Adam Lanza: Confused (Updated)

Peter Lanza, Adam’s father, is alive! Reported in last hour by news sources (notice the “two gunmen” in caption under picture):
peter lanza, adam lanzapeterlanza 2

Peter Lanza’s alleged reaction, according to
peter lanza 3You know, it’s crossed my mind what I might say if someone was to call me or tell me that my child had just committed mass murder.  I don’t know…I guess I would probably freak out, shouting, “Wtf are you talking about?  What?  Are you sure?  OMG, what is going on??!  What is going on?!  Are you sure?  Who can I contact?  Is my child alright?  Where are they??”  All speculation, of course.  

I guess if someone was telling me, first and foremost, that my child was dead or maybe dead or in jail, I would not naturally assume it wasn’t them or have no reaction –  not because I would assume they were guilty, but rather because I would want to know they were safe and alright.  I would beg for more information from whoever was giving me the information in the first place.

My natural inclination would not be to assume that the bad news had nothing to do with my child – my inclination, I believe, would be to ask as many questions as possible, figure out what was going on and hopefully find my child safe and sound.

All speculation of course.

I read this article by Brian Madrid:
Adam Lanza by Brian MadridOkay, so…was Adam’s mom, Nancy, at school or not?  This article suggests she was not at the school at the time of the shooting.  It states she was killed in her home prior to the shooting.
She was killed in her home.

Then the article states he, inexplicably, went to the school after killing his mother?  It says that Adam was seen on surveillance and that he eventually made his way to the kindergarten class where his mother taught.

The article states, “…and began to fire on the assigned teacher…”  Huh?  Why was there an assigned teacher?  I’ve read that Adam and his mother had had an argument that morning.  Had she called the school and said she was going to be late hence the “assigned teacher?”  Or was she taking the day off already?  Or did she just not show up for school (because her son had killed her) and they had someone fill in until they knew what was going on?  Is that why earlier articles said he drove to the school in his mom’s car?

Seriously?  He killed his mom at home and then STILL went to her school and shot innocent children.  Good God.

Is the gist of this then that Adam killed his dad in New Jersey, drove to his mom’s in Newtown, killed her and then drove to the school?  HOW WAS HE ABLE TO TRAVEL SO FAR AND KILL SO MANY?  WTF happened with this guy?

He did not kill his father.

Adam’s neighbor is not surprised that it was Adam:


And we still have news out there that Adam’s girlfriend and another friend are missing.

And another question:  Why would they arrest his brother?  I mean, I realize Adam might have had his brother’s ID on him, but still…so they find an ID on a shooter whose dead, right?  Ok, so why would they then go run out and arrest someone else?

His brother posted on FB that he was on his way home from work.  So the police nabbed him when he got off the bus?  Thinking what?  He was the shooter?  An accomplice?  I don’t understand.

And Ryan’s response on FB?  It seemed odd at best, knowing that his father, mother and brother were all dead.  Let’s not forget what his brother did at the school and how many innocent lives were lost there.  Is it possible that Ryan had no idea that it was his brother yet?  That he didn’t know his family was dead?

ryan lanza

And what was this nonsense about a second guy being arrested?
24 year old arrested
adam lanzaOr how about the child interviewed who said he saw a man on the floor, in the school, handcuffed?  Huh?
man handcuffs

Updated Adam Lanza information:
Adam may have been April 22, 1992.   No quotes here yet.

This may also be him:
adam lanza

ABC News Update (and we know how accurate it can be):
– ABC News is reporting that Ryan, Adam’s brother, described Adam as having a “personality disorder,” either Asperger’s or a form of autism.
– Ryan stated he had not seen Adam since 2010.
– Neighbors described Adam as “odd”
– The three weapons were registered to Nancy, Adam’s mother.
– It does not appear that Adam’s father had had recent contact with Adam

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    1. Author

      I just corrected a few things on this post. But who knows…the media may change their story again. 🙂

  1. I didn’t think it was possible, but this story might be even more convoluted than Aurora.

    If he had no contact with his brother for 2 years, how did his brother have his ID? I thought it was weird, too, Ryan’s reaction. He was more concerned with his image than his brother being the suspect in this. And the dad, too. What was with that?

    I have so many screencaps from this morning mentioning TWO gunmen. As soon as I heard 2 gunmen I KNEW it was going to suddenly turn into 1 without an explanation and I was right. The guy in the woods story is being scrubbed from major news sites, as well. I saw this in the link description: and then when I clicked on it, it wasn’t there

    They’re not even MENTIONING the missing girlfriend report anymore, they’re just sweeping it away.

