Adam Lanza: Piecing Together the Story Part 1

I’m not even sure where to start this blog.  And I feel I do not have any specific answers for you regarding the horrific acts committed by Adam Lanza.  I do not have answers as to who his family is or was – or why Adam put 20 beautiful children in his path yesterday…

Here’s what we might know:
– Adam was born Aug. 22, 1992 in New Hampshire.
– His parents are Nancy J. and Peter J. Lanza (VP of Finances, GE)
– He has a brother, Ryan Lanza who apparently works for Ernst & Young and attended Quinnipiac University
– He was living with his mother in Newton, CT
nancy lanza maiden name champion

Here is Adam in 6th grade:
adam lanza 6th grade

By the time Adam was 17, his parents were divorcing.
adam lanza picture
Nancy and Peter Lanza divorcenancy and peter lanza divorce

After the divorce, Adam continued to live with his mother in an affluent neighborhood:
sandy and peter lanza custodyadam with momNancy Lanza housethe homehome 2nancy lanza home 2His father, Peter (vice president of Taxes for GE Energy Financial Services) “had worked as a tax specialist, an adjunct professor at Boston’s Northeastern University since 1995, and an instructor at Fairfield University teaching “tax partnerships.”” – The Advocate

He remarried and now lives on Bartina Lane in Stamford, Connecticut with his second wife.

Reports say that not only was Adam upset over the divorce, so was Peter:peter lanza divorceAnd Peter was allegedly paying monthly payments of $10,000 a month in alimony – increading to a minimum of $12,450 until 2023.
peter lanza alimonypeter lanza alimony

So what happened to Adam?  Some say he had issues since he was young:

CHILDHOOD FRIEND:ADAM CRAZYneighborbabysitterhigh school classmatesadam lanzadeeply disturbed
And today’s headlines screamed:
adam lanza

Others report he was quiet and spoke little.  That he was intelligent and a good kid.
adam in schooljosh milas

While some are now saying he was a “goth killer:”
adam lanza gothgothadam lanza goth

It was said he was “nerdy” and into technology:
adam lanza LAN groupYet Adam Lanza seems to have left no trace online.
Although this “woman” claims to have seen his facebook page:
Adam Lanza facebook

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