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The Rabbit Files

The Rabbit Files is an op-ed series beginning with a questionable incident that took place in early June 2017, called the “White Rabbit incident” or “Who Spoofed the Seth Rich files.” The series then steps back in time to examine events that took place during the 2016 U.S. election season such as hacking, leaking, and spear-phishing operations. It eventually circles back to 2017, and then moves forward from there.

The focus is on suspicious activities that occurred over the past 4 years and a handful of actors who always seem to be involved one way or another regardless of the event. Most of the actors, if not all, are involved in the Assange support community as well as Cicada 3301, Anonymous, the Fitzgibbon v. Radack lawsuits, and/or Suzie Dawson’s #Unity4J campaign.

Ask yourself the questions in the boxes to the right. Most of us cannot relate to them and yet some of the actors in The Rabbit Files can answer yes to at least five. For questions they can’t answer yes to, most are closely related to others who can. These types of behaviors are a glaring red flag within an activist community.

For instance, when you have a well-known whistleblower attorney deliberately trying to dox activists and journalists, someone must ask the hard questions whether or not these individuals are simply maladjusted, unstable people or is there something much more sinister going on that is driving them to lie, intimidate and delegitimize real activists, and put innocent people in harm’s way?

This series is in line with The Gatekeeper Files and will eventually converge with it as a historical record and warning of what has occurred within the WikiLeaks/Assange support community.

  • Have you peddled bogus files to journos?
  • Were you a member of Cicada 3301?
  • Did you or associates run a black PR campaign against Assange?
  • Did you claim that you received docs from Guccifer 2 but were never questioned?
  • Did you lie about being in the Mueller report?
  • Did you publicly claim you saw the DNC emails before WikiLeaks published but were never questioned or investigated?
  • Have you lied about being questioned and tortured by the FBI?
  • Did you ever say you worked with the CIA on an operation?
  • Have you ever created multiple GoFundMe’s for your own personal gain using Assange’s name?
  • Have you used fraudulent stories to obtain donations?
  • Have you sent death threats to other activists?
  • Have you tried to intimidate/dox activists to intimidate or silence them?
  • Have you smeared other activists as “feds” or “infiltrators” because they exposed fascism, problems in the community, or wrong doing?
  • Have you ever perjured yourself in court to frame someone?
  • Have you run sustained defamation campaigns because you’re paid or want to coverup your own wrongdoing?
  • Have you been caught lying multiple times?

The Rabbit Files: The Beginning

The Rabbit Files 1.0
Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files?

The series starts with a suspicious event that took place in mid-2017, when actors peddled files to a journalist under the guise they were the Seth Rich files. The files (“.7z files”) originated from a PowerPoint presentation allegedly created by Guccifer 2. The actors defamed the journalist and her associates for broadcasting their belief they had the Seth Rich files, and what ensued became the perfect excuse for the offenders to draw others into their manufactured drama and discuss suing their own victims.

The Rabbit Files 1.1
Stunning Leaked Messages…

After White Rabbit’s associate spent years pushing the story that he never misled a journalist into believing he had the “Seth Rich files,” leaked text messages prove he did just that. He also continued to lead the journalist to believe the files contained bombshell information when in fact they were old files that one researcher called “not-even-chickenfeed” files and certainly not worth the time of a state actor or hacker. White Rabbit and his associate were both members of the puzzle, Cicada 3301.

Election Hacking, Leaking, Guccifer 2 (G2) and the .7z Files

Rabbit Files 2.0 is a deep dive into 2016 election leaks, hacks, spear-phishing operations and the Mueller report. It looks at DCLeaks.com, the overlooked hacking group, CyberBerkut, and the forgotten fact DCLeaks.com starting leaking Podesta documents before Assange announced WikiLeaks had more material. One hacktivist tied to White Rabbit’s associate claims that he was “selected” to receive documents from Guccifer 2 via a whistleblower platform called BerlinLeaks.org.

Rabbit Files 3.0 is about the Shadow Brokers’ leaks, TAO documents leaked over the years including to a member of WikiLeaks, and suspected sources. The actor who said he was “selected” to receive documents from G2 also inferred the Shadow Brokers contacted BerlinLeaks.org.

The Rabbit Files 4.0 examines the origins of White Rabbit’s .7z files: A presentation allegedly submitted by G2 to a 2016 cyber conference and yet no one has confirmed this nor did Mueller mention the files. A look into the other hacktivist who claims he received files from G2, along with his history of lying, propaganda and manipulating activists

The Rabbit Files 2.0
Russian Hackers, DCLeaks, and Guccifer 2

The Rabbit Files 3.0
In the Shadow of Brokers

The Rabbit Files 4.0
Revisiting the .7z Files

Cicada 3301, Warren Flood, and Guccifer 2

The Rabbit Files 5.0 examines a group of individuals in the Assange support community, including White Rabbit’s associate, that were all tied to the same campaign for an imprisoned hacktivist, as well as the Anonymous group “AnonIntelGroup.” AnonIntelGroup started a “QuestionWikiLeaks” campaign two weeks after WikiLeaks started publishing Vault 7, essentially accusing Assange of working with Trump and the Russians. The article also examines how WikiLeaks and other pro-Assange account pushed a bogus story that incriminated an innocent man, Warren Flood, of being behind the G2 persona.

