Adam Lanza: Second Picture


  1. Can’t remember where I saw this but I read that his brother was saying that he had aspergers a form of autism. I googled it. While people who have this may be prone to violent outbursts, they tend to be very spontaneous and focused. If he killed his mom at home, I could see him being set off. But what is confusing is him then going to the school and being even more violent to people he didn’t really know. His rage would have been directed at his mom in that specific moment. It would not have carried over maybe hours later to a completely different environment. I hope that they don’t demonize all people who have autism/aspergers syndrome.

    The other thing I wanted to say is that I started following this story very early on. There was so many different stories coming out that I don’t know what the official story is. It’s very confusing. I was talking to someone last night about it and had to keep saying “well this is what i heard.” The media had to have gotten their info from someone in a position of authority. It was amazing how things kept changing. 1) where was his mom killed? 2) what happened with his dad? 3) who was the person in handcuffs at the scene? 3) why was his brother arrested? 5) was it 27 dead 18 being children or was it 20 children? All very confusing.

    1. Author

      I agree, incredibly confusing. I’m not sure how authorities confused a dead shooter with an alive one walking through the woods – who ended up being arrested? I can’t imagine the scene they came upon, though. Worse than Aurora. Those images will never disappear from any persons minds that were there. Perhaps it was the chaos…we’ll see.

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