Ryan Lanza: Connecticut School Shooting (UPDATED)

I would like to say that my prayers go out to all the families and especially the children that have been affected by this horrific event.  I cannot find the words that properly express the sorrow, the heartache and the shock I feel.  This goes well beyond a tragedy, and I do not know if my brain will ever wrap itself around this.  My heart certainly never will.  Much love, prayers and comfort to everyone in Connecticut.

***ABC NEWS had now pulled the story that originally posted pictures off of Ryan Lanza’s page***

I am pulling my information off of my blog until I can be certain the news has the right person.  Thank you.


So, interestingly, the FB originally found was a page with the name Ryan Lanza.  News sources have been pulling this information because it is allegedly incorrect.

We have a guy with the same name, Ryan Lanza, from the same hometown as the shooter and with ties to NJ – same as the shooter.  Same age.  Huh.

One news source did post this to show the shooter was NOT this guy:
ryan lanza fb updateIn regards to the above FB posts by Ryan Lanza – I’m not sure when he posted them because I can assure you that in the last hour or so (since the gunman has been identified), you could not see his FB posts.  They were private.

How do I know the guy on FB has ties, also to NJ?  Here’s a screenshot of his map on his FB page:
(Oh, did I mention his FB page was just deleted about 5 minutes ago?)
ryan lanza map

So strange.  Poor guy.

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