The Rabbit Files 5.1 and 5.2 report on the Cicada 3301 puzzle, its early 2017 clue that stated “A Fludd Approaches,” and how one account named “Vetter,” who was behind the 2016-2017 Cicada puzzle (and closely associated with White Rabbit’s friend), used that clue to try and prove Cicada was tied to Anonymous, Assange and WikiLeaks because of the bogus Warren Flood story they peddled. Both articles examine the relationship between “Vetter” and White Rabbit’s associate, an avid WikiLeaks supporter, and how their stories don’t add up.

The Rabbit Files 5.0
A Flood Approaches

The Rabbit Files 5.1
A Fludd Approaches

The Rabbit Files 5.2
A Fludd Approaches (Part 2)

The Rabbit Files 5.3
Foreign Propagandist Tied to Assange Support…

The Rabbit Files 6.0
Puttin’ on the Fitz

The Rabbit Files 6.0-6.4 look into the relationship between a former PR representative for WikiLeaks, White Rabbit’s associate, and how Rabbit’s associate has carried on a multi-year campaign against him despite the fact nearly all of her accusations have never been proven—even by her.

The reason for the Rabbit Files 5.0-6.0 which heavily focuses on White Rabbit’s associate and her relationship with “Vetter” and the former PR rep for WikiLeaks is this: White Rabbit’s associate and her friends, which include a well known whistleblower attorney and the hactivist who claimed he received Guccifer 2 documents, “have single-handedly kept their obsession” about the former PR representative “alive for all of these years, dragging activists into their drama, which has led to chaos, increased division, large-scale propaganda and defamation campaigns, and social engineering within the Assange and WikiLeaks support community.”

The Rabbit Files 6.2
Shadowbox Earnings and Payouts

The Rabbit Files 6.3
The WikiLeaks Factor (soon)


The Rabbit Files 8.0
The Conspiracy That Just Wouldn’t Die

The Rabbit Files 8.1
The Bunny and the Romanian Hacker

In its entirety, The Rabbit Files 8.0 series generally focuses on Guccifer 2 and the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, and in the Rabbit Files 8.0, specifically, it focuses on how Julian Assange and WikiLeaks played a role in encouraging the conspiracy by offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest of Seth Rich’s killer(s) and posting multiple tweets about the situation. The Rabbit Files 8.0 also discussed how there’s been exactly ZERO evidence produced that proves Seth Rich leaked the DNC files to WikiLeaks despite what operatives, propagandists, larpers, Ed Butowsky, or anyone else has lead you to believe.

The Rabbit Files 8.1 reported that in March 2017, Twitter accounts like Anonymous Scandinavia and @BellaMagnani heavily promoted an erroneous story that accused DNC employee, Warren Flood, of being the man behind the Guccifer 2 persona (also see The Rabbit Files 5.0: A Flood Approaches…). This debunked conspiracy theory just so happened to play right into the hands of Cicada 3301’s 2017 puzzle “A Fludd Approaches…,” and it may have influenced former Playboy model, Robbin Young, to release in early April 2017, secret Twitter DMs she shared with Guccifer 2 eight months prior.

Young’s Twitter DMs revealed that Guccifer 2 told her that Seth Rich was their source, inexplicably negating their previous narrative that they were a “lone wolf hacker.” Also noted in the article was Jared and Lee Beck’s lawsuit that they filed against the DNC using some of Guccifer 2’s leaked documents as evidence that the DNC deliberately robbed Bernie Sanders of the nomination. Guccifer 2 took a particular interest in the lawsuit and was in early communications with Cassandra Fairbanks about it.

The Rabbit Files 8.2
Guccifer 2 Does Pedogate

The Rabbit Files 8.3
Was Guccifer 2 Compromised?

The Rabbit Files 8.4
Were Guccifer 2’s DM’s Manufactured?

Other subjects of interest that Guccifer 2 brought up in their DMs like David Seaman, a notorious figure in the Pizzage-Pedogate scene, were reported int the The Rabbit Files 8.2. In 2017, Seaman got tied up with former CIA spook and conspiracy nutter, Robert David Steele, and eventually attorney Steve Biss after RDS introduced him to the notorious lawfare attorney. 

Other individuals that worked with RDS included Thomas Schoenberger and Beth Bogaerts who did research for one of his lawsuits and then Bogaerts introduced Trevor Fitzgibbon to Steve Biss; Fitzgibbon, who worked on RDS’ Unrig campaign; and (by association) Suzie Dawson’s #Unity4J campaign via Cynthia McKinney who was RDS’ partner on the Unrig campaign.

Also noted was the fact that attorney Steve Biss was tied to Pedogate not only through his former client Dave Seaman, but Timothy Holmseth, a Qanon nutter who pals around with yet another Qanon nutter named Field McConnell a.k.a. “Abel Danger.” Bogaerts and attorney Jesselyn Radack’s (@JesselynRadack) associate, Lestat a.k.a. @ATafoyovsky, was gifted McConnell’s Youtube channel in 2019, which he and his associates subsequently used Gamergate-style to extrajudicially target people he determined to be “cyber criminals,” as well as their alleged associates.

As for The Rabbit Files 8.3-8.4, we’re going to examine whether or not Guccifer 2’s Twitter account was compromised in mid-August 2016, if the DMs between Guccifer 2 and Robbin Young were manufactured, the third Guccifer 2, and the now-retracted Fox News story about Seth Rich. Grab a coffee…

The Rabbit Files 8.4
Coming Full Circle (Soon)

The Rabbit Files 8.5
Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files Part 2 (Soon)

The Rabbit Files 8.?


Part 2

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