    I can’t believe how the media managed to misreport SO MUCH. Where were they getting this info?

    1. Author

      More convoluted and more horrific, which I never thought possible. As soon as I saw one article saying something about the 2nd guy being chased in the woods and apprehended in the woods I was like…mmhmm. Just like you! Yeah, they’re scrubbing that story BIG time. Why can’t the media just come out and say, “Hey, we screwed up. This is what was told to us, this is why they thought that and they were wrong. Sorry about that.” I mean, if there’s nothing to hide…

      I’m happy (happy being a relative term in this situation, which is one of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen in my lifetime) that I’m not the only one who thought the brother’s reaction was odd. He TOTALLY seemed like he was just protecting his image. One of his friends on FB said something along the lines of, “Where does the media even get this stuff, out of thin air?” Something quite like that. And I thought to myself, “This guy doesn’t know about his friend’s brother. He has no idea Ryan’s brother could have done this.” Sure enough. A few hours later I found an article where one of Ryan’s friends from college said that he knew nothing about Ryan’s brother. Only that he existed. Ryan never talked about him. And yeah, so how did he get the ID??? Nice call, you little detective!

      Yeah, and what about this girlfriend?? Uh…hellllooooo? Could she be an accomplice?

      Today equalled a hot mess of news clusterf*ck. I’m certain that 99% of my posts on this story are no longer correct in any shape, form or fashion.

      1. I know, these are freaking KIDS. I can’t believe it. When that death toll popped up on screen…omg, my heart…

        I screencapped everything I knew was gonna get scrubbed immediately this time. There was a point on the news that they had a helicopter panning over an open field with cops and a search dog and the reporter was like, ‘uhhhh, idk why we’re showing you this, lol, ANYWAY’ and then it was gone. What is actually going on? Police tapes are online, too, now, if you’re interested.

        Also, apparently his mother’s not even listed as working at that school?? And someone else said they searched Ryan Lanza on all the people searches and said he had parents listed but no brother…I can’t remember if the same thing happened with James and his sister but it’s still weird if true. And on the police tapes they were at one point running after two “shadows” so, uhhh, 3 people then?? One dead in a classroom and 2 being chased?

        Ryan’s brother is going to produce about as much as Yeom did for James. They’ll just let him go and we’ll all forget about the 2 shooter reports. Only this time they don’t have to deal with a completely botched/bias trial

        1. Author

          Thankfully I was out when this all hit the news. I don’t think I could have managed watching some sort of Live Coverage. Nice job on the screencapping. Seems you never know what will be gone literally minutes after seeing something online. Not sure if I can bear to listen to the police tapes just yet. 🙁

          I was going to try and get a post up about a few other little things that bother me, too but me think it’s too late tonight. I shall ramble about it here: okay,

          1. Yup. Adam does not show up in any people searches. (However, I believe most of those searches they take their information from such things as bills that may be in your name, home in your name, etc. Adam may not have had anything in his name.)

          2. Okay, I read some articles that said his mom was a teacher. Then I read another that said she was only a teacher’s aide. Then another one said she didn’t work. She stayed home to help Adam. What? Which one is it? 3. Every neighbor, friend and accomplice (and brother) are coming out and saying this guy had problems – BIG TIME. So wtf was his mom doing with 2 guns and an assault rifle in her home – where he lived? To protect herself from him? Anything other than that makes no sense why you would have that stuff around a kid you know is messed up.

          4. Adam’s mom was receiving allegedly $240,000/year in alimony/child support. It would have gone up to $298,800 by 2015 supposedly. That’s A LOT of alimony. And that’s Peter Lanza being confident he had a A LOT of job security, isn’t it? Not sure why it bothers me. Lol. But it does.

          5. If Adam was a “disturbed” as they are making him out to be – who is this girlfriend? Who was into this guy? And why is she missing from New Jersey? Adam lived in Connecticut…with his mom.

          6. Why did it take until this evening to hear that Adam’s father was actually alive, not dead?

          I know there’s more. Too tired to think right now.

    1. Author

      That twitter page has a bunch of craziness on it. I just flagged it. 😉

  2. Not everyone is saying he was messed up I don’t think. I’ve seen some that say he was intelligent, quiet, liked to play video games, supposedly dressed gothic. A lot of the descriptions describe someone who has autism: a socially awkward kid who is smart. So many times we make people out to be crazy when in effect they may be just a little different than what society considers “normal.”

    1. Author

      True. But you have to admit the majority of people who knew him thought he had a lot of problems.

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