Adam Lanza: Piecing Together the Story Part 2

We may never know why Adam did what he did December 14, 2012 but the police have made statements suggesting they have evidence that may shed light on this mystery.
Until then, let’s try to piece together what the hell happened yesterday.

The latest story we have is that Adam shot his mother in her home the morning of Dec. 14.  He then took her car, filled with 2 handguns and one assault rifle and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  He gained entry into the school and shot the members of the school staff, including the principal.  He then proceeded to 2 classrooms where he shot at least one teacher and multiple children.  It is said that he then shot himself.

Okay.  From the beginning.  Media check:
1.  Original report:  Adam shot his father in a NJ home and then drove to the elementary school in CT.
murdered his fatherLatest report:  His father is alive.  And lives in CT.
peter lanza alive

peter lanza alive

2.  Original report:  Adam shot and killed his mother at the school.
Latest report:  Adam shot and killed his mother at home.

3.  Original report:  Nancy Lanza, Adam’s mother, was a teacher at the elementary school.  Or, Nancy was a substitute teacher at the school.  Or, Nancy had some sort of connection with the school but who the heck knows what that connection could be.
nancy lanzaMOTHER SUB TEACHER?nancy teachernancy teacher 1Latest report:  Nancy Lanza, as of this moment, has not been connected in any way with Sandy Hook Elementary School.
nancy no conn to school

4.  Original report:  Adam was buzzed into the school.
buzzed inLatest report:  He broke in.
broke windowforced his way in

5.  Original report:  There were two gunmen.
CT shooting 2 gunmenCT shooting 2 gunmenWhen searching for a non-existent second gunmen’s vehicle, this is pretty descriptive:
CT shooting 2 gunmenLatest report:  Adam Lanza acted alone.  Come on.  Ya’ll saw that coming.

6.  Original report:  Ryan Lanza’s girlfriend and other friend are missing.  Or perhaps the media meant Adam Lanza’s girlfriend was missing?  Did he even have a girlfriend??   Oh, and Adam’s other brother was killed.
adam lanza girlfriend missinggirlfriend missing 2adam lanzaLatest report:  No, girlfriend is alive.  So is brother.  Nice.
adam lanza girlfriend

7.  Original Story:  Adam had his brother Ryan’s ID on him.
adam with idadam with id 2adam with id 3Latest report:  Adam’s brother has not been in contact with Adam since 2010.  How did Adam get his brother’s ID?
ryan and adam since 2010

8.  Original Story:  The long range assault rifle was found in the Adam’s mother’s car.
9.  Latest report:  The rifle was used in the school during the school shooting per the medical examiner.

And the kicker:
Original report:  All child victims were shot close range.
close range

Latest report:  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  The Chief Medical Examiner just had a press conference TODAY.  The press was there for it – IN PERSON.  And they still got THIS wrong?!  He said 2 out of the 7 victims he examined were shot close range.  HOW HORRIFIC for the parents of all of these victims.  Google it.  Download it.  Listen to it.  Oh, nevermind – I got it right here.

Why is the media so off?  And so far off about things that are right there in front of them, heard live, recorded…blah, blah, blah.

Earlier today, on CBS USTREAM Live, I caught this guy rambling like a jackass.  I can only assume he works for CBS though there is no way of knowing for sure.  Is this guy one of the tech guys working behind the scenes?  Tell me, CBS, tell me that this guy IS NOT a reporter.  Tell me this is not indicative of your news reporting.  This clip is right before the press conference.  You know, the press conference where they were discussing how 20 children had just been brutally murdered?



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  1. This is not the first news report that had to be corrected a hundred times. This is just the first one that people actually paid any attention to the news report requiring constant correction. They did the same thing when they claimed Osama Bin Ladin was killed.

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