt, Marsha Lanza, said:
marsha lanzaHmm…

Okay then, how about the guns?
Well, I can assure you, she didn’t just keep the guns around Adam…she is said to have taken her kids to target practice.  Wha…?
nancy lanza target shootingA man that had helped decorate the yard for Christmas last year said she was an avid gun collector.
His name?
(Because something weird ALWAYS has to coincide with this cases)

Dan Holmesdan holmesAnd as if the 2 available guns and 1 assault rifle wasn’t enough, apparently there may have been 3 more weapons available to Adam:
– .45-caliber Henry Repeating Rifle
– .22-caliber Marlin Rifle
– .30-caliber Enfield Rifle
(I do not have any information on where these weapons were found.)
3 more weapons
But wait, even that wasn’t enough for Adam!   He allegedly attempted to buy MORE weapons this past week.  The following blurb also talks about an altercation that may have happened this previous week with Adam and some adults (which, I believe, were people from the school, no quotes please!).  At today’s press conference, it was denied that any altercation had taken place.  Or, I should say, officials did not have any information regarding any altercations.  Let’s see…how did they phrase it?  Something along the lines of the school had no reports regarding any altercations…hmm.
purchase of more guns:altercation

So when Nancy was not collecting guns, being social at the local bar, having get togethers with the neighbors, what exactly was she doing?
Some say she pulled Adam out of school and stayed home to take care of him.

Some say she was retired.
nancy retired?Others just didn’t know.
nancy what did she do for a living

There were some reports that Nancy collected the guns to arm herself.  You know, because she lived alone with Adam in that big house.
1.  Seems like she went well above the call of duty to protect herself as a homeowner and…
2.  She went out and bought a large home for just the two of them, on acres of land, away from neighbors, on top of a hill…and then she worried about home protection?  Um. Hmm.

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  1. This is honestly so messed up beyond what I even thought was possible. Did you see the news conference today? They’re gon’ prosecute us all for talking about it. Yyyyyyep….

    Kind of makes you wonder if we’re on to something when they get worried like that, lol. (Remember Oates said something else along the same lines at one point as well, ha.)

    1. Author

      I know, one of the first things he talked about wasn’t it?! I know one of the reporters tried to clarify the statements and the State police only mentioned people impersonating the shooter from what I recall? I thought he also said law officials had contacted him about this stuff – like, it wasn’t his doing, it was higher ups. I’ll have to listen to it again to be sure. I’m sorry, so are officials saying we can’t blog about what the media puts out there?? We can’t post public information. It’s called “PUBLIC INFORMATION.” Why are they going after just “social” networks? What about major media outlets where we get half of this information? I mean, what?! Especially after the media clusterf*ck that just happened in the last day – and I truly believe half of their information was coming from law enforcement sources to begin with! Are the “higher ups” just tired of citizens doing their own investigating? After sealed cases and gag orders next we’re going to be looking at prosecution for anyone discussing a criminal case anywhere online – except major media, of course.

      1. Lol, same as Oates! In either of these cases, it should NOT be either man’s top priority to monitor what they feel is GOSSIP ON THE INTERNET. If it truly is, we have some problems. I like how easily free speech is taken away once someone with some power threatens those he apparently feels threatened by. And, in other cases, by convenient gag orders 😉

        1. Author

          VERY convenient gag orders. And now it’s becoming difficult just to get general information – such as information from UC. I feel like these two shootings alone are going to affect so much more than just gun control. Open information, free speech, mental health laws…oh, who am I kidding? Look for martial law next week. What burns me up the most about these cases (if these are both mental illness cases) is that if people had done their jobs along the way these things would never have happened. Whether fingers are pointed at the parents, the schools, the psychiatrists, the doctors, whoever…I do believe, IMHO, that these guys needed help years ago and the system, society failed them. Yes, we need more awareness when it comes to mental health, but bottom line, we need people involved in children’s lives. Day to day. Helping them. And if a child – OR adult (James) asks for help, for the love of sweet holy Moses, get the dude some help. Look at this case in CT – Adam’s brother sounded like he wasn’t even sure what was wrong with his brother…”Oh, maybe Asperger’s/autism/personality disorder.” ☜ My quote, not his. Obviously (I don’t want to get prosecuted, lol). I mean, what? Are we talking autism or are we talking sociopathy? He didn’t know? Yet it sounds like he knew ENOUGH to not see his brother for 2 years. Yes, I’m making assumptions. Sorry. Can’t be helped (I mean, you don’t even see your little brother for x-mas??) Perfect example of what appears to be people turning a blind eye to mental health. UGH!!

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