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Truth And Transparency

The Stunning Criminal History and Inexplicable Behavior
of Edward Snowden’s Attorney

Jesselyn Radack, Her Criminal Conviction, 1-Year Suspended Jail Sentence, and “Client” Edward Snowden

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How Snowden’s Attorney Conned Everyone Into Believing Her Batshit Hypocrisy and False Rape Allegation: The Amber Heard of Activism Story

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Radack Commits Criminal Offense 2 Months After Initial Meeting With Snowden


Radack’s Client Raided 4 Months After She Was Arrested and Charged With Felony


Radack Held in Contempt and Sanctioned(2018)


Radack Deposition (2018)


2 Months After Arrest, Radack Creates Non-Profit to Solicit Illegal Leaks


The Rabbit Files

The Rabbit Files is an op-ed series that begins with the June 2017 incident, “Who spoofed the Seth Rich files?” and then steps back in time to examine events that took place during the 2016 U.S. election season. It eventually circles back to 2017, and then moves forward from there. The focus is on suspicious activities that occurred over the past 4 years and a handful of actors who…

The Rabbit Files 7.0
File Summaries

The Rabbit Files 7.2

The Rabbit Files 7.3
.7z File Inventory

The Rabbit Files 1.0
Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files?

The series starts with a suspicious event that took place in mid-2017, when actors peddled files to a journalist under the guise they were the Seth Rich files. The files (“.7z files”) originated from a PowerPoint presentation allegedly created by Guccifer 2. The actors defamed the journalist and her associates for broadcasting their belief they had the Seth Rich files, and what ensued became the perfect excuse for the offenders to draw others into their manufactured drama and discuss suing their own victims.

The Rabbit Files 1.1
Stunning Leaked Messages…

After White Rabbit’s associate spent years pushing the story that he never misled a journalist into believing he had the “Seth Rich files,” leaked text messages prove he did just that. He also continued to lead the journalist to believe the files contained bombshell information when in fact they were old and virtually worthless files, certainly not worth the time of any state actor or hacker. White Rabbit and his associate were both members of the puzzle, Cicada 3301.

Election Hacking, Leaking, Guccifer 2, and the .7z Files

Cicada 3301, Warren Flood, and Guccifer 2

WikiLeaks Supporters’ Ongoing Defamation Campaigns

The Rabbit Files 6.0
Puttin’ on the Fitz

The Rabbit Files 6.0-6.4 look into the relationship between a former PR rep for WikiLeaks, White Rabbit’s associate, and how Rabbit’s associate has carried on a multi-year campaign against him despite the fact nearly all of her accusations have never been proven—even by her.

Why have the Rabbit Files 5.0 and 6.0 series partially focused on White Rabbit’s associate and her relationship with “Vetter” and the former PR rep? Because White Rabbit’s associate and her friends, which include a well-known whistleblower attorney, “have single-handedly kept their obsession” about the PR rep “alive for all of these years, dragging activists into their drama, which has led to chaos, increased division, large-scale propaganda and defamation campaigns, and social engineering within the Assange and WikiLeaks support community.”

The Rabbit Files 6.0 Series

The Rabbit Files 6.1

The Rabbit Files 6.2
Shadowbox Payouts and Earnings

The Rabbit Files 6.3
The WikiLeaks Factor (soon)

The Rabbit Files 7.0
File Summaries

The Rabbit Files 7.2

Guccifer 2 and the Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

The Rabbit Files 8.0 series generally focuses on Guccifer 2 and the Seth Rich conspiracy theory such as how WikiLeaks played a role in encouraging it; how the Warren Flood conspiracy (see Rabbit Files 5.0 series) influenced Robbin Young to release her DMs with Guccifer 2; and whether or not Guccifer 2 was compromised and Young’s DMs were manufactured.

The Rabbit Files 8.1
The Bunny and the Romanian Hacker

The Rabbit Files 8.2
Guccifer 2 Does Pedogate

The Rabbit Files 8.3
Was Guccifer 2 Compromised?

The Rabbit Files 8.0
The Conspiracy That Just Wouldn’t Die

The Rabbit Files 8.4
Were Guccifer 2 DMs Manufactured?

The Rabbit Files 8.5
Ed Butowsky and Debunking Online Propaganda Ops

The Rabbit Files 8.6
Kim Dotcom and More on the Butowsky-Seth Rich Story

Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files?

The Rabbit Files 9.0
Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files? Part 2

The Rabbit Files 9.1
Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files? Part 3

The Rabbit Files 9.2
Hysteria and Inaccuracies Surrounding the .7z Files

The Rabbit Files 9.3
Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files Saga Originated in a Group Called ‘Strength In Unity’

The Rabbit Files 9.4
Pro-Trump Disinfo Campaign Surrounding the .7z Files

The Rabbit Files 7.3
Inventory of .7z Files

The Rabbit Files 9.5
Chronicling the Path to Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files

The Rabbit Files 9.6
No Really, Who Spoofed (and Trashed) the Seth Rich Files?

Rabbit File Extras

The Boston Files

The Boston Files Part 1: Fueling the Mujahideen 

The following is part one of a multi-part series that briefly explores the history of the U.S. government funding extremists throughout the 1980s and 1990s and the narco-arms trafficking business connected with these operations…MORE

The Boston Files Part 2: Follow the Money, Not the Drugs 

In September 1986, U.S. President Ronald Reagan broadcast live a message of urgency and warning about drug use while his wife peddled her “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign geared towards American children. But what Reagan’s viewers didn’t realize at the time, as they glued themselves to their TV set on that warm autumn night, was that the Reagan administration had been working directly with known drug traffickers the entire time. MORE

Write To Julian Assange

Letter Campaign
Write To Julian Assange

From the United States, it takes up to 7-21 days for your letter to get to Julian. Do not mail loose stamps, books of stamps, or sheets of stamps. Belmarsh will confiscate them. Do not send postcards or greeting cards. Use the correct address and include Julian’s birthdate. You need TWO UK 1st class stamps affixed on the self-addressed stamped envelope for Julian to mail *back* to the United States…MORE

Blog: Assange Extradition Hearing 2020

During the early summer of 2017, David Morales, the founder of the Spanish security company, UC Global, implemented an elaborate spying operation inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London to target Australian journalist and publisher, Julian Assange… MORE

The Gatekeeper Files

Read The Entire Gatekeeper Files Series

A Community In Shambles

Fash Attack

Fash apologist tied to WikiLeaks community lashes out at reputable Socialist organization

Assange Support Community
Dawson vs. Johansen

Dog Whistle
Courage Foundation and the Assange Defense Committee Dog Whistle to Trump’s Base

Questionable Characters
Being Honest: Considerations of a Julian Supporter

My Honest Response to Dishonest Accusations: Considerations of a Julian Assange Supporter

Assange Supporters Question Who to Turn to for Information and Updated

Assange Under Attack

Ecuador Cuts off Assange’s Ties From Outside World read

Is the U.S. Strengthening Relations with Ecuador to Get to Assange? read

Moreno Sells Out Ecuador’s Sovereignty; Expulsion of Assange Likely read

A Written Guide to the Guardian’s Smear Campaign Against Julian Assange read


A History of Attacks Against WikiLeaks

An eight-part series about the difficulties WikiLeaks has faced over the years from the U.S. intelligence community, fellow journalists, Freedom of the Press Foundation, the enemy within, and hackers turned FBI snitches.

U.S. Congress
Ten Senate Democrats Sign a Letter Requesting Julian Assange’s Asylum Be Revoked read

US Representatives Threaten Ecuador to Handed Over to the Authorities read

Rep. Schiff Refuses to Interview Julian Assange read

The Truth About Guardian Source Fernando Villavicencio read

MintPress News


How The Trump Admin Used a Livestream to Spy On Assange

Working directly with Ecuador’s corrupt government, the U.S. government abandoned all sense of legality and moral decency by installing an livestream surveillance operation in the Ecuadorian embassy in order to spy on Assange twenty-four hours a day. spying operation

Report on Torture
UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer becomes one of Assange’s most vocal advocates

Spying In the Embassy
Before ousting Assange, Moreno government spied on the journalist for over a year

The Setup
Assange Ecuadorian extradition noose tightens with INA Papers as latest slipknot

What’s behind Australia’s decision to suddenly grant Julian Assange a passport?

War on Whistleblowers
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning stands up for press freedom, gets jailed by US government